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46 Life Altering Pinky Promise Tattoos Adding More Meaning To Platonic Bonds!

Every relationship that lasts begins with a sense of trust, in addition to unconditional love. And while love can be expressed with actions, trust begins with vows.

Perhaps the perfect companion that not only works as an advocate of trust, but also helps people work on it is a pinky promise tattoo, being a promising contender for those in relationships, as well as people with various platonic ties.

And though the artwork comes in one format on most occasions, there are various ways through which a pinky promise tattoo can stand out without looking monotone. If you’re also not aware of its meaning, be sure to buckle up, as this guide unveils everything one needs to know regarding pinky promise tattoos!

The Importance Of Vows: Looking Into The Meaning Of Pinky Promise Tattoos

Being a facilitator of trust, a pinky promise tattoo mainly aims to either repair or strengthen relationships by securing a sense of trust. Many use the motion of pinky promises to primarily establish that scenario, while the rest add supporting pieces to make their intentions more concrete.

With ties that lean towards devotion, a pinky promise tattoo pairs well with quotes, symbols, as well floral schemes that support the former association, allowing wearers to give their partners a sense of reassurance.

The meaning not only adds to the value of pinky promise tattoos, but also makes each illustration belonging to the genre a piece to remember. And if you’re curious to learn how high the ceiling is for pinky promise tattoos, allow the next segment to lead the way!

Graceful Ideas For Pinky Promise Tattoos That Generate Stronger Connections

With a powerful message and a presentable concept, a pinky promise tattoo secures its spot as one of the most desirable tattoos of the modern era.

A pinky promise tattoo not only works for partners, but also reconnects family members with one another, in addition to strengthening friendships. At times, a pinky promise tattoo also allows a wearer to stay true to themselves.

From tattoos that cater to best friends to illustrations that are curated for drastic physical change, a pinky promise tattoo possesses various forms. Skim through the following entries if you only want to associate yourself with the best ones!

Best Friend Pinky Promise Tattoo: For The Perfect Pair

Best Friend Pinky Promise Tattoo

While the saying doesn’t have a specific demographic, the gravity of a pinky promise runs deep amongst best friends, making a pinky promise tattoo the most common piece amongst the pairs as well.

Often printed at the top of the forearm, this best friend tattoo is always at full display, which is what most wearers of this tattoo prefer.

In addition to serving as a token of pride, this pinky promise tattoo is prominent for building stronger bonds between the wearers.

Minimalist Pinky Promise Tattoo: A Simple Way To Give In To Your Cravings

Minimalist Pinky Promise Tattoo

The motion of a pinky promise tattoo is as easy as they come, making it seamless to try new designs and locations.

A minimalist pinky promise tattoo carries out the same purpose, but a basic diagram that can be shared amongst people, or worn independently.

The best part about this tattoo is indeed the ease it offers as a design, making it the best possible purchase for beginners.

Skeleton Pinky Promise Tattoo: Intimidating, But Insightful

Skeleton Pinky Promise Tattoo 1
Skeleton Pinky Promise Tattoo 2

Skeletons can be scary, but useful in the world of tattoos, especially when they’re worn in the right manner. That being said, if you’re seeking to use the exoskeleton to present a vow, try using a skeleton pinky promise tattoo.

Adding a skeleton tattoo with a pinky promise tattoo not only flips the script on the outside, but also implies deeper and inseparable bonds.

This piece is a bit large, though, so be sure to look into locations as lenient as the forearm.

Pinky Promise Tattoo with Flowers: The Importance Of Showing Affection

Pinky Promise Tattoo with Flowers 1
Pinky Promise Tattoo with Flowers 2

They say reminding someone of how loved they are is a powerful thing. And although words can be impactful, actions tend to be louder in this scenario.

Giving credit to one about what they do for you is an elite way of making them feel special, wanted, and loved. That’s exactly what a floral pinky promise tattoo does, connected to various associations in the world of art.

From denoting happiness to showering them with compliments, a pinky promise flower tattoo is one that welcomes experiments with open arms. If you need help, though, check out all the materials on our website that represent flower tattoos!

Pinky Promise Butterfly Tattoo: Sticking To Your Principles Even During Awkward Changes

Pinky Promise Butterfly Tattoo

Entering new chapters can be difficult, especially when it’s more physical than mental. Likewise, while rewarding in the end, the journey to becoming a woman and reaching peak womanhood can be challenging, especially due to the uncertainty attached to every element.

A supporting companion for this phase may very well be a pinky promise tattoo when paired with a butterfly, which implies that the growing pains of womanhood are worth it.

To do this artwork justice, however, use an exposed area, since it will always remind you to stay strong when times get hard!

Matching Pinky Promise Tattoo: Connecting Soulmates Since Forever!

Matching Pinky Promise Tattoo

Perhaps the best possible concept of a pinky promise tattoo that has a great track record of uniting soulmates with one another is this pinky promise tattoo, which serves best when worn as a matching tattoo.

Matching pinky promise tattoos are quite delicate, too, with years of love attached to each component, as well as a sense of loyalty.

While this is a great piece for romantic pairs, know that this pinky promise tattoo can be worn by best friends, as well as a pair seeking a mother and son tattoo!

Pinky Promise Fine Line Tattoo: The Best Possible Scenario For Minimalists

Pinky Promise Fine Line Tattoo

With simple frames and thin borders, a pinky promise tattoo is advocated for the most by minimalists, especially due to lacking flashy elements.

When push comes to shove, it is this fine-line tattoo that stands out the most, which can be a great candidate for sensitive skin.

Since the needle barely feels like a pinch, this pinky promise fine-line tattoo soothes the minds of those vulnerable to pain. It also looks rather subtle and rarely generates attention, ranking high amongst reserved individuals.

Pinky Promise Wrist Tattoo: A Bang For Its Buck!

Pinky Promise Wrist Tattoo

All in all, saving costs can be difficult when you’re pursuing tattoos. Nonetheless, if a cost-friendly tattoo is what you’d like to entertain at the end of the day, why not consider this pinky promise wrist tattoo?

The depiction is smaller, sure. However, it only takes a couple of hours for this wrist tattoo to reach the finish line.

Above all is the sentiments carried by this scheme, which is immensely powerful to those that prioritize people over generational wealth!

Traditional Pinky Promise Tattoo: Bringing Back Old School Rituals

Traditional Pinky Promise Tattoo 1
Traditional Pinky Promise Tattoo 2

Sticking to old traditions is a great way to play it safe when it comes to wearing tattoos.

A great piece that promotes the former notion is this traditional pinky tattoo, with sharper shades and tones to sweep people off their feet.

The artwork has more shading techniques as its base notes, being a timeless design overall. The upkeep is also lenient, adding to its already-positive image.

Pinky Promise Tattoo on Bicep: A Platform For Creative Minds

Pinky Promise Tattoo on Bicep

If subsiding pain is what you'd like to do, choose locations that can easily deal with the pain of obtaining pinky promise tattoos.

A bicep tattoo is perfect for a pinky promise tattoo, easing pain with layers of fat. The location also contains an even surface, making it an easy pick for artists as well.

With a location that constantly shies away from the public eye, this pinky promise tattoo can also be a great piece to entertain if you're working a 9 to 5.

Pinky Promise Rib Tattoo: The Perfect Piece That Celebrates Womanhood

Pinky Promise Rib Tattoo

Another design that soothes females in this category is a pinky promise rib tattoo, which has got quite the appeal in those hoping to improve their physical appearance.

The creative process is tough, while the pain-level runs high on this piece, which could explain why many are afraid of pursuing this design.

However, if you prioritize character development, this tattoo should be your endgame.

Pinky Promise Patchwork Tattoo: An Independent Tattoo With Various Ties

Pinky Promise Patchwork Tattoo

Patchwork tattoos always welcome any symbol, irrespective of what they stand for. However, for those that prioritize the gravity of loyalty is none other than a pinky promise tattoo, which also comes in the form of a patchwork tattoo.

While the artwork is a bit bigger than the average design, it serves the same purpose. The shoulder blade is regarded as the best spot, with the upper arm being a close second.

This piece can easily fit quotes, which can be a great idea if you’re seeking an additional design. While most keep it as it is, a little bit of color goes a long way as well!

Pinky Promise Ankle Tattoo: A Win-Win Scenario For Most!

Pinky Promise Ankle Tattoo

Ankle tattoos are painful, yes. However, ankle tattoos also look incredibly appealing, especially when the right design is printed.

That being said, if you’re seeking a way to present the former location with ease and grace, a pinky promise tattoo can easily make that happen.

It won’t just highlight the ankle’s ability to present a meaningful design, but also bring more attention to the gravity of pinky promises, making it a win-win scenario for many!

Pinky Promise Thigh Tattoo: A Gift For Your Partner

Pinky Promise Thigh Tattoo

If you’re currently searching for a gift that your partner wouldn’t just love looking at, but would also feel loved for, this tattoo could be the solution you need.

A pinky promise thigh tattoo is the best gift that a partner could receive, as it establishes a sense of trust and comfort in a relationship.

It’s also a great place if you love secrecy, since the upper thigh is rarely seen in the public eye unless intentionally exposed.

Watercolor Pinky Promise Tattoo: Using Shades And Lines To Craft Promises

Watercolor Pinky Promise Tattoo

With better paint jobs and clearer borders, a watercolor tattoo effortlessly adds to a pinky promise tattoo, making it an honorable mention on this list.

Watercolor tattoos are also quite soothing to the eyes, adding shades of red and blue to connect with the human mind.

This pinky promise tattoo might not have the best possible elements if you’re seeking attention to detail, but it sure does offer a painless procedure that caters to all!

Frequently Asked Question

The visuals of the tattoo might shape its first impression, but understanding what you're signing up for is crucial if you need knowledge.

Worry not, however, as the following questionnaire covers the fundamentals of pinky promise tattoos.

Q: What is the purpose of pinky promise tattoos?

Ans: Pinky promise tattoos are perfect for those that prioritize loyalty and respect. In addition to being a happening pick between lovers, this piece is also known for polishing family ties.

Q: Are pinky promise tattoos easy to obtain?

Ans: Carrying two hands with the motion of a pinky promise, this tattoo is rather easy to install and depict. It also lacks color, making it a recipe for success in the eyes of beginners.

Q: Which area is considered the best spot for pinky promise tattoos?

Ans: The best place for a pinky promise tattoo is easily the wrist, while the forearm is considered to be a close second. To enhance your appeal, however, your pick should revolve around the ankle, ribs, and the upper thigh.


Words All in all, if a pinky promise tattoo is the perfect way to give credit to the significance of the action, as well as a great way to give your loved ones the flowers they deserve.

A pinky promise tattoo can also be good to contemplate if you value your relationships, especially the one you have with your significant other.

While the artwork hardly makes adjustments, there are various ways in which you can bring your vision to life when wearing a pinky promise tattoo. Just trust your gut, and pick the right location to achieve success with this piece.

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