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118 Stunning Sibling Tattoo Ideas To Go Back In Time!

The love between siblings knows no bounds. They were the ones that helped you when you fell while you were riding a bicycle. When you tore your clothes, they helped you patch it up with needles. Very few people in the world offer unconditional love to us and your siblings belong to this unique group of people.

Don’t you think that such people who love us dearly and have a soft place in our hearts deserve a place in our bodies? To commemorate your love for them, there is no better alternative than the sibling tattoo.

These tattoos are like time machines that travel you back to the time when you and your siblings spend precious time together. Now that all of you have grown up, you may not have enough spare time or don’t have the opportunity to meet up with them as often as before.

Don’t worry. You will still be able to relive the moments and laugh like you used to when you look at the designs. As long as the tattoo stays with you, the bond between you and your sibling will grow stronger and stronger.

So, do you want such a tattoo that has the magical power to instantly connect with your siblings? If yes then travel with us as we decipher the secrets of sibling tattoos.

The Magical Power Of Sibling Tattoos: How They Open Our Mind With Nostalgia

Power Of Sibling Tattoo

Time goes by. We gradually grow older. In the chase for career and money, we constantly forget about the relationships that truly matter. We keep on chasing our dreams while abandoning the people that made us believe in ourselves in the first place.

It's not your fault. When we grow older, our lives become immensely hectic. We run around like maniacs to make a living and balance ourselves in the chaotic pace of the world.

The sibling tattoos are reminders that will constantly give you a glimpse of the memories of your siblings. When you will notice the heartwarming designs, your heart will ache to connect with those who stood beside you when no one was there. You will soon want to call and meet with them to cherish the relationship once more.

Sensual Sibling Tattoo Designs To Relive The Precious Moments

The best way to find the right sibling tattoo design for you is to close your eyes. Try to reflect on your life and the moments that you spent with your siblings. Is there a particular time or scene that pops up in your mind? If so then voila. You have the perfect idea for a sibling tattoo.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to sibling tattoo designs. Each person's childhood and relationship with their siblings is unique. However, there are certain activities that all of us did when we were young.

Maybe it was reading the Harry Potter series with your siblings or wearing the same hats or maybe just playing cards and having the time of your life.

We have a wide range of designs in our arsenal that cover all the typical moments that most of us share with our siblings. You can either borrow a design from the list or combine multiple of them to create a completely new one by yourself. It's your choice, amigos.

A Distinct Connection: Unique Sibling Tattoo For 3

Sibling Tattoo for 3 1
Sibling Tattoo for 3 2
Sibling Tattoo for 3 3

Currently, there is an epidemic of not wanting kids. Parents often think of raising children as an arduous task and focus more on their careers. Most of the time, they only take one or two children.

But back in the day, families used to have half a dozen kids running around. The best part about it is how beautiful their childhood turned out to be. The most ideal family structure is to have three children so that every one of them has two buddies for life.

The tattoo in discussion doesn't portray a scene from the past nor does it attempt to bridge a connection between each of the siblings. The distinct artworks in their body symbolize how different they are as a character and how such distinction still made them lifelong companions.

Amulet Of Protection: Alluring Sibling Tattoo For 4

Sibling Tattoo for 4 1
Sibling Tattoo for 4 2

This one particularly strikes me because I belong to a family of four children. With two elder brothers and a sister, I got pampered a lot. The sibling tattoo for 4 instantly gives me a sense of nostalgia.

When you have three loving siblings who will move mountains for you, people will look at you with envy. The tattoo can protect you from the evil eye working as a sort of lucky charm.

Fun Fact: Do you know that people spend the most amount of time in life with their siblings? Studies found that most individuals spend approximately 33 percent of their lives with siblings.

 A Heavenly Match: Identical Sibling Tattoo For 5

Sibling Tattoo for 5 1
Sibling Tattoo for 5 2

Matching tattoos are the first choice when it comes to having artwork to showcase your bond with your sibling. You can all get a portrayal of something that resonates with you.

It can be as simple as a gun manifested in a sensual place like the forearm. Make sure that the depiction of guns has enough textures in them as you don’t want to shy away from showcasing your connection to your siblings.

The Place Where Our Heart Resides: Heartwarming Sibling Cactus Tattoo

Sibling Cactus Tattoo 1
Sibling Cactus Tattoo 2

If the previous tattoos bore you, this representation will surely enlighten your mood. I don’t know about you but whenever I had time in my hands, I would force my sister and take her to the desert in front of our home.

We would sit beside the cactus looking at the sunset. The scene was so beautiful that I can still visualize it when I close my eyes. You don’t necessarily need to have the same experience as mine to get the cactus tattoo. The beauty of the design will automatically fill your heart with warmth.

 An Emblem Of Love: Contrasting Sibling Hat Tattoo

Sibling Hat Tattoo 1
Sibling Hat Tattoo 2

Especially when the siblings are quite close in age, parents always give them things in identical structures so that their bonds grow closer. The sibling hat tattoo takes you back to the time when you wore the same patterned hat together with your sibling.

The only difference between the portrayal of the hats is the color. You may like something on the bluer side whereas your sibling loves the hat in velvety pink.

A Divine Intervention: Spiritual Angel Wings Sibling Tattoo

Angel Wings Sibling Tattoo 1
Angel Wings Sibling Tattoo 2

No matter what happens, we always desire that our siblings stay safe. The world can be a scary place with malicious energies going havoc all around us.

You or your sibling may not always be on each other's side to protect each other but the angel wing tattoos will always safeguard you. The tattoo is quite discreet as it will only manifest in a small area. But the power of angel wings breaks all boundaries.

Entertaining The Artistic Mind: Traditional Origami Sibling Tattoo

Origami Sibling Tattoo 1

The most favorite thing to do while we were young was to use paper to make several artistic objects with our siblings. The papers were a magical instrument to us that could be turned into whatever thing we desired. Back in the day, we didn’t know what they were called.

Now we know. The art of turning paper into objects is called Origami. The tattoo showcases one of the quintessential objects which is the paper bird. The artwork not only serves as an amulet of our childhood but also exemplifies our desire to be free.

A Scenic Ambiance: Natural Palm Tree Sibling Tattoo

Palm Tree Sibling Tattoo

You may be wondering what's the connection between the palm tree and siblings. Well, you need to look at these designs from a metaphorical standpoint. While you may not feel it, the palm trees often provide unconditional support to us.

They stand tall in the edges of the walkway giving us shade and most importantly, they tremendously increase the atmosphere around us by making it feel like home. The same can be said for our siblings. So, don’t you think that the palm trees are the perfect motifs to honor them?

Splash Of Passion: Artistic Watercolor Sibling Tattoo

Watercolor Sibling Tattoo 1
Watercolor Sibling Tattoo 2

The pure and sacred bond between the siblings deserves to be portrayed in a truly vivid manner. The watercolor sibling tattoo is the perfect embodiment of the love between you and your sibling.

The watercolor style turns even the most mundane artworks into something captivating. Now imagine just how beautiful the tattoo would be if you picked something sensual such as elegant feathers with splashes of hues or two traditional performers exhibiting their finesse.

Horizon Of Colors: Sensual Sibling Floral Tattoo

Sibling Floral Tattoo

The floral tattoos are perfect if you seek something poetic yet discreet. The manifestation of flowers in your body canvas showcases just how passionate you are about your sibling.

So, the question arises what flowers should you include in the tattoo? Well, it can be anything that connects with you. A good idea is to get a flower belonging to your birth year. For example, if your sibling was born in October, you can get the cosmos or marigold.

Emblem Of Exclusivity: Sibling Cards Tattoo With Deep Highlights

Sibling Cards Tattoo 1
Sibling Cards Tattoo 2

The main gimmick of the sibling tattoo is to etch something that you and your siblings loved to do together. For me, one of the best memories I have with my siblings was playing cards together.

If you also have something like this in your past then you can go for the sibling's card tattoo. Each of the siblings can get a tattoo of a unique card ranging from clubs to diamonds. These shapes and numbers can also dictate the notion of exclusivity.

A Magical Bond: Symbolic Siblings Harry Potter Tattoo

Sibling Harry Poter Tattoo

Harry Potter books and movies were our life during our childhood days. I think everyone who is reading this article can relate to the statement.

Whenever the movies aired on the TV, we would watch them with immense excitement every single time. These books and movies made our childhood so memorable and our bonds so strong. There can’t be a better depiction than the Harry Potter tattoo to commemorate your moments with your siblings.

 A Menacing Motif: Vicious Siblings Dragon Tattoo

Siblings Dragon Tattoo 1
Siblings Dragon Tattoo 2

The manifestation of the vicious dragons works more than just a token of love and appreciation. The portrayal showcases just how intense your bonds are.

The colors in the tattoo are quite subtle and the textures are minimal. But the depiction works beautifully in delivering the message that you and your sibling are off limits and no one should attempt to come in between you.

More Than A Pet: Adorable Siblings Dog Tattoo

Siblings Dog Tattoo

When there is a dog in the family, the members don’t see the animal as a mere pet but as a member of the family as well. The siblings play with the dog from morning to night and sometimes they cuddle with the dog while sleeping.

Even the dogs know how much the siblings care for them. They also try their level best to protect and stay beside them at all times. The sibling's dog tattoo is a portrayal of the loyal companion that intensifies the bonds between the siblings in many families.

Releasing Your Worries: Colorful Siblings Hakuna Matata Tattoo

Siblings Hakuna Matata Tattoo 1
Siblings Hakuna Matata Tattoo 2

The relationship between the siblings often gets clouded with the intricacies of the world. We have misunderstandings which often lead to detachment.

But when you have this particular tattoo, the connection between you can never be severed. The tattoo comprises the iconic line from The Lion King which means there are no troubles. So, no matter how troublesome life gets, you will always be sure to enjoy the little things and remember the precious moments with your siblings.

 Amulet Of Longevity: Simple Siblings Dinosaurs Tattoo

Siblings Dinosaurs Tattoo

The portrayal of the dinosaurs doesn't necessarily hint at the lifelong obsession we have with these extinct animals. Rather the tattoo exemplifies the longevity of your bond between your siblings.

The dinosaurs persisted in the face of the earth for a long time. Therefore, if you want to commemorate how deeply connected you are and how you want the relationship to flourish for eternity, the dinosaur tattoo is the way to go just like the sea turtle tattoo.

Please don’t describe the following subheadings

 The Concept Of Duality: Yin Yang Siblings Rabbit Tattoo

Siblings Rabbit Tattoo

Exuberance Of Strength: Detailed Siblings Eagle Tattoo

Siblings Eagle Tattoo 1
Siblings Eagle Tattoo 2

 Peak Of Love: Symmetrical Siblings Mountain Tattoo

Siblings Mountain Tattoo

 Buzz Of Positivity: Shaded Sibling Hummingbird Tattoo

Sibling Hummingbird Tattoo

Touch Of Mysticism: Dark Sibling Pine Tree Tattoo

Sibling Pine Tree Tattoo

 Celestial Magnificence: Theatrical Siblings Galaxy Tattoo

Siblings Galaxy Tattoo 1
Siblings Galaxy Tattoo 2

The Emblem Of Stability: Monochromatic Siblings Anchor Tattoo

Siblings Anchor Tattoo

Borrowing The Legend: Vibrant Siblings Simpsons Tattoo

Siblings Simpsons Tattoo

 Rhythm Of Relationship: Biological Sibling’s Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Siblings Anatomical Heart Tattoo

A Totem Of Power: Detailed Siblings Lion Tattoo

Siblings Lion Tattoo

Sip Of Calmness: Festive Siblings Beer Tattoo

Siblings Beer Tattoo

 Blast Of Intricacy: Sophisticated Siblings Traditional Tattoo

Siblings Traditional Tattoo

 A Slithering Masterpiece: Twisted Sibling Snake Tattoo

Siblings Snake Tattoo.jpg


Words aren’t enough to describe the significance of sibling tattoos. They are so personal that many often prefer not to talk about them. Because of this, there is a certain level of obscurity regarding sibling tattoos.

Today, we are going to clear up all the confusion you have about these beautiful emblems. How are we going to do that? Well, by answering some of your most thoughtful questions. Enjoy.

Q: What Symbols Can Be Incorporated In Sibling Tattoos?

Ans: There are no particular sets of symbols that you can incorporate in siblings' tattoos. Most artists borrow enigmatic shapes and structures from different lore and tales to make a distinct design. You can do it as well.

However, some particular symbols can elevate the meaning of these heartwarming emblems. For example, the symbol of the tree can exemplify how well you are connected in terms of ancestral roots. Another great symbol is the burning flame which can hint at the passion you have for your sibling.

Q: What Flower Works Well In A Sibling Tattoo?

Ans: You can include any species of flower and it will work beautifully in a sibling tattoo. From vibrant roses to subtle daisies, anything can be incorporated as long as it has an association with you and your sibling.

One particular flower is the baby’s breath or Gypsophila which works fabulously in a sibling tattoo because of their spiritual and symbolic connotation.


The sibling tattoos stay with you for a long time which means that these elegant designs keep on reminding you about the sacred bond you have with your siblings. As long as the artworks stay on you, you won’t be able to forget about them.

You should always remember that apart from your parents, your siblings are the only people who will offer you help without any consequences. All others will look for something in return. Their pure and unconditional love is magnificently depicted in the sensual strokes and hues of the sibling tattoos.

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