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70 Gratifying Ideas Of Mom And Son Tattoos Known For Strengthening Family Ties!

Sometimes, tattoos can fix anything; even irreparable family ties.

And though the design might not always be helpful, it is the sentimental value of each that makes such tattoos so moving. That seems to be the case for mom and son tattoos, at least, known for fixing and reigniting the love shared by a mom and their son!

Mom and son tattoos are self-explanatory, yet open to interpretation. To discover what I think are the best designs of this genre, give the following guide a rundown.

Emotionally-moving Mom And Son Tattoos Ideal For Fixing Broken Bonds!

Figuring out the incentive and purpose of a mom and son tattoo is rather simple. While many may pursue it in honor of the love they share with their mothers, a mom and son tattoo can also be used to mourn the loss of either of the two.

Nonetheless, if you haven't yet found a design that pairs well with your frame, and aligns with your interests, check out the following list of entries, prominent for bringing mom and son tattoos on the radar.

Mom And Son Tattoo Quotes: When Words Are Louder Than Actions

Mom And Son Tattoo Quotes 1
Mom And Son Tattoo Quotes 2

Words are surely enough at times. Similarly, if you’re hoping to obtain matching tattoos with either your mom, or your son, perhaps a mom and son quote tattoo might do the trick.

A good rule of thumb would be to measure the circumference of the area before placing the tattoo.

If you’re susceptible to pain, this tattoo can easily meet your desires of obtaining a tattoo, without leaving behind scars.

Mom And Son Tattoo Symbol: Finding Love Through Metaphors

Mom And Son Tattoo Symbol

The best part about this genre is that anything can be added as the main symbol as long as you showcase it the right way.

That being said, if you’re hoping to add an abstract piece with swirly patterns, give yourself the green signal, in spite of what people say.

As long as the symbol tattoo meets your bar, you can easily refer to it as a mom and son tattoo!

Matching Mom And Son Tattoo: For Pairs That Are Virtually Identical!

Matching Mom And Son Tattoo

I admit. Almost all the entries align with the requirements of being a matching tattoo. However, what makes this matching tattoo special is the symbols, led primarily by the sun.

The sun tattoo is perceived as a metaphor for light, while the heart denotes feelings of unconditional love.

Together, the pair ends up occupying tons of space, but also offers a tattoo that can recuperate family ties.

Nonetheless, if you feel that you’re a reflection of your mother’s, this tattoo should be your top pick.

Mom And Son Fingerprint Tattoo: A Mark That Lasts For An Eternity

Mom And Son Fingerprint Tattoo 1
Mom And Son Fingerprint Tattoo 2

Fingerprints are huge in the tattoo world, since they almost always look unique. In fact, fingerprint tattoos are so sentimentally moving that they’re often a hit in the world of mom and son tattoos.

A fingerprint tattoo is a small-scale design, ranking rather low on the pain chart, being a great fit for beginners.

If the design feels too compact, consider stretching the print out on surfaces such as the forearm.

Mom And Son Tattoo 3 Cross Tattoo: Tied Together Through Religion

Mom And Son Tattoo 3 Cross Tattoo

There are tons of ways through which you can bond with your mom. And if you’re big on religion, perhaps a trio of cross tattoos can be a great way to mend and strengthen your relationship with your mom.

The best part about this design is the versatility it offers, as it comes in both minimal and emphasized forms.

If you’re aiming for matching tattoos, obtain them on the wrist. You may also pursue a hand tattoo if your skin is resilient to pain.

Mom And Son Japanese Dragon Tattoo: The Connection Between Japanese Art And Family

Mom And Son Japanese Dragon Tattoo 1
Mom And Son Japanese Dragon Tattoo 2

Japanese dragons used to be controversial figures in Japan when they first came out, being associated with the mafia and yakuzas of the upper echelon.

However, at the moment, they appear to be prominent figures in pop culture, especially among sons and moms.

A Japanese dragon tattoo is far from the easiest tattoo to obtain, but is often seen as the best option for those who prioritize visuals.

Since the art piece requires space, the upper thigh, forearm, and chest are three areas that one must use to achieve success.

Mom And Son Mushroom Tattoo: Blessed By Good Fortune

Mom And Son Mushroom Tattoo

Being backed by good luck is a great thing, because you never know when you might need it. That brings us to mushroom tattoos, the heart and soul of generating positivity.

Mushroom tattoos carry tons of responsibilities in the world of art, especially among parents and their children.

They’re a common find in the world of mom and son tattoos, encouraging both parties to bond over positive news!

Mom And Son Tree Of Life Tattoo: The Beauty Of Connection

Mom And Son Tree Of Life Tattoo

Tree of life represents the importance of connection and family ties, being a seamless pick for a mom and son tattoo.

The artwork prefers neutral shades, but can also be bedazzled using multicolor hues and dark borders for an incredible view.

Truth be told, the artwork is a bit oversized. To make things easier, be sure to trim it down a notch.

Mom And Son Yin Yang Tattoo: Finding Unity Within The Differences

Mom And Son Yin Yang Tattoo

It’s not always possible to be the same. In fact, sometimes, it’s better to harmonize despite being polar opposites.

The former applies to moms and their sons who are far from being a reflection of themselves, bringing forward this yin yang tattoo.

The best part is surely the color scheme, while many users also find enjoyment in its flexible symbol.

Mom And Son Anchor Tattoo: For Building A Solid Support System

Mom And Son Anchor Tattoo

For some, our mothers practically raise us on their own. And while not enough can be said to display just how much a mother’s support means to a child, a tattoo might just seem sufficient.

Presenting to you an anchor mom and son tattoo, which is used as a token for the support that a mother provides.

The anchor looks best when placed as an arm tattoo, being flexible enough to mesh elsewhere.

Mom And Son Heartbeat Tattoo: To Convey Unconditional Love

Mom And Son Heart Beat Tattoo

No matter what they say, a mother’s love for her child is unbeatable. And while there are various reasons behind their never ending love, an artwork that sums up what the former concept represents is a heartbeat tattoo.

Like the average heartbeat tattoo, this piece is built around components of a heart monitor. To make the image more appealing, many add shapes, floral patterns, and dark frames.

Mom And Son Arrow Tattoo: Overcoming And Working Past Hardship

Mom And Son Arrow Tattoo

Arrow tattoos are some of the simplest options to experiment with, making it one of the easiest mom and son tattoos available.

This minimal piece is known for garnering the ability to be positioned anywhere, but stands out mostly due to its painless aura.

The symbol is not only about the outlook, as it represents the growing pains and struggles found in the bond of a mother and son.

Mom And Son Disney Tattoo: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Mom And Son Disney Tattoo 1
Mom And Son Disney Tattoo 2

Using Disney characters can be an excellent way for a mother to bond with their son, as well as unlock some core childhood memories.

Picking a design is easy, as Disney currently carries thousands and thousands of characters under their belt.

Like always, a wrist tattoo is a frontrunner in this scene, as it always appears to be accessible.

Mom And Son Puzzle Tattoo: A Token For Fun And Love

Mom And Son Puzzle Tattoo

Building a puzzle is definitely an activity that we've done with our moms at one point in time.

Capturing those memories in an image is a mom and son puzzle tattoo, often installed as a back tattoo for best results.

While adding a puzzle is mandatory, the design is subjective. To make things relatable, be sure to add something that jogs up your memories.

Mom And Son Mountain Tattoo: A Test Of One’s Resilience

Mom And Son Mountain Tattoo 1
Mom And Son Mountain Tattoo 2

Life is all about having ups and downs, which also applies to family ties. They say that it’s more difficult to sustain a bond with the ones who are closest, which brings us to the mom and son mountain tattoo.

The mountain tattoo unlocks a great view, but represents the turbulence faced when forming a long-lasting chemistry between a mom and their offspring.

Since the tattoo runs big in size, it is recommended to use the forearm, sleeve, or either side of the legs as the dedicated canvas.

Mom And Son Penguin Tattoo: Because You’re Never On Your Own

Mom And Son Penguin Tattoo

Penguins are wired to find success when paired with a group of their kind. When separated, they tend to struggle, from a both mental and physical standpoint.

That being said, if you're constantly codependent on your mom, a penguin tattoo could be something to experiment with.

To find more meaning in this tattoo, I suggest you obtain it with your mother.

Mom And Son Dinosaur Tattoo: Same, Same, But Different

Mom And Son Dinosaur Tattoo

Being a reflection of your mom can open various doors in the tattoo world. If you're searching for the most popular variant, however, check out this dinosaur tattoo.

Despite being similar to a Godzilla tattoo, this dinosaur tattoo serves the purpose of representing the mutual traits shared between a mom and her son, with intimidating features that make up the tattoo.

Mom And Son Sea Turtle Tattoo: Anticipating A Gradual Closure

Mom And Son Sea Turtle Tattoo

Forming an inseparable bond takes time, so be sure to make patience your friend. However, if you need an extra push, consider pursuing this sea turtle tattoo, which often aims for gradual closure between moms and their sons.

The detailing on this tattoo is quite the charmer, bringing to attention the distinct features of a sea turtle.

While the concept used in the photo above is large, you may downsize it and readjust it in accordance with your frame.

Mom And Son Music Note Tattoo: Forming Inseparable Sequences With Keys

Mom And Son Music Note Tattoo

Sometimes, an icon can trigger a wave of emotions. At least that appears to be the case for music note tattoos, a popular phenomenon in the world of mom and son tattoos.

Prior to finalizing your design, consider looking into notes, and pick a tune that aligns with the bond you share with your mom.

Keep it subtle if you’d like to unlock the best results, and pursue a small-scale design.

Mom And Son Bear Tattoo: The Importance Of Staying In Touch

Mom And Son Bear Tattoo

Bears are hard to depict, especially when their fur is in the mix. However, in the world of mom and son tattoos, bears serve tons of purpose.

Often, wearing matching bear tattoos can be a good idea for a parent who is away from their son.

By adding initials, even a mom and son bear tattoo tends to look unique.

Mom And Son Koi Fish Tattoo: Swimming Through The Highs And Lows

Mom And Son Koi Fish Tattoo

In Japanese culture, a koi fish is seen as a positive figure. Many not only create sculptures of them, but also worship them in hopes of receiving good news.

A koi fish is also an icon when dealing with adversity, which is when the koi fish mom and son tattoo comes in.

When push comes to shove, the tattoo kind of inspires a pair of mom and son to rise above the lows, and celebrate the highs!

Mom And Son Godzilla Tattoo: A Staple For Sci-Fi Fans

Mom And Son Godzilla Tattoo

Adding symbols of popular phenomenons in Hollywood can be a great way to unlock an unforgettable tattoo, as well as bond with your mom.

Likewise, if you believe that nothing tops Godzilla in your household, why not consider matching tattoos of the icon?

I admit, the artwork is large. And though the pain level is just as hectic, what is appealing is its alluring neutral color scheme!

Mom And Son Lion Tattoo: Surviving Hardship Together

Mom And Son Lion Tattoo

The portrait of a lion might seem unusual as a concept for a mom and son tattoo. However, when you dive into its symbolism, it all makes sense.

Many believe that the lion showcases the strength that moms provide to their sons, and vice versa. Additionally, the artwork also carries an intimidating aura that can’t be overpowered.

Due to the size, this tattoo is often installed on large surfaces, with an arm tattoo being the top pick. If you’re aiming to place it on your lower half, consider using your upper thigh!

Mom And Son Paper Airplane Tattoo: Reaching New Heights With Love

Mom And Son Paper Airplane Tattoo

It is true that the bond between a mother and her son is unbreakable. Better yet, many believe that, with age, the bond reaches new heights.

And although the former remark is subjective, an objective representative of the statement is a set of paper airplane tattoos, a mark that many mothers and their sons are fans of.

The symbol is used as a metaphor for the respect and love shared between the parties involved, along with visuals that are almost impossible to replace.

Mom And Son Celtic Knot Tattoo: Bonding Over Positivity

Mom And Son Celtic Knot Tattoo

Celtic knots, in ancient culture, symbolize good fortune, being pivotal for bonds to remain stable until eternity.

So, if you believe that the chemistry you share with your offspring or parents is decreasing, secure the bond with matching celtic knot tattoos.

While celtic knots are a maze to look at, smaller versions exist. Though people prefer wearing them as thigh tattoos, one may also pursue smaller areas such as the wrist.

Frequently Asked Question

The land of mom and son tattoos is extremely helpful for those seeking to build a strong and resilient bond with either their offspring, or parents.

And though the best of mom and son tattoos is mentioned in the former, here is a questionnaire that will enhance your knowledge regarding the prominent design in the world of tattoos!

Q: Why are mom and son tattoos so popular?

Ans: From repairing broken bonds to securing a healthy relationship between mothers and sons, the world of mom and son tattoos remains popular with its positive aura, as well as its free-spirited design scheme.

Q: How much does it cost to obtain a mom and son tattoo?

Ans: Often, the average mom and son tattoo carries a medium-sized design. While the pricing depends on the detailing incorporated into the tattoo, the average cost for obtaining a mom and son tattoo ranges between $200 to $300.


When all is said and done, a mom and son tattoo provides plenty of room for creativity. In fact, as long as it makes sense to the parties involved, almost anything can be depicted to represent the energy levels of a mom and son tattoo.

Prior to making your pick, it is important that you look into the pain level, complexity, and the duration of the tattoo. To play it safe, reaching out to a tattoo artist is advised!

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