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72 Majestic Angel Wing Tattoos To Explore The Unknown

Ever since our childhood, we were told about the angels and the demons. The angels are a holy entity that works as a messenger of god whereas the devil brings chaos in the world. We always rooted for the angels because of how noble they were. They always helped people and protected them from the shackles of the devil. 

This belief has translated into the tattoo world progressively. People are going into a frenzy on getting the angel wing tattoo. Not everyone gets the tattoo for the religious message. Most people opt for the design because of how cool it looks on the body canvas. 

The thousand feathers on the wings appear as eyes that are holding secrets. The sharp edges of the wings gives the tattoo a shiny feeling as if the wings are made of diamonds or a material even more precious than that. 

Each aspect of the angel wing culminates into making an awesome tattoo design. So, today we are going to learn everything there is to know about the angel wing tattoos. Let's embark on the journey together. 

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Angel Wing Tattoos: The Hidden Meaning Behind Them

Angel wings tattoo meaning

In modern pop culture, the interpretation of the angel wing has taken a drastic shift. Movie directors are making up their own meanings to sell their movies. Book artists are creating their own vivid iterations of the angel wings to make up scenarios. 

Therefore, the original meaning and symbolism of the tattoo is becoming more and more obscure. That’s why, we are gathered here today to shed some light on the true meanings and emotions that the angel wing tattoos portray. 

The Guardian Of Mankind

Angels have been protecting mankind since the inception of the universe. These celestial entities possess immense strength which they often used to safeguard the mortals. 

If you look at some prehistoric drawings and carvings in the ruins, you will see angel-like creatures protecting men with their wings. The wings are thought to work as a shield that can deflect any kind of incoming attacks. That’s why people believe that when you get the tattoo, it will be a silent guardian that will keep a watchful eye on you. 

A Symbol Of Resilience

The angels have seen their fair share of misery over the centuries. But they never gave up. Their wings were fractured. Many of the feathers were worn off. But still, they persisted. 

There were occurance of gods even stripping angels of their wings as a punishment.  But did they stop doing their objectives? No, they kept on moving forward even with the suffering. This teaches us a very important lesson that we shouldnt get depressed over anything. Life will throw stones at you. You just need to keep a happy face and grind harder.

How Angel Wings Became An Emblem For Oppressed Souls

Although we preach for open discussions and equality, there are a large number of people who are oppressed. It's as if society has taped their mouth with an invincible paper that enables them to voice their opinion. 

The minorities are becoming more and more secluded. The world seems like it's made for only a certain class of people. The angel wings are a symbol of these oppressed people. With the tattoo, they can convey their desires and aspirations which they can’t with their voices. The tattoo has become a beacon of hope for them. 

Getting In Touch With Spirituality

With the current addiction of ours to screens, we are staying further and further away from our consciousness to the point we don’t even know what we want to do in our life. 

For this hopeless age of ours, the angel wing tattoo can be our navigator. The tattoo will guide us into finding the true meaning of life. 

Stylish Angel Wing Tattoo Designs For All Ages

Angel wing tattoos have become an emblem for religious extravagance. With immense artistry and colors, we can portray a tattoo that will exude a spiritual energy from within. 

There are many kinds of designs available. The trick is to find the one that fits your personality the most. Some prefer to leave the angel wing as it is while others opt for mixing the symbol with some other religious elements. The choice is yours.  

Small Angel Wing Tattoo

Small angel wings tattoo

There is a frequent misconception in the tattooing realm that bigger is better. Tattoo artists compete with each other on who can make their tattoo look more over the top. But this can completely defeat the purpose of a tattoo. 

 A tattoo represents the wearer's personal beliefs and personality. Although it is definitely illustrated to showcase it to the world and help enhance the style of the water, it is mainly done so that the weather can find peace and solace. 

That's why rather than getting a humongous tattoo, you should opt for something a bit more minuscule. The small angel wing tattoo will still protect you from the evil entities irrespective of the size. The best place to get the tattoo is undoubtedly the wrist where you can see it at all times. 

Angel Wing Forearm Tattoo

Angel Wing Forearm Tattoo

Forearm tattoos are for the courageous people out there who are not shy to exhibit their beliefs and emotions to the entire world. With intricate patterns and raw colors, the wearer can depict a myriad of symbolism that will have anybody. 

Mainly, people opt for the black and white color palette instead of the colorful one for the case of angel wing tattoos. The black color accurately conjures the depth of the angel wing. It portrays that the wearer is not a conformist. They want to be independent just like the angels. 

Shading is your number one priority. You should pick a deep black color to shade the edges to give the tattoo an overall realistic look.

Angel Wing Neck Tattoo

Angel Wing Neck Tattoo

Your neck is one of the most sensual places in the whole body. Getting an angel wing tattoo further enhances the sensuality to a whole new level to the point that you don't look human anymore. With the tattoo, you look like a celestial entity that has descended from the heavens to bless mankind. 

You should always go for the double wing tattoo if you are choosing to get the tattoo in the neck. It has the right amount of symmetry that will truly encapsulate the essence of the double wings. 

The inner feathers of the wings can be a bit tricky to draw. A good rule of thumb is to make them as spiky as possible so that the errors in the drawing are difficult to distinguish.

Angel Wing Wrist Tattoo

Angel Wing Wrist Tattoo

Your wrist has a celestial vibe to it. It looks like the creator has taken his fair share of time in constructing this delicate part of the human anatomy. Whenever you look at the wrist, you feel like it's a cavern for festivals and rituals to bring out the angels from the skies. 

Therefore, it's only fair to draw an angel wing tattoo on the wrist. A wide variety of styles goes well with the wrist. Perhaps the most alluring one is the combination of double wings with floral patterns. 

Floral patterns always bring out an earthy vibe in the tattoo. A blend of these components will portray a deep connection of spirituality and nature that will twist the very fabric of reality. 

Angel Wings And Halo Tattoo

Angel Wings And Halo Tattoo

The halo has been interpreted in a number of different ways. In pop culture, whenever a character dies, the halo appears on top of their head. It's a glowy circle that kind of resembles the sun. 

But if we dig up the history, we can realize that the halo is supposed to be a sign of holiness. The sign only appears on top of someone's head when they have earned it. It's kind of like the hammer of thor.

If you also want to embark on a journey of spirituality and replenish your holiness, this tattoo is just for you. A cool idea is to incorporate some stars in the tattoo to bring out that outer world vibe. 

Angel Wing Tattoo on Arm

Angel Wing Tattoo on Arm

The angel wing tattoo on the arm truly encapsulated the message and symbolism of the sign. It plays more as a statement than as imagery. Etched with your flesh and blood, the tattoo commemorates an ethereal depth that can't be found anywhere else. 

Arm tattoos always need to be fancy. They have to be something that stands out among the rest. That's why, you shouldnt onyl illustrate the angel wing as it is. Including a heart into the mix can make the tattoo look far better. It will feel like that the tattoo truly connects with you on a cerebral level.

As for the colors, you should ink the feathers with a black hue and for the heart, you should opt for a whimsical color. The mixture of these two will create a tattoo to die for.

Devil And Angel Wing Tattoo

Devil And Angel Wing Tattoo 1
Devil And Angel Wing Tattoo 2

Since the inception of mankind, there have been two entities that revolve around the world. One is pure evil while the other is the embodiment of everything that is good. The two beings depict the duality of mankind. 

This kind of concept where two conflicting aspects collide with each other is very popular in the art world. The culmination of two polar opposite things make a behemoth of a design that is almost incomprehensible. 

The devil and the angel wing tattoo will be a visual that can be interpreted in a myriad of ways. It can be portrayed to symbolize that the good always overpowers the bad. It can also work as a reminder that both good and evil exist in the world tmand wearer has to maintain their moral compass from time to time. 

Angel Wing Back Tattoo

Angel Wing Back Tattoo

With the vast area of the back, you can easily illustrate a jarring angel wing tattoo. This tattoo needs to be a bit more flamboyant compared to the other tattoos we talked about as minimalistic tattoo designs don't work on the back.

It is observed that the angels have wings branching from the shoulder plates of their back. Therefore, when you will get the tattoo you will feel like you have two majestic wings protruding from your back as well. You will wish to leave your mundane life behind and fly away to the divine world.

The feathers are the most magical part of the angelic wing tattoo. It looks like a tapestry of human eyes staring right at your soul. The tattoo will be a true testament to your rebellious nature.

Angel Wing Tattoo on Hand

Angel Wing Tattoo on Hand 1
Angel Wing Tattoo on Hand 2

Any tattoo on the hand feels like you are the one in complete control over it. The tattoo will only do your bidding. If you get an angel wing tattoo on the hand then the celestial entities themselves will be in control of you.

This type of concept may seem comical but it has quite a bit of significance in a person's life. When you have the imagery of an angel wing on your hand then you will feel a sudden surge of confidence within you. You have the ethereal angel wing in the palm of your hand. Therefore, you can do anything you want. 

This type of confidence is severely needed in today's world where the young generation are becoming more and more depressed. The tattato will work as a reminder to encourage you every step of the way. 

Fallen Angel Wings Tattoo

Fallen Angel Wings Tattoo 1
Fallen Angel Wings Tattoo 2

In each of our lives, there is a moment that shatters us from our core. It can be the death of a loved one or a financial loss that can never be recovered. Although as bad as it seems, the moment teaches us a valuable lesson in life. The fallen angel wings tattoo symbolizes that dark period of your life with vivid inks and ethereal patterns. 

As we know that the main purpose of the angels is to deliver a message from the gods. They also safeguards human beings from the evil spirits. You can say that they have a lot on their shoulders. Sometimes during battle, their wings fall from their shoulders. 

But it doesn’t mean that they are extinguished for good. The angels are only tarnished for a brief period of time and they bounce back as hard as ever. The fallen angel wings tattoo tells this inspiring story of fighting back against all odds. 

Angel Wing Tattoo on Shoulder Blade

Angel Wing Tattoo on Shoulder Blade

Angel wing tattoo on the shoulder blade is the ideal choice as historically it is seen that angels have the wings in the shoulder blade. With numerous feathers peeking from the feather, the tattoo creates a mysterious feeling in whoeger views it. 

Rather than getting the double wing, you should opt for the single wing tattoo. It will create a clear image that is soothing to the eyes. 

Some people think of incorporating external elements into the tattoo such as cross or bible verse. But this only consulates the whole imagery. You want your tattoo to be concise and coherent. 

Heart With Angel Wing Tattoo

Heart With Angel Wing Tattoo

Our hearts are wretched little structures that can't be controlled. No matter how much you try to make it understand, it will keep on roaming into unfamiliar territories and falling for people.

To symbolize the erratic nature of our hearts, there isn't a better tattoo design than the angel wing tattoo. It will portray that your heart cannot be shackled. It will fly wherever it wants, explore unknown things and fall in love with the prettiest souls. 

The biological structure of the heart is quite complex. But the modern representation of it is simple with geometric shapes blending into one. All you need to do is illustrate two tiny wings from two sides and voila. 

Broken Angel Wings Tattoo

Broken Angel Wings Tattoo 1
Broken Angel Wings Tattoo 2

We think of the angels as an entity that is indestructible. No harm can touch them. But that is not true. The angels are quite prone to injury. Oftentimes, their wings get fractured. 

The broken wings symbolize the resilience and perseverance of the angels. Even with shattered wings, they keep on performing their duty. 

When you get the tattoo, you will also find strength in the scars of the angel wings. The tattoo will whisper to you about keep on moving forward. Your inner spirit will rekindle.

Angel Wing Tattoos For Females

Angel Wing Tattoos For Females

The angel wing tattoo goes exceptionally well with the sensual body of the females. It brings out an angelic vibe in them that makes them appear as goddesses. 

The female body is full of sensual curves which when paired with the angel wing tattoo can truly be a masterpiece. These adornments will accentuate their sensuality into new heights. 

The best place to get the tattoo is definitely the back where you can have enough space. A small or minimalistic tattoo doesn't portray the magnificence that well. A tattoo covering quite a bit of area with alluring and glowing aesthetics will surely make you someone to kneel to. 

Tribal Angel Wings Tattoo

Tribal Angel Wings Tattoo

This tattoo design is an uncanny combination of the divine and the nature. In theory, these concepts shouldny work well together. But they seem to blend amazingly when translated into tattoo form. 

The belief in angels and demons had started quite a while ago. Many aztec and mayan tribes believed that the angels delivered them the necessities for survival. 

So, there is an obvious relationship between them. The angel wing tattoo created a bridge between rich cultures and the ethereal realm. The tattoo looks more like a timeline from ancient history to the futuristic spirit world.

Angel Wing Tattoo Behind The Ear

Angel Wing Tattoo Behind The Ear

Want to be the omnipotent figure that can hear everything around you? Then this is the tattoo for you. 

Can you imagine just how easy your life would be if you could listen to everyone's deep thoughts? You can know the deepest and darkest secrets of men and utilize them in your favor. This may sound a bit malicious but such power can truly make yourself invincible. 

But before jumping to get the angel wing tattoo behind the ear, you should talk to a professional. These kinds of tattoos are immensely painful. So, you need to take quite a few precautions. 

Cross With Angel Wing Tattoo

Cross With Angel Wing Tattoo 1
Cross With Angel Wing Tattoo 2

The tattoo of an angel wing on a cross is a true piece of art that amplifies the religious and spiritual significance. 

We all know the story of how Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for our sins. He prayed for the people, wishing them nothing but good fortune, even in the midst of excruciating pain. It is believed that the angels offered him hope throughout those circumstances. 

In one illustration, Jesus' face is shown to be illuminated by a ray of light emanating from the angels' wings while he is being crucified. 

Therefore, it's quite apparent that the Jesus and angel wings have a deep connection. To convey the rawness, the tattoo makes extensive use of shades and dark colors. The tattoo has a great deal of depth since it shows how much Jesus loves us and how comforting angels are to us. 

Angel Wing Tattoo With Name

Angel Wing Tattoo With Name 1
Angel Wing Tattoo With Name 2

Angel wing tattoos make an amazing memorial tattoo. It can be for your loved one that you wish to stay beside you forever or for someone that has recently passed away. 

The angel wing makes them immortal in your body canvas. With the divine power of the wings, they will be reborn on your skin. With each heartbeat, you will feel them whispering to you.

There isn't much to talk about the design of the tattoo. All you need to do is create a phenomenal angel wing and include the name just on front or beside the wing. Rather than using a corporate font, you should opt for something a bit cursive. It will make the tattoo look more vintage. 

Angel Wing Chest Tattoo

Angel Wing Chest Tattoo

Tattoos on the chest are always intimate. You will be demonstrating your extreme devotion to your religious beliefs when you get an angel wing tattoo. 

We become more and more disengaged from religion in our modern world. We make fun of anyone who attempts to practice it, even to the point where they give up. Being in touch with your religious side can cause you a lot of distress during these difficult times. 

Having an angel wing tattoo indicates that you're not scared to publicly display your religious beliefs. You deeply respect it and want to embark on a journey for spiritual enlightenment. 

Butterfly And Angel Wing Tattoo

Butterfly And Angel Wing Tattoo

Angels and butterflies both have wings. The wings of butterflies are completely smooth, with intricate designs like labyrinths made of many fine lines and hues. Angels, on the other hand, have wings that resemble three dimensions and protrude thousands of feathers, giving them a very holy and auspicious appearance. 

These two comparable things combined create an eye-catching tattoo design. You should leave the two images exactly as they are, rather than combining them. 

When it comes to color, you should choose to fully color the butterfly and give the angel wing a dark black tint. It will produce a striking contrast that is captivating to observe.

Angel Wings Finger Tattoo

Angel Wings Finger Tattoo 1
Angel Wings Finger Tattoo 2

The finger tattoo is certainly one of the most niche styles of tattooing. This is mainly because of how quickly the tattoo fades away. Your fingers are the most exposed part of your body. Frequent contact with different surfaces make the tattoo more and more obscure. 

But still people opt for the finger tattoo because of its unique appearance. They may be small but they can pack quite a punch when it comes to angel wings tattoo. 

Another reason for choosing this tattoo is the fact that you can hide and showcase the tattoo at any moment you want. This is a function many positions in your body doesn't offer. 

Realistic Angel Wing Tattoo

Realistic Angel Wing Tattoo

Realistic angel wing tattoo is truly something else. It looks more like a picture that has been taken with the most high resolution camera. Each portion of the angel wing just feels like it's trying to come out of your skin.

As you can guess, illustrating this type of tattoo can be quite arduous with multiple sessions. But the end result will surely be worth all the endurance and suffering. Everyone will get awestruck when they see the tattoo. 

A good rule of thumb is to include a jatting background that will help in enhancing the aesthetics of the tattoo. Simple clouds or a mountain can look utterly magnificent in the background.

Watercolor Angel Wings Tattoo

Watercolor Angel Wings Tattoo 1
Watercolor Angel Wings Tattoo 2

Watercolors create a vivid image inside your body canvas. It feels like the tattoo has descended from heaven itself. 

If you are opting for the watercolor angel wings tattoo then you should put special emphasis on the feathers. Making them as colorful as possible will bring out a festive vibe. 

Rather than illustrating the wing as it is, you should try to put yourself in the tattoo. Depending on your personality, you can depict a number of different styles that will resonate with you.

Mind Blowing Facts About The Angel Wing Tattoos That Will Shock You

In an intriguing survey conducted among 7,000 users, we have found that the most popular design is the broken angel wings tattoo. This tattoo design had the highest search volume of 25.9 thousand searches. On the contrary, the cross with angel wing tattoo had the lowest search volume of approximately 30 thousand searches. It seems like people are gravitating more towards tattoos with floral patterns. 

In another study of ours, we found that people from the age group of 46-55 gravitate more towards getting the angel wing tattoo compared to the older demographics. The percentage of people getting the angel wing tattoo was just under 70 percent for the age group of 46-55 whereas the percentage was lowest for the age group of 15-25 with less than 5 percent. The younger demographic seems less interested in embracing the spiritual side of theirs. 

Our final study wanted to figure out which is the most popular place for getting the angel wing tattoo among netizens. Our findings suggest that the most popular place is undoubtedly the neck with 22.5% votes whereas the least popular place is the finger with only 4.5% votes.


The tabloid journalists in the current era are the worst of people existing in this world. They just want to gather hit news by creating controversies with their vague speculations. If you are seeking information regarding the angel wing tattoo, you will get bombarded with unreliable data and charts by them that don’t make any sense. 

That’s why, we have some important questions pertaining to the angel wing tattoo that will surely pique your interest. Give them a quick read. 

Q: Do Angel Wing Tattoos Protect You? 

Ans: There is no sort of tattoo that has magical powers. Any tattoo artist that claims otherwise wants to sell their tattoo spreading rumors. So, you should be careful. The angel wing tattoos are surely a sign of holiness and spirituality. They can work as a stark reminder for leading a life of goodness. But they do not possess any ability to safeguard you.

Q: Are Angel Wings Good As Memorial Tattoos? 

Ans: They are absolutely phenomenal memorial tattoos. With the conglomeration of feathers, your loved one that has passed away will stay with you forever. Within your flesh, they will keep on being your guardian. 

Q: What Color Goes Best In An Angel Wing Tattoo? 

Ans: There is no confinement when it comes to an angel wing tattoo. You can illustrate the tattoo in any color you want. But our recommendation is to get the tattoo in a black color with high saturation. It will encapsulate the inner symbolism of the tattoo and enhance the depth of it much better. 


The angel wing isn't just a piece of artwork. It's a way of life. It teaches us the virtues of resilience. In a troubled generation of ours, the angel wing tattoo is just what we need. 

The artistic imagery with bold highlights conveys a deep message that we should never give up. The road may get bumpy. Rough stones can cut our feets severely. 

But we just need to move on until we reach our destination just like the angels do their job despite the sufferenings. The tattoo is a beautiful piece of art that will surely resonate with each and every person of the world.

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