Neck tattoo ideas for men

127 Alluring Neck Tattoo Ideas For Men To Express Masculinity

Neck tattoos are often interpreted wrongly as something that makes people look like a criminal. Although most convicts wear tattoos on the neck, it's rude to assume that every person who has a neck tattoo is a criminal. We should change our mindset.

Aside from the common misinterpretation, neck tattoos are used as an emblem to overcome one’s insecurity. Many men often face issues where they are ridiculed for their faces. The unrealistic expectation of the female counterpart is partially accountable for this. Combining other factors as well, men often feel fed up with their face and body.

The neck tattoo can save them from their lost confidence. The inspiring artwork in the symmetrical position of the neck will always remind them that there is no one like them in the world. The sheer confidence and determination are desperately needed in men of today’s generation.

That’s why, we are going to decipher everything there is to know about neck tattoos for men. So, sit back and grab a coffee as this is going to be a long ride.

Neck Tattoo Pain: Measuring The Magnitude With Science

Neck tattoos aren’t as painful as chest or spine tattoos. However, the pain is still quite intense. As the region is near the edge of the spine, there are a few nerve endings that can cause quite a sensation.

But the good news is that the skin of the neck is also quite bulky therefore the pain is endurable. If you want to have even less pain while etching the tattoo then we suggest you get the tattoo in the lower neck area.

The lower area of the neck has much more muscle and is further away from the bones and cartilage. You will have a much easier time illustrating a tattoo there.

Heartwarming Neck Tattoo Designs That Will Rock The World In 2024

The tattoo industry used to be quite niche back in the day. However, the paradigm has drastically shifted in the past few years. Men are gradually gravitating more and more towards neck tattoos to express their emotions and views.

There is a wide range of tattoo designs that look superb on the neck. The space can be a problem but you can surely make up for it by intertwining the patterns.

Rather than dipping a lot of whimsical colors, the current trend focuses on the use of monochromatic color schemes. The dark black ink brings out the rawness of every central image. As a viewer, you can notice every detail. So, without further ado, let's delve deep into the world of neck tattoos.

Side Neck Tattoo

Side Neck Tattoo

To start our comprehensive list of neck tattoos, we have a unique side neck tattoo. This tattoo may look simple but it creates a unique dimension in your body canvas. It appears as if it's peeping from the edge of your skin.

The best part about this tattoo is that it allows the wearer to showcase and conceal the tattoo at any time they want. Not always you will feel like showing the tattoo to the entire world. Sometimes, it needs to be kept intimate so that it can only whisper to you.

This kind of tattoo does not have too many details. The simplicity of the tattoo is its biggest advantage. It blends right with the skin creating an aesthetic ambience that is relaxing to watch.

Cross Neck Tattoo

Cross Neck Tattoo

We are currently living in a chaotic world where it's considered a weakness when you follow religion. People will ridicule you if you pray to your god.

But the truth is, these people are brainwashed. When you stay on the path of religion, you have fewer distractions. Otherwise, in this vial world, there are so many things that can stray you into your doom.

A cross-neck tattoo will always remind you to follow your religion. The symbol of crucifixion will always stay beside you protecting you from the malicious spirits of the modern world.

Back Neck Tattoo

Back Neck Tattoo

The back neck tattoos are much more evident than the other tattoos on the list. It blends so beautifully with your skin that the artwork feels like it's part of your neck.

Most back-neck tattoos are unique, and tailored to the individual's views and personality. One of the hottest designs of the tattoo realm is the depiction of horned creatures.

This fluffy animal will accentuate your neck to a whole new level. The sparkling eyes can hypnotize even the rudest of souls on the planet.

Rose Neck Tattoo

Rose Neck Tattoo

Roses are red, violets are blue. We love this design, so should you. Roses are delicate flowers that symbolize love and passion.

Having a rose tattoo on the neck makes you appear as someone who is not afraid to showcase your vulnerability to the world. While the tattoo is mostly preferred by women, men can enjoy one too.

You have to always remember that there is no jurisdiction when it comes to rose tattoos. Both men and women have equal rights to flaunt these tattoos on their necks.

Front Neck Tattoo

Front Neck Tattoo

Front neck tattoos are for the bold and the brave. The tattoo portrays that you are not afraid to showcase your beliefs and views.

The world needs people like you. Most of us are cowards hiding behind the back while talking smack about the world. It's people like you who take charge and make a change in the world.

One thing that we should warn you is that these neck tattoos are hard to conceal at times. So, in a formal setting where a tattoo is prohibited, you may get in trouble.

Owl Neck Tattoo

Owl Neck Tattoo 1
Owl Neck Tattoo 2

There is so much in common between the owls and us that it's frightening. We have the same sedentary lifestyle where we stay awake at night while sleeping for hours in the morning.

But there are some things that we have failed to learn from the owl. The owl neck tattoo can help you teach you these characteristics and morals.

One of the quintessential traits is to always be cautious of your surroundings. You never know what's going to happen next. Therefore, you should keep your eyes open at all times.

Full Neck Tattoo

Full Neck Tattoo

Not much to say about this tattoo as everything you need to know is directly in the name. The tattoo fully covers your neck without leaving a single bit of room.

What the tattoo does is it changes the dimension of your neck. Your neck doesn't look like a part of your body anymore. It starts to appear as an organism that has descended from outer space for a noble cause.

Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Butterfly Neck Tattoo 1
Butterfly Neck Tattoo 2

The main reason why there is so much buzz around the butterfly neck tattoo is because of the wings. The butterfly wings feel like they have all the colors of the world.

When they fly, it looks like the insect is radiating an energy that can energize even the most indolent of souls. Having such a positive-looking tattoo is a must in such a dire world. It will keep on inspiring you even on a bad day.

Small Neck Tattoo

Small Neck Tattoo 1
Small Neck Tattoo 2

The area in your neck is quite small. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the most suitable tattoo is too small. Otherwise, the tattoo will extend to other places.

Small tattoos can be a hit or a miss. There are times when the tattoo looks mesmerizing whereas at times, you can't even recognize the different components of the tattoo because of the tiny size. You should make sure that the former happens in the case of your tattoo.

Dragon Neck Tattoo

Dragon Neck Tattoo 1
Dragon Neck Tattoo 2

Even though we didn't see them in reality, having a glimpse of them on the TV screen is more than enough to give us a sense of how enormous and vicious these creatures were back in the day.

With just their wings, they could erupt a hurricane. Their teeth were so strong that they could devour even metal. Because of such extreme traits, the dragon neck tattoo has become a symbol of power and strength. Having the tattoo will compel you to embrace these traits in your character.

Lips Neck Tattoo

Lips Neck Tattoo

This one is a bit bizarre and we don’t recommend this design for everyone. The conceptualization of this tattoo comes from a museum where people can dip their lips in color and kiss the wall.

While the idea may sound crazy, the wall looks amazing. Each person's lips have unique patterns. So having that many portraits of lips on a single wall looks quite aesthetic. The same is the case for the lips and neck tattoo.

Name Neck Tattoo

Name Neck Tattoo 1
Name Neck Tattoo 2

Have someone you love? Want to give them the present of their life? Then go for this tattoo. When they see you have their name on their neck, the joys will know no bounds.

If you get the name on the neck as it is, the design can look a bit bland. That’s why you should augment the design by incorporating some subtle patterns such as flowers or simple shapes and symbols. They will love you till eternity for it.

Spider Web Neck Tattoo

Spider Web Neck Tattoo 1
Spider Web Neck Tattoo 2

With Spiderman games and animated movies just releasing this year, this is the perfect time to get the spider web neck tattoo.

Who doesn't love the friendly neighborhood Spiderman? Sure, he has extreme superpowers but the thing that makes him so likable is how much we relate with him. As Peter Parker, he goes through the same hurdles as most of us. He has to do odd jobs and often contemplates at the end of the day. That's why the spider web neck tattoo resonates so much with us.

Angel Neck Tattoo

Angel Neck Tattoo

Who doesn't want a guardian by their side? We all want someone to protect us when things go astray. We need someone to pick us up when we fall.

In reality, having such a character is impossible. But the angel neck tattoo will teach you to pick yourselves up. The angelic designs and velvety textures indicate that you are your angel. There is no mystic power and entity to save you. You have to be your guardian.

Cool Neck Tattoo

Cool Neck Tattoo 1
Cool Neck Tattoo 2

Any tattoo is cool if you do it correctly. One great way to find out about the current cool neck tattoo design is to hover around Pinterest and Instagram. You can see what people are gravitating to these days.

According to our research, most people opt for the minimalist tattoo design for the neck. They want a simple yet thought-provoking tattoo rather than one with intricate patterns. They don’t want to butcher the original aesthetics of the place.

Dove Neck Tattoo

Dove Neck Tattoo

This is yet another peaceful tattoo. The white plumage bird that often flies around us represents the idea of a free and happy world. There are wars ongoing everywhere. We are all set to kill the other person for our own sake.

But have we ever considered trying to make the world a better place? The dove neck tattoo portrays this notion with its aesthetic designs and beautiful color.

Chinese Neck Tattoo

Chinese Neck Tattoo

The Chinese people are quite festive. They love to celebrate no matter how significant the occasion is. The history and tradition of the Chinese people is quite extensive and rich. However, there are a couple of recurrent elements.

Components such as dragons or kites are staples of their culture. So, you should include them in your neck tattoo. Chinese people also love the red color so whatever you illustrate you should make sure that it is in red.

Flower Neck Tattoo

Flower Neck Tattoo

When was the last time you had the pleasure of watching a flower in nature? We have become so glued to technology that we hardly have enough time to go outside.

But being close to nature is necessary. Otherwise, you will slowly turn out to be bicker, and rude. That’s why a flower neck tattoo is not just artwork, it's a necessity. The glimpse of a vibrant flower will give you peace and happiness in the middle of the day.

Angel Wing Neck Tattoo

Angel Wing Neck Tattoo 1
Angel Wing Neck Tattoo 2

For centuries, the angel wing has been considered to be a symbol of protection and purity. Many modern women prefer to get the angel wing etched in their necks to lead a life of chastity.

With so much temptation, it's hard to pursue a journey like this. However, the divine structure of the angel wing gives you solace and motivates you to keep on going. For men, the symbol is quite similar. This neck tattoo represents the desire of men to have a peaceful life without any sort of worries.

Bird Neck Tattoo

Bird Neck Tattoo 1
Bird Neck Tattoo 2

No matter what the species are, birds are divine in their posture and flight pattern. When they fly, stretching their wings, it feels like the entire world rejoices with them.

Having a bird tattoo on the neck can make you look quite stylish. The elegant feathers go well with the theatricality of the neck. The vibrant colors make the bird tattoo the first thing that people will notice about you. You will appear as someone free and not afraid to show their true colors.

Skull Neck Tattoo

Skull Neck Tattoo

No matter where you put the skull tattoo, it will look completely menacing. Having the tattoo on the neck further sets the deal. You like those ancient shamans that have figured out the meaning of life.

In reality, skulls are mostly devoid of any kind of color. However, that is not the case for the skull neck tattoo. As your neck is the first thing people often view about you, you ought to color it as extensively as possible. Only then will it suit the theatricality of your neck.

Japanese Neck Tattoo

Japanese Neck Tattoo 1
Japanese Neck Tattoo 2

Japanese are highly festive people who don't need an occasion to celebrate. They are always looking to spread happiness to everyone around them. Even their history and ancient traditions are full of whimsical colors.

Therefore, it's quite obvious that Japanese neck tattoos will have vibrant patterns as well. Origami or the craft of paper folding is a recurrent component of these tattoos. The unique shapes that these papers adapt to can be beautifully depicted in the neck area.

Traditional Neck Tattoo

Traditional Neck Tattoo

Traditional neck tattoos are hard to make sense of. These designs are conglomerations of countless little components that give off a festive aura.

Most of these designs consist of objects such as the celestial moon, the human eye, or just abstract patterns. These designs are mainly done to embrace the rich history and cultures of our forefathers. People back in the day would wear the same type of body art throughout their bodies.

Snake Neck Tattoo

Snake Neck Tattoo 1
Snake Neck Tattoo 2

Among the many phobias, perhaps the fear of snakes ranks the highest. These slippery reptiles are all around us. We are always quick to disregard this animal without having a proper look at him.

If you do, you will see how jarring the patterns are throughout its body. From the razor-sharp fangs to the glowing eyes, everything about them seems mystical. Therefore, it's quite obvious that they deserve a place in our neck.

Cute Neck Tattoo

Cute Neck Tattoo

Having flamboyant structures such as tattoos on the neck can completely defeat the purpose. Your neck is a delicate part of the body. Therefore, it needs a tattoo design to match its elegance.

A simple rendition of a flower or an animal in an adorable posture can go a long way. When people see you, they will instantly think of you as a calm and collected person who seeks peace and happiness in such a chaotic world.

Neck Cover-Up Tattoo

Neck Cover-Up Tattoo

Having a hideous tattoo right on the neck can ruin your entire persona. Therefore, you must choose a proper design that goes well with your style. But sometimes, we make mistakes.

However, it's not the end of the world. There are many designs that you can opt for to hide your previous tattoo design. As you might have guessed, the coverup tattoos need to be as bold and colorful as possible so that there is no trace of the old tattoo.

Eagle Neck Tattoo

Eagle Neck Tattoo 1
Eagle Neck Tattoo 2

These fierce and majestic birds are apex predators of the sky. They have incredibly strong beaks and claws that help them catch prey twice their size. Their gigantic wings help them outmaneuver other predators by carefully angling their wings. All in all, they are a force to be reckoned with.

The eagle neck tattoo will make you look as strong as these menacing birds. With the elegant posture of the eagle, you will appear as the ultimate version of yourself.

Wolf Neck Tattoo

Wolf Neck Tattoo 1
Wolf Neck Tattoo 2

Currently, there has been a lot of buzz about the wolf neck tattoos. This is mainly because everyone on the internet is trying to be alpha males. They want to be hyper-focused and ahead of the curve.

There is no other animal that is more alpha than the wolf. When a wolf has eyes on a particular prey, they will hunt it down no matter how long it takes. Therefore, this riveting tattoo will make you passionate about your goals just like wolves that lurk in the shadows.

Crown Neck Tattoo

Crown Neck Tattoo 1
Crown Neck Tattoo 2

A crown tattoo on the neck ought to make you feel like the king of the entire world. Whenever you look in the mirror and see the tattoo, a sudden burst of confidence oozes inside of you.

The crown tattoo typically features a colorful crown just as the name suggests. However, to elevate the imagery, you can add some circles around the crown. This way, the crown will appear to radiate a positive energy that will energize you even in the dullest of days.

Roman Numerals Neck Tattoo

Roman Numerals Neck Tattoo

These ancient symbols that are still used in the contemporary era are quite aesthetic. Each of the numerals feels like they have their sort of meaning and symbolism.

A common idea among most people is to get as many Roman numerals as their age. While mostly these numerals are seen in black color, it's best to incorporate them in a variety of colors to bring out a psychedelic vibe.

Mandala Neck Tattoo

Mandala Neck Tattoo

These geometric combinations look incredibly alluring. The patterns are almost labyrinth-like. These designs are often considered to be a symbol of spiritual guidance.

The intricate patterns represent the many ups and downs of life. You have to gradually keep on moving from the outside to the inside breaking all the barriers of life. Having such a tattoo on the neck can be highly motivating. Sometimes, tattooists mark the patterns to represent certain milestones in their life.

Aztec Neck Tattoo

Aztec Neck Tattoo 1
Aztec Neck Tattoo 2

Aztec culture was full of unique symbols and signs. In many of the archaeological sites, people can still find emblems of the rich culture that they once picked.

Aztec people believed that each individual was different. Therefore, they would get themselves inked with a particular symbol or totem that they felt connected with. The Aztec neck tattoo features these alluring symbols in a highly colorized manner.

Feather Neck Tattoo

Feather Neck Tattoo 1
Feather Neck Tattoo 2

Feathers are the recognizable components of evolutionary novelty. These distinctive objects are one of the most complex structures existing in all vertebrates.

Therefore, having such an exclusive tattoo on your neck will surely make you look stylish and ahead of the trend. Each of the avian species has their unique feathers. Some have one type of color while others can be full alluring patterns such as stripes or swirls. You should choose the one that connects with you at first glance.

Geometric Neck Tattoo

Geometric Neck Tattoo

When we were young, the bane of our existence was undoubtedly geometry. We wondered why on earth we had to learn all these complicated formulas and shapes. Well, now you know. These formulas let you draw a jarring geometric neck tattoo.

These tattoos consist of beautiful symbols aligned in a specific order to symbolize a particular notion. Most of these shapes are colored extensively as bland-looking tattoos look utterly hideous on the neck.

Phoenix Neck Tattoo

Phoenix Neck Tattoo 1
Phoenix Neck Tattoo 2

This regenerative bird inspires us all. Even when the bird is burned to ashes, it rises again as majestically as its predecessors. These mythical birds teach us the notion of never giving up.

We are currently living in a hopeless world. Even with the slightest bit of turmoil, we get shattered. We have no ambition to get up and keep on fighting for our goals. This tattoo will always compel you to never let yourself down no matter what the situation is.

Tiger Neck Tattoo

Tiger Neck Tattoo
Tiger Neck Tattoo

These muscular animals are the apex predators of the jungle. Even the lions fear them. Just with their roar, they can shake the ground. Their appearance is so majestic that every other animal has to kneel in its presence.

In recent depictions, the tiger tattoo is known to be a symbol of exclusivity and power. There is no other animal on the planet that has the same vertical black stripes as the tiger. Their coat color is incredibly similar to that of a crown. So, when you have the tattoo on your neck, you will surely feel like the king of the world.

Honeycomb Neck Tattoo

Honeycomb Neck Tattoo 1
Honeycomb Neck Tattoo 2

Honeycombs are hexagonal shapes that are built from waxes by the bees. These insects lay their larvae and eggs in these structures as well as store the precious honey.

Making such a unique structure requires extremely hard work. One look at them and you realize how much work has gone through each of the structures. That’s why these components are symbols of hard work and wisdom. Having such a tattoo on your elegant neck will make you much more productive than you are today.

Raven Neck Tattoo

Raven Neck Tattoo

Ravens are quite significant omens that are believed to alter the luck of whoever views them. The idea of raven tattoos stems from Nordic mythology. The Norse god Odin had two pet ravens named Hugin and Munin.

Together, they represented the thoughts and minds of the all-knowing god that kept watch across the seven realms. Aside from the symbolism, these black birds are quite hypnotic as they appear to be silhouetted. It's as if these tattoos have escaped from your nightmares and got engraved on your neck.

Diamond Neck Tattoo

Diamond Neck Tattoo 1
Diamond Neck Tattoo 2

Last but not least is the beautiful diamond neck tattoo. We all know how alluring and precious these solids are. But many of us don’t know that these elements are the hardest known natural elements on the planet.

Therefore, having this tattoo not only makes you look exclusive but also strong. Whenever you look at the tattoo, your desire to give up fades to obscurity. The symmetrical patterns along with the shiny colors will cheer you up and compel you to chase your dreams. l


Although we have covered pretty much everything there is to know about neck tattoos, there can still be some questions left unanswered. Truthfully, it's hard to get everything under one roof.

Therefore, we have taken the liberty to answer some of the most intriguing questions about neck tattoos to satisfy your quest for knowledge. If you still have some queries, feel free to ask them in the comment section.

Q: Are Neck Tattoos Haram In Islam?

Ans: Any kind of tattoo is prohibited in Islam let alone neck tattoos. The only type of tattoo that is allowed is temporary tattoos which fade away after some time. Therefore, if you consider yourself to be a muslin then you should refrain from getting a permanent tattoo.

Q: Are Neck Tattoos For Men Considered To Be Lucky?

Ans: Yes, they are often considered to be lucky for the wearer. Neck tattoos are mostly discreet with some exceptions. Most wearers believe that whenever they look at the tattoo, it exudes a positive energy that elevates their mood.

A good mood is the key to a successful life. Therefore, it is safe to say that neck tattoos play some role in an individual's life.

Q: Which Celebrity Has A Neck Tattoo?

Ans: Most female celebrities opt for the neck tattoo as it is often associated with sensuality. Celebrities such as Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez often showcase their beautiful neck tattoos on Instagram.

However, there is one male celebrity who has broken this norm. Adam Levine, the famous pop star from the Maroon 5 band has a beautiful black and white flower tattoo on his neck.


There are a lot of us who are insecure about our bodies. We think of ourselves as inferior because we are not confident enough. This insecurity slowly suppresses our desire to speak our minds. We keep on concealing our thoughts and views.

The neck tattoo can be a way to express ourselves finally. These elegant tattoos teach us to embrace ourselves no matter what our faults are. The tattoo makes us confident and helps us voice our opinions to the entire world with subtle designs and beautiful colors.

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