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50 Revolutionary Ideas For Ouroboros Tattoo Taking The Cake With Their Open-ended Meanings!

To live life the right way, many urge that change is necessary. And while change is often enforced through practice and discipline, it also presents itself after a toxic period ends.

The former might remind you of an ouroboros, an image heavily popularized in the world of art. An ouroboros also has a huge following in the world of tattoos, and is seen as a bang for its buck due to the impressive illustration it demonstrates.

That being said, if you've always wanted an ouroboros tattoo, be sure to give the following entries some attention, as they're often perceived as the best of ouroboros tattoos!

The Correlation Of Destruction And Rebirth: A Deep Rewind Onto The Meaning Of Ouroboros Tattoos!

Ouroboros tattoo meaning

Sometimes, being at the bottom encourages us to break free from our fears, and finally work towards a huge comeback. In other words, sometimes, an unfortunate event leads to the biggest reward.

An ouroboros tattoo is often pursued due to its jarring illustration. However, many are also fond of its symbolism, which explains how destruction leads to growth.

Ouroboros tattoos are also seen as amazing companions in the eyes of those struggling with hardship, proving to be a reliable support system for people with unhealthy habits.

Spiritually Engaging Ouroboros Tattoos Known For Triggering Positive Character Development!

An ouroboros often involves a dragon eating its own tail. However, when depicted as a tattoo, an ouroboros is open to change.

From accommodating snakes to changing its size to be showcased as a wrist tattoo, an ouroboros is perceived to be flexible in the world of art.

If you're interested in only the best of ouroboros tattoos, the following list can help in a marvelous way!

FMA Ouroboros Tattoo: A Leader Among Mangas

FMA Ouroboros Tattoo 1
FMA Ouroboros Tattoo 2

A symbol that is often a common find in the world of Anime tattoos, FullMetal Alchemist is that of an ouroboros, which carries various interpretations in the manga.

In FMA, the ouroboros represent each Homunculi, tied with the 7 deadly sins of life.

The artwork is hardly any different in contrast to the rest of the Ouroboros tattoo, but the illustration remains a hit due to the massive fanbase of the Anime. When pitted against each other, this ouroboros tattoo has the edge over Demon Slayer tattoos!

Ouroboros Dragon Tattoo: The Importance Of Wisdom

Ouroboros Dragon Tattoo

While an Ouroboros often depicts a dragon devouring its own tail, many ditch that notion for a dragon tattoo, which is miles better from a visual standpoint.

The artwork is huge, though, often amounting to a sleeve tattoo when push comes to shove.

The former not only makes this design a long-term commitment, but also carries tons of discomfort. However, it is the best possible design to pursue for those seeking a way to show their masculine attributes.

Minimalist Ouroboros Tattoo: Easing The Demands Of Beginners

Minimalist Ouroboros Tattoo

You don’t have to commit to a design full of pain and complexity when pursuing an ouroboros. In fact, if you’re just a massive fan of the message it tries to send out, consider settling for a minimal design.

That’s exactly what a minimalist ouroboros tattoo does, stitched with simple frames. It usually fills the structure with blackwork elements, which could be painful to install.

To ensure the best results, pick a location that is resilient. Though an ankle tattoo can be a great pick for enhancing your appearance, a forearm tattoo might be the better pick for a pain-free experience.

Ouroboros Snake Tattoo: Because Healing Is Eternal

Ouroboros Snake Tattoo

An ouroboros tattoo often gravitates towards depicting dragons. But, if you think outside the box, you can even welcome a snake tattoo.

A snake tattoo is as easy, if not, even easier than depicting a dragon onto a canvas as an ouroboros tattoo. It promotes healing, which can be great for those carrying tons of emotional baggage already.

For its association with peace and healing, this snake tattoo is regarded as an astonishing pick for spiritual minds.

Ouroboros Wrist Tattoo: A Snug Fit With A Painless Scheme

Ouroboros Wrist Tattoo

A wrist tattoo can be a great way to showcase an ouroboros tattoo, especially for those hoping to gain tons of attention with it.

Installing it might be difficult if the concept runs large, though, so make adjustments to the size of the piece accordingly.

To make the piece even more memorable, try converting it into a forearm tattoo. If you have all the time in the world, don’t forget to transform it into a sleeve tattoo!

Celtic Ouroboros Tattoo: Manifesting Positive Results

An ouroboros tattoo often depicts life, death, and recovery. However, it also denotes positivity, which starts with a celtic tattoo.

While hardly any different from the outside, this piece forms ties with a celtic knot, which is huge on good fortune.

Though the illustration is packed with size, the knots can also be installed in compact areas.

Feminine Ouroboros Tattoo: The Frontrunner Amongst

feminine ouroboros tattoo

Women With floral schemes, the perception of an ouroboros tattoo can easily be presented in a slightly feminine manner.

That appears to be the case for this tattoo, at least, offering a snake tattoo, alongside a rose tattoo.

This artwork, above all, discusses the importance of trust and self-love when pursuing change. The wrist isn't the fixed canvas, so don't forget to install the piece anywhere and everywhere.

Geometric Ouroboros Tattoo: Using The Right Shapes And Angles To Depict A Memorable Scheme

geometric ouroboros tattoo

Geometric patterns are extremely popular in the world of art, mainly due to how neat they look from the outside.

In addition, a geometric tattoo accommodates any design, bringing this ouroboros tattoo into existence.

Adding the geometric elements really makes this tattoo cleaner and sharper, leaving behind an unforgettable impression. You may even add shapes to fill in the spaces if the artwork is big enough.

Ouroboros Infinity Tattoo: A Never Ending Loop!

ouroboros infinity tattoo

Since an ouroboros tattoo denotes a loop anyway, it is easy to create an emblem that implies an infinite outcome, which brings this tattoo into existence.

While a snake is often used to demonstrate an endless loop, any other figure can be used as well, as long as it morphs into a symbol denoting an infinite stance.

This piece is perfect for those that are big on discipline, especially those who have to repeatedly abide by the same routines.

Ouroboros Armband Tattoo: Overcoming Mental Health Struggles

ouroboros armband tattoo

Often, an armband tattoo pays homage and soothes the minds of those that struggle and overcome mental health issues and battles, playing the biggest role among mental health tattoos.

An ouroboros armband tattoo moves on the same wavelength, it seems, often assisting and consoling those in need of guidance.

This piece is sentimentally powerful, paying little to no mind to its physical aspect. However, if you’re the opposite, here’s a concept that might help!

Simple Ouroboros Tattoo: Because Less Truly Is More

Simple Ouroboros Tattoo

If you’re not a big fan of flashy designs, turn to minimal pieces.

Though the artwork isn’t any special, a simple ouroboros tattoo can be a great piece to invest in if you’re seeking knowledge, and power.

Since the design is also flexible, you can wear it anywhere, from the chest to the wrist.

Ouroboros Neck Tattoo: Providing A Platform To Philosophical Minds!

Ouroboros Neck Tattoo

Though painful and risky to obtain, you may even pursue an ouroboros neck tattoo, especially if you’re perceived as a philosophical individual.

Be sure to take your time, though, as the boney nature of the neck might cause tons of discomfort.

You may also use numbing cream before the session, and also apply an ice pack to relieve the pain once the tattoo has been created!

Aztec Ouroboros Tattoo: The Formative Years Of Mexico!

Aztec Ouroboros Tattoo

To represent your Aztec blood and ancestors, a great tattoo that will improve your appearance as well as honor the contributions of the Aztecs is this tattoo.

Otherwise known as the Aztec ouroboros tattoo, this piece represents the struggle and victory of the Aztecs, which eventually brought into existence the city of Mexico.

The artwork is a bit complex, so be sure to invest in the right artist!

Broken Ouroboros Tattoo: Bouncing Back From Irreparable Damage

Broken Ouroboros Tattoo

While living the same life is comforting, it can also lead to destruction, especially through burnout. That saying is perfectly demonstrated through a broken ouroboros tattoo, which unveils the harmful nature of having a hard working mentality.

Since the depiction contains tons of volume, the best concept for this piece is a back tattoo. If the former appears to be too painful, try using the chest as the location.

The artwork can welcome shades of bright colors, but pairs best with neutral tones.

Egyptian Ouroboros Tattoo: A Taste Of Egyptian Rituals

Egyptian ouroboros tattoo

For a change of scene, an Egyptian ouroboros tattoo can be a great idea. It reprises the same interpretation, with a diagram slightly different from the original design.

The symbol possesses elements of Egyptian culture, with sharper colors and darker borders.

If you still have a bit of space to occupy, consider using emblems popular in ancient Egyptian culture.

Double Ouroboros Tattoo: Because Two Is Better Than One!

Double Ouroboros Tattoo

Two is always better than one. Similarly, if your ouroboros tattoo appears to leave behind tons of space, double the number to add to the flavor.

Due to coming in circles, an ouroboros tattoo is extremely easy to double in number. To play it safe though, place your trust in the right artist.

For maximum appeal, a wrist tattoo should suffice. However, you may even transfer this artwork to the neck to add to its sentimental value.

Frequently Asked Question

Now that we're done with the best portion of the article, here are some questions regarding ouroboros tattoos that will make the creative process more enjoyable.

Q: Are ouroboros tattoos painful?

Ans: The answer to this question depends on the location that is picked. However, it is true that ouroboros tattoos are comparatively painful as opposed to the average tattoo, mainly due to the way in which the color is installed. To ease the pain, apply numbing cream 30 minutes before the tattoo session, or consume some painkillers.

Q: What do ouroboros tattoos represent?

Ans: Ouroboros tattoos suggest that growth is always possible if you're diligent enough. It motivates one's soul by urging how one finds success even when the odds are pitted against them.

Q: Which location is a good fit for ouroboros tattoos?

Ans: Due to its size, an ouroboros tattoo is perceived as the ideal fit for wider locations, such as the back and the upper thigh. For its resilience, the forearm is also a great placement for the design.

Bottom Line

Whether you're trying to move on from an event that occured in the past or pushing forward to make positive changes to your lifestyle, an ouroboros tattoo can be of great help.

While the meaning suggests that one finds growth in even the worst circumstances, an ouroboros tattoo is primarily seen as the perfect tool for those hoping to obtain a fresh start.

From neck tattoos to wrist tattoos, an ouroboros also comes in various forms. Be sure to install the piece that speaks to your soul the most!

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