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72 Bizarre Clock Tattoo Ideas With A Refreshingly Multifaceted Meaning

There is nothing quite like simple artwork that triggers a sense of urgency in us. The urgency might lead to anxiety at first, but what comes right after is a feeling of appreciation, mostly towards life and all that it provides, from family to friends to memories that we hold onto and learn from. And if you’re wondering just what we’re trying to talk about, let us present to you the world of clock tattoos.

A clock tattoo carries nothing more than 12 digits, two hands, and a frame that protects the previous components. The limited visuals definitely hamper its potential at first, but that’s only if you don’t look into what they often try to say behind the provided graphic.

An underrated design, a clock tattoo goes above and beyond to allow minds to say what they need to say, and do so with pride. Alongside its groundbreaking symbolism are various designs, each of which is equal to the next. To really understand the concept to the fullest, don’t take this guide for granted. Follow along!

A Fatal Fourway: Ticking Through The Meaning Of Clock Tattoos

Clock tattoo meaning 

The fundamental often shapes the system. Although the visuals came upon much longer before the layers of its meaning were discovered, a clock tattoo gradually went from becoming a generic option to a graphic with many interpretations. From allowing one to celebrate new milestones to being a token of romance, here is everything that a clock tattoo is associated with.

Celebrating New Milestones 

A clock tattoo, when depicted to showcase a new day, can drop hints for another milestone. It can be ideal for those beginning a new chapter, after putting in years of hard work. The design can even be used to celebrate annual goals, especially if the gravity of the event is that meaningful.

Clock Tattoos and How They Provide a Wake-up Call 

If you’ve been procrastinating as of late, and the slump you’re in is proving to be rather challenging to get out of, know that a clock tattoo can give you the small push that you desperately need.

By being wary of the time, you’ll be able to set a target, which might just improve your efficiency at work. In order to be efficient, you might need to be disciplined, which may easily encourage you to get rid of bad habits in a jiffy.

The Comradery and Romance Behind Clock Tattoos 

Believe it or not, clock tattoos are also seen as valuable artwork that signifies the value of a friendship, especially if a specific hour is added alongside a date. By exchanging symbols affiliated with friendship and replacing them with emblems of love, you can even dedicate your clock tattoo to someone you love unconditionally.

Clock Tattoos in The Modern World

At the moment, clock tattoos mostly serve as a token of life and death. This, while anxiety-inducing, can allow people to be more protective and content with what they have as opposed to what they don’t possess. It can directly improve one’s mental health, and strengthen one’s will to live. 

Remarkable Ways To Get A Clock Tattoo Today! 

Looking plain and simple, it may be easy to count out the potential of a clock tattoo. After all, it is nothing but a device that keeps track of time, and hits a reset button every 24 hours. However, if you’ve inspected what we’ve revealed using the previous portions, we hope a clock tattoo carries more meaning in your eyes at the moment.

Backing the sheer brilliance of clock tattoos from the outside is the flexibility of the artwork, which can convert into various schemes for an incredible outcome. And if you’re running out of patience and can’t wait to execute your concept, take a look at the following entries for some solid pointers.

Clock Tattoo On Hand

Clock Tattoo On Hand

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is a metaphor often used to encourage transparency. Doing so can also allow one to feel more comfortable in their own beliefs and skin.

If you want to carry that mantra to your clock tattoo, obtain the artwork on your hand, which will give it tons of exposure, and allow you to show a huge part about yourself, preferably if the groundwork is significant.

A hand tattoo is rather painful due to having tons of nerve endings. To mitigate the pain, apply numbing cream, and break the creative process into multiple manageable sessions.

Rose And Clock Tattoo

Rose And Clock Tattoo 1
Rose And Clock Tattoo 2
Rose And Clock Tattoo 3

Clock tattoos mostly serve multifaceted interpretations. However, every now and then, the meaning of the tattoo gravitates towards specific energies, such as love. During that time, it is important that you showcase your clock with a rose.

A rose tattoo, when infused with a clock tattoo, mainly uses itself to display affection for a loved one. The picture is quite jarring, containing shades of solid colors and minty colors at times. The size of the tattoo looks best when the dimensions are limited.

In order to make your tattoo stand out, add the initials of the person you’re dedicating it to. You may also add a quote to add to the sentiment.

Pocket Clock Tattoo

Pocket Clock Tattoo 1
Pocket Clock Tattoo 2

A fancier design that promotes minimalism at its finest is a pocket clock tattoo, with a framework that carries a vintage aura about itself. The color scheme either resembles the visuals found on a product with 4k gold, but can even be formed with neutral schemes comprising black and grey.

The symbolism behind a pocket clock isn’t any different from the average clock tattoo. Appearance-wise, however, we believe that this tattoo has got all the appeal.

For its size, a pocket clock tattoo can be a great ink on the wrist and the forearm. One may also place it as a bicep tattoo, especially if they want to control the amount of exposure the tattoo receives.

Broken Clock Tattoo

Broken Clock Tattoo 1
Broken Clock Tattoo 2
Broken Clock Tattoo 3

Memories come and go. While some may seem valuable to hold on to, the rest may seem like unresolved feelings that were never solved. And although it is easier said than done, the latter portion might need to be discarded for your emotional well-being.

A broken clock tattoo, formed with unruly and a disheveled graphic, is perhaps the most moving option of them all. It may convey a memory that one never healed from, but a lesson worth holding onto for life.

Adding a broken clock tattoo is a walk in the park if you can associate it with one of your stories. Keeping the color scheme neutral is a great notion, as it adds a dramatic effect to the tattoo.

Time Clock Tattoo

Time Clock Tattoo 1
Time Clock Tattoo 2

More often than not, pinpointing the exact time can work wonders for a clock tattoo, not just visually, but metaphorically. Doing so can add more value to your story, and may even allow you to select a variation that speaks to your inner being.

A time clock tattoo is perfect for sealing memories, celebrating a loved one, and mourning the loss of a lost companion. Comprising chunks of shading techniques, a time clock tattoo prefers being draped in black and grey for a gravitational impact.

Going for this tattoo may seem ideal for those that are healing, and for those that are grieving. It can even be a good way to strengthen the bond between multiple people.

Melting Clock Tattoo

Melting Clock Tattoo 1
Melting Clock Tattoo 1

Time waits for no one, so it’s often better to stay consistent, even on bad days. Additionally, if you need a companion that will enable you to work towards a certain goal that comprises a deadline, a melting clock tattoo can be of great help.

Adding the motion of a melting clock will convey the passing of time, which will always keep you on the edge. In return, you may work relentlessly to complete your objective before the due date.

Compass And Clock Tattoo

Compass And Clock Tattoo 1
Compass And Clock Tattoo 2
Compass And Clock Tattoo 3

A hybrid of two components can definitely give you a head-start, especially if you’re working with a clock tattoo. To bring more attention to the value of time, however, pair it with a compelling contender, such as a compass tattoo.

The difficulty of creating a fusion carrying a compass and clock tattoo requires tremendous skills to solve, so be sure to reach out to a professional. Use a wider canvas as well, especially if nailing the graphics with 3-D visuals is a must.

Birth Clock Tattoo

Birth Clock Tattoo 1
Birth Clock Tattoo 2

Celebrating the existence of someone special is what a clock tattoo specializes in, so don’t hesitate to utilize the purpose of the artwork. You may add initials as well, just to add to the sentiments that the artwork holds.

A birth clock tattoo is what they call it in the tattoo world, and the forearm is where it finds tons of comfort in. By replacing the minute and hour hands with the actual hands of a newborn, you can definitely make this illustration emotionally moving.

Grandfather Clock Tattoo

Grandfather Clock Tattoo 1
Grandfather Clock Tattoo 2

The second-most important duo of the family are our grandparents. They not only provide our parents with the right kind of support to start a family of their own, but also make availability their speciality to spend time with their grandchildren.

Losing a grandpa is a feeling that can’t be described with words. Likewise, if you’ve recently lost your grandfather, but don’t have a way to express your emotions articulately, try obtaining a clock tattoo in honour of your grandfather.

Lion Clock Tattoo

Lion Clock Tattoo 1
Lion Clock Tattoo 2

A lion and a clock are polar opposites, but manage to make things work when paired together for a tattoo. The sheer aggression of a lion depicts the mindset one needs to have when working towards a goal, especially when the goal carries a deadline. During setbacks, the artwork may also work as a reminder to stay resilient and unfazed.

A lion clock tattoo can’t be paired together, but only if the portrait is placed directly under the hands of the equipment. With a black and grey sketch, you can easily add notes of realism.

Clock Forearm Tattoo

Clock Forearm Tattoo 1
Clock Forearm Tattoo 2

If pain is an issue to you, you can always make logical decisions before finalizing your tattoo. No matter what it looks like, to reduce the damage endured, you can always opt for a forearm tattoo, a pain-friendly option on this list.

Obtaining a clock forearm tattoo will not just give you the exposure, but also open multiple doors for your creativity to make use of. A forearm tattoo can also be extended and stretched into a sleeve tattoo, so be sure to strategize accordingly.

Clock Sleeve Tattoo

Clock Sleeve Tattoo

On another note, if you want to add a compilation of tattoos that not only emphasize the importance and significance of clock tattoos, but also allow you to paint the perfect picture with a compelling story, a clock sleeve tattoo will fit like a glove. In due time, this sleeve tattoo will also age gracefully.

A clock sleeve tattoo is quite painful and costly, two signs that make it a lose-lose scenario for newbies. Conversely, for veterans, a clock sleeve tattoo can be the perfect companion that will turn back time.

Skull And Clock Tattoo

Skull And Clock Tattoo 1
Skull And Clock Tattoo 2

Despite being drastically different from the outside, metaphorically, the contrast between a skull and clock tattoo is non-existent, as both carry the same symbolism. In short, both clock and skull tattoos celebrate the existence of life and the inevitability of death, opening various chambers for an artistic mind to express themselves.

The graphic often submerges a skull and clock together, preferably by using the skull as the frame of the clock. With a monochromatic scheme, this tattoo sweeps away many by their feet.

Eye Clock Tattoo

Eye Clock Tattoo 1
Eye Clock Tattoo 2

Being unpunctual is higher than ever before. It isn’t just because of the commute that one has to bear with on a regular basis, but can also arise due to a decline in mental health.

All problems have solutions, however, and so does this scenario. And if you’d like to improve your time management skills, consider monitoring the time with an eye clock tattoo.

Roman Numeral Clock Tattoo

Roman Numeral Clock Tattoo

With the help of Roman numerals, you can give your clock tattoo a subtle boost. Each digit won’t just look good on paper, but also carry a heavier meaning that initially came into existence centuries ago.

Using seven key letters to define all twelve numbers, Roman numerals are more elegant than modern digits. It also adds a vintage aura to the tattoo, making it a sublime view for the spectators.

Sand Clock Tattoo

Sand Clock Tattoo 1
Sand Clock Tattoo 2

Adding an hourglass can be a great way to present a clock tattoo without having your ideation become just another replica. To nail the artwork, however, be sure to secure the curves of the hourglass first.

Adding sand to this clock tattoo is crucial, as it will denote the amount of time that has passed, as well as the amount of time you have left. It can even be meshed with an owl tattoo to symbolize family.

Clockwork Tattoo

Clockwork Tattoo

A series of timekeepers were infused with a clockwork back in the day, which displayed the elegance of the item in an exuberant way. Similarly, if you want your tattoo to be a candidate that prioritizes sophistication, a clockwork tattoo can be the perfect installation for your journey.

The gears are the intriguing and complex areas of this tattoo, so be sure to form each element carefully. Spend a little extra and reach out to a professional if botched procedures have no room in your life.

Flower Clock Tattoo

Flower Clock Tattoo 1
Flower Clock Tattoo 2
Flower Clock Tattoo 3
Flower Clock Tattoo 4

Floral patterns might seem feminine, but can also be a primary aspect of a clock tattoo, especially if love and honor are the main purposes behind the scheme. While a rose tattoo is perfect for this scenario, skimming through different species that bloom in different seasons can be a great alternative to stand with.

A floral clock tattoo finds comfort in being worn on exposed and vertically gifted surfaces. Though wearing a forearm tattoo is one of the options, placing the artwork as a leg tattoo is a solid Plan B.

Heart Clock Tattoo

Heart Clock Tattoo 1
Heart Clock Tattoo 2

If the previous look doesn’t go according to plan, ditch one area and put more focus on the other. For instance, if you’d like to convert and show affection towards someone special, take the very moment you met them into account before transforming that notion into a heart clock tattoo.

The shape of the heart is often the outlines of the clock tattoo, carrying thick to thin borders that are crisp and clean. For some energy, it is advised to use solid shades like maroon, teal, blue, and more.

Clock Arm Tattoo

Clock Arm Tattoo

Containing layers of fat and a soft surface, your arm can surely be a life-altering canvas for your ideas if you’re hoping to get a clock tattoo. Since the location is protected heavily, adding a hefty illustration seems like the only option.

A clock arm tattoo is quite special in the eyes of many, providing both a painless procedure and tons of privacy. With enough patience and regular evaluation, you may easily turn this clock tattoo into something more powerful.

Alarm Clock Tattoo

Alarm Clock Tattoo 1
Alarm Clock Tattoo 2

Mixing modern patterns can be a clever way to stand out amongst the crowd of enthusiasts with a knack for clock tattoos. In other words, to rise above the rest, consider installing an alarm clock, preferably a digital one.

This tattoo is mostly about the visuals, taking a light-hearted approach with a hollow inner meaning. You can still make it exhilarating, though, mainly by adding to the relatability.

Owl Clock Tattoo

Owl Clock Tattoo 1
Owl Clock Tattoo 2
Owl Clock Tattoo 3
Owl Clock Tattoo 4

Two symbols that go hand in hand are owl tattoos and clock tattoos, both of which represent time. The illustration also seems to be fancier than that of the rest, comprising components that are either associated with the design or enhance the importance of the agenda.

An owl clock tattoo also conveys the person’s desire to become wiser in the upcoming years, regardless of whether it's by righting wrongs or discarding bad habits indefinitely.

Small Clock Tattoo

Small Clock Tattoo

A small clock tattoo can be great for beginners, minimalists, and wearers with sensitive skin. With basic components and a compact size, the artwork is also a specialist in saving time.

This tattoo is often accommodated by narrow areas such as the wrist, ankle, neck, and so on. However, you may also resort to completely reserved areas such as the ribs, but only if you’re installing this design for self-growth.

Clock Shoulder Tattoo

Clock Shoulder Tattoo 1
Clock Shoulder Tattoo 2

The placement of the clock tattoo can actually make or break the impression of your tattoo. While reserved areas might unveil an inner-battle, exposed areas may be perceived with pride. However, if you’d like to stop your clock tattoo for a person or a moment that allows you to acknowledge just how strong you are, a clock shoulder tattoo should suffice.

A fine-line tattoo with a colourless scheme is ideal for this option, since the sentimental value is the most important aspect. You may add more to the artwork, though, especially if the groundwork seems empty.

Traditional Clock Tattoo

Traditional Clock Tattoo 1
Traditional Clock Tattoo 2

Carrying large chunks of color with classic shades of vibrant color, a traditional clock tattoo speaks to minds that are loud and proud. Often, the dial and hands run quite big as well, making it more sizable than the average clock tattoo.

Before getting a traditional clock tattoo, picking the area is a must. We believe the legs, forearms, and back provide the perfect canvases for a tattoo, especially if pain is an issue.

Clock Chest Tattoo

Clock Chest Tattoo 1
Clock Chest Tattoo 2

Wearing a clock tattoo on the chest is an ideal way to form a secretive and inseparable bond with your clock tattoo. Due to the way in which it preserves the tattoo from exposure, we believe that a chest tattoo of a clock should also be associated with something special.

The benefit of this tattoo isn’t just the level of privacy it provides, but also how painless it is. To save the model from receiving more attention, be sure to keep the visuals minimal.

Dove And Clock Tattoo

Dove And Clock Tattoo 1
Dove And Clock Tattoo 2
Dove And Clock Tattoo 3

A sublime view can be the perfect way to illustrate your tattoo, especially if the visuals matter to you. Therefore, if creating a memorable impact is your aim, pair your clock tattoo with the visuals of a dove.

A dove and clock tattoo not only reflects on the importance of life, but also focuses on the piece's significance. With a warm white hue, the dove keeps it light yet elegant.

Clock Neck Tattoo

Clock Neck Tattoo

To keep it light yet meaningful, keep your artwork brief, but significant. Though plenty can be done to make a clock tattoo more presentable on the outside, you may very well opt for a smaller tattoo on a delicate surface to make the impression more meaningful than ever.

If you’re interested, go for a clock-neck tattoo. Find alternatives if you’re a newbie, however, since the location is rather sensitive.

Vintage Clock Tattoo

Vintage Clock Tattoo 1
Vintage Clock Tattoo 2

Focusing mainly on bringing out a retro vibe, a vintage clock tattoo is for those that are into sizable work with elaborate components. Polished with a wooden frame, and a hefty dial, this option is one for the classics.

A vintage clock tattoo is miles ahead of the rest with the visuals it provides. With a crisp clean color way, this option pairs well with minimalist minds.

Frequently Asked Question 

With the help of the previous segment, you can prepare yourself mentally for the ins and outs of a clock tattoo. However, if you feel that certain portions got lost in translation, here are some new elements that will make your goldfish-like memory feel better.

Q: How are clock tattoos related to reality checks? 

Ans: A clock tattoo pleads that time is not on our friend, and moves at the same pace irrespective of one’s circumstances. While it may make some nervous, a clock tattoo can also serve as a delightful companion if one receives that message with positivity and uses the realization to make solid changes to their life.

Q: Which area should I use for a clock tattoo?

Ans: Since most clock tattoos require strength, the best placement for any design remains the shoulder, which represents someone dealing with adversity and hardship, rewarding them with resilience as a result.

Final Takeaway: A Clock Tattoo Carries More Weight Than Meets The Eye

From encouraging one to be more grateful for what they have in life, to being more punctual at events as well as being wary of the inevitability of death, a clock tattoo is perhaps the most underappreciated design in the modern era, especially in the world of tattoos. If trodden carefully, a clock tattoo can easily be the frontrunner on any subject.

A clock tattoo can easily move mountains with its metaphor, and can leave anyone in awe with its classic yet up-to-date visuals. Since the artwork of each option varies, there’s no doubt that you can place the mark anywhere.

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