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116 Pleasant Patchwork Tattoo Ideas To Patch The Broken Pieces Of Your Life

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about patchwork is our grannies knitting clothes and making jarring patches on the exterior. However, the patchwork tattoo is quite different in this regard. The artwork follows a particular theme and comprises a wide range of components and motifs that combine to make a symbolic meaning.

The tattoo is as meaningful as it is artistic. The artwork hardly looks like an artificial design. Instead, each of the patches blends so smoothly with the skin that the tattoo looks like it's an integral and biological part of the skin.

You have the opportunity to incorporate a wide range of elements when it comes to patchwork tattoos. The sky's the limit. From skulls to mechanical gears, you can attach whatever your heart desires and it will look astonishing.

You will be thrilled to notice how each of the elements works harmoniously to portray your story and emotions in a mesmerizing manner. So, let us embark on the journey together to unveil every nitty-gritty of the patchwork tattoos.

An Ordinary Artwork Or A Jarring Portrayal Of Life? Powerful Meaning Of Patchwork Tattoos

Meaning of patchwork tattoo

Patchwork tattoos are like magic mirrors where you can portray whatever you want the artwork to mean. Many think that incorporating random symbols in patch forms will create a jarring design but this is far from true. The ultimate design will be completely horrendous.

Think of a moment in your life that has moved you from your core. It can be a particular event in your life or the passion that compels you to wake up every morning. You have to choose the time which significantly transformed you into who you are today.

Now, you have to illustrate all the tiny elements that are somehow associated with the event or the occurrence. This way, whenever you look at the tattoo, you will be taken back to that moment, and it will help you get inspired. Every patchwork tattoo works as a stark reminder that will compel you to forget your traumas and follow your passion.

Elegant Patchwork Tattoo Designs To Tell Your Story!

Patchwork tattoo design

The first thing that you have to do if you are opting for this sort of design is choose a theme. You can select a distinct trend or theme that will portray the story of your life. Each of the designs consists of elements that have an association with the theme.

Some elements are present in all the designs such as flowers or skulls. Incorporation of these components increases the overall aesthetics of the tattoo to the next level. You can also illustrate some religious or historic motifs in the design to showcase your beliefs and wisdom.

One key thing that you need to maintain is the space between each of the elements. If the components are too close apart then you won’t be able to differentiate between the parts. This will defeat the purpose of the tattoo.

Therefore, you should maintain enough space to make the tattoo look more artsy. At the end of the day, it's your body and you have the full freedom to experiment. You can try out a variety of things to see what works out for you.

Exuberance Of Death: Stunning Patchwork Sleeve Tattoo With Multiple Motifs

Patchwork Sleeve Tattoo 1
Patchwork Sleeve Tattoo 2

If you are looking to make a statement, this elegant sleeve tattoo is the perfect motif to choose from. With the inclusion of various small elements, the overall artwork portrays a jarring meaning that will resonate with you on a spiritual level.

The symmetry of the sleeve offers an adequate space to etch a wide range of details. Contemporary tattooists love to illustrate symbols of death to entice fear and intrigue in the wearer.

This particular design features a realistic depiction of skulls along with dice indicating how luck plays a huge role in our lives. The tribal symbols further take the aesthetic of the tattoo to a whole new level.

Tradition Meets Realism: Subtle Display Of Patchwork Tattoo

Realism patchwork tattoo

In the prehistoric days, there was no distance between computers and smartphones. Life may not be as convenient as today but it was surely full of thrill and excitement.

People used accessories such as ornamental knives, feathers, and leaves to perform their everyday chores. The traditional patchwork tattoo features many of these necessary elements of the wild in subtle details.

Animals and birds were both ecologically and spiritually connected with the traditional people. Many believed them to be totems that signify individual strengths and weaknesses. So, you can choose to opt for such beautiful animals in the tattoo as well.

Manifestation Of Contemporary Beliefs: Artistic Leg Patchwork Tattoo With Celestial Elements

Leg patchwork tattoo

As your leg offers quite some space, you have the chance to incorporate a wide range of elements. You can take inspiration from different archaeological sites and monuments.

One key component that you can add to this tattoo is the Illuminati sign. It is believed by many conspiracists that the Illuminati is the organization responsible for many of the major events of the world. You can illustrate the symbol of the Illuminati which is the amalgamation of a triangle and the evil eye.

The leg tattoo can also feature contemporary objects such as feathers or pentagons that symbolize intelligence and wisdom. One rule of thumb is to keep enough spaces between each of the patches. This way the tattoo looks much more polished and less messy.

Monochrome Meets Geometry: Alluring Patchwork Tattoo With Intricate Patterns

Geometric Patchwork Tattoo

Geometry is something that was a bane of our existence when we were young. The intricate shapes along with the formulas made our childhood days a living nightmare.

We often scratch our heads thinking why on earth do we need such things? Now we know. With the knowledge of geometry, you can illustrate a fabulous geometric patchwork tattoo on your body canvas.

While they are purely mathematical, such patches often explore many realms such as realism and spiritualism. With the labyrinth-like structure of the tattoo, you will feel like you have embarked on a journey that will twist the fabric of nature.

Dainty Yet Powerful: Amalgamation Of Small Modern Patches

Small Patchwork Tattoo

Small patchwork tattoos are dainty yet hard-hitting. These artworks are perfect for those who are just beginning their journey in the tattoo realm.

Most small patchwork tattoos are collages of tiny shapes in an empty area of your body. While they may be minuscule, they often portray the story of the wearer perfectly. The transparency between each of the symbols and shapes flows your story as if it were water. Your eyes and soul soothe just staring at the tattoo.

Nightmare On The Forearm: Etching A Chessboard As Patchwork Tattoo

Patchwork Tattoo on Forearm

Our lives can be compared to a chessboard. The ultimate success is only achieved when you make a series of perfect decisions. One small mistake can cost you dearly in the long run.

The forearm tattoo depicts this notion of your life with vivid details. Instead of the chess pieces, the tattoo features a wide range of animals and insects such as snakes and dragonflies. These elements bring a natural vibe to the already hard-hitting imagery. The artwork lacks any sort of color to depict the meaning and symbolism in a raw manner.

Triptych Of Whimsical Colors: Heartwarming Hues On The Butterfly Wings

Patchwork Butterfly Tattoo

With their two jarring wings, butterflies can capture all the emotions of the world. When they flap their wings, it feels like the entire world rejoices with them. The tiny spots in their exteriors often give us a peek at how vibrant the whole universe is.

The patchwork butterfly tattoo is the manifestation of everything magical about our world. The mesmerizing colors along with the patterns in their wings will inspire you and make you realize that the world isn’t as bad as it seems.

 Blackwork Meets Tribal Style: Bold And Brave Hand Tattoo

Patchwork Hand Tattoo

Your hand is an excellent place to incorporate a wide range of symbols that can tell your story. These shapes or symbols can be motifs or objects that have a significant meaning in your life.

Some people often assume that the hand doesn't have enough space to illustrate a beautiful patchwork tattoo. However, they are wrong. You can add a plethora of patches to each of your fingers. Elements such as anchors, compasses, or celestial stars that can guide you to your glory must be included in the artwork. When everything is combined, the hand tattoo will look like something that is borrowed from a fairy tale.

Tale Of Radiance: Stunning Rainbow Patchwork Tattoo

Rainbow Patchwork Tattoo 1
Rainbow Patchwork Tattoo 2

The once beautiful symbol of emotions and colors has now turned out to be a motif of mockery. Because of its association with the LGBTQ community, many people seem to despise the rainbow.

However, you can’t deny that the phenomenon is one of the most vibrant occurrences in the entire world. Such a fantastic scene deserves a place in your body canvas irrespective of the meaning of association. So, if you love this patchwork tattoo full of colors and celestial images, don’t listen to the naysayers.

Etching A Story From Heart: Subtle Patchwork Script Tattoo

Patchwork Script Tattoo

This patchwork tattoo is an entire story manifested in the realms of the body canvas. Along with jarring imagery, this tattoo comprises texts or quotes that connect with you.

The tattoo consists of small elements such as the elegant moon and stars along with natural components including trees and vibrant flowers. The amalgamation of these shapes truly creates a sight to behold. The inclusion of the quote further solidifies the aesthetics of the tattoo and gives new life to it.

 Igniting The Back On Fire: Patchwork Tattoo With Radiant Symbols

Patchwork back tattoo

With the enormous space of the back, you have the luxury to include a wide range of shapes and elements. You can opt for 3 elements or 20 elements, you are the designer here. So, the sky's the limit.

This particular back tattoo focuses on multiple crucial aspects of life such as religion, connection with nature, and the desire to have stability in life. Each of the small patches such as the anchor or the cross sign symbolizes this notion. The colorful elements truly accentuate your overall attire and make you look like a fashion icon.

 Encapsulating The Essence In Heart: Terrifying Patchwork Chest Tattoo

Patchwork butterfly tattoo

Your chest has a direct association with death as it holds the most important biological organ of your body. The moment your heart stops beating, you will meet your unfortunate end.

So, this chest tattoo features all the elements that have some sort of connection with the notion of death. Dark and gruesome motifs such as skulls, knives, or dice can be included in the artwork which can give you a slight peek into the face of death. To turn the imagery a bit more soothing, you can opt to include some vibrant flowers at the edges of the artwork.

 Life’s A Gamble: Hard Hitting Design With Splashes Of Color

Arm Patchwork Tattoo

While the importance of hard work and patience can’t be neglected, it all boils down to your luck. If your luck doesn't favor you, nothing will go your way no matter how much you try.

This fantastic arm tattoo portrays life as a gambling slot. You never know what's going to happen. It is full of unpredictability. Luck may be with you some days while in others might not. However, this is what makes life so thrilling. Looking at the tattoo, you will feel like adrenaline is pumping through your veins.

Monochrome Glory: Detailed Design Of Asclepius With Tribal Symbols

Asclepius patchwork tattoo

This enigmatic artwork features the staff of Asclepius who is the son of Apollo. Asclepius is known to be the god of medicine according to Greek mythology.

He always carries a staff that has serpents intertwined with it. This staff is often considered to be the symbol of medicine in many of the health organizations. Along with the staff, the artwork also comprises many tribal symbols to bring a psychedelic vibe to the tattoo. If you are looking for a design to commemorate your desire to rejuvenate yourself then this tattoo is your best bet.

 Grace Of Darkness: Sensual Stomach Patchwork Tattoo

Stomach Patchwork Tattoo

The tribal patches of this artwork accentuate the sensuality of the stomach to a new extent. Especially if you are a woman, this tattoo will make your stomach look like an auspicious place of wisdom and prayer.

This alluring stomach tattoo utilized the negative spaces in the area beautifully. With the bold black color, the design portrays the many intricacies of life. You may notice from the design that the outer portion has far fewer complex patterns than the inner portion. This signifies how life gets more and more sophisticated as you mature.

Auspicious Bloom: Colorful Representation Of Koi Fish

Koi Fish patchwork tattoo

In Japanese culture, koi fish is considered to be a symbol of peace and tranquility. In many of the ponds and rivers, you will see them gently swimming and minding their own business. Even the canals of temples have these elegant fishes.

Therefore, when you have this patchwork tattoo, you will appear as someone who seeks peace in their life. The jarring scales along with the velvety orange color of the koi fish will surely uplift your mood when you are feeling down.

Capturing The Nature In Body: Elegant Monstera Patchwork Tattoo

Monstera Patchwork Tattoo

These herbs or vines can grow up to a length of 20 meters. For most of their life, they are evergreen without many wrinkles on their leaves.

Because of this, many people consider them as symbols of longevity. In Chinese culture, monster plants are thought to be tokens of appreciation for the elders and those who have a high place in society.

So, when you have the tattoo, you will come off as someone with dignity. The subtle colors of the plant will also compel you to make decisions based on the long-term goal.

Lovecraftian Delight: Evoking The Fear Of Darkness With The Castle Patchwork Tattoo

Castle Patchwork Tattoo

While there are hardly any castles left because of urbanization, they still have a soft spot in our hearts because of nostalgia. Those of us who are keen on Lovecraftian stories will always be interested in castles and palaces.

Aside from the brilliant and rustic exterior and infrastructure, each castle has a dark secret. It’s almost like a treasure trove where something is hidden inside the deepest realms of it. Such intriguing is what makes the castle patchwork tattoo one of the best designs on the list.

 Diving Into Deep Blue Sea: Oceanic Patchwork Tattoo

Sea Creature Patchwork Tattoo

The glassy surface hardly gives us an insight into what goes underneath the deep blue sea. In the oceans, there are a plethora of sea creatures living in a stable ecosystem. Some may give you nightmares for days while others may melt your heart.

You should choose the sea creature for the tattoo based on your personality and outlook on life. If you consider yourself to be a friendly person then the dolphin is a must for you. If you are planning to appear deadly and menacing to others, a bloody depiction of the shark will go a long way.

The Horrors Of Mythology: Tragic Medusa Patchwork Tattoo

Medusa Patchwork Tattoo

Medusa tattoos are one of the favorite artworks of women all around the world. Her story resonates a lot with modern women who are often cursed and ridiculed by the men of society.

Although the depiction of Medusa tells a sorrowful story, it also expresses the desire to break all the shackles of modern society. With the illustration of tiny snakes protruding from the Medusa’s body, you will appear as someone who shouldn’t be trifled with and deserves respect.

Adorable Splash Of Monochrome: Discreet Witchy Patchwork Tattoo

Witchy Patchwork Tattoo

The art of witchcraft has long been gone but it has still left its impact on the modern media. In many movies and TV shows, you will often come across depictions of witches performing extraordinary acts.

However, these witches are not as wrinkly or old as they were in real life. The contemporary depictions of witches are much more young and beautiful looking. So, if you are thinking of opting for a witchy patchwork tattoo, go for an artwork that features a cute witch wearing a pointy hat. The adorable artwork will surely melt your heart just like the cat tattoo.

 Sunset Delight: Monochrome Patchwork Tattoo On The Giant Realm Of Thigh

Patchwork thigh  tattoo

With the gigantic space of your thigh, you can illustrate whatever you want. The best thing you can do is combine multiple natural components to create a complete scenery.

This scenery involves an abstract sun and some greenery to go along with it. You can choose to add soils just beneath the depiction of the sum and voila. You can capture the moment in your body canvas when the sun starts to rise and the entire nature rejoices with it.

 Encapsulation Of Superhuman Abilities: Electrifying Flash Patchwork Tattoo

Flash Patchwork Tattoo

The Speedster is the favorite superhero of many people around the world. His instance speed along with that made him one of the fiercest members of the Justice League.

In our childhood, we have all taken up the flash and tried to run like him. Why not travel back to those days with this alluring flash tattoo? As it's the legs that enable Flash to run so fast, you should get the tattoo etched on your leg as well. This way, you will feel electricity generated beneath you that will make you feel like a superhero.

 Duality Of Two Polar Hues: Menacing Display Of Traditional Snake

Patchwork snake tattoo

Black and red are undoubtedly the two most alluring hues of nature. They have a direct association with the notion of death. Red is the color that often is what gravies someone to death and black is what they see after death.

Together, they create something utterly terrifying that will both interest and frighten you. Along with a menacing display of a snake, this tattoo is going to take you on an aesthetic ride to the spiritual realm.

Terrifying Paranormal Notion: Cute Yet Thoughtful Ghost Patchwork Tattoo

Ghost patchwork tattoo

We are naturally captivated by paranormal activities. When we hear something crawling under the bed, our morbid curiosity compels us to look under the bed instead of turning away.

Because of our hardwired fascination with ghosts and ghouls, this patchwork tattoo has quickly become quite popular. While the usual depiction of ghosts is seen in white, the tattoo portrays them in color to bring out a festive mood.

 Teleporting To A Fairy Tale: Explicit Display Of Wings And Stars

Fairy Patchwork Tattoo

For women all around the world, fairies are not just an ordinary object, it's a way of life. When they have the tattoo, they have a belief that the fairy in the artwork will fade away all their worries into oblivion.

Most fairy patchwork tattoos feature an elegant fairy with two transparent wings. To make the tattoo look even more magical, you can add celestial stars all around her. The gentle color along with the velvety textures of the fairy will take you on a thrilling ride.

 Manifestation Of Glory And Bravado: Artistic Greek Mythology Patchwork Tattoo With Moving Clouds

Greek Mythology Patchwork Tattoo 1Greek Mythology Patchwork Tattoo 2

Greek mythology is vast and full of numerous inspiring characters that can be etched on your body canvas. One staple of Greek mythology is war. In many depictions, you will see men wearing steel armor and marching towards battle.

This patchwork tattoo features a Greek warrior slowly approaching the battlefield to obliterate their enemy. The realistic depiction of the warrior will showcase your strength and inspire you to become the best version of yourself.

 Reliving The Nostalgia: Euphoric Anime Patchwork Tattoo

Anime Patchwork Tattoo

While there are countless anime released every year, there is one name that still revolves around our minds to this day. The name is none other than Dragon Ball.

This anime had everything in it. From relatable characters to jaw-dropping fight scenes. We stared in awe when Goku first turned Super Saiyan and defeated Frieza. The anime patchwork tattoo can be a great way to showcase your tribute and love towards this phenomenal tattoo. The dainty representation of Goku or the subtle portrayal of Shenron, each part of the tattoo will take you back to your childhood.

 Radiant Evolution Of Contemporary Trends: Enchanting Patchwork Tattoo

Enchanting Patchwork Tattoo

Our world is often devoid of any sort of excitement. Most days, we stare at the computer screen for hours without even going outside. We don’t blame anyone; this is how the system has become. If you want to thrive, you need to be part of it.

However, without colors in your life, you will slowly start to die each day. To stop this from happening, you can get a colorful patchwork tattoo. The artwork lets you dive into a vibrant world where you can forget all your worries.

 Etching A Garden On The Body Canvas: Monochrome Wildflowers On Display

Floral Patchwork Tattoo

The floral patchwork manifests its full magnificence when it is etched in the arm. As the arm is constantly moving, the tattoo feels like it is going left and right with the gentle breeze.

There are a wide range of flowers blooming in the wild. Each of them symbolizes a distinct meaning. You should incorporate the ones that express your emotions and personality beautifully. Your body will start to look like an auspicious garden when the illustration is done.

 Being Together For Eternity: Cryptic Couple Patchwork Tattoo With Spider Nets

Couple Patchwork Tattoo

Looking for something to surprise your loved one? Then this is the best design for you. As long as the tattoo sticks in your body, your passion and love towards your significant other will keep on igniting.

The tattoo features doll versions of you and your loved one in a giant spider net. The spider net portrays the many obstacles that you will come across in your life. However, as long as you stay together, nothing will seem impossible to overcome.

 Radiance Of Stability: Colorful Old School Patchwork Tattoo

Old School Patchwork Tattoo

The old-school patchwork tattoo uses a unique art style known as shading. With shading, you can make each object and motif of the tattoo look extremely vintage.

The artwork itself is nothing extraordinary. It comprises typical elements such as skulls, wildflowers, and oceanic components. But what makes the tattoo so intriguing is the significant level of detailing. Each of the patches feels like it is going to jump out of the skin.

 Desert Vibes On Full Display: Deadly Scorpion Patchwork Tattoo

Scorpion Patchwork Tattoo

For ages, the scorpion has been considered to be a symbol of masculinity and rebirth. If you are looking for something to change your life then this is the tattoo for you.

Scorpions often need to survive in harsh conditions. Sometimes, they can't find food for days. But despite such dire circumstances, they keep on existing on the face of the earth. With the masculine scorpion tattoo, you will come across as someone who is unbothered by the hindrances of life. You are confident in yourself and your abilities.

Monochrome Delight: Fiery Dragon Patchwork Tattoo

Dragon Patchwork Tattoo

While there are many iterations of dragons visualized in novels and movies, the most jarring and realistic one is the serpent-shaped form. If you opt for this form of dragon then you will be able to etch the patchwork tattoo in any place on your body.

The coiled pose of the dragon is enough to intrigue you to the bone. The highly saturated black color in the scales of the dragon makes the artwork look quite aesthetic. You will appear as the pinnacle of masculinity when you get the tattoo on your body.

Unleashing The True Culture Of Japan: Rich Patchwork Tattoo With Colorful Components

Japanese Patchwork Tattoo

Aside from the cute anime and weird shows, many aspects of Japanese culture are often neglected by international people.

Did you know that the Japanese believe that birds often carry the souls of the deceased? The art of sword-making is also another aspect that is deeply rooted in Japanese culture. You can artistically express these notions in your patchwork tattoo. Through the artwork, you will come across as someone who is highly knowledgeable about Japanese culture and appreciates a good art style.

 Scintillating Stripes On Blast: Artistic Tiger Tattoo

Patchwork Tiger tattoo

Tigers are fierce predators of the wild that intimidate all land animals just with their presence. What makes the tiger stand out among all the other apex predators is the unique coloration of its skin.

Such mesmerizing stripes make the tiger one of the most majestic animals in the land. Only the patchwork tattoo can do the animal justice. This distinct art style showcases the jarring patterns of the exterior with incredible detail that the tiger appears real in your skin.

Tapestry Of Intricate Patterns: Beautiful Bird Patchwork Tattoo WIth A Monochrome Background

Bird Patchwork Tattoo

While sitting on the four walls, we often look up high at the sky and wonder what would happen if we had wings like the birds. If we did then we could fly away from all our troubles and achieve our uncompleted dreams.

This bird patchwork tattoo lets you experience the thrill of freedom for a while. Every time you look at the tattoo, you feel like you have wings attached to your shoulder blades. The tattoo inspires you to break all the conformities of society and fly to a place where there is only peace.

 Discrete Yet Prideful: Medieval Warrior Patchwork Tattoo

Warrior Patchwork Tattoo

While it's hard to digest, the current generation of men has become incredibly docile. The lack of physical activities along with the burden of social responsibilities have made men everywhere feel like slaves.

Well, it's high time that we changed the scam trip. With the warrior patchwork tattoo, you will feel like someone who is fighting on a vast battlefield. You are shedding your blood, sweat, and tears to achieve your glory. Just the tattoo of a warrior helmet will make you feel like a true man.

 Splash Of Horror: Intriguing Graveyard Patchwork Tattoo

Graveyard Patchwork Tattoo

There are many urban legends and tales based on the graveyards. Aside from the spooky structure, the fact that they are the residence of the deceased bodies makes it far more eerie.

For those of you who like such notions and want to entertain their morbid curiosity, this is the perfect design for you. The artwork features the structure of the graveyard with incredible details. A swarm of bats flies at the top of the graveyard while the moon shines brightly revealing all the nuances. Such artwork will surely give you nightmares for days.

Blackwork Meets Fiction: Charming Spider Web Patchwork Tattoo With Symbolic Shapes

Spider Web Patchwork Tattoo

Aside from the desire to be Spiderman, this tattoo is a symbol of strength and productivity. While the spider web seems nimble at sight, they are extremely strong and withstand quite some force.

Spiders work tirelessly to build these webs from nothing. So, if you are looking for a design to showcase your strength or inspire you to become more productive, this tattoo is for you. The black ink truly makes the spider web feel like an intricate piece of puzzle that needs immense intelligence to decipher.

 Dipping Into A Poul Of Pink Color: Cute Design Of Panther

Panther patchwork tattoo

Pink Panther has become a cultural phenomenon. There are numerous movies and TV series based on this French detective. Because of how funny the show is, the Panther quickly became an icon.

Avid fans of the series often get tattoos etched to show their love and respect towards the show. While the original pink panther is cartoonish, the patchwork tattoo tries to make the panther look much more realistic. With its two big eyes, you will instantly fall in love with it.

Faces Of Death: Skillful Skull Patchwork Tattoo With Combination Of Modern Machinery

Skull Patchwork Tattoo

While we often claim that death is the most horrifying occurrence, there are countless moments when we seek it. There is a natural tendency of humans to gravitate towards things that seem to harm us.

That’s why the skull patchwork tattoo is so popular among people. The artwork features a wide range of skulls in different states depicting how gruesome death can be. You can opt to add jarring flowers in the mix to portray a sense of duality.

There is also an option of illustrating mechanical objects with the skull to make it seem biomechanical. This is a recurring trend in the tattoo industry that many enthusiasts choose. You should look into it.

Vibrant Flame Of Love: Passionate Cupid Patchwork Tattoo

Cupid Patchwork Tattoo

If you are thinking of expressing your love towards your significant other then there is no other alternative to this tattoo. The tattoo features the god of intense love and passion, Cupid carrying a tiny bow.

When the arrow hits someone, it is believed that they instantly fall in love. For centuries, the cupid and the love symbol has been a gesture to showcase passion and affection towards your loved one. When your loved one sees the tattoo, their joy will know no bounds.

 Guns, Swag And Death: Masculine Gangster Patchwork Tattoo With A Realistic Twist!

Gangster Patchwork Tattoo

While we despise the acts of the violent gangs, you can’t neglect the fact that the members look incredibly badass. Because of how masculine they look; we often aspire to become like them.

Handling guns like a pro or wearing steel helmets, everything that the gangsters do exudes swagness and finesse. The gangster patchwork tattoo features the portrayal of a typical gangster with two guns blazing from two sides. Having this tattoo will instantly make you feel like a warlord of the seven seas.

 Intricate Labyrinth Of Monochrome: Symmetrical Mandala Tattoo With Prehistoric Symbols

Mandala Patchwork Tattoo

It's always best to end on a good note. That’s why we chose this design at the very last. Mandala designs are manifestations of our personal life that is full of ups and downs.

While they may be too abstract at times, the designs start to make much more sense when it is etched in the realm of your body canvas. The labyrinth-like patterns are so alluring that you will instantly get lost in its aesthetic.


The tale of patchwork tattoos is vast and full of alluring designs. While we have described each of the trendy ideas with incredible details, there still may be some portions that have remained untouched. That’s why, we have decided to select some of your best questions and answer them as comprehensively as possible. These answers will clear all the doubts you have regarding patchwork tattoos. If you still have some queries, feel free to contact us.

Q: Are Patchwork Tattoos More Expensive?

Ans: Yes, they are. Most patchwork tattoos consist of tiny elements in a particular area of the body. Illustrating each of these elements can be time-consuming and pricey. Other tattoos only feature a central element therefore it requires much fewer details and colors. So, it is obvious that they are much less expensive compared to patchwork tattoos.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Traditional Tattoos And Patchwork Tattoos? Ans: Traditional tattoos hardly leave any negative spaces. This particular style of tattooing tends to incorporate a wide range of colors in the area without confining them with any sort of lines or shapes. Patchwork is quite different in this regard. Most of these tattoos feature small patches in the same theme with an adequate amount of space in between. This helps the wearer distinguish each of the elements quite easily.

Q: Can Patchwork Tattoos Be Random?

Ans: It's best to illustrate these tattoos with a particular theme in mind. You may choose to incorporate the elements randomly however; the result would look too chaotic. To make the tattoo appear more polished and artistic, it's best to follow a trend or a theme.


While many tattoos appear extravagant and grandiose, only a few of them express your story as artistically as the patchwork tattoos do. It's quite astonishing to observe how the combination of some small patches turns out to be an artwork that portrays such deep emotions and meaning. The intricacy and transparency of these emblems will surely inspire you when you are feeling down. No matter what the color contrast is, the style and theme of the patchwork tattoos will depict your journey and compel you to keep on moving toward your glory. As long as the tattoo stays in your body, you will feel a positive energy radiating from the artwork that will make you feel invincible.

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