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78 Peaceful Poseidon Tattoo Ideas To Control Your Emotions!

Due to the numerous depictions of Olympus, the Greek gods are forever etched in our hearts. Among the twelve Olympians, perhaps the most relatable one is Poseidon. Like us, he is not devoid of flaws and his errors are what help us connect more with him and compel us to get his tattoo.

What seals the deal more is his association with the sea. Since childhood, we all have been fascinated with the notion of the ocean and the creatures that lurk deep in the waters. We often fantasize about being like Poseidon and having control over this certain element of nature so that we can unveil its secrets.

The Poseidon tattoo can finally make our lifelong obsession and fascination with the sea come to life. With the grandiose designs, you will appear as someone who is not afraid to travel into rough waters.

No matter what life throws at you, you embrace it and keep on moving forward just like a god with a bodacious mustache and beard and a pronged spear in his hand. You will have the confidence to overcome all odds.

Just A Flamboyant Artwork Or Something More? Powerful Meaning Of Poseidon Tattoos

Just A Flamboyant Artwork Or Something More Powerful Meaning Of Poseidon Tattoos

The meaning of Poseidon's tattoos is multifaceted and is tough to describe in just a single essay. However, some apparent symbolisms are often talked about across multiple instances.

One of the most prominent meanings of the Poseidon tattoos is the notion of unpredictability. As the god of the sea, Poseidon looks over the oceans and everything that dwells in them. We know how uncertain the waters can be.

One moment it is as still as a glass surface and in the next, a violent hurricane or cyclone can form. Our lives are quite similar. You never know what's going to happen. The artworks suggest that you buckle up for all sorts of circumstances.

The tattoos also seek to have stability in life and the wearers try to encapsulate the many virtues of the Greek god. While he is not perfect by any means, there are many characteristics of Poseidon that you should embrace. His resilience and strength are something we all desire.

Finally, tattoos warn us of the inherent dangers of uncontrollable anger. You should never be driven by pessimistic emotions such as anger and remorse. You need to be calm like the ocean in good weather.

Stylish Poseidon Tattoo Designs That Will Enhance Your Look

Stylish Poseidon Tattoo Designs That Will Enhance Your Look

These designs are highly intricate and often feature sophisticated patterns and textures to go with them. If you are looking for something simple and minimalistic, the Poseidon tattoo might not be for you. If you are a fan of extravagant designs, these ideas will surely blow your mind.

The ideas are quite scenic and they often capture the god in grandiose states and poses with his typical amulets like spheres and tidal waves. Each of these motifs is quite ornamental and decorative therefore you have the luxury to tweak them to your preference.

Most importantly, the tattoos should look like you are not viewing a mere image, you are witnessing the god at his work. From the eruption of the waters to his magnificent pose, each of the scenes should strike a beat in your heart. That’s when the tattoo's purpose will truly be served.

 Motif Of Power: Bold Trident Poseidon Tattoo

Trident Poseidon Tattoo 1
Trident Poseidon Tattoo 2

The three-pronged trident is the quintessential motif of Poseidon and it is a must to include it at the top of the list. Among his other symbols such as horse, bull, fish, and dolphin, this one resonates with us the most.

The majestic posture of Poseidon holding the sharp and ornamental trident is truly a sight to see. His grip is so firm that even the waves start to dance.

The tattoo is full of secondary elements and can be quite overwhelming for a newcomer to the tattoo world. But once you get the tattoo, you won’t be able to stop talking about it.

Horizon Of Monochrome: Sophisticated Poseidon Tattoo On Sleeve

Poseidon Sleeve Tattoo 1
Poseidon Sleeve Tattoo 2

While we mostly know him as the god of the sea, Poseidon has control over various other elements of the earth. He has reigned over horses, earthquakes, and even storms that erupt in the ocean.

Many of the voyagers often pray to him to safeguard their ship. They believe during rough waters and thunderous hurricanes, it's only Poseidon that can help them. If you think your life is slowly getting darkened by the tough clutches of uncertainty and hopelessness, the tattoo can be a beacon of hope.

 Release Of Elemental Powers: Thunderous Poseidon Greek God Tattoo

Poseidon Greek God Tattoo 1
Poseidon Greek God Tattoo 2

This particular manifestation attempts to experiment with two opposite concepts and somehow it works. In the later designs, you will mostly see Poseidon solely or with his typical motifs like the wave or ship.

But the graphic showcases Poseidon with a twist. There is thunder forming right over his head. This electrifying scene exemplifies the relationship of Poseidon with his brother, Zeus.

Totem Of Darkness: Bodacious Kraken Poseidon Tattoo

Kraken Poseidon Tattoo 1
Kraken Poseidon Tattoo 2

Release the Kraken! Hey, don’t start running around just yet. We are just joking with you, for those who are inept with Greek mythology know that the Kraken is a terrifying beast with enormous tentacles that can grapple even the longest of ships.

Poseidon is infamous for his uncontrolled rage and often releases the beast to wreak havoc on certain cities. The tattoo showcases the wraith and reign of Poseidon. It also hints at how anger can be harmful if not controlled.

 Clouds Of Magnificence: Classical Poseidon Tattoo On Forearm

Poseidon Forearm Tattoo 1
Poseidon Forearm Tattoo 2

Amid the sophisticated body places, one area rises above the rest with its alluring theatricality and symmetry making it an ideal spot for a Poseidon artwork. Yes, we are talking about the forearm.

If you illustrate the face of Poseidon with some of his quintessential motifs such as tidal waves just in the middle of the forearm, you will create something quite magical. The edges will make the tattoo look as if the sea is endless and the tides flow even past the borders.

Stoic Look Of Darkness: Dark Poseidon Hand Tattoo With Aggressive Textures

Poseidon Hand Tattoo 1
Poseidon Hand Tattoo 2

Heavily shaded portrayals can be a hit or miss but it's certainly the former for this rather unusual take on the Poseidon tattoo. Most body modifications tend to depict the god as an all-knowing deity with exuberance and finesse.

However, the hand tattoo of discussion is something bizarre as it attempts to exemplify many of the flaws in his character with a dense and dark face. The expressions are quite aggressive so it may not be the cup of tea for everyone.

 Bonded For Eternity: Intertwined Zeus And Poseidon Tattoo

Zeus and Poseidon Tattoo 1
Zeus and Poseidon Tattoo 2

The relationship between these two brothers is quite bittersweet. There are instances when they went against each other. But then again, quarrels are only temporary, bonds are permanent.

The combination of two powerful Olympians is a great artwork for showing your love to your sibling or your close friend. Like them, you both will also become successful in life.

Embarrassing The Notion: Sensual Poseidon Tattoo On Chest

Poseidon Chest Tattoo 1
Poseidon Chest Tattoo 2

Is Poseidon the most perfect deity out of the 12 Olympians? Absolutely no. There are countless occurrences when the actions of Poseidon were appealing, to say the least.

However, it doesn't mean you shouldn't idolize him. There are bad sides to everyone and even if he is a god, there are flaws in his character. But his wisdom and power are unquestionable and they deserve to be encapsulated in the area of the chest.

Intertwinement Of Destiny: Intricate Poseidon Tattoo On Leg

Poseidon Leg Tattoo 1
Poseidon Leg Tattoo 2

The elongated part of the human body resembles the ocean quite well. The muscles near the calf also allow you to show a bit of theatricality which is a must when we are on the topic of Poseidon.

The tattoo is quite artistic as the tidal waves are intertwined with the deity in such a manner that it feels like a bouquet. The addition of tiny drops of water further seals the deal.

A Dip Into The Mythology: Scenic Poseidon Tattoo On Arm

Poseidon Arm Tattoo 1
Poseidon Arm Tattoo 2

As I gazed at the graphic, I was flabbergasted for a minute. It took me quite a long time to realize that the manifestation of Poseidon isn’t an actual scenery, it's an artwork. That's how realistic it is.

It has everything related to Poseidon. You can see the head of Poseidon menacingly staring at the horizon and even a Kraken crawling its tentacles trying to devour a passing ship. It's hard not to fall in love with this one.

Tale Of Tragedy: Brutal Medusa And Poseidon Tattoo

Medusa and Poseidon Tattoo

In Roman mythology, Poseidon is named Neptune and has quite a tragic history with the gorgon called Medusa. In the temple of Minerva, Neptune seduced Medusa. Minerva became furious and cursed Medusa which turned his beautiful hair into crawling snakes.

She always gained the ability to turn any man into stone with just a gaze. The artwork portrays the deadly yet saddening story between the two deities. Poseidon may be a god but there are some acts of his that truly made many despise him.

State Of Regret: Symmetrical Poseidon Shoulder Blade Tattoo

Poseidon Shoulder Blade Tattoo 1
Poseidon Shoulder Blade Tattoo 2

Sensual, breathtaking, and majestic. These are just some adjectives to describe the graphic that is shown. Everything from the stoic look on Poseidon's face to the symmetrical waves forming a round pattern, the tattoo just glues your eyes.

Even the monochrome used in the artwork is solid and the detailing is extensive therefore, it looks incredibly polished and refined.

Glimpse Of Radiance: Stylized Neo Traditional Poseidon Tattoo

Neo Traditional Poseidon Tattoo 1
Neo Traditional Poseidon Tattoo 2

In a list full of monochrome designs, this one appears like a breath of fresh air. Neoclassical tattoos are immensely fun because of how colorful they look.

The vibrant hues of Poseidon's body can make anyone feel happy. This whimsical take on the fearful god of sea and horse transports you into a fairy tale where there is only joy and laughter.

 Peek Of Death: Shaded Poseidon And Skull Tattoo With A Twist

Poseidon and Skull Tattoo 1
Poseidon and Skull Tattoo 2

The inclusion of a mere skull with grim details can turn even the most boring artwork into something menacing. To create a masculine Poseidon tattoo, you should do just that.

The tattoo focuses on the personification of the ocean but instead of showing his true face, the tattoo hides it with a traditional skull. There are some underlying meanings to it as well. It can mean that the true intentions of the Olympians are never truly shown.

Bridge Between Men And God: Realistic Spartan And Poseidon Tattoo

Spartan and Poseidon Tattoo

There had been a long association between the Spartans and the Olympians. Spartans were known as brutes who solely focused on battle tactics and bravery. Often, they would rebel against the reign of gods and Poseidon was no exception.

The tattoo transcends from just being a mere art piece and delivers quite a significant message about the relationship between men and gods. The realistic work manifests how these deities keep on intertwining even when neither party don’t want to.

Dance Of Tidal Waves: Cursive Poseidon Tattoo On Thigh

Poseidon Thigh Tattoo

The magnificence of the sea god can accurately be manifested in the sphere of the thigh. The place allows adequate space for you to incorporate enough structures and patterns to do the god justice.

The overall artistry of the tattoo is typical. However, what sets the artwork apart is the alluring distortion of tidal waves beneath the portrayal of Poseidon. Such bold patterns can twist our hearts with raw emotions.


The rich history of the Greek god Poseidon is quite extensive and we understand that there are questions arising while you are reading the essay. Don’t worry.

We have all the tools to clear the doubts. These answers to the intriguing questions will surely pique your interest in tattoos and convince you to get them.

Q: Is Poseidon A Villain Or A Hero?

Ans: Everyone is a villain in someone's story. It truly depends on how you look at a deity. As we mentioned, there are actions of his that are not admirable. His anger and vengeful nature destroyed many cities.

However, he also protected the dead voyagers from meeting their death. He is both a villain and a hero. It's up to you to decide which one is more fitting.

Q: Are Poseidon's Tattoos Evil?

Ans: No, they are not. Poseidon is a god and still is worshiped by many people. So, there is no question of him or his tattoos being offensive or evil.

Q: Why Are Most Poseidon Tattoos In Monochrome?

Ans: It's mainly to portray the magnificence of the god. Colors can be too distracting and often deviate from expressing the true meaning of the tattoos. Therefore, it's best to leave the tattoo in a monochrome glory.


Love him or hate him, it can't be denied that the influence of Poseidon is unsurmountable. To this day, he is worshiped and revered as the most prominent god out of three descendants of Cronos. So, it's no mystery why his tattoos are so desirable.

First, you will look insanely hip when you get the tattoo. The flamboyant designs will surely make you stand out among the rest. Finally, the symbolism and the warnings that the artworks commemorate can help in leading a better life. What more can you ask?

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