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82 Dynamic Demon Slayer Tattoo Ideas To Seek Vengeance!

Amidst the darkness of the coronavirus, the Demon Slayer movie appeared in our lives as a beacon of hope. People were looking for something to get inspired and the movie was just what they needed.

At the end of the theatrical release, the movie grossed more than 507 million dollars at the box office and became the highest-grossing Japanese film of all time. That number is all you need to know to understand just how popular the series is.

The popularity led to fans getting accessories to commemorate their love for the show and what's more thoughtful than getting a tattoo of your beloved anime? The beautiful coloration and the relatable characters started to get illustrated by enthusiasts all around the world.

What's astonishing is that there isn’t a single dull character in the series. You can get a tattoo of any of the characters and it will look badass as well as symbolic in your body. Very few anime have been able to pull off such a feat.

While the demon slayer tattoos are getting saturated, there are still a lot of options left to explore. So today, we are going to guide you to the untouched realms of the world of Demon Slayer to give you the bigger picture.

A Random Shonen Or Something More? Hidden Meaning Demon Slayer Tattoos

A Random Shonen Or Something More Hidden Meaning Demon Slayer Tattoos

The show touches on many aspects of human nature. Perhaps, the most apparent one is the notion of Vengeance. Tanjiro after seeing his family get killed by the demons goes on a quest to avenge them. This is a highly relatable notion as every one of us has been deceived or betrayed in one way or another and seeks some sort of vengeance.

Another intriguing aspect is the concept of knowing your limits. In the series, some characters have powers beyond human comprehension. However, the show keeps on telling you that each of the characters needs to get a hold of their powers otherwise their fate may be unfortunate.

This teaching holds even in the real world. We sometimes get so driven that we forget the ethics and emotions of life. If your emotions control you, you will not be able to go very far. The demon slayer tattoo accurately portrays such a deep message with vibrant artwork.

Delightful Demon Slayer Tattoo Designs To Cut Down All The Evil Thoughts

Delightful Demon Slayer Tattoo Designs To Cut Down All The Evil Thoughts

The show became renowned worldwide because of its graphics and animation. When there is a fight happening, you feel like you are in the middle of it. Such incredible details and textures alone made the show so memorable to us.

So, it's quite obvious that the tattoos have the same kind of flair to them. You shouldn’t shy away from incorporating a wide range of colors. Each of the elements needs to be boldly depicted in the tattoo.

Demon Slayer also does a great job of portraying the rich and vibrant culture and tradition of the Japanese people. So, when you are illustrating the tattoo, you can include different cultural elements such as tribal symbols or subtle flowers to give the tattoo a touch of Japan. So, are you ready? If you are then let’s jump into some of the best demon slayer tattoo designs to show class.

Vibrant Tanjiro Tattoo With Tribal Symbols

TanJiro Tattoo

The quest of Tanjiro to become a demon slayer after watching his entire family get slaughtered is something that may be too whimsical but it is something that we can relate to. There is always something that we want to achieve in our life against all odds. The vibrant coloration of the Tanjiro tattoo is immensely soothing to the eye. The determined look on his face tells us everything we need to know about this character. The artwork depicts his sheer will and integrity, something that we want to encapsulate in our own lives. The most intriguing aspect of the tattoo is the intricate tribal symbols peeking from the cloak of Tanjiro. These symbols indicate the deep association of the anime with ancient Japanese customs and traditions similar to the Yin-Yang tattoos

Highly Detailed Inosuke Tattoo

Inosuke Tattoo 1
Inosuke Tattoo 2

Inosuke’s mask is quite comical but don’t get deceived by his appearance. His inhumane capabilities can dismantle demons within seconds. He is not someone you want to trifle with. His entire persona and appearance depict a very ancient saying “Looks don’t matter, it's the inside that is valuable''. The tattoo’s portrayal of the pig mask of Inosuke is highly detailed and portrays how much strength he has underneath. The two crossed swords symbolize his fighting skill and the black aura exuding from his exterior expresses his finesse. With the tattoo on your back or chest, you will appear as someone who focuses more on themselves rather than entertaining the outside world. 

Fiery Demon Slayer Sword Tattoo With An Adorable Twist

Demon Slayer Sword Tattoo 1
Demon Slayer Sword Tattoo 2

The reason Demon Slayer became such a worldwide phenomenon is because of how determined the characters are. Tanjiro himself had to pass inhumane tasks just to be accepted by his sensei. While the tasks seemed impossible at first, they slowly seemed to be doable just because of his passion and desire to avenge his family. While the tattoo takes an adorable route and portrays Tanjiro as a cartoon character, the outer radiant flames boldly commemorate his mission and goals. If you want to get inspired, this is something that will get you out of your bed every morning just like the attack on Titan tattoo.

The Art Of Theatricality: Deceitful Demon Slayer Mask Tattoo

Demon Slayer Mask Tattoo 1
Demon Slayer Mask Tattoo 2
At the core, Demon Slayer is like any other Shonen manga or anime with a relatable protagonist who overcomes all the obstacles to become the best slayer in the realm. However, what made the show stand out was the notions of theatricality. In the anime, we can often see Tanjiro and many of the other slayers wearing a cat mask. The mask hides their identity and is portrayed to work as some sort of charm. When the masked characters appear on the screen, we all hold our breath out of excitement. The same goes for the tattoo. The portrayal of the mask overwhelms all the souls of the world.

Discreet Emblem Of Inspiration: Dainty Small Demon Slayer Tattoo

Small Demon Slayer Tattoo
While grandiose tattoos mostly serve to showcase people and boost your artistic skills, this version of Tanjiro is thought-provoking and works as a reminder to become the best version of yourself. The simple iteration of the character with two bold eyes can look deep into your soul and motivate you to change your life. The overall appearance of the tattoo is just like the anime. You can see Tanjiro wearing the same striped cloak. However, it's the size that makes you want to give the tattoo a warm hug. 

Intricate Rengoku Tattoo With Whimsical Colors

Rengoku tattoo

Rengoku was one of the most likable characters in the show. His ambitions as well as his personality inspired the viewers to become like him. His death shocked the entire world and is still considered to be the most tragic scene of the anime. Many of the avid fans of the character get the tattoo to show respect for the fallen soldier. Even his death served a greater purpose and impacted the lives of many slayers. The tattoo features Rengoku in his quintessential attire with flames exuding from his body. This flame was an ability of his that he would often use to obliterate even the most humongous of demons. 

Whimsical Shinobu Tattoo: Unleashing The True Powers

Shinobu Tattoo 1
Shinobu Tattoo 2

This is yet another example of the proverb that looks can be deceitful. The slender woman portrayed in the tattoo seems to be quite vulnerable. The two pale eyes may seem like they lack the passion required to strive as a demon slayer. However, during the battle with Doma, we can see the true power of this purple goddess. The artwork features this happy and easygoing character in an intimidating pose revealing her true capabilities. The beautiful flowers and the jarring butterfly express her long association with and admiration for Mother Nature.

Gradient Colors To Crush Over: Subtle Nezuko Tattoo With Pink Haze

Nezuko Tattoo 1
Nezuko Tattoo 2

There is a current trend among many anime lovers to simp over female characters. Among these characters, Nezuko undoubtedly ranks at the top. While she may not speak a single word throughout the series, her adorable antics made us fall in love with her. The artwork deviates a lot from the original appearance of Nezuko. In the series, we can see Nezuko with a scroll in her mouth to control her violent demonic urges. This scroll is missing from the tattoo. However, the much more adult depiction of her along with the incorporation of subtle colors in her face more than makes up for it. 

Assembly Of Magnificence: Colorful Demon Slayer Sleeve Tattoo With All Characters

Demon Slayer Sleeve Tattoo

The artwork captures an exact scene from the anime where all the slayers assemble to defeat the ultimate demon. While it may sound cliche, the incredibly realistic depiction will stop your heart from beating for a second. It features most of the characters from the anime getting ready to face the demon. With the unleashing of their powers, your sleeve tattoo will seem like a demon slayer billboard rather than a biological organ.

Cryptic Display Of Monochrome: Artistic Akaza Tattoo With Ancient Symbols

Akaza Tattoo

While Akaza may be a supporting antagonist, his appearance makes him the most terrifying one. Over a century ago, he used to be a human who learned martial arts from Keizo. After some unfortunate events, he turned into a humanoid demon with lines all over his face. From his torso to his waist, you can see all sorts of black likes and ancient symbols. These lines and shapes are depicted in the tattoo. With the incorporation of various Kanji alphabets, you can express the deep roots of Japanese culture and its association with martial arts.

Flash Of Electricity: Realistic Zenisu Tattoo

Zenitsu Tattoo

In the beginning, we all thought Zenjitsu to be one of those comic relief characters. He was just there to decrease some tension in the show. But the moment Zentisu killed the demon with his lightning-fast speed, our whole perception went upside down. One of the staples of Zentisu’s power is his swiftness and what is associated the most with speed? You got it. It's lightning. You can visualize Zenitsu making a menacing pose while electricity is going wild all around him. The realistic depiction of the lightning is enough to electrify even the wearer.

Splash Of Whimsicality: Terrifying Demon Slayer Water Dragon Tattoo

Demon Slayer Water Dragon Tattoo

Slayers have different types of fighting abilities and control of the element. Those with the water-breathing style can manipulate the core properties of the element to take up meaningful shapes. The water dragon is considered to be one of the most powerful water-breathing style attacks in the series. The slayer uses his inner powers to conjure a water dragon and unleash it towards the enemy with a devastating effect. What makes the tattoo stand out is the inclusion of water splashes all around the skin of the dragon. Such tiny details can add incredible depth to the tattoo.

Sparkling Display Of Aggression: Hypnotic Demon Slayer Eyes Tattoo With Hyper-Realistic Details

Demon Slayer Eyes Tattoo

So, what makes an anime different from a typical cartoon? Before jumping out with your gun, there is an easy answer to this debatable question. It's undoubtedly the eyes. The big, sparkly eyes are what make every anime distinct from contemporary cartoons. The tattoo portrays this notion to an even greater degree. The two radiant eyes of Nezuko as visualized in the image feel like she is staring deep into your soul. The detailed retina feels like there are countless hidden secrets buried underneath the artwork.

Monochrome Delight: Stoic Tomioka Design With Intricate Lines

Tomioka Tattoo

The stoic and nonchalant persona of Tomioka instantly made us connect with him. Because of how handsome he looks, fangirls all over the world drool all over him. However, it's her keen sense of justice that is much more praiseworthy. As a slayer, he realizes and preaches the importance of knowing one’s limitations. The monochromatic display of Tomioka portrays his different outlook on life compared to the other characters. Having such a blast of monochrome etched in your body will teach you not to throw your life away. 

Vibrant Assembly Of Characters: Exuberant Demon Slayer Back Tattoo

Demon Slayer Back Tattoo

This is not a tattoo, it's a literal capture of a scene from the anime. The hyperrealistic portrayal of many of the significant characters turns your back on a TV screen. When you look at the stance of each character, you will feel like you are watching the entire series in the background. While the image is stationary, the vibrant colors will stimulate your brain to generate the next scenes one by one.

Discreet Yet Full Of Radiance: Personal Demon Slayer Finger Tattoo

Demon Slayer Finger Tattoo

The dainty version of Tanjiro is quite adorable to look at. Such discreet emblems are perfect for those who are still dubious about expressing their love for the show. While the finger tattoo is small in size, it doesn't shy away from exhilarating its radiant colors. The tattoo is properly shaded therefore it sticks out from the dimension of your skin. Instead of getting an innate object like a demon slayer ring, this is something that will stick with you for a long time.

Flamboyant Display Of Rich Japanese Culture: Bright Demon Slayer Design With A Traditional Mask

Demon Slayer Traditional Tattoo

Japan is a land of dreams and fantasies. The woods are full of auspicious spirits while the streets are vibrant with cherry blossoms. There is a unique fairy tale vibe that you will only find in Japan. The tattoo portrays the magic of Japan in an old-fashioned manner. It features the typical mask worn by civilians during a festival. The fire behind the mask expresses the passion inside the people to make their country a better place. 

Monochrome Enigma: Simple Demon Slayer Tattoo With The Quintessential Sword

Demon Slayer Symbol Tattoo

Swords and elemental prowess. These two are the staples of the Demon Slayer show. The dainty artwork of the tattoo features an amalgamation of the aspects with monochrome. In the world of demon slayer, those who are adroit with their sword and can control a range of elements are considered to be the most capable. When you have such an artistic small tattoo, you will feel like a proud member of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Friend Or Foe? Symbolic Demon Slayer Muzan Tattoo With Velvety Stripes

Demon Slayer Muzan Tattoo

The story of Muzan is full of sorrow and remorse. He wasn’t supposed to be a demon. But one day during an experimental treatment, he turned into one. Since then, he has only one goal in life and that is to achieve eternity. While he is the main antagonist, he has garnered quite a fan following for his idiosyncratic antics and flamboyance. While the appearance is quite distant from the original version, the tattoo does a great job of unveiling the true goals of Muzen with two bloody stripes over his face. 

Many Faces Of Stone Hashira: Artistic Demon Slayer Tattoo

Demon Slayer Stone Hashira Tattoo

The hulk-like appearance of the stone Hashira is quite deceiving. He may have muscular structure but he has a heart of gold. His soft-spoken and pure attitude made him instantly likable. Now that we look at it, Demon Slayer is full of characters that have two different faces. The demon slayer stone Hashra tattoo further solidifies this notion with bold and intricate patterns.


With a world full of vibrant colors and relatable characters, there is so much to explore. We only touched a snippet of the show in this comprehensive essay. To give you more ideas about the demon slayer tattoos, we have tried to answer some of your questions from our experience and knowledge of the subject matter. Read away.

Q: What Is The Meaning Of The Demon Slayer Symbol?

Ans: The demon slayer symbol is a mixture of multiple Japanese alphabets that mean flowing water and burning fire. While these can mean a lot of things, the most obvious interpretation is the aspect of extinguishing fire. As the main aspect of the anime is to slay demons, the symbol most likely means to drive something into extinction.

Q: Are Demon Slayer Tattoos Touch To Illustrate?

Ans: Yes, they are. As you can see from the designs, most of them are quite flamboyant and involve the use of a plethora of colors. While there are dainty representations, the grandiose designs tick all the boxes. Illustrating such complex tattoos can be daunting.

Q: Will You Be Following The Herd When You Get A Demon Slayer Tattoo?

Ans: Not really. There are indeed a lot of people opting for demon slayer tattoos. However, each design is different from the other. With so many aspects of the story, you can illustrate a new design that is distinct from contemporary trends.


At the beginning of the series, Tanjiro was a diligent boy who deeply loved his family. He was always afraid of the demons that came out in the night. He always had fear in the back of his head. However, the death of his family lit a spark in him that propelled him to get rid of his fear and become a demon slayer. With the tapestry of colors in the tattoo and the rich symbolism behind the artwork, you will also have the guts to overcome all your phobias and achieve your glory. When Scarface was released, the movie was met with tons of harsh criticisms. Critics assembled to ridicule it one after another. They kept on rambling about how gory, violent, and toxic the movie was.

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