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83 Classic Initial Tattoo Ideas To Stay With You Till Eternity!

If you hop onto the internet and search for adjectives to describe someone, you will come across thousands of words with significant meaning. Each of these words indicates a virtue of human beings. While some of them can be hard to manifest in yourself, most of them are quite within your reach.

So why not attempt to grab them by their initials with this jarring design? When the initials of a particular virtue or people stay with you, you will think about them constantly. Even if you don’t want to, the tattoo will start affecting your brain and make your blood boil to achieve those characteristics or do something for the person.

Such is the power of these incredibly discreet tattoos. They are simple yet thought-provoking. If you have a particular goal in your life then get the initial of it etched in the realm of your body canvas. Soon, you will find yourself reaching your glory.

Elegant Yet Thoughtful Initial Tattoo Designs To Make A Statement

It's astonishing to visualize how such dainty designs can move someone to the core. Because of how simple and small they are, they are often misunderstood. People consider them to be pointless as the artwork can hardly be seen.

However, they don’t know the magical prowess each of these tattoos possesses. The artwork may be discreet but the symbolism behind them is astonishing. They transcend the borders of the human realm and go beyond infinity.

While most of the designs consist of the sole initials, you can opt to add some simple elements to make it more interesting. Love and infinity sign works best as they don’t scream for attention while adding depth to the design. Etching an initial tattoo requires very little work however, it's the simple things that tend to have the most issues. So, to give you a proper idea, here are some of the best initial tattoos that we could get our hands on.

Monochrome Blast With Essence: Dainty Initial S Tattoo


Initial S Tattoo 1
Initial S Tattoo 2

What's the first thing that lingers on the back of your head when you gaze upon this initial tattoo? It’s the beginning of Superman. When you get this dainty letter, you will feel like the caped crusader flying majestically in the bright sky.

There is a wide range of adjectives associated with the letter S. Perhaps, the most apparent one is strength. The manifestation of the letter in any corner of your anatomy can symbolize how much you seek strength in your life quite similar to the tulip tattoos.

Combination To Die For: Simple Initial Heart Design

Initial Heart Tattoo 1
Initial Heart Tattoo 2

Love is a dangerous notion. Either it can make a man complete or destroy him to the core. So, if you are dedicating this initial tattoo to someone close to your heart, think again. Do they truly deserve such recognition?

Aside from the tomfoolery, the discreet emblem is an amalgamation of a letter and the modern love symbol. While it can mean a lot of things, the contemporary representation indicates it to be a symbol of passion and love. So, get this one etched to your skin but be sure to pay attention to our previous heed.

Attached For Life: Detailed Ringer Finger Initial Tattoo

Ring Finger Initial Tattoo 1
Ring Finger Initial Tattoo 2

When you are truly committed to someone, you put a ring on them. So, if something or someone means much to you, you should get this small design to showcase your love to them.

The dimension of the fingers gives the design an aesthetic push. While the size is minuscule, the placement makes the tattoo shine bright on a dull day.

Loop Of Eternity: Geometric Infinity Tattoo With A Discreet Twist

Infinity Initial Tattoo 1
Infinity Initial Tattoo 2

If you are passionate about something, why only confine yourself in the realms of this universe? Let's extend the cause to infinity.

While the infinity symbol is quite discreet and often too simple, the aesthetic is elevated by incorporating all the colors of the rainbow. When the tattoo is done, the artwork will feel like it's a crystal derived from the inner portion of the rainbow itself.

Old Fashioned Notion: Initial D Tattoo With Blast Of Colors

Initial D Tattoo `1
Initial D Tattoo 2

Never, ever drive while listening to the Initial D playlist. The Eurobeat will make you bang your head aggressively and compel you to go as fast as possible. The same goes for the artwork.

For those oblivious to what we are talking about, Initial D is a racing anime that is high on doctrine. If you are an avid fan of street racing and can’t get enough of cars, this tattoo is a must for such crazy-minded people like you.

Monochrome Fantasy Becoming Reality: Elegant Initial Tattoo On Wrist

Initial Tattoo On Wrist

Many may assume the purpose of the initial tattoo. Some may question how such a dainty design can make such an impact on an individual's life.

Well, it's not the aesthetics, it's the symbolism that strikes a chord with someone. When you illustrate the initials of something you truly desire on your wrist, you will be able to see them at any point of the day. This will drive you to go into beast mode and achieve it by whatever means necessary.

Wonderful Exhibition Of Monochrome: Small Yet Hard Hitting Initial Tattoo

Small Initial Tattoo 1
Small Initial Tattoo 2

Most of the initial tattoos tiptoe on the lines of being small and microscopic. Perhaps, this one is on the latter end. The tattoo is so small that it can be hardly distinguishable by any outsiders.

However, the wearer will know of the existence and that’s what the purpose of the tattoo is. It serves as a motif of inspiration whilst not drawing too much attention.

Treasure Trove Of Secrets: Intricate Initial Tattoo With Bold Patterns

Hidden Initial Tattoo

There are very few people who desire to express their hidden desires and ambitions to the world. Most people tend to seclude themselves when it comes to the subject matter.

That’s why such tattoos have caused a frenzy among the teens. The intricate designs will keep your inner motive safe and sound from the evil eyes and malicious spirits of the world.

Curves Like A Dancing Ballerina: Subtle Initial J Tattoo

Initial J Tattoo

In this distressful world, there is only one character that you should encapsulate to survive and that is none other than Jokers. We are not glorifying the horrible acts of his but rather shed light on his emotional traits.

His ability to laugh in the face of dire situations is a virtue that you need to obtain. Life is rough nowadays and things will often go astray. Having the J initial will make you smile even on the most morose days.

Intense Display Of Passion: Discreet Initial Tattoo Behind The Ear

Initial Tattoo Behind the Ear

You may brand us to be hypocrites after this one. In this world of polygamous relationships, people’s emotions change within seconds. You may have feelings for someone in the first hour and then fall for another in the next.

Having the tattoo behind the ear is a safe option because no one can know the existence of the artwork other than you. So, if you have a change of mind, the tattoo won’t be much of a problem.

Wings Of Whimsicality: Vivid Butterfly Initial Tattoo

Butterfly Initial Tattoo

Personal emblems such as initials deserve a discreet companion such as a butterfly. The whimsical wings complement the monochrome of the letter beautifully.

It's quite wonderful to see how the attachment of a single totem can change the aesthetics of the tattoo so much. If you wish to witness such a tremendous feat then what are you waiting for?

Bend It Like Beckham: Cursive Initial M Tattoo With Contortion

Initial M Tattoo

All the mightiest of adjectives belong to the letter M. Wait, even the word might have M at the start. So, you can understand just how significant the M initial tattoo truly is.

The tattoo is often combined with a small love shape to make it more symbolic. The amalgamation represents just how dedicated you are to obtaining the virtues and traits related to the M Symbol.

Rainbow Meets Darkness: Stylish Initial C Tattoo

Initial C Tattoo

In this universe, innocence and naivety are valued very little. If you are not cunning and charming to others, you will not go far away in life.

While this may be disheartening for all the good souls out there, this is the truth of the modern world. So, break out of that mold of yours and encapsulate the spirit of charm and coyness with this incredible tattoo. The world is in your footsteps.

Transcending Beyond The Borders: Stunning Initial B Tattoo With Elegant Waves

Initial B Tattoo

Let’s get to the symbolism of the letter in just a moment. First of all, let's appreciate just how magnificent the letter B truly is. From the insane curves to the compartmentalization of two objects, everything about it is fantastic to look at.

Even the traits that the letter symbolizes are quite wonderful. The monochrome representation of the B initial depicts how bold and brave you are. Your courage is so out of the limit that you fear no one.

Initial T Tattoo Evolution: From Monochrome To Majestic Glow

Initial T Tattoo

The initial T is a bit mundane; don’t you think? The letter just consists of two straight lines meeting at a particular point.

So, let's up the notch, shall we? You can opt to enhance the drama by illustrating a small circle-like shape around the letter. You can even add a simple heart shape just beneath the initial to make the artwork more subtle.

Radiance Of Exclusivity: Simple Crown Tattoo With Shiny Jewels

Initial with Crown Tattoo 1
Initial with Crown Tattoo 2

Inferiority is a trait that can suffer even the proudest of souls. Because of the ridiculous conformities of society, many of us lose our confidence.

So, what can be done to mitigate this issue? Well, you can get a simple crown tattoo. The sparkly artwork is bound to make you feel like a king amidst all the mortals. After getting the tattoo, your confidence will immediately elevate and you will start to feel like a new human being.

Flame Of Love: Vintage Couple Initial Tattoo

Couple Initial Tattoo

There's nothing better than to commemorate your love for each other by getting a couple of initial tattoos. Then, nothing will be able to make you apart.

The tattoo only features the initial of your loved one in a standard font. While the artwork is simple, the message and emotion behind it are endless. Through this tattoo, your love and passion for each other will stay alive for eternity.

Splashes Of Hues: Vibrant Watercolor Initial Tattoo With A Hidden Meaning

Watercolor Initial Tattoo 1
Watercolor Initial Tattoo 2

It's good to end things on a colorful note. This artwork uses splashes of whimsical hues on a confined place of your body. While the initial stays the same, the vibrant display of colors makes the tattoo feel alive.

Monochrome designs are so discreet sometimes that they fail to express the emotion of the wearer. A little bit of watercolor can go a long way into making a solid picture full of inspiration.


Folks, hold up. Were you thinking of quitting the article after reading the designs? We have more in store for you.

Only for you, we have two amazing questions and their answers in store. Give them a solid read and get back to us when you can. Comprende?

Q: Can Initial Tattoos Be Extravagant?

Ans: They can be if you want. But it completely fails the purpose. Initial tattoos are meant to be personal emblems, not artworks to showcase to other people.

Just think for a second that you have a gigantic initial tattoo on your back. Can you imagine how horrendous it would look? So, it's best to stick to the original version.

Q: Can You Incorporate Secondary Symbols In The Initial Tattoos?

Ans: Sure. But make sure that the symbols don’t take away the attention from the letter. You want the letter to be the star. If you incorporate too many shapes and symbols then the initial won’t be visible anymore. So, keep this in mind.


In the conclusion section, we usually summarize the entire tattoo design with a couple of paragraphs. However, for the initial tattoo, we are going to try something different. We will reflect on the two most important reasons why you should get the tattoo.

The first one is quite obvious. The tattoo is hard-hitting. Just the initial will inspire you when you are feeling down. Seeing the tattoo all the time will drive you to pursue your goals. The most important reason is how easy it is to showcase or conceal the tattoo. If you have a change of mind, you can easily hide it from others or get a new one on top of it. So, what are you waiting for? Get this tattoo and witness how your life changes.

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