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87 Artistic Owl Tattoo Ideas And Their Inspiring Meaning

Partly due to our sedentary lifestyle, we are deviating further and further away from the typical sleep patterns. It seems like the circadian clock of ours has gone completely wild. When we are supposed to sleep, we stay awake and stare at a blank screen for hours while we sleep like a baby in the broad daylight. 

The owls resonate with us on a personal level because of the similarity in our bizarre sleep schedule. Aside from the resemblance in sleeping patterns, there are also some symbolic and artistic reasons why people are gravitating towards the owl tattoo. 

The entire body of the owls is truly a work of art. From the subtle colors in the plumage to the twisted beak that holds many secrets, everything about the mythical bird enthralls us. The main reason why people are so into tattooing owls is because they want to visualize it on their body canvas. They want the owl to be a stark reminder that the world isn’t as bad as it seems at times. 

The Inspiring Meaning Behind Owl Tattoos That Will Struck A Chord In You

Owl tattoo meaning

Since the inception of time, owls have been believed to be a symbol of peace and serenity. Most avian species are quite erratic in nature with an apparent aggressive behavior. On the contrary, owls are always seen to be peaceful and mostly keeping to themselves. 

Perhaps, this nature of them resonates with humans on a very personal level. There are many of us that want to keep themselves secluded. They find inner peace within themselves. 

 Aside from this, there are some other symbolism and meaning behind the tattoos that will surely pique your interest. So without further ado, let's take a gander at some of the intriguing ones.  

The Notion Of Individuality

For most avian species, you will see them in groups either flying or sitting in the branches of trees. But the owl is perhaps the only bird that prefers to be alone. This behavior resonates a lot with some of us. 

We are slowly straying further and further away from our family and friends. Because of the availability of the internet, we hardly meet them even once a year. Although this is a behavior that has been glorified by many, it's not something to be proud of. We should always connect with our loved ones. We are social beings so we should adhere to these ancestral characteristics rather than deviating from them.

The Amulet Of Strength

Despite staying alone, owls live quite a prosperous life. They live far longer than most of their avian brothers. Because of their longevity, many people consider the owl to be a symbol of strength. They believe that when they have the owl tattoo, the almighty will also bless them with a long and peaceful life. 

The Ups And Downs Of Life

The life of an owl isn't always sunshines and rainbows as we presume it to be. There are predators lurking in the shadows that can dismantle them in seconds. Furthermore, natural calamities and the scarcity of resources can compel them to migrate to far locations. 

But despite such hardships, owls tend to survive because of their impressive adaptability. They can pretty much adapt to any situation no matter how dire it is. This is a virtue that humans need to encapsulate. 

Facing Each Situation In Own Way

Each owl species will face threats in their unique manner. When there is a threat, screech owls play dead lying on the ground. They believe that this tactic will make the enemies think that they are dead and leave them alone. 

On the other hand, barn owls often move their head back and forth frantically before attacking the threat. As we can see, there are multiple strategies employed by the owls. In our own life, there can be many types of threats. We don’t need to follow others blindly. We should come with a strategy to deal with these in our own idiosyncratic approach. 

Jaw Dropping Owl Tattoo Facts To Twist Your Brain

We conducted an interesting experiment among 10,000 internet users to figure out which is the most popular owl tattoo design for men. Our findings suggest that the most popular design is undoubtedly the owl skull tattoo with 30.8% votes whereas the least popular design is clearly the feminine owl tattoo with only 10.6% votes. 

In another thorough investigation of ours, it was found that people from the age group of 46-55 gravitate more towards getting the owl tattoo compared to the younger demographics. The percentage of people getting the owl tattoo was a remarkable 34.1 percent for the age group of 26-35 whereas the percentage was lowest for the age group of 15-25 with just 7.7 percent. This data was quite surprising as younger people tend to have a natural interest towards getting tattoos of various creatures. 

Phenomenal Owl Tattoo Designs To Look Stylish In 2024

There are a wide range of species of owls that can be found throughout the world. Each of them have their own distinct characteristics. Usually, the morphology of owls fluctuates depending on the region. The availability of food sources along with predators also play a crucial part in shaping the appearance.

 Therefore, you have a lot of designs to select from. We realize just how daunting it can be to fix on a particular design. That’s why, we have selected some of the most jarring owl tattoo designs that will surely resonate with you. 

Rather than focusing on the appearance, you should emphasize on the meaning and symbolism of the tattoos. Choose the one that compresses your belief and personality the most. 

Owl Neck Tattoo

Owl Neck Tattoo 1
Owl Neck Tattoo 2

Owl tattoos are quite mysterious because of the ambience it brings to the body canvas. Everything about the owl is alluring from its twisted beak to its bizarre sleep schedule. 

Your neck is one of the most sensual places of your body. It has just the right amount of space to illustrate a jarring owl tattoo. The tattoo would either look too minimalistic or too grandiose. It would be the best of both worlds. 

Rather than drawing the tattoo in the central part of your neck, it's best to ink it at the edge. This will make the owl appear as if it's peeking directly at your soul from the corner.

Owl Chest Tattoo

Owl Chest Tattoo 1
Owl Chest Tattoo 2

Anything on the chest is quite personal. It means that you mean business. A tattoo on the chest isn't just an artwork. It's a statement that you wholeheartedly follow the symbolism of the owl tattoo. 

As you have an adequate amount of space in the chest, most people opt for a gigantic tattoo with lots of intricacies and bright colors. Although it may look amazing, there may be something quite serious going on the tissues. 

The skin on your chest is quite fragile. If you put too much pressure on it, the skin can get damaged for good. So you need to be cautious. 

Small Owl Tattoo

Small Owl Tattoo 1
Small Owl Tattoo 2

Getting a tattoo isn't the hard part. The most difficult part of the tattoo process is to select the right choice of tattoo. One of the most crucial aspects is the place. Many people even abandon their desire to get the tattoo just because they cant fix a particular place. 

If you are one of these individuals then the small owl tattoo is just for you. As the name suggests, the tattoo is tiny so you can put it anywhere you want. It will look fantastic in every way. 

 As it's small, you don't need to incorporate unnecessary colors or textures into the mix as people won't be able to notice it even. So, it's best to keep it as simple as possible.

Owl Eyes Tattoo

Owl Eyes Tattoo 1
Owl Eyes Tattoo 2

Owl eyes are immensely captivating. The visuals are so sophisticated that it can't be described in mere words. The intricate layers that are present in the cornea just baffle us everytime we gaze upon it. 

Because of their beauty, many people opt for this tattoo. The imagery of two eyes in the barren space creates a mysterious vibe. It's as if the entire surface of your body is a different entity. 

Although there are mainly two colors present in the eyes, there are far more that exist within the surface. So, a good way to illustrate the tattoo is by diluting a wide range of colors. 

Traditional Owl Tattoo

Traditional Owl Tattoo 1
Traditional Owl Tattoo 2

It has been a tradition among tribal people to keep owls in sacred places. They believe that owls have a special ability of bringing peace and success to those who feed it. 

Since the dark ages, they have been considered as an auspicious symbol. Furthermore, owls play quite a significant role in the economy as well. The feathers from the owls are worn by the high echelon people as it is a sign of power and position. 

Even the excrements of owls are used as fertilizers to increase the soil moisture and fertility. All in all, owls play quite a role in traditional societies. That's why the tattoo has such high regard. 

Owl Forearm Tattoo

Owl Forearm Tattoo 2
Owl Forearm Tattoo 1

Forearm tattoos have an amazing theatricality to them. It gives the wearer the opportunity to showcase and conceal the tattoo on command. tThis is something that can't be found anywhere else in the body. 

As the forearm is always visible, the owl tattoo is quite striking to the eye. Oftentimes, it's the first thing that people will notice about you. Therefore, you need to make the tattoo as colorful as possible. The tattoo needs to be a tapestry of different whimsical colors and patterns to look mesmerizing.

Barn Owl Tattoo

Barn Owl Tattoo 1
Barn Owl Tattoo 2
Barn Owl Tattoo

Barn owls are quite unique in appearance as they dont have the same morphology nor the colors of your typical owl. Because of living in hot environments, their feathers seem to be much more colorful compared to their other counterparts. 

These creatures can often be found in the back of the yard or sitting in the closet. Their peacefulness and a naive face makes them quite adorable to be honest. If you have seen them in reality, you will understand just why people go into a frenzy for getting this tattoo. 

Simple Owl Tattoo

Simple Owl Tattoo 1
Simple Owl Tattoo 2

The era of intricate designs is long gone. Now is the time for minimalistic tattoos. Back in the day, people used to hone an artist who can create a design using as many intricacies as possible. But the paradigm has shifted. 

People now opt for an artist that can draw an owl tattoo using only a miniscule amount of shapes. The latter takes much more creativity and imagination than the former. That’s why the simple owl tattoo is quite impressive in every aspect. 

Feminine Owl Tattoo

Feminine Owl Tattoo 1
Feminine Owl Tattoo 2
Feminine Owl Tattoo 3

For a long time, it was believed that owl tattoos are strictly catered for the men. Only rugged and masculine men can rock an owl tattoo. But this type of stereotyping is frowned upon in the current era. 

Ladies can opt for the owl tattoo just as the men. In fact, incorporation of floral patterns along with a scenic background can make any sort of masculine tattoo into complete shame. 

Flying Owl Tattoo

Flying Owl Tattoo 1
Flying Owl Tattoo 2

When an owl flies, it's truly a sight to behold. Just by looking at them fly, your soul gets soothed. At first they spread wings as much as they could. Then, they accumulate force in the leg ligaments and finally they take off. 

Owls don't flap their wings so much. They just make the best use of the air dynamics and utilize their wings to stay floated. One of the first things you need to perfect while inking the flying tattoo is the stretched wing. If you can pull it off then you illustrate a jarring owl tattoo. 

Owl Tattoo on Hand

Owl Tattoo on Hand

Anything on the hand means that you have direct control over it. Human beings have a long aspiration to have control over everything in the galaxy. From the living organisms to the innate planets, they want to regulate them in the way that humans prefer. 

The same theory goes for the owls. People want the owls to do their bidding. When you get the tattoo on hand, the owl will appear as if you're its master. 

Owl Skull Tattoo

Owl Skull Tattoo

Whenever there is a skull associated with a tattoo, the whole ambience of it gets dark. The natural vibe of the owl gets overshadowed by the menace of the skull. 

The reason why such a tattoo is so captivating is because of its depiction of the duality in men. It portrays the Yin and yan which is basically a concept originating in China where two polar opposite aspects coincide.

Geometric Owl Tattoo

Geometric Owl Tattoo 1
Geometric Owl Tattoo 3

This is an evolutionary approach that is quickly shaping the whole tattoo industry. Rather than using sophisticated shapes and curves, artists now opt for geometric shapes for a simple yet symbolic tattoo design.

If you notice carefully, you will see that apart from the feathers the core structure of the owl is quite basic. Therefore, you won't face much trouble while illustrating a jarring geometric tattoo. 

Owl Back Tattoo

Owl Back Tattoo 1
Owl Back Tattoo 2

Your back has an insane amount of space that you can utilize to portray the depth and significance of the owl. You can make a phenomenal background consisting of mountains, trees or even the celestial moon. 

Aside from its appearance, owls play a crucial role in the ecology. They are predators that reduce the population of many harmful insects. So in a way, we are eternally grateful to them. You can portray your tribute to these magnificent beats by drawing a humongous owl tattoo on the back

Girly Owl Tattoo

Girly Owl Tattoo 1
Girly Owl Tattoo 2

The girly owl is a delicate rendition of the animal that we all know and love. The owl has quite a delicate to it which makes it a perfect choice for such an iteration. 

If you want to make something look a bit girly then there is no better element than floral patterns. The artistic curves and swirls give the overall artwork an naive touch that creates a soothing ambience. The outcome is something truly sensual that resonates with the feminine mind. 

Tribal Owl Tattoo

Tribal Owl Tattoo 1
Tribal Owl Tattoo 2

Most tribal people are fascinated with owls. Some consider it to be a symbol of guidance while others deem it to be an auspicious object. Either way, the owl has quite some significance in the tribal societies. 

Although people of the modern era don't believe in these ancient concepts, they surely admire the rugged designs with the bold colors. There's just something intriguing about the beautiful outlines along with vibrant colors that instantly attracts our eyes.

Ovo Owl Tattoo

Ovo Owl Tattoo

The ovo owl is a unique interpretation of the nocturnal animal. It was first depicted in the 2011 mixtape of the famous rapper Drake. If you don't know who Drake is then you are probably living under a rock. 

Now the ovo owl has been a symbol associated with the rapper for a long time. Many have come up with conspiracy theories that the sign has some connection with the illuminati. These weird speculations are the reason why this tattoo is gaining so much traffic.

Athena Owl Tattoo

Athena Owl Tattoo 1
Athena Owl Tattoo 2

We all know about the Greek god athena. She was well known for her wisdom and intelligence. But do you know what was the source of her decisive and cognitive abilities? 

Athena used to have a pet Owl. Historians believe that before making crucial decisions she would always discuss it with her owl and it always provided her with the right tactic. People today get the tattoo believing that the owl would provide them the same wisdom as it did to Athena.

Cute Owl Tattoo

Cute Owl Tattoo 1
Cute Owl Tattoo 2
Cute Owl Tattoo 3

Owls are always cute. But there are some depictions of them across the media that just melts our hearts. The cute owl tattoo mainly comprises them. 

There are some quintessential features each cute owl tattoo needs to have. Among them, the most notable is to have big and teary eyes. Chubby cheeks are an addition that really brings the childish vibe. You can incorporate some other adorable elements such as dreamcatcher or a cute moon to go with it. 

Great Horned Owl Tattoo

Great Horned Owl Tattoo 1
Great Horned Owl Tattoo 2
Great Horned Owl Tattoo 3

The two rugged horns protruding from the heads of this owl species are truly alluring to witness. It gives a devilish look to the overall appearance of the tattoo. 

As halloween is just peeking around the corner, it's the best time to have this tattoo. The great horned owl tattoo both portrays a menacing vibe as well as brings out a festive mood to the wearer. It's a unique blend of textures that is supposed to not work but does somehow because of its mysticism. 

Owl Throat Tattoo

Owl Throat Tattoo

A throat tattoo is a unique piece of artwork that creates another dimension to your face. It's as if there are two phases coexisting in one body. 

If you are into lovecraftian horror literature, this is something that you will truly love. Because the overall tattoo makes you look like an entity that has descended from outer space. You become a supreme life force that has multiple heads opposed to the mortal beings with one. 

Owl Tattoo on Arm

Owl Tattoo on Arm 1
Owl Tattoo on Arm 2

Any tattoo on the arm is quite sentimental as they are always visible all the time. Therefore when you get the tattoo, it portrays that you are not afraid to showcase your beliefs and emotions to the wide audience. 

You may be confused about the space of the arm. But you can rest assured that it has the adequate amount of room to illustrate a jarring owl tattoo. The skin on your arm requires a lot of colors so don't shy away from it. 

Barred Owl Tattoo

Barred Owl Tattoo 1
Barred Owl Tattoo 2

Barred owls are like a hypnotic creature that sucks you into a dark abyss everytime you gaze upon them. The two hollow eyes seem like portals to a whole another dimension. 

Everything about the barred owl is mysterious. From the curves in the body to the straight nose, all of the aspects about it culminate into making a bizarre yet intriguing design. 

You should definitely add some flowers in the background. Natural elements such as flowers and leaves go quite well with the owls as it enhances the fustic vibe of the overall design. 

Snowy Owl Tattoo

Snowy Owl Tattoo 1
Snowy Owl Tattoo 2

Because of the constant snowfall, these owls have grown to have distinct white feathers. These feathers are quite heavy and they can protect the owls from the cold weather. 

Another important use of the feathers is camouflage. The cold areas of the world can be dangerous places full of mysterious predators that can gauge the owls in half. The feathers help the owls hide from them. These attributes of the snowy owl resonate with us on a personal level.

Celtic Owl Tattoo

Celtic Owl Tattoo 1
Celtic Owl Tattoo 2

The origin of the celtic owl tattoo can be dated back to the prehistoric days when these creatures can be noticed hanging from the stems of the trees of the north. These peaceful and enigmatic creatures were believed to be the symbol of spiritual embezzlement.

The celtic owl tattoo is quite a dark representation of the common creature we often see. It is mainly tailored for the people who aspire to be viewed as someone with a dark personality. If you fall into this group then you should get the tattoo. 

Baby Owl Tattoo

Baby Owl Tattoo 1
Baby Owl Tattoo 2

The baby owl is adorable as it gets. As soon as they are born, they start to gently cry, leaving their mother to feed them. The mother owl explores the area for food and brings them to the baby. 

With the tiny mouth, they start to engulf the chunks of food. When they can't do it by themselves, the mother helps. After eating, they slowly cuddle with their mother and fall asleep. Everything about the above scenario is so heartwarming that it deserves a tattoo of its own. 

Illuminati Owl Tattoo

Illuminati Owl Tattoo 1
Illuminati Owl Tattoo 2
Illuminati Owl Tattoo 3

The illuminati is a mysterious organization that has been the center of a lot of controversies and speculations over the years. Some people believe that the illuminati is the reason why a particular set of people get all the success in the world. 

It is speculated that the members of the organization have sold their soul to the devil in exchange for power and success. The reliability of this information is quite obscene but the owl seems to play a central piece of the illuminati. In many of the artwork, they have seen which makes them a prime suspect. Many people who are intrigued by the illuminati are opting for the owl tattoo for this reason. 

Colorful Owl Tattoo

Colorful Owl Tattoo

Although owls are typically seen in one or two colors, the more colorful iteration of them is surely a delight to the eyes. The tapestry of colors in each segment of the body makes it something more than a creature. It becomes a symbol of freedom and peace. 

But always make sure that you opt for colors that make sense together. If you choose colors that don't go well together, the final outcome will be completely disastrous. 

Cool Owl Tattoo

Cool Owl Tattoo 1
Cool Owl Tattoo 2

Owl tattoos are considered to be cool and hip for all veneration. It's an artwork that never goes out of trend. The sophisticated lines along with the subtle use of colors really capture the vintage vibe. 

If you want to make the tattoo even more stylish then we suggest you incorporate some external elements such as guns or cigarettes into the mix. These are the things that the younger generation naturally deviates towards. Therefore, they will surely enhance the aesthetic of the tattoo. 

DreamCatcher Owl Tattoo

DreamCatcher Owl Tattoo 1
DreamCatcher Owl Tattoo 2
DreamCatcher Owl Tattoo 3

Dreamcatchers are a unique object that captures our most vivid dreams. They gently move with the gentle breeze as if our dreams are providing the energy for it. 

The mysticism of the dreamcatcher is perfectly accompanied by the owl. Rather than combining them together to make a behemoth of a tattoo, you should leave them separately. Another cool design is to illustrate the owl sitting on the dreamcatcher as if it is safeguarding our imagination. 

Evil Owl Tattoo

Evil Owl Tattoo

Owls have been associated with witchcraft since the dark ages. If you look at any movies involving wizardry or black magic, you will notice these creatures pertaining in the sorceries one way or another. 

There is not much you need to do to bring out the evilness of the owls. Owls in the natural vicinity themselves look like the harbinger of all sorts of evil spirits. Whenever you will look at them in the night, you will feel your heart pumping with fear. 

Japanese Owl Tattoo

Japanese Owl Tattoo 1
Japanese Owl Tattoo 2

The Japanese have respect for the owls because they believe they are the guardians of many of their sacred temples and monuments. Oftentimes, they are seen to sit on the top of these establishments with a keen eye open. 

It is considered that they refraid any sort of evil spirits away from the temples. Although the belief of them being a guardian has run in its course, the translation of it in tattoo form is still quite popular. 

White Owl Tattoo

White Owl Tattoo

The white owl is a unique species of owls which is usually found in the northern region where there is a heavy snowfall. Due to living in a cold condition, they have naturally grown to have a heavy feather with a white surface to keep them warm. 

Anything in white creates a sense of anticipation in us. The white owl tattoo is no different. Seeing the usual owl in white color makes us feel both calm and afraid simultaneously. 

Leg Owl Tattoo

Leg Owl Tattoo 1
Leg Owl Tattoo 2

This is quite a controversial tattoo choice because of a variety of reasons. The primary cause of the controversy is that many people believe depicting such a holy creature in the leg is offensive. 

Perhaps because of the controversies, the leg owl tattoo has gained so much popularity. Human beings always gravitate towards things that are commonly hated by most. Aside from the speculations, the owl tattoo in the leg dies looks quite sensual because there is enough space on there. 

Mandala Owl Tattoo

Mandala Owl Tattoo

Mandala designs are always alluring to witness. The labyrinth-like patterns along with bold colors in each of the curves is something truly a work of art. 

Many people confuse themselves by thinking where they should get the mandala artwork in the owl tattoo. The answer is quite simple. The wings of the owls have an ample amount of space to draw the mandala design. If that's too much for you then put the patterns in the background. 

Realistic Owl Tattoo

Realistic Owl Tattoo

Everything you need to know about this tattoo is in the name. You have to portray each of the owl's components as if it's a picture that is taken by a DSLR camera. 

 Shading is the number one thing you need to emphasize on. With proper shading, you can make the owl come to life. Furthermore, you should illustrate the edges in a much more dense color than the inner surface so that the tattoo appears a bit raw. 

Watercolor Owl Tattoo

Watercolor Owl Tattoo 1

Watercolor owl tattoos are a vivid representation of the usual creature that we see lurking in the darkness. Each of the components of the owl is agreed with the use of whimsical colors to bring out a festive vibe. 

There are some small elements around the owl such as the celestial moon and the stars that give much more depth to the imagery. Overall, the tattoo is absolutely adorable that will compel you to go inside the flesh and give it a warm hug. 

Wolf And Owl Tattoo

Wolf And Owl Tattoo 1
Wolf And Owl Tattoo 2
Wolf And Owl Tattoo 3

Although many would beg to differ, there is an uncanny resemblance between wolves and owls. The first aspect is that they have the same color in their outer surface.

 Moreover, both owls and wolves have narrowing faces with two beautiful eyes that seem to glow in the dark. Finally, these two creatures prefer to live in isolation rather than being in a group. Therefore, it is apparent that they are a match made in heaven. 


Finding concrete information about owl tattoos is like finding a needle in a haystack. It is incredibly arduous. We know just how frustrating it can get to find something useful. 

 That’s why, we have selected some of the most burning questions regarding owl tattoos to quench your thirst for knowledge. Give them a read. 

 Q: What Is The Best Owl For Tattoos? 

Ans: There are a wide variety of types. But perhaps the best owl for tattoos is undoubtedly the barn owl. Because of their distinct and bizarre facial features, they always leave a mark on the viewer. The subtle color on the plumage along with the tapestry of feathers throughout their body surely creates a beautiful tattoo. 

Q: Which Celebrity Has An Owl Tattoo? 

Ans: A lot of celebrities have the owl tattoo on their body canvas. If we start naming them all, this article will never end. The one name that even people living under the rock will know about is Justin Bieber. 

 This pop icon got an owl tattoo covering his entire forearm and it's quite jarring. In a recent interview, Bieber exclaimed his love for the tattoo. 

 Q: Where Should You Get The Owl Tattoo? 

Ans: You can get the owl tattoo anywhere you want. The best thing about tattooing is that you are not confined by the position. There are surely some unusual places that we won’t recommend you getting the owl tattoo such as the fingers or chest. 

The most popular place for getting a tattoo is either your forearm or your neck. Both of these places have incredible theatricality and sensuality which is perfect for such a majestic creature. 


We are slowly becoming a generation without any sort of aim. There is no ambition or passion that is burning inside of us. We follow others like sheep and keep on repeating the same stuff over and over again. In such times of distress, we are badly in need of a guardian, a navigator that can show us a path to better ourselves. 

The owl tattoo may not be the guardian we deserve but the one that we desperately need at the moment. The tattoo can be a stark reminder to become the best version of ourselves. Rather than sticking to a sedentary lifestyle, it's high time we followed a routine which will eventually lead us to success.

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