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78 Alleviating Mental Health Tattoos That Rejuvenate One’s Faith In Life

Regardless of how different our lives may be, one thing that is a constant in life is challenges, which, more often than not, inspire one to grow. And while prevailing from the battles is a beautiful feeling, the adversity of it can affect one’s mental health; an element that doesn’t get enough attention.

In short, mental health truly is a huge factor in everyone's life, as it shapes our perception of reality, and the way in which we comprehend things.

Since it is caused by stress and trauma, partaking in physical-intensive activities can be a good way to preserve one’s peace of mind. However, another remedy is a mental health tattoo, which rescues people by offering various forms.

In the guide that follows, we will unveil some of the best mental health tattoos that are known as immediate remedies, also diving into the open-minded symbolism of the evergrowing tattoo. Be sure to proceed if you too would like to improve your state of mind!

A Support System Until Eternity: The Jarring Meaning Of Mental Health Tattoos!

Mental Health Tattoo meaning

Mental health tattoos are on the rise right now, but it hardly has anything to do with the designs they pair well with.

In fact, all of the traffic that mental health tattoos generate comes from their purpose, which is what sets mental health tattoos apart from the rest of the designs in the planet of body modification.

Each emblem might find different ways to provide assistance, but the main task of mental health tattoos, irrespective of visuals, is to act as a solid support system. More often than not, mental health tattoos also provide a shoulder to cry on, and guidance to those seeking a private way to overcome their fears.

Nonetheless, mental health tattoos play a huge role in those with severe health issues, often assisting their wearers to find light in the darkness.

Incredibly Clever Ideas For Mental Health Tattoo That Help Rejuvenate The Meaning Of Life!

If you pick your brain enough, any emblem can serve as a representative for a mental health tattoo. However, if you’re in dire need of ideas, may the upcoming entries help you break the ice.

From finding ways to harmonize with religion to meshing with any body part at any given time, the ceiling of mental health tattoos remains high. To learn all about it, be sure to inspect each art piece carefully, even more so if you’d like to hop on the bandwagon of mental health tattoos!

Anxiety Mental Health Tattoo: A Shoulder To Lean On

Anxiety Mental Health Tattoo 1
Anxiety Mental Health Tattoo 2

Dealing with anxiety is one of the worst parts of life, as it adds to stress and burns us out. While giving it time and having more faith can work wonders to solve the previous issue, obtaining a mental health tattoo revolving around anxiety can be a promising way to cope. To really wear your heart on your sleeve, consider adding a stick figure that mimics the way you feel. Keep the color way minimal to let the purpose stand out effortlessly.

Mental Health Awareness Tattoo: Opening More Minds To Vulnerability

Mental Health Awareness Tattoo 1
Mental Health Awareness Tattoo 2

As of late, many are not only practicing remedies that aid mental health issues, but also raising awareness of the importance of mental health, which brings about the existence of this tattoo. The artwork is usually led by a ribbon that promotes various symbols using different color schemes. Out of all the shades, green is said to be the most common one, associated with love for another’s mental health conditions. Wearing the tattoo in exposed areas is a good option in this scenario, making the wrist a promising spot for the ink.

Mental Health Self Love Tattoo: Because It Always Starts With You

Mental Health Self Love Tattoo 1
Mental Health Self Love Tattoo 2

Upon further research, it is said that around 85% of the people in this world struggle with self love, and deal with low self-esteem. Though reaching out to loved ones is a viable solution, using a mental health tattoo that promotes self-care and love is a great alternative to tackling the former issue. Adding relevant quotes can be a great idea, but if you’re seeking more visuals, consider adding a comic strip.

Survivor Mental Health Tattoo: The Survival Of The Fittest

Survivor Mental Health Tattoo 1
Survivor Mental Health Tattoo 2

A decline in one’s mental health can lead to severe depression, and in some instances, death. And if you know what it feels like to be in the deepest pits of hell, but also have overcome your adversities to prevail, this tattoo can be a good way to embrace all that happened in the past. Housed with the incentive of representing those that survived severe cases of mental health, this tattoo is nothing but merely a compilation of a ribbon and the term, “survivor.” For some uniqueness, adding a phrase underneath the generic art piece is advised.

Bipolar Mental Health Tattoo: Coping Through Unsolicited Mood Swings

Bipolar Mental Health Tattoo 1
Bipolar Mental Health Tattoo 2

Bipolar disorder and dealing with it is often a chore and a half, and can easily burn people out with its uncertainty. A tattoo that not only raises awareness for bipolar disorder, but also pays homage to sufferers of the mental health issue is this artwork, fused with sketches of skeletons. The artwork implies just how brutal it is to cope with bipolar disorder, which leads to death on certain occasions. The illustration serves as a companion of support, however, calming one’s nerves when required.

Small Mental Health Tattoo: Easygoing Yet Impactful

Small Mental Health Tattoo 1
Small Mental Health Tattoo 2

If you know someone who suffers from mental health, or have even prevailed from severe mental health issues yourself, a small tattoo commemorating mental health can be a good way to be grateful about the present, and admire the strength you had in the past. A small ribbon is a common find among this genre of mental health tattoos. However, one may even print compact symbols before engraving the pattern of the brain to denote the importance of preserving one’s peace of mind.

Mental Health Ribbon Tattoo: Back to Square One

Mental Health Ribbon Tattoo 1
Mental Health Ribbon Tattoo 2

A go-to in the world of mental health tattoos is surely a ribbon tattoo, associated with the importance of providing support to victims of severe conditions. The artwork doesn’t just empathize with victims and those coping with hardship, but is also a great pick for beginners. Since the ribbon remains colorless, various needles, particularly a fine-line needler, can be executed when installing this piece on first-timers.

Butterfly Mental Health Tattoo: The Celebration Of Burned Bridges And Transitions

Butterfly Mental Health Tattoo

The downsides of being a sufferer of mental health issues remains high. However, the silver lining of each remains the same; transformation. Believe it or not, through pain and struggle, a decline in mental health leads to character development and resilience in the long run. The former perk isn’t dismissed, but often celebrated with a butterfly tattoo, typically running big in size, being compatible with a series of symbols for an engaging impact.

Mental Health Sleeve Tattoo: A Compilation Of Betterment

Mental Health Sleeve Tattoo 1
Mental Health Sleeve Tattoo 2

Having a platform to express yourself at all times is a great way to relieve yourself from bottled emotions, and cope with a decline in mental health. Moreover, if you’d like to use a tattoo as a means of escape and relief, getting a sleeve tattoo that raises awareness for mental health can be a marvelous plan. While obtaining a portrait that is clearly dealing with hardship can be a great tattoo to obtain, you may also compile a series of emblems relevant to mental health for a better impression.

Mental Health Semicolon Tattoo: A Token For Victims

Mental Health Semicolon Tattoo 1
Mental Health Semicolon Tattoo 2

A semi-colon tattoo is another common design that many preachers of mental health obtain to raise awareness for the importance of a healthy mind. The ink might look neat, but is also an emblem that represents survivors of severe mental health issues and trauma. More often than not, this semi-colon tattoo finds a home as a wrist tattoo. But since the artwork is pocket-sized, placing it anywhere is possible.

Cute Mental Health Tattoo: Battling Depression With A Bowl Of Warmth

Cute Mental Health Tattoo 1
Cute Mental Health Tattoo 2

Finding a silver lining when coping through difficult times is easy as long as you think outside the box. Similarly, if you believe that a tattoo that reflects on the importance of mental health, but tones down the depths of it will be of great help, why not obtain something adorable? There are various ways in which one can create a cute mental health tattoo, preferably with the help of characters. It is also a great wrist tattoo for women due to the pain level involved.

Mental Health Quote Tattoo: Using Effective Words For Good Measure

Mental Health Quote Tattoo

Sometimes, all you need is a positive note to keep moving forward. With that being said, if you’re struggling with mental battles, and need some motivation, consider siding with a quote tattoo, such as a faith over fear tattoo. The best part about this tattoo is the freedom it provides, as any phrase can be added as long as it drives you to see another day. To keep the visuals accessible at all times, consider obtaining a wrist tattoo.

Mental Health PTSD Tattoo: Overcoming Bottled Up Emotions

Mental Health PTSD Tattoo 1
Mental Health PTSD Tattoo 2

PTSD is perhaps one of the most common issues that people cope with everyday, having various ways to have a dramatic change in one’s life. Luckily, multiple solutions exist; one of which is a PTSD tattoo. This mental health tattoo is open to interpretation and creative input, carrying a unique form almost always. One of the best ways to curate this PTSD tattoo is to keep the size compact, and add a ribbon for good measure.

Mental Health Flower Tattoo: A Design For Feminine Minds!

Mental Health Flower Tattoo 1
Mental Health Flower Tattoo 2

Exploring your feminine side is something that a mental health tattoo can easily bring about, as long as floral designs are the main agendas of the illustration. Using roses, sunflowers, and even peony flowers are common practices for this theme, although only one component tends to make the cut. Due to how minimal this piece is, any flower tattoo can be added. Just be sure to align it with your interests.

Mental Health Joker Tattoo: A Staple For The D.C. Universe!

Mental Health Joker Tattoo 1
Mental Health Joker Tattoo 2

The impact of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker hasn’t just touched the hearts of D.C. Universe and shaped the success of Batman tattoos, but has also changed the perception we have on mental health. Throughout the movie, his character is constantly seen having his patience tested, until he finally gives in and turns into the prominent villain we refer to as the Joker. This portrait tattoo not only serves as an incredible rendition of a Joker tattoo, but can also serve as a viable metaphor for a mental health tattoo.

Mental Health Sword Tattoo: Slashing Through A Deteriorated Head Space

Mental Health Sword Tattoo 1
Mental Health Sword Tattoo 2

Staying patient is key when your mental health isn’t at its best. Picking up on new hobbies and making conversation can be two great ways to distract yourself and allow your mind to recuperate. Additionally, if you believe you lack strength, a sword tattoo, as well as a dagger tattoo, can serve as viable companions. The secret ingredient that sword tattoos give out is strength. At times, it also provides notes of courage, making relapses and depressive episodes easier to deal with.

Matching Mental Health Tattoo: Because Fighting In Pairs Is Better Than Being On Your Own

Matching Mental Health Tattoo 1
Matching Mental Health Tattoo 2

Believe it or not, you can even develop a stronger bond with tattoos denoting awareness for mental health, even with your partner! Just obtain matching tattoos that are either based on the same symbols, or share a symbol by dividing the stencil in two. The former option, which conveys that being open-minded is key to a better mental health, can easily be one that you may recreate with your partner.

Mental Health Healing Tattoo: Patience And Time Eliminates

Mental Health Healing Tattoo

A Troubled Mind Time heals all wounds. However, the healing process isn’t always sunshines and rainbows. Moving on, if you’re seeking a companion that won’t just help you celebrate a good mental health day, but also support you during dark times, this healing tattoo can be of great help. Though adding the emblem of a brain is a good idea, the quote tattoo underneath is open to change and readjustment. Therefore, choose your words wisely.

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Fine Line Mental Health Tattoo: A Simple Message With Tons Of Weight

Fine Line Mental Health Tattoo

Mental Health Heart Tattoo: Using Love To Come Out Of Traumatic Events

Mental Health Heart Tattoo

Mental Health Nurse Tattoo: A Famous Pick For Visual-Oriented Minds

Mental Health Nurse Tattoo

Mental Health Skull Tattoo: The Bitter Truth Of A Declining Mental Health

Mental Health Skull Tattoo 1
Mental Health Skull Tattoo 2

Mental Health Bird Tattoo: Harmonizing To Recover From inflicted Wounds

Mental Health Bird Tattoo

Mental Health Wave Tattoo: Debunking A Series Of Emotions

Mental Health Wave Tattoo 1
Mental Health Wave Tattoo 2

Mental Health Warrior Tattoo: A Proactive Approach In Dealing With Adversity

Mental Health Warrior Tattoo

Unique Mental Health Tattoo: Thinking Outside The Box

Unique Mental Health Tattoo

Arrow Mental Health Tattoo: Pointing Towards The Power Of Healing

Arrow Mental Health Tattoo

Frequently Asked Question

Now that we’ve covered all the necessities, here are some questions that will elevate your knowledge of mental health tattoos, and drop suggestions on how one can obtain them without hitting a brick wall.

Q: What is the most common mental health tattoo?

Ans: The tattoo of a ribbon is known for being the most common representative of a mental health tattoo, which is assigned to be the face of mental health itself. What adds to its appeal is how easy the artwork is to curate, making it a promising entry for both veterans and beginners.

Q: Why are mental health tattoos so popular?

Ans: Due to being minimal pieces of art, and running high on educational components and sentimental values, mental health tattoos are as big as it gets in the scene. Each option is simple to wear, painless to obtain, and hardly ever looks out of place.

Q: Are mental health tattoos compatible with other illustrations?

Ans: From being associated with beauty amidst the chaos to sharing a close bond with true love and understanding, the compatibility of a witchy tattoo ranks extremely high on the chart, making them an easy fit with complementary as well as indifferent tattoos overall.


Now that we’ve gathered every piece of evidence that makes mental health tattoos so important to install, and showcase, we hope you have no trouble in finding a companion that speaks volumes with your scenario, and eases your nerves without any effort. Remember, while you may wear a mental health tattoo that prioritizes the materials on the outside, ensuring that the tattoo serves as a companion during dark times should be the main aim when creating an idea of mental health through a tattoo.

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