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78 Shimmering Moon Phase Tattoo Ideas And The Significance Their Meaning Holds In The World Of Art!

Change is the only constant in life. Even when one is in a period of stagnation, from either a physical or mental standpoint, change tends to appear out of nowhere, readjusting the script accordingly.

In the world of art is where thousands find freedom. And a piece that gives them hope and reassurance when dealing with unforeseen developments is a moon phase tattoo, the main agenda of this article.

A moon phase tattoo involves all the stages that a moon works past before forming what we know as a full moon. Along with carrying various designs, a moon phase tattoo offers a metaphor that speaks volumes to everyone.

Moving on, if you’re interested in joining the bandwagon of moon phase tattoos, this guide should be useful. Below are entries often perceived as the best of moon phase tattoos, with a meaning that moves mountains!

Reflecting On Growth And New Chapters: The Real Meaning Of Moon Phase Tattoos

Moon phase tattoos are often pursued due to the image they bring to life, carrying high contrast tones belonging to neutral shades. However, a moon phase tattoo also has a positive reception due to its symbolism.

A moon phase tattoo not only helps users identify their growth, but also encourages them to embrace change over shutting it down. Additionally, a moon phase tattoo also works as a support system when turning over a new leaf.

More often than not, a moon phase tattoo makes it easier to deal with physical transformation, and embrace a change in character as opposed to holding onto habits from the past.

Though it does carry a subjective symbolism, a moon phase tattoo is always open to changing its point of view.

Luminous Moon Phase Tattoos That Aim For Gradual Growth Instead Of Overnight Progress!

When push comes to shove, moon phase tattoos are easy to wear, offering users a seamless way to make their debut.

It is tough to find unique pieces, though, mainly due to how content the design is with showcasing reprised elements.

If you’d like to stand out from the crowd, however, don’t forget to look into the upcoming concepts, formed with the best possible components that a moon phase tattoo can offer!

Moon Phase Tattoo on Spine: No Pain, No Gain

Moon Phase Tattoo on Spine

Moon tattoos are often seen as designs with tons of appeal, benefitting mostly feminine individuals seeking a way to improve their appearance.

That being said, if you’d like your moon phase tattoo to be mysterious as well as attractive, a candidate that can meet your match is this spine tattoo.

As always, spine tattoos hurt, and this one is no exception. To bear with the pain, be sure to take help from numbing cream.

Moon Phase Back Tattoo: The Right Canvas For Reserved Minds

Moon Phase Back Tattoo 1
Moon Phase Back Tattoo 2

Being an introvert is always difficult, as not everything can be undisclosed from the public eye.

However, if your mind is fascinated with back tattoos, a great piece you can invest in is a moon phase tattoo.

Moon phase tattoos are great to look at, but are also perfect companions to keep around if you’re going through an awkward phase. This piece abides by the user’s feelings, which can be reassuring for many.

Moon Phase Upper Sternum Tattoo: Loving Yourself Through Awkward Phases

Moon Phase Upper Sternum Tattoo

Sternum tattoos are extremely dangerous due to the amount of pain they cause. In addition, sternum tattoos can take tons of time, putting people in a lose-lose situation.

Though it is best to avoid an upper sternum tattoo if you’re a beginner, the design can be amazing if you’re hoping to learn the perks of self-care; the message that this moon phase tattoo gives out.

The artwork is outstanding, to say the least, implying how one achieves their peak only when they love themselves using metaphors. If pain is the issue, consider making changes to the installation process.

Small Moon Phase Tattoo: A Subtle Way Of Turning Over A New Leaf

Small Moon Phase Tattoo

You don’t always have to announce the beginning of new chapters, especially if you battle with social anxiety.

That being said, if you’re seeking some positivity before opening a new door, a tattoo that will be of great help is a moon phase tattoo.

While larger depictions might be more useful if you’re hoping to drop gems as messages, rely on this small tattoo if you don’t mind subtle images.

Moon Phase Finger Tattoo: Staying Humble When Finding Glory

Moon Phase Finger Tattoo

Life can change in an instant, either for the positive or negative. However, it is always crucial we stay humble, irrespective of the outcome.

A moon phase tattoo is what tends to keep one grounded when great things happen, urging one to celebrate in silence. It also suggests one to remember where they came from for a better perspective.

A finger moon phase tattoo is the leading candidate in this scenario, with a subtle feel that anyone can pursue. To make things more memorable, adding quotes and phrases to this finger tattoo is advised.

Simple Moon Phase Tattoo: A Craving For Minimalists

Simple Moon Phase Tattoo

When it comes to wearing tattoos, “less is more” is definitely a mantra to follow.

A success story that shows just how well a simple tattoo tends to turn out when depicted carefully is this moon phase tattoo, catering to anyone and everyone.

Curating the artwork with a fine-line needle, this piece is a great option for sensitive skin. It carries a fair amount of size by default, but can be readjusted in accordance with the user’s requirements.

Geometric Moon Phase Tattoo: Framing Growth With Solid Angles

Geometric Moon Phase Tattoo

With outrageous frames and angles, a moon phase tattoo can easily be enhanced from the outside when collaborating with geometric patterns.

Although complex to create, this piece leaves behind a memorable reaction, mainly due to how high contrast each component tends to be.

The best canvas, you ask? The forearm! It has all the space in the world to accommodate the vertically put design!

Moon Phase Neck Tattoo: Keeping No Secrets From The Crowd!

Moon Phase Neck Tattoo

A neck tattoo is usually regarded as the best possible investment for masculine individuals, as it showcases strength. However, a moon phase neck tattoo is one that caters to all, being a breadwinner amongst women.

With a massive size, a moon phase tattoo on the neck allows users to embrace their features, as well as become fearless.

Since it is always exposed to the public eye, this tattoo provides a great platform to extroverts.

Moon Phase Arm Tattoo: A Canvas For Veterans

Moon Phase Arm Tattoo

Among the entries covered so far, most tattoos can be categorized as medium-size concepts. However, this tattoo is above average, from both a physical and metaphorical standpoint.

A moon phase arm tattoo ranges between small and large, depending on the size of the arm.

The artwork does require tons of detailing, though, forming a better bond with veterans as opposed to novices.

Moon Phase Wrist Tattoo: A Source Of Motivation For Many

Moon Phase Wrist Tattoo

As stated earlier, a moon phase tattoo implies how change is inevitable, and unpredictable. It helps people cope with hardship, providing a shoulder to lean on during difficult moments.

A wrist tattoo of a moon phase is perhaps the second best option after a forearm tattoo, possessing a compact canvas, alongside a lenient pain level.

The artwork is always accessible, which can be great if you need constant support when dealing with change.

Moon Phase Flower Tattoo: A Reassurance For Anxious Minds

Moon Phase Flower Tattoo 1
Moon Phase Flower Tattoo 2

Constant reassurance is necessary when dealing with tons of obstacles, especially if you suffer from health issues such as anxiety, and depression.

Worry not, however, as that’s exactly what a moon phase flower tattoo promotes.

When push comes to shove, a moon phase flower tattoo conveys that it is possible to bloom,

even when one is at their lowest. And though there are plenty of floral species one can pick from, the best candidate for this feature is a sunflower tattoo!

Moon Phase Forearm Tattoo: Finding Confidence In Readjustments

Moon Phase Forearm Tattoo

It is mandatory that we cope through change, no matter what the future holds. And though rewarding in the long run, the former practice can burn one out when left unsupervised.

A forearm moon phase tattoo not only consoles its wearer, but also showers them with positivity and confidence, giving users a minor push to keep living life.

The artwork isn’t any different, though, carrying the phases of the moon with thinner frames than usual.

Moon Phase Shoulder Tattoo: Finding Strength When Processing Growing Pain

Moon Phase Shoulder Tattoo

Growth and change are beyond our control. And although there are ways to shut both down and entertain a life full of stagnation, it is essential we deal with growth if our main aim is to live a fulfilled life.

Dealing with growth means coping through awkward and drastic changes, both of which can be anxiety-inducing and stressful.

If you’re seeking a companion for support, though, try wearing a moon phase shoulder tattoo, which will provide you with the strength you need.

Moon Phase Foot Tattoo: Walking Towards Change

Moon Phase Foot Tattoo

Foot tattoos are great tokens for those seeking elegant, yet appealing designs for their body. That being said, if you’re big on the moon and the way it changes every season, a moon phase tattoo might just be able to trigger that fascination.

With a high contrast design, a foot tattoo of a moon phase tends to sweep people by their feet in an instant.

The nerve endings might add to the pain level of this concept, so take it slow when the installation process commences.

Galaxy Moon Phase Tattoo: A Saturated Image For Entertainment

Galaxy Moon Phase Tattoo 1
Galaxy Moon Phase Tattoo 2

A galaxy tattoo is a fan favorite amongst those who prioritize presentability over everything. It can also pair with any symbol, being a great sidekick to moon phase tattoos.

With its vibrant color scheme, the galaxy tattoo establishes a high contrast image, allowing the moon phase tattoo to stand out with its neutral tones.

The best design for this piece is an arm tattoo, while an alternative is an upper thigh tattoo.

Moon Phase Thigh Tattoo: Chasing Growth In Silence Since

Moon Phase Thigh Tattoo

the phases of a moon denote a variety of messages, it is important that you don’t take a moon phase tattoo lightly.

That being said, if you’re chasing internal growth, that too without alarming someone else about it, consider secluded locations that are as compelling as the upper thigh.

A moon phase thigh tattoo is a great way to achieve growth, even when the obstacles are unbearable. According to most, this tattoo is regarded as feminine.

Moon Phase Rib Tattoo: A Delicacy For Men And Women

Moon Phase Rib Tattoo 1
Moon Phase Rib Tattoo 2

The rib-cage can be a great piece to experiment with if you’re hoping to obtain a moon phase tattoo, since it perfectly aligns with the appearance of the moon. For that reason alone, this tattoo can also be worn to improve one’s physical appearance.

While painful, this rib tattoo can be a great way of letting the world know how tolerant you are to pain, as well as become more courageous than ever.

If you are a beginner though, be sure to apply numbing cream 30 minutes before the session commences to subside the pain-level of the creative process.

Watercolor Moon Phase Tattoo: Adding Color To Moments Of Hardship

Watercolor Moon Phase Tattoo

Moon Phase Outline Tattoo: A Sketch With Multiple Opportunities

Moon Phase Outline Tattoo

Sunflower Moon Phase Tattoo: Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

Sunflower Moon Phase Tattoo 1
Sunflower Moon Phase Tattoo 2

Moon Phase Tattoo On Stomach: An Eye Candy For Many

Moon Phase Tattoo On Stomach

Wolf Moon Phase Tattoo: A Wolf In Its Element

Wolf Moon Phase Tattoo 1
Wolf Moon Phase Tattoo 2

Frequently Asked Question

At the end of the day, a moon phase tattoo is a great pick for stoics and philosophers, as it exposes us to the highs and lows of change, in addition to unveiling its inevitability.

If you still have pending feelings of doubt, however, allow the following questionnaire to change your mind!

Q: What is a moon phase tattoo associated with?

Ans: Often, a moon phase tattoo is linked with evolution and development, as well as the benefits to staying calm during change.

A moon phase tattoo is also a support system to many, and tends to serve as a viable companion when one is in dire need of a helping hand, or a shoulder to cry on.

Q: Are moon phase tattoos compatible?

Ans: Despite the limitation found in its graphic, a moon phase tattoo can form alliances with many designs on the surface, as well as metaphorically. From floral patterns to wolf tattoos, a moon phase tattoo collaborates with any component without losing brownie points.


Moon phase tattoos are perfect for those who want to improve their lifestyle. It encourages one to not be afraid, especially when they’re going through a period of mental and physical development.

A moon phase tattoo often comes with a fixed design, but also doesn’t hesitate to form ties with other designs. From floral schemes to delicate locations, a moon phase tattoo is always open to experimenting.

To stand out, don’t just get a moon phase tattoo that looks flashy. Pick a design that speaks to you, even when the world isn’t watching!

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