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68 Contemporary Ideas Of Water Lily Tattoos That Specialize In Handling Growing Pains!

If you know about tattoos, you probably know about the prominence of floral designs and how they’re always used to amplify the visuals of any design. On the other hand, if you’re not, let me tell you about water lily tattoos, a series of designs perceived as frontrunners in the modern world.

Water lily tattoos aren’t as bold as many species amongst flowers, but win hearts with how minimal they are. Due to the simplicity behind the art of water lilies, the design finds more popularity on the minds of minimalists.

Another element that stands out and elevates the fanbase of a water lily tattoo is what it holds behind the surface, which will be unveiled shortly. That being said, if you’re seeking the best of water lily tattoos, this guide should suffice!

Providing Moral Support During A Fresh Start: Exploring The Real Meaning Of Water Lily Tattoos

Meaning Of Water Lily Tattoo

Upon first glance, water lilies seem to establish a soothing aura, calming the mind; protecting the eyes. The structure of the species is delicate, with wide petals, and soft colors that give away just how big of a stoic water lilies are.

In the world of tattoos, a water lily finds associates that are similar to its kind. With tons of wisdom and only pure thoughts, water lilies are known for being the first-responders to fresh start, supporting their users from day one.

While many use water lily tattoos to celebrate the end of a traumatic event, others find hope in a water lily tattoo, which comes in various forms.

Mentally-soothing Concepts For Water Lily Tattoos That Add To The Meaning Of Milestones!

Due to being easy to draw, water lily tattoos are seen as friendly concepts for first-timers. The tattoo is extremely flexible, too, making it easy for water lilies to mix and match with supporting tattoos of any kind.

Water lily tattoos are extremely compatible, making it easy to form an authentic design from scratch, that too without putting in any effort. The placement needs to hit the jackpot for a water lily tattoo to find success, it seems, so be sure to pick your canvas carefully.

As for the designs, you know I’ve got you covered. Below you feature some of the best designs of water lily tattoos; all of which are up for grabs.

Larkspur And Water Lily Tattoo: The Collaboration Of A Lifetime

Larkspur And Water Lily Tattoo

Taking away the top spot is the chemistry between a larkspur and waterlily, which goes beyond the visuals.

Together, they’re not only members of the July-bloom club, but also tend to help wearers find a new light during a fresh start.

While a water lily denotes the importance of change, the larkspur consoles, supports, and heals during the formative stages of the former. The biggest win lies in the visuals, it seems, which stand out even more with a matte-based paint job.

Simple Water Lily Tattoo: Surviving In Silence

Simple Water Lily Tattoo 1
Simple Water Lily Tattoo 2

Creatures of nature look best when framed with simplicity. Therefore, if a water lily tattoo is something that you’d like to pursue in the future, consider taking notes from this simple water lily tattoo!

The sketch is painted with soft pastel shades that showcases just how soft and sound water lilies tend to be. Often, a wrist tattoo captures every note perfectly, with an ankle tattoo being a good alternative for some feminine energy.

Since the tattoo is all about transformation, add a quote tattoo that inspires you to increase the value!

Black And White Water Lily Tattoo: Paying Homage To The Founders

Black And White Water Lily Tattoo 1
Black And White Water Lily Tattoo 2

Taking away the boldness of the color scheme, pinning more focus on the metaphor of water lily tattoos is a black and white tattoo of the flower, which is one of the least stressful entries out there. The design is a great addition to pre-existing artwork, but can ride solo when the right area is used.

Having this water lily tattoo on the wrist or hand is a great way to give yourself a reminder of how positive change can be. The upkeep is slightly different, requiring more maintenance visits than the average tattoo.

If you’d like to pair this piece with more floral designs, consider looking into peony tattoos!

Japanese Water Lily Tattoo: A Staggering Theme For The Alter Ego

Japanese Water Lily Tattoo 1
Japanese Water Lily Tattoo 2

Often perceived as tokens of fresh starts, water lily tattoos find different associations in Japan, being perceived as a means of purity instead. In contrast to the tattoos on this list, a Japanese water lily tattoo is also much larger in size, draped in soft pastel colour for a convincing outcome.

This tattoo is a masterpiece among this list, being a worthy investment from every angle. The only issue lies in its time frame, which is lengthier than that of most variants on this list.

Once again, the forearm is the preferred canvas for this tattoo. However, reserved minds can use the back instead.

Small Water Lily Tattoo: Keeping Things Easy And Relaxing At All Times

Small Water Lily Tattoo 1
Small Water Lily Tattoo 2

Water lily tattoos don’t need much in terms of visuals. In fact, if all you’re seeking is the guidance provided by water lily tattoos, why not pursue a plain one?

Representing the former remark is a small water lily tattoo, which is pain-free and malleable.

Many wear it on the wrist to make the tattoo accessible. However, you may also pursue a neck tattoo or ankle tattoo to increase the appeal.

Water Lily Sleeve Tattoo: A Story Worth Sharing

Water Lily Sleeve Tattoo

By using natural water bodies, you can easily transform your water lily tattoo into a detailed piece, supported by an emphasized diagram.

The associates taken should be nothing other than floral designs. To make it even easier on the eyes, be sure to ask your artist for tons of shading and detailing.

Just like most sleeve tattoos, this water lily tattoo is known for the pain it generates. However, to make things easy, take it one compartment at a time.

Water Lily And Frog Tattoo: A Candidate For Co-dependent Souls

Water Lily And Frog Tattoo 1
Water Lily And Frog Tattoo 2

Frogs and water lilies aren’t just highly compatible in real life, but also in the world of tattoos. Often the shades of a frog tend to highlight the green notes of water lilies, while adding additional bodies in the background enhances the appeal of the whole affair.

Often, water lily tattoos are used by frogs for support, which makes this artwork more special than it once was.

Likewise, wearers tend to use the frog as a metaphor for themselves, implying how dependent they are on the fresh start that awaits.

Water Lily Tattoo On Thigh: A Staple Piece For Femininity

Water Lily Tattoo On Thigh 1
Water Lily Tattoo On Thigh 2

Water lily tattoos often settle for smaller designs. However, if you’re in a different mood, and would like to set a different tone with your demonstration, consider obtaining a much larger depiction.

Though the creatives of the design are quite flexible and open to change, the canvases you may implement are rather limited.

One of the best designs appears to be this thigh tattoo of a water lily, which keeps things private, allowing one to cherry pick the spectators instead of exposing it to everyone.

Geometric Water Lily Tattoo: Building A New Start With Shapes And Angles

Geometric Water Lily Tattoo

Geometric angles have more to them than acknowledged. When orchestrated carefully, components belonging to geometry can form figures, even floral patterns involving water lilies.

A water lily tattoo fused with geometric elements is exactly what one needs to satisfy their cravings for minimal pieces with extraordinary borders.

Often, the artwork is colourless, But since it’s open to change, don’t hesitate to add some color.

Water Lily And Koi Fish Tattoo: Kicking Things Off With A Positive Aura

Water Lily And Koi Fish Tattoo 1
Water Lily And Koi Fish Tattoo 2

A little bit of positivity never hurts anybody. Moreover, when entering new chapters, having a source of good fortune can be more motivating than not.

That being said, if you’re dealing with the adversities and anxiety of turning over a new leaf, perhaps a water lily tattoo might calm your brain. If you’d like additional support, consider using a koi fish, mostly known for its positive influence.

Though great for your mind, the artwork might take a while. To reduce the complexity and duration of obtaining this piece, consider settling for a colorless scheme.

Water Lily And Snake Tattoo: Making Amends With The Past Life

Water Lily And Snake Tattoo 1
Water Lily And Snake Tattoo 2

They say healing to the T is necessary before entering a fresh chapter, which is why a snake tattoo is a common teammate of a water lily tattoo.

Often, snake tattoos guide one to light after a rough patch. The symbol uses its wisdom, enabling users to recover from past trauma, as well as unresolved issues.

Taking the cake is the image of the tattoo, which finds the snake being wrapped delicately around the water lily. For best results, using the calf area is advised.

Water Lily And Turtle Tattoo: Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Water Lily And Turtle Tattoo 1
Water Lily And Turtle Tattoo 2

Water lilies tend to play a different role in the life of a turtle, providing a home during chaos and hardship. Often, a turtle finds great protection on the floating leaves of a water lily, often captured on a tattoo for a remarkable effect.

The shading technique used to highlight the color scheme of this tattoo is surely the selling point of the tattoo, and makes up for the stiffness this tattoo holds when harmonizing with compact areas.

For an incredible outcome, consider using the forearm, back, or the bicep as the dedicated canvas.

Water Lily And Dragonfly Tattoo: A Two-for-one Kind Of Situation

Water Lily And Dragonfly Tattoo

A minor concern about water lily tattoos isn’t the fact that it’s always leaving some space.

Instead of thinking of something big that might potentially take away the delicacy of a water lily, however, think of adding a finishing piece, which is exactly what this affair between a water lily and dragonfly tends to do.

Tons of detailing is added to the art piece, which might take more time than what one might expect. Though the best place is the forearm, you may also find the same feeling on a thigh tattoo, finding more privacy on a chest tattoo.

Water Lily And Tiger Tattoo: Staying Strong When Making Readjustments

Water Lily And Tiger Tattoo

When entering a new chapter in life, strength is always necessary, as passing obstacles is definitely something that comes along the way.

Helping one cope with growing pains is the mix between a water lily and tiger tattoo, featuring brilliant visuals, color, alongside a meaningful message.

The artwork is relatively complex in contrast to most entries on this list, but is a recommended design for those with anxiety. To make things easier, you may also seek help from an “I am enough” tattoo, one of my favorites so far.

Frequently Asked Question

Now that you’re aware of all the designs that make water lily tattoos as dominant as they are among body modification, and all that water lily tattoos imply underneath the flesh, here is a questionnaire that will strengthen your chance at obtaining an exceptional water lily tattoo! ‘

Q: How well does a water lily tattoo age?

Ans: Often, a water lily tattoo ages rather well, but only in areas that are reserved, and not prone to sweat. However, if the former seems to be a case you’re unfamiliar with, be sure to clean your tattoo regularly, and reduce sweat buildup, which often leads to fading symptoms.

Q: Do water lily tattoos have an alternative meaning?

Ans: While most designs of water lily tattoos are associated with the importance of transformation, in Japan, water lilies are seen as good luck charms, prominent mostly for their purity and tranquility.

Q: What kind of designs pair well with water lily tattoos?

Ans: From floral designs to illustrations of mammals, a water lily tattoo gels with almost anything. The hardest part is nailing the area of placement, so be sure to settle for a body part that compliments your frame.

Final Takeaway

Are you tired of dealing with all your battles alone? Better yet, do you suffer from performance anxiety and imposter syndrome whenever there’s change happening in your life? Well, if you’re seeking a solution, why not go for a water lily tattoo?

In short, water lily tattoos aren’t just easy to gel with, but are also crucial support systems during hard times. The artwork isn’t just glorified in the industry due to all that it carries on the surface, but is also sublime in the spiritual world, known for celebrating change and transformation.

To nail the art of getting a water lily tattoo, pick a design that represents your current situation, but through metaphors only. If you’re sensitized to pain, take help from smaller designs to subside and tackle the ordeal.

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