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96 Sacred Snake Tattoo Ideas To Highlight Your Exclusivity!

The snakes are such animals that it seems like they don't belong in this world. It feels like somehow, they have descended from outer space. From their eerie locomotion to their morbid appearance, the snakes are the closest thing we have to an alien.

The reason why the snake tattoos have become the talk of the town is purely biological. As human beings, we are hardwired to gravitate towards the notions that utterly terrify us. Our body enjoys the rush of adrenaline in the veins and the thrill of being close to death. A snake tattoo may not be dangerous to you but the depiction will constantly remind you how deadly nature is.

The aesthetics of the snake tattoos are all too well known and that's the primary reason why everyone is going into frenzy mode to get them. But the symbolism of these emblems shouldn’t be ignored either. The terrifying motifs of the wild deliver a plethora of meanings that can positively impact your life.

They are not only to show the world how menacing you are but also work as your own personal totem for gaining inspiration and relieving the stress of the chaotic world. The snake tattoos are truly as majestic as they are mysterious. But don’t worry. We are soon going to unveil each of their secrets. Just stick to the end of the article.

Scales Of Mysticism: The Cryptic Meaning Of Snake Tattoos That Will Change Your Life

Scales Of Mysticism The Cryptic Meaning Of Snake Tattoos That Will Change Your Life

The slithering reptiles have numerous meanings depending on the person who seeks the designs. Shedding light on each of the symbolism is too arduous, that's why, we will only talk about the most relevant ones.

The Token Of Transformation

When snakes grow, their skin still stays the same size and shape. That’s why, they need to shed their skin every once a month to grow themselves. This natural phenomenon of theirs teaches us an important lesson in our lives.

We must not linger in the past. You have to throw away your previous traumas just the way snakes shed their skins. This transformation of yours will change the trajectory of your life.

Amulet Of Strength

The snake tattoos are the pinnacle of strength and power. You will notice that various gangsters often get the snake tattoo, especially on their arms or someplace visible to exude a sense of masculinity.

The tattoos are not just for show. When you have the mighty snake slithering in your body, you will instantly feel more confident in your abilities.

How Snake Tattoos Help You Overcome The Phobias

If you ask random people about what their biggest fear is, most of them will answer in a heartbeat that snakes are the entities that they are most afraid of.

No matter how much of an animal lover you are, you will tremble at the sight of these creepy crawlies. Therefore, illustrating them in the body canvas dictates that you are prepared to take on your fears. You will no longer let them control you.

The Notion Of Healing

Another less common interpretation of snake tattoos is healing. We all know the venomous side of them but there is an underlying positive aspect of the venoms as well.

In many instances, they are used as chemicals to treat certain illnesses. So, the snake tattoos can be perceived as an emblem to heal one’s internal wounds.

Dramatic Snake Tattoo Designs To Feel The Thrill Of Nature!

Dramatic Snake Tattoo Designs To Feel The Thrill Of Nature!

The snake tattoo designs can be of many types ranging from cute ones that can be your companion for life to the nightmarish depictions that can haunt you for days. It depends on you to get the ones that connect with you both mentally and spiritually.

One key ingredient to make the snake tattoos appear quite magnificent is the state of their body. You can either illustrate the coiled state of the snake or the extended one exhilarating the deadliness. Each of them has their own symbolism.

You can also utilize the skin of the snake to incorporate various motifs and elements. The elongated area with twists and curves offers you enough space to ornament your emotions.

Pairing up the snake with similar elements is another way to create a unique design catering to your own desires and ambitions. Motifs such as the skull, and flowers go well with the fierce and intimidating depiction of the snake.

We are sure that you are well-educated on the topic of snake tattoos by now. But there still can be some confusion about which design to choose. That's why we have some breathtaking designs on our hands that will elevate your style for sure.

Peek Of The Menace: Traditional Snake Tattoo With A Shocking Twist

Traditional Snake Tattoo 1
Traditional Snake Tattoo 2
Traditional Snake Tattoo 3

Imagine you are walking in the streets and see a beautiful flower blooming vibrantly. As you get close to it, a venomous snake comes out of it slowly slithering away from the flower.

While the scenario is terrifying to imagine, it does happen quite often. The traditional snake tattoo attempts to create this menacing scene with splashes of radiant colors.

At a glance, it feels as if the flamboyance of the flower has completely overshadowed the existence of the snake. However, upon further inspection, you start to notice the snake crawling out.

Fun Fact: Did you know that most species of snakes are non-venomous? Those that have venoms inside them rather use them to subdue their prey instead of using them as a defense mechanism.

A Straightforward Notion: Small Yet Powerful Snake Tattoo

Small Snake Tattoo 1
Small Snake Tattoo 2
Small Snake Tattoo 3

No matter what the size is, these reptiles are utterly terrifying. One glimpse of them can make your skin crawl and your bones chill. Therefore, you don’t really need a gigantic snake tattoo.

A small one can work just as fine. The tattoo may be small but the textures are on point. The edges of the snake are beautifully shaded and you can notice how the patterns are scattered throughout the skin.

Fun Fact: The Barbados thread snake is considered to be the smallest snake in the world. They can only grow up to 10.1 centimeters approximately.

 A Cultural Appreciation: Ornamental Japanese Snake Tattoo

Japanese Snake Tattoo 1
Japanese Snake Tattoo 2
Japanese Snake Tattoo 3

The ornamental representation of the Japanese snake works magnificently in the realm of your body canvas. These are not just ordinary manifestations but a display of their rich culture and traditions similar to the Japanese dragon tattoos.

The skin of the snake is decorated with subtle patterns that have an association with Japanese life. The colors may be subtle but they are more than enough to create a festive mood upon viewing the tattoo.

Bite Of Terror: Three-Dimensional Snake Head Tattoo

Snake Head Tattoo 1
Snake Head Tattoo 2

While the entire body of the snake is nightmarish. It's the head that is utterly menacing. The tattoo features our reptilian friend in a coiled state with the head of it stemming out from the puddle.

The tattoo is quite realistic as the scales are drawn with utmost precision resembling the details found in the wild. When you look at the tattoo, you can feel that the snake is eying on you and if you aren’t careful enough, it can bite you with its venomous fangs within no time.

 Emblem Of Masculinity: Nightmarish Snake Tattoo On Arm

Snake Tattoo On Arm

Your arm is a realm to showcase your masculinity. There is no half-measure when it comes to these emblems. You have to go full out to show the world what you are truly made of.

Colorful snake designs tend to take the oomph factor out so it's best to illustrate the snake in a monochromatic color scheme. The deep and dark appearance of the snake symbolizes just how strong you are.

A Token Of Strength: Glorious Sword And Snake Tattoo

Sword And Snake Tattoo 1
Sword And Snake Tattoo 2
Sword And Snake Tattoo 3

Warrior blood rushes in all our veins. We just don’t realize it. The sword and snake tattoo can make you feel like you are a soldier marching onto the battlefield to obliterate all your obstacles.

The symbol of the sword intertwined with the snake has been considered to be a token of warrior spirit. It blends the notion of strength with a hint of strategic wisdom. You will not only appear as powerful but also seem like you have immense wisdom and intelligence.

Exuberance Of Scales: Shaded Snake Tattoo On The Thigh

Snake Tattoo On The Thigh 1
Snake Tattoo On The Thigh 2
Snake Tattoo On The Thigh 3

It truly feels unfitting to confine the snake in a tightly packed area. Any of the other places in your body don't have the space to contain the magnificence of the snake.

When you etch it in your thigh, the snake finally gets to roam around freely as it did in nature. The large area of the thigh captures the beautiful yet haunting appearance of the snake tattoo quite majestically. The depiction of the snake isn’t all too extraordinary but it's the realistic scales that make the tattoo pop out of the skin.

Aura Of Exclusivity: Fiery Red Snake Tattoo

Red Snake Tattoo 1
Red Snake Tattoo 2

Red snakes are incredibly rare to notice in nature. Therefore, these entities are often thought to be a token of exclusivity. If you are feeling insecure about your existence and lack confidence, the fiery red hues of the snake tattoo will give you a burst of assurance that you are adequate.

These artworks also portray the notion of rebirth and transformation. If you seek to turn your life around, the red snake tattoo can be a source of inspiration.

The Coiled Magnificence: Twisted Snake Tattoo On Hand

Snake Tattoo On Hand 1
Snake Tattoo On Hand 2

With a restraint on space, you need to show a bit of creativity to pull off the hand tattoo. As you might've guessed, you can’t exactly draw the snake tattoo in the vertical style.

Rather you can illustrate the snake in a coiled state. This particular state of the snake is much more menacing than the extended version. The depiction exemplifies how you have inner strength within you.

A Heavenly Combination: Mystical Snake And Rose Tattoo

Snake And Rose Tattoo 1
Snake And Rose Tattoo 2

The jarring combination of the rose and the snake may not work on paper. However, when they are both etched in a dark hue, they form a strong bond that is impossible to break.

The rose may not be a menacing entity like the snake but the elegant bloom of nature does hold its secrets in its petals. The two mystifying objects truly make an amazing design that captivates the most mundane of souls.

 A Picture Perfect Depiction: Realistic Snake Tattoo With Extensive Details

Realistic Snake Tattoo 1
Realistic Snake Tattoo 2
Realistic Snake Tattoo 3

The art of making the snake tattoo realistic can’t be achieved by everyone. You need to be a maestro of inking to create a depiction of a snake that feels like it's slithering in the barren land of your skin.

The scales are the most crucial element which attributes in making a realistic representation. If you can create an optical illusion with the ink then the snake may truly feel alive in your body.

Contrast Of Morbid Curiosity: Terrifying Skull And Snake Tattoo

Skull And Snake Tattoo

One bite from the venomous fangs and you will soon see the faces of death. The snakes have such a lethal nature that they are often synonymous with the notion of death.

What motif symbolizes the aspect of death more beautifully than the skull? The tattoo portrays the morbid scene where the snake crawls out of the skull. The best thing about the design is the contrast between the monochromatic color of the skull and the radiant hues of the snake. Together, they create a match made in heaven.

 A Symbolic Connection: Spiritual Aztec Snake Tattoo

Aztec Snake Tattoo 1
Aztec Snake Tattoo 2

The Aztecs were one of the most feared tribes back in the day. The people were fearless and their battle tactics were unmatched. Many attributed their strength and wisdom to their gods, particularly the ones with serpentine shapes.

To the Aztecs, the snake is quite a holy and auspicious deity. They used to worship these animals and even made monuments and staff resembling the morphology. Today, the Aztec snake tattoo tries to bring back the essence of the once-great civilization.

Motif Of Healing: Subtle Dagger And Snake Tattoo

Dagger And Snake Tattoo 1
Dagger And Snake Tattoo 2
Dagger And Snake Tattoo 3

The Greek god of medicine, Asclepius used to carry a staff with intertwining snakes. Since then, the dagger with snakes on it has become a motif of healing and growth.

The imagery of the tattoo is quite aesthetic as the vertical symmetry of the dagger is complemented amazingly by the dance of the snakes. You can’t help but get awestruck by the flamboyance of the design.

Blending With The Skin: Beautiful Back Snake Tattoo With Outlines

Back Snake Tattoo 1
Back Snake Tattoo 2

Personally, this is one of the most creative artworks that I have laid my eyes on. The design completely tears down the generic trend of incorporating as many colors as possible.

The tattoo only features the outline of a snake. You may wonder what's so great about it. Well, when you only have the outline, the negative space within the lines tends to blend with the color of the skin creating quite a psychedelic ambiance.

 Curves Like A Supermodel: Monochromatic Crowley Snake Tattoo

Crowley Snake Tattoo 1
Crowley Snake Tattoo 2

If you are an avid fan of the Amazon series “Good Omens” then this is a must for you. Crowley is the character in the series who tempted Eve and made her do the forbidden act.

While he is mostly seen in the human form, he can quickly transform into the terrifying snake version whenever he wants. His character has become quite beloved because of his mischievous nature and the nightmarish tattoo of the snake gives a fitting tribute as well as commemorating the idea of a laid-back life.

Fight To The Death: Vicious Eagle And Snake Tattoo

Eagle And Snake Tattoo 1
Eagle And Snake Tattoo 2

The snake dwells in the land while the eagle wreaks havoc in the sky. You may wonder that there's absolutely no competition between these two fierce animals. Well, you are dead wrong.

Even if the eagle has an advantage because of its wings, the snake doesn't go down so easily. It keeps on looking for the perfect opportunity to bite the eagle while the eagle tries to lift the snake with its razor-sharp claws. The tattoo comprises this glorious battle between nature's mightiest of contenders.

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Embracing The Fear: Discrete Snake Tattoo On Chest

Chest Snake Tattoo

An Elongated Perfection: Dark Forearm Snake Tattoo

Forearm Snake Tattoo 1
Forearm Snake Tattoo 2

A Simple Outline: Adorable Snake Tattoo

Cute Snake Tattoo 1
Cute Snake Tattoo 2

 Connecting To The Higher Power: Religious Cross With Snake Tattoo

Cross With Snake Tattoo 1
Cross With Snake Tattoo 2

 Glimpse Of Radiance: Subtle Floral Snake Tattoo

Floral Snake Tattoo 1
Floral Snake Tattoo 2

 Grooving With The Trend: Iconic Gucci Snake Tattoo With Black Stripes

Gucci Snake Tattoo

 Elements Of Death: Sharp Knife And Snake Tattoo

Knife And Snake Tattoo

A Deserving Placement: Black And White Leg Snake Tattoo

Leg Snake Tattoo 1
Leg Snake Tattoo 2

Combination That Transcends Boundaries: Mythical Medusa Snake Tattoo

Medusa Snake Tattoo

 A Menacing Duo: Savage Panther And Snake Tattoo

Panther And Snake Tattoo 1
Panther And Snake Tattoo 2

Dissecting The Biology: Morbid Skeleton Snake Tattoo

Skeleton Snake Tattoo

Remembrance Of Our Roots: Intricate Tribal Snake Tattoo

Tribal Snake Tattoo

A Venomous Stare: Viper Snake Tattoo With Elegant Patterns

Viper Snake Tattoo


Each of the scales of the snake tattoo holds a unique secret. It's easy to get completely lost in the immersive world of these beautiful designs.

While we have made a comprehensive list, there are still aspects of the snake tattoos that we haven’t dared to touch. So, we will talk about them in this section.

Q: What Goes Well With A Snake Tattoo?

Ans: Anything can go with a snake tattoo. From natural flowers to other vicious animals, you can equip almost anything.

A good way to start is by including the elements that are in the same spectrum as the snake. For example, you can illustrate a panther or the mythical character Medusa. These elements are equally menacing as the snakes themselves creating a fine design.

Q: Is Snake Tattoo Good Or Bad?

Ans: No matter what you do, there will always be some people who will consider it to be bad or offensive. Therefore, you shouldn’t pay heed to these naysayers.

The snake tattoos are excellent artworks that symbolize many deep and significant teachings and values of life. They are without a doubt a good choice to illustrate.

Q: Are Snake Tattoos Considered To Be Lucky?

Ans: Yes, they are. In Japan, people believe that snakes can protect them from the evil energies roaming around them. So, the snake tattoos can be your very own lucky charm working sort of like a guardian angel.


To be honest, I myself used to hate the sight of snakes. Whenever I saw them in the zoo or they appeared on the TV screen, I quickly turned my eyes the other way. For a long time, I couldn’t understand why people were so enthralled by this particular species.

Slowly, I began to realize the uniqueness of these beasts of darkness. Their movement, deadliness, and attitude everything exuded a sense of strength. These animals were not born to obey, they were existing in the jungle to rule.

When you have the snake tattoo, you instantly get a power spike. The menacing designs with rich textures make you prideful as if you are the king of the world. The moment your mindset shifts, you will feel like glory is just knocking at the door.

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