57 Alluring 3 Cross Tattoo Ideas To Look Stylish In 2024

57 Alluring 3 Cross Tattoo Ideas To Look Stylish In 2024

There is a general consensus among many people that a tattoo has to be full of intricate designs and flamboyant colors. But this is a fabricated concept. The true purpose of a tattoo is to symbolize the wearers belief and personality which can act as a reminder. There is nothing better than a 3 cross tattoo that will act as a statement for the rest of your life. 

Rather than the graphic, this kind of tattoo heavily emphasizes on the message. If you want to showcase your devotion to your religion, the 3 cross tattoo will perfectly display your beliefs. The holy and auspicious symbol will act as an protector keeping you safe from the evil entities that dwell in the human surface. 

The interpretations of the 3 cross tattoos are endless. Apart from its religious connotation, the tattoo also symbolizes the wearers journey with the ups and downs of their life. The beautiful tattoo can work in a myriad of ways. Today, we are going to talk about everything there is to know about the tattoo so that you have no doubts left at the end of this article. 

The Passion Of The 3 Cross Tattoos: The Inspiring Meaning Behind Them

Three cross tattoo meaning

Even after all these years, Jesus Christ is one of the most popular figures in the world. If you don’t believe us, you can just google it. People still to this day wholeheartedly believe about the sacrifices of the son of god. The 3 cross tattoo commemorates this belief and further intensifies it with contemporary elements. 

In recent times, the meaning of the tattoo has seen a bit of shift. Younger demographic is interpreting the tattoo in their own unique ways. So, without further ado, let's look at some of the most interesting meanings and symbolism of the 3 cross tattoos. 

The Concept Of Holy Trinity

As the name suggests, the 3 cross tattoo symbolizes three emotions in a combined manner. The best representation of the three crosses is the mixture of faith, love and hope. Can you imagine a world without these emotions? The world will be a disgusting and rotten place with nothing good on it. 

These emotions make our world a place worth living in. With the three cross tattoo, you will always feel these emotions running in you and the tattoo will compel you to deviate into any sort of malicious intentions. 

Getting In Touch With The Inner Conscious

With our monotonous work life schedule, we are gravitating more towards a personality that is twisted by the modern trends. Rather than embracing our true nature, we are mindlessly following what is hip currently. 

Although this may seem unalarming, this type of mindset is slowly poisoning our soul. We are gradually forgetting about our roots. When was the last time you stopped for a second and talked to your inner self? 

The 3 cross tattoo will assist you in exploring your true personality. You will be able to journey in divinity and talk with that inner consciousness. You will not be afraid anymore to show your beliefs and follow your passions. 

Sacrifice And The Faith In Humanity

When was the last time you sacrificed something for the other person? We are becoming so self absorbed that we cant even spare a minute to help anyone else. 

On the other hand, there was Jesus Christ who sacrificed himself because of our sins. The 3 cross tattoo conveys the graphic of the crucifixion of Jesus along with two other thieves. The tattoo reminds us to get in touch with our humane side and try to help others. We should always follow the footsteps of Jesus christ. It's the only good way to live life. 

Finding Balance In Life

The horizontal representation of three crosses where each of the crosses is equal in shape conveys the concept that there should be a balance in all things in life. If you mindlessly go after one thing while disregarding everything else, it will only push you to your doom.

For a happy and prosperous life, there should be equal bits of work, religion and family. Only then, you will be able to find the true meaning of life. This interpretation is resonating more with the younger demographic as we can see in the graph below.   

Hypnotizing Three Cross Tattoo Ideas To Get Inked In 2024

There are a wide variation of styles and shapes when it comes to 3 cross tattoos. Each of them have their own interpretations.  One of the most popular concepts is the combination of the lion and the three cross symbols. 

Perhaps the mixture of courage and sacrifice is drawing the attention of people. There are also some other styles such as the dove with 3 crosses and the floral tattoo that you can think of getting. Whatever the design is, you need to make sure that the tattoo portrays the essence of the three crosses perfectly.

3 Cross Neck Tattoo

3 Cross Neck Tattoo 1
3 Cross Neck Tattoo 2

Neck tattoos are for those who are still a bit dubious about the concept and want to experiment things at first. For the neck tattoo, you don't have to endure a lot of pain nor sit for hours. It's a quick, hasslefree tattoo that will convey the same message as any other large and intricate design. 

Your neck is a sensual place. You will often see in movies and tv shows that whenever someone wants to seduce their significant other, they play with their neck. Now imagine just how densual your neck will look when there is a 3 cross symbol there. 

The rule of thumb is to illustrate the tattoo using only black and white colors. But don't let us stop you from exploring other options. Let your imagination take you to the most unbelievable design that has still not been birthed in the world.

3 Cross Tattoo on Forearm

3 Cross Tattoo on Forearm

Forearm tattoos always look incredibly aesthetic. The jarring patterns along with the alluring colors really come together when they are put in the forearm.

Furthermore, the forearm tattoo symbolizes that you are really committed to the cause. It means that you are not afraid to showcase your beliefs and spirituality to the entire world. 

There is a wide range of designs available that you can choose to get in the forearm. One of the most phenomenal designs is the incorporation of dove, roses and three crosses. The three crosses are in the behind of the other two elements working more as a background. It gives off a meaning that the crosses are radiating an energy that is floursing all the life forces.

3 Cross Tattoo on Chest

3 Cross Tattoo on Chest 1
3 Cross Tattoo on Chest 2

The tattoo on your chest run represents that you are fully committed to the belief. There is nothing in the world that contaminates your passion for your spirituality. 

For the chest tattoo, you don't need to include any external elements. The illustration of the 3 crosses alone are more than enough to portray an incredible artwork. There are some artists who prefer to color the tattoo with red and green.

But nothing beats the black hues. You have to remember that the three crosses aren't a child’s symbol. It's a sign of great value and importance which can only be depicted using raw black color.

3 Cross Tattoo Behind The Ear

3 Cross Tattoo Behind The Ear

This is a tattoo choice that needs a bit of preplanning. The first thing is that you don't have much space behind the ear. 

So if you are thinking of an over the top, giant design, you need to get it off your mind. A simple, minimalistic design should be the one you should select. The next thing is that you can't draw the crosses beside each other as you don't have enough space. 

Therefore, you should draw horizontally one after the other. The tattoo will have the same significance as the other counterparts.

Three Cross Sleeve Tattoo

Three Cross Sleeve Tattoo

If you are packing a bit of muscle in your sleeves then this is the perfect choice for you. When you apply pressure, the tattoo will get stretched out. Whenever you release the tension, the tattoo will return to its original shape. How magical is that!

Apart from such motion dynamics, the sleeve has the ideal appearance to portray a three cross. It has the right amount of proportionality to depict the significance of the symbol. 

As for the colors, you should always opt for the monochromatic color scheme. This is a no brainer. Including unnecessary colors will only make the tattoo look messy.

Dove With Three Cross Tattoo

Dove With Three Cross Tattoo 1
Dove With Three Cross Tattoo 2

The dove is a symbol of peace whereas the three crosses represent sacrifice and devotion. The combination of these two elements create something truly unique. 

One of the mesmerizing aspects about this tattoo is that the dove looks like it is controlled by the cross. The entire tattoo looks as if the crosses are pulling the strings from behind. 

Special emphasis needs to be given to the dove. Each component of it from the blazing eyes to the gentle wings need to be drawn to perfection. Minimalistic approach won't work here so you should go all out.

Small Three Cross Tattoo

Small Three Cross Tattoo

The best thing about this tattoo is that you can fit it anywhere you want irrespective of the size. From the neck to the space on your shoulder blades, the tattoo will look no matter where. 

Although there are flamboyant versions of the three cross, in its rudimentary form, the structure of the cross is quite straightforward. All you need to do is illustrate three crosses in a vertical or horizontal shape and voila.

A cool trick is to dilute the colors with your finger so that it mixes well with your skin. It needs to blend so well that you can't even differentiate which is the tattoo and which is your skin.

Lion And Three Cross Tattoo

Lion And Three Cross Tattoo

This is arguably one of the most trending designs on our list. The menacing look of the lion perfectly complements the ominous appearance  of the cross making an amazing tattoo design.

Both of these elements are quite strong and they each hold a position on their own. Therefore, rather than combining the two into making a behemoth, you should leave them as they are. You should illustrate both the lion and the cross separately. 

Using whimsical colors can deviate the viewer into thinking something else. That's why, it's better to color the whole tattoo with a deep black ink. You always need to emphasize the outline as it would make the tattoo appear more realistic.

Floral Three Cross Tattoo

Floral Three Cross Tattoo

You cannot go wrong with floral designs.  The deep layering appearance of each flower gives the overall tattoo an earthy vibe. The soothing petals makes it look like the tattoo is moving with a gentle breeze. 

One of the best places you can get the floral 3 cross tattoo is on your back where you have ample amount of space to express your imagination. Butterflies always complement the flowers so you should include it. 

For this tattoo, you should also illustrate the crosses in the back illuminating an appearance that the crosses are guardians of all things. They are protecting each element from the evil spirits. 

3 Cross Tattoo on Back

3 Cross Tattoo on Back

Your back has an amazing structure with two shoulder blades working similar to two mountains. It feels like a barren wasteland with no signs of life anywhere. 

For your back, you have to shoe off a little bit. You should get a grandiose tattoo with blazing dotworks and hyper realistic appearance that will make everyone feel flabbergasted. Black color works the best as it brings out an artistic vibe to the tattoo. 

Rather than getting the vertical style, you should opt for the horizontal style as it resonates more with the current trends. Incorporation of some contemporary elements is always a bonus as it enhances the aesthetics of the tattoo.

3 Cross Tattoo With Bible Verse

3 Cross Tattoo With Bible Verse

You may be wondering why you should include verses on a tattoo. Doesn't that beat the purpose of a tattoo? Well, that may be true for other kinds of tattoos. But for the cross 3 cross tattoo, bible verses work just fine. 

There are many enlightening verses throughout the bible that teaches a variety of lessons in life. You should fix one that resonates with and expresses your deepest emotions and desires. 

Rather than just illustrating the verse on the corner of the tattoo, you should make an entire continent with the verses. This will highlight the magnitude and the significance of the bible to the viewers.

3 Cross Tattoo on Leg

3 Cross Tattoo on Leg

This one on our list is a bit controversial to say the least. Perhaps that's why it has become so popular. The young generation wants to look edgy and cool. Therefore, they always try to push the boundaries to the point that the artwork is offensive. 

The reason behind the controversy is that many people claim that having such a holy symbol on the leg is a disgrace to the sacrifice of the jesus. Well, the concept of leg not being a suitable place for the 3 cross tattoo is completely ludacricious. 

There is no auspicious place in your body. Each of them have the same depth and significance. Therefore, you can surely choose a jarring tattoo design. Monochromatic color schemes are the way to go as it can portray the rawness of the 3 crosses more accurately.

Interesting Stats About 3 Cross Tattoo

In our survey conducted among 2000 users, it is found that people from the age group of 15-25 gravitate more towards getting the 3 cross tattoo compared to the older demographics. The percentage of people getting the 3 cross tattoo was approximately 55 percent for the age group of 15-25 whereas the percentage was lowest for the age group of 56-65 with just 5 percent. 

In another of our surveys, we tried to estimate just how popular each of the designs were on the internet. We found out that the lion and 3 cross tattoo had the highest search volume of 100 thousand searches whereas the lowest but still significant was for the small 3 cross tattoo with nearly 65 thousand searches.


There are a lot of speculations and controversies circulating on the internet about the 3 cross tattoos. You can easily get confused by them. That's why you need a place where you can get the most reliable information regarding the 3 cross tattoos. That's why, we have compiled this list of questions that will give you a general idea about them.

Q: Are 3 Cross Tattoos Common?

Ans: In the modern world, people are trying hard to look edgy. That's why they are opting for designs that are dark and have a lot of depth to them. They believe that getting this type of tattoo will give them a lot of clout. 

Q: Is The 3 Cross A Powerful Symbol?

Ans: The 3 cross is a reminder that Jesus died for us. It's the symbol of the ultimate sacrifice. Therefore, it's obvious that the 3 cords are a powerful and holy symbol. It is revered ubiquitously by most christians all over the world. They believe that the tattoo will safeguard them from all troubles just like God and his son.


The 3 cross tattoo is a unique representation of all the good things in life. The tattoo commemorates true belief and devotion. It reminds the wearer of peace and friendship. With each carvings and dirtworks, the tattoo expresses a positive essence in life. It teaches us about the sacrifice and passion of jesus. 

In this disastrous world, we all need something like this to keep on reminding us that the world is not that bad of a place. Good things still exist. You just have to look deeply for it. The tattoo will be a symbol of your strength and compel you to move on forward.

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