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58 Exquisite Lily Flower Tattoo Ideas With Meaning

Lilies that grow on the land, with the scientific name Lilium, are of different kinds and grow almost everywhere across the world. Colors of Oriental and Asiatic lilies mesmerize nature lovers and they bloom in dazzling colors like red, yellow, purple and pink, and never cease to surprise! Water lilies, on the other hand, grow only in aquatic environments, and are mostly found in some parts of the Middle East and South Asia.

Etching flowers on skin is an ancient art and has been going on since the Egyptian era. In recent times, more and more people have become inclined in getting a beautiful lily flower inked on their skin to enhance their beauty, to express themselves, and to share their culture and beliefs with the world. Lily flower tattoos have beautiful meanings that we’ll soon discover! Discover

The Hidden Meaning Of Lily Flower Tattoo

The Hidden Meaning Of Lily Flower Tattoo

Water lilies are amazing plants that can thrive in harsh conditions. There are not that many flowering plants that are semi aquatic, and the unique and beautiful water lilies are, thus, one of a kind. Because of their unrelenting nature, they often symbolize strength and determination.

Water lilies also signify enlightenment because they emerge from the water as a majestic entity emerges from a pure place. White lilies are often associated with purity and femininity. Land-growing small lily flowering plants, on the other hand, signify innocence and fragility.

Their bright colors, like pink, yellow, red, are also significant for happiness, because the colors are bound to make anyone smile!

Besides these, lily flowers are believed to grow in the Garden of Eden, and are often associated with Virgin Mary, and how Jesus Chirst rose from the dead after he was crucified. In Greek mythology, lily flowers were the favorite flowers of Hera, Zeus’ wife. And, in Roman Mythology, the Goddess of Beauty Venus actually envied the beauty of lily flowers!

Shuffle Through The Heartwarming And Inspiring Lily Flower Tattoo Designs And Choose Your Favorite!

Shuffle Through The Heartwarming And Inspiring Lily Flower Tattoo Designs And Choose Your Favorite!

Bask in the warmth and shine in the dazzling colors of different types of lily tattoos as you scroll down. There are designs to suit the needs of individuals who love large size tattoos, and also the ones who incline toward small and subtly-colored tattoos more.

Immerse In The Mesmerizing Colors Of A Water Lily Flower Tattoo

Water Lily Flower Tattoo 1
Water Lily Flower Tattoo 2

Can anything beat the imagery of a water lily blooming on your arms with all the colors of the rainbow? Water lily flower tattoo has been a craze in recent times, symbolizing relentlessness because water lilies can thrive in the harshest of conditions.

Water lilies have vibrant colors– they could be white or purple, and even different shades of red. People often confuse water lilies with lotuses as they both grow on water and both share commonality in color and petal arrangement. However, water lilies in full bloom look more star-shaped than lotuses, with the latter having a more rounded petal shape.

Small Lily Flower Tattoo: Swirl In The World Of Tiny Lily Blossoms!

Small Lily Flower Tattoo 1
Small Lily Flower Tattoo 2

Not all lilies grow on water! The small perennial lilies, that resemble orchids to some extent, are cradled on the branches of land plants. There are different kinds of small lilies– Asiatic, Orientals, Trumpets and Tiger lillies, each blooming in the summertime with their unique beauty!

Want to express your love for pretty and tiny little lilies? A small lily flower tattoo could be a great way to build on your enthusiasm for this contemporary art form. It is minimalistic and would look amazing on the wrist or near the collarbone. You can also color them with any color you prefer.

The Delicate Weaving Of Spider Lily Flower Tattoo Will Entice You!

Spider Lily Flower Tattoo 1
Spider Lily Flower Tattoo 2

Spider lilies actually look like spiders, with their long, almost tentacle-like petals. These unique looking flowers signify gradual change in someone’s life, and also the challenges associated with the transformations. It will remind you of the delicate nature of a spider web, and the hard work and dedication that a spider utilizes to weave one.

If you are thinking of getting a spider lily flower tattoo, you are in for some adventure. You can wear them on the back of your arms, on the collarbone or lower neck, or even on the belly. The red ones look awesome and make a bold statement.

Calla Lily Flower Tattoo: They May Be Tiny But Are Power-Packed!

Calla Lily Flower Tattoo 1
Calla Lily Flower Tattoo 2

Calla lilies look so pretty with their cup-shaped petals and a wide bloom. They are usually milk white in color, but some may have a purple center, while others could be a mesmerizing yellow! They are ornamental flowers that many grow inside their house and in their gardens.

Calla lilies are often associated with Virgin Mary, and therefore hold spiritual significance for a lot of people around the world. Calla lily flower tattoo on the upper arms or anywhere else on the body, represents purity, beauty and magnificence at its finest.

Be Real With A Realistic Lily Flower Tattoo!

Realistic Lily Flower Tattoo

Did you ever want a tattoo that will pop out of your skin because they look so real? The correct colors, combined with the right amounts of shades at the right places, can create a realistic looking tattoo.

Flowers, among many other choices, can make a great realistic tattoo. Consider a realistic lily flower tattoo on your back, on the chest or on your torso. The size needs to be big since you might want to show off the colors and the shades in front of your friends and loved ones! A large bloom popping out of your body will surely create a magical sensation.

July Birth Flower Water Lily Tattoo: Celebrate The Happy Day With The Goodness Of This Blossom!

July Birth Flower Water Lily Tattoo 1
July Birth Flower Water Lily Tattoo 2

Water lilies are considered as the birth flower for those who are born in the month of July. A July birth flower water lily tattoo could be a great choice to celebrate the arrival of a Leo or a Cancer star sign individual. Imagine a beautiful pink or red water lily in full bloom on your upper arms! Breathtaking, right?

Water lilies thrive on the surfaces of tranquil bodies of water, like ponds and lakes. Water lilies therefore symbolize peace and gentleness. They are also considered as an embodiment of unrelenting nature because it takes a lot for water lilies to thrive in unfavorable conditions.

If Colors Are Not Your Thing, Go Retro With Black And White Lily Flower Tattoo!

Black And White Lily Flower Tattoo 1
Black And White Lily Flower Tattoo 2

The lily flowers of the Lilium family grow on land, and their colors are exquisite. They could be white with a yellow center, pink with a beige center, or bright red or fully yellow! Imagine one creeping all the way up your arms and enhancing your beauty– would be great right?

Colorful lily flower tattoos are quite popular, but a black and white lily flower tattoo makes a refreshing choice too! The petals curled downward, with the stigmas and stamens dancing in the middle, tell stories of serenity and natural beauty.

Butterfly And Lily Flower Tattoo: Let Nature Pulsate Through Your Body!

Butterfly And Lily Flower Tattoo 1
Butterfly And Lily Flower Tattoo 2

Ever seen Oriental lilies? They are large land-dwelling lilies that are beautifully pink, with white edges, adorned with dark pink dots on the lower side of the petals. They look stunning in gardens and even as indoor plants. The big bright blooms will certainly make your day.

Oriental lilies are a great choice for tattoos too. A butterfly and lily flower tattoo would enhance your looks, and would look cool with short pants while taking a stroll on the beach. Some lilies to consider for tattoos include Stargazers and Casa Blancas– they look astonishingly captivating.

Colorful Lily Flower Tattoo: Say Hi To Summer With These Beauties!

Colorful Lily Flower Tattoo

Lily flowers have extravagant colors and make a fabulous choice for contemporary body art. Individuals who are interested in getting a colorful lily flower tattoo usually have them etched on the back, on the chest, back of the arms or lower legs.

The colors of land-growing lily flowers will amaze you. On one hand, there are the pink-colored Oriental lilies with white edges and dark pink dots, while on the other hand, there are orange hued Double Oriental lilies, and large yellow Asiatic lilies that will simply blow your mind!

Dragon Lily Flower Tattoo: Totality In One!

Dragon Lily Flower Tattoo 1
Dragon Lily Flower Tattoo 2

The imagery of something as fierce as a dragon, protecting something as fragile as a lily flower is some sight to behold. Beauty is fragile, and sweet things in life, like love, compassion, truth, purity, justice and loyalty, are worth being protected even if infinite sacrifices need to be made. Even something as formidable and vengeful as a dragon knows their significance.

It is like the beast appreciating beauty, it is like the most cruel trying to feel the softness of love, because they do not have any of their own. A dragon lily flower tattoo brings forth both the masculine and feminine aspects of a human being, signifying tales of strength and power, and also stories of love and betrayal.

Fine Line Lily Flower Tattoo: For That Minimalist Tattoo Lover!

Fine Line Lily Flower Tattoo 1
Fine Line Lily Flower Tattoo 2

Beginner tattoo lovers look for art forms that are minimal and do not contain bold lines or bright colors. For them, the fine line lily flower tattoo would be an amazing choice. The shape in this tattoo consists of thin lines only, no colors, and are usually quite small in size.

Lily flower tattoos signify femininity, fragility, love and purity. The colors of these land-dwelling flower species are to die for. They are available in yellow, red and pink colors, to name a few, and grow on elevated lands, mostly in Asian countries.

Tap Into Your Consciousness Holding Hands Of The Geometric Lily Flower Tattoo Design

Geometric Lily Flower Tattoo 1
Geometric Lily Flower Tattoo 2

Flower tattoos go really well with geometric patterns, like regular polygons or something more complex, take fractal shapes, for instance. The lines of the artificial shape could overlap the curved, imperfect boundaries of nature’s creation– creating a chaotic harmony!

Nature reveals its magic via simple and complicated mathematical conundrums, and it is often considered as “sacred geometry” and quite rightfully so. You can express your love for nature through a geometric lily flower tattoo. You can either go black and white, or colorful.

Wrap Yourself In The Beauty Of Asia Wearing A Japanese Lily Flower Tattoo

Japanese Lily Flower Tattoo 1
Japanese Lily Flower Tattoo 2

Big white lily flowers with curvy and twisted petals grow in the southern parts of Japan and China, and, not to mention, look breathtakingly gorgeous. They grow in pink colors too and make an excellent choice for body art.

Japanese lily flower tattoos embody the attributes of hard work and enlightenment. They also signify the cycle of birth and death, and also rebirth. These tattoos look amazing on the lower arms, paired up with other colorful flowers and butterflies.


Lily flower tattoos are a great choice for body art. Not only do they look beautiful, they carry profound spiritual significance. The following pointers will further help you to decide in case you are considering getting one.

Q.1) Does a lily flower tattoo symbolize love and compassion?

A: Lily flower tattoos signify femininity, love, compassion, purity and fragility. They are also associated with the unconditional love and sacrifice of Virgin Mary.

Q.2) What does a red lily flower tattoo represent?

A: The vibrancy of a red lily flower tattoo signifies fiery love and passion that one individual may feel toward another. It shows the sincerity and dedication in the feelings of the lover.

Q.3) Is there any black lily flower tattoo?

A: Black lilies are actually a very dark shade of red or purple that look black from a distance. They are mysterious and elegant. Many individuals resonate with a black lily flower and may tattoo it on their body to express themselves or their love for anything secretive.

Q.4) What does a Japanese lily flower tattoo symbolize?

A: Lilies generally symbolize femininity but in Japan they symbolize masculinity, and stand for perseverance and enlightenment. They also represent the cycle of life and death.


Lily flowers come in a range of colors and offer insightful significance. They celebrate femininity, purity, love and compassion. They also bring out the masculine side by expressing determination and resilience. Individuals, around the world, like to express their own attitude, beliefs and desires by getting a lily flower tattoo inked on their body. Lily flowers are an amazing choice for body art– they do not only look great but they speak a thousand words.

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