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64 Timeless Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas To Forget The Horrors Of The Past!

The sensual appearance of the spider lilies manifests majestically in the realms of the body canvas. With their asymmetric petals and hollow cores, these elegant emblems look like they hold several mysteries of the universe.

When the gentle breeze hits them, the petals dance like ballerinas as if the wind has given them the boost that they need to release their exuberance. Pointing out each of their aesthetics may not be enough for this solo essay. But we hope that we can portray a vivid picture of how beautiful these flowers are and why people go out of their way to immortalize them in their bodies.

Their meanings also hint at the crucial aspects of life that we often tend to miss. The notion of unpredictability and balance between life and death is depicted through these gentle designs.

The best part of these designs is how fluctuated they can be. Some of them have simple inner structures while others seem to exacerbate their magnificence with thread-like needles stemming out from their core. Getting these emblems will truly make you look highly fashionable and inept with the beauties of nature.

An Ordinary Wildflower Or A Motif Of Positive Change? Mystical Meaning Of Spider Lily Tattoos

Meaning Of Spider Lily Tattoo

For some brief moments, take a look back at your life and how you struggled at each step. Were things always easy? Nope. Most of the time, you have to face insurmountable hurdles to achieve success.

While reaching the glory, your integrity and personality slowly shifted. You rapidly garnered a new character through metamorphosis.

The spider lily tattoos hint at the changes and transformations we go through in our lives. These shifts in our nature are not always for the better. Sometimes we stray so far from our original path that we forget our roots. The spider lily tattoo represents both of the connotations with their delicate imagery.

Another aspect of the tattoos also points to an optimistic symbolism. Just like spider lilies fade and then blood again, you have the opportunity to turn your life around by initiating a new beginning. There’s always time to turn things around. You just need to believe in yourself and the essence of the spider lily tattoos.

Soothing Spider Lily Tattoo Designs To Reconnect With Your Inner Women

Spider Lily Tattoo Design

There is enough mysticism in these designs to move mountains. Therefore, you don't necessarily have to bother incorporating a wide range of secondary elements in the artwork. Only the sole imagery of the flower done aesthetically can go a long way.

The aspect that you should play around with is the colors. Each of the colors in the spider lily tattoos has their distinct meanings. For example, red spider lilies portray the essence of death whereas the blue spider lilies tend to be on the calmer side representing notions such as exclusivity and purity.

You must choose the color that portrays your emotions and messages in the best way possible. If you are an individual with an artistic mind, you can opt to blend in some natural elements such as butterflies or snakes.

Always keep in mind that the elements you are thinking of incorporating must have some association or relationship with the symbolism of spider lily tattoos. Otherwise, the combo will miss the mark. So, without further ado, let's stop wasting any more time and get straight down to the alluring designs.

Displaying The Blood's Depth: Fiery Red Spider Lily Tattoo

Red Spider Lily Tattoo 1
Red Spider Lily Tattoo 2

The bloody variant of the spider lily is the embodiment of the terrifying notion of death. The colors are so vibrant in the design that it feels like it is illustrated with pure blood itself.

Etching the wildflower tattoo on either your forearm or hand is the best way to go as it will make the tattoo much more easy viewing. Then, you can get mesmerized by the tattoo any time of the day.

Every time you look at the tattoo, you will be mistaken by its appearance. You will think that it's a picture of a spider hanging from your body.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the red spider lilies are often called resurrection lilies because of their connection to death and transformation? They are also called flowers of the afterlife.

 Metamorphosis Of Life: Grim Tokyo Ghoul Spider Lily Tattoo

Tokyo Ghoul Spider Lily Tattoo 1
Tokyo Ghoul Spider Lily Tattoo 3

Tokyo ghoul has taken the world by storm. With anime adaptations and movies planned for release, there is no stopping this amazing media. The main reason why the show became such a hit is because of the relatable character.

Initially, Ken Kaneki was a shy kid from the neighborhood which can be symbolized as a white carnation. After he became a ghoul and was tortured by Jason, his violet urges came out. This transition of his character is beautifully portrayed in the monochromatic spider lily tattoo.

Breaking Out Of The Customs: Rebellious Japanese Spider Lily Tattoo

Japanese Spider Lily Tattoo 1
Japanese Spider Lily Tattoo 2

The Japanese didn't always see the spider lily in a positive light. From the get-go, they consider the flower to be a motif of death. It is even written in their folk tale that those you are never going to meet again will have paths ornamented with spider lilies. That's why, most of the time they are used in funerals.

The amazing depiction of the flower may hint at a terrifying notion but it's necessary for our realization that we are not mortal. Soon, we will have to leave the corporeal body and travel to the astral world.

Release Of Optimism: Vivid Blue Spider Lily Tattoo

Blue Spider Lily Tattoo 1
Blue Spider Lily Tattoo 2

In many anime, you will often encounter the blue spider lilies. They are the staples of the modern depictions because of their cryptic appearance.

The petals are asymmetrical like most of the spider lilies however it's the inner side that makes the difference. A bunch of tiny thread-like structures protrude from the inner core resembling the positive energies exuding from the flower. It's safe to say that such an exuberance will surely bless you with optimism.

A Token Of Purity: Velvety White Spider Lily Tattoo

White Spider Lily Tattoo 1
White Spider Lily Tattoo 2

The elegance of the white spider lilies is through the roof. The velvety structures are so polished and deep that you get immersed in its aesthetics every time you look at the design.

The detailing of the flowers is what seals the deal. The inner compartment is properly shaded creating a mesmerizing ambiance in your body canvas. As it's a delicate piece of art, you should think of illustrating the design on either your forearm or wrist.

 Monochromatic Magnificence: Black And White Spider Lily Tattoo With Proper Detailing

Black and White Spider Lily Tattoo 1
Black and White Spider Lily Tattoo 2

These monochromatic designs flow seamlessly in the skin as if they were water. With some straight lines and a few distortions, the enigmatic spider lily comes to life.

The dainty artwork is a solid token for embracing the changes in your life. We may start our journey on a linear path but it won’t stay on that trajectory for long. So, brace yourself with this tattoo for the bumpy ride ahead.

Exuberance Within Boundaries: Small Spider Lily Tattoo With Bold Colors

Small Spider Lily Tattoo 1

Micro tattoos play a crucial role in the overall tattoo industry because of how easy and thought-provoking they are. The same goes for the small spider lily tattoo.

The same finesse and exuberance can be maintained in this design as showcased in the large variations. The outer structures of the flowers appear more majestic than the typical designs.

A Unique Connection: Symbiotic Spider Lily And Butterfly Tattoo

Spider Lily and Butterfly Tattoo 1
Spider Lily and Butterfly Tattoo 2

Do you know that there is a symbiotic relationship between the spider lily and the bees? The butterflies are effective pollinators as they collect the pollen from the flowers and spread them everywhere.

In return for their duty, the butterflies came to get tasty nectar from the core of the flower. This beautiful phenomenon is subtly portrayed in the elegant design.

Borrowing The Essence Of Nature: Flamboyant Spider Lily Tattoo On Sleeve

Spider Lily Sleeve Tattoo

Till now, we have only focused on spider lily designs that are quite personal. But this particular design ornaments your entire sleeve.

It turns your elongated part of the body into a garden full of natural jewelry. Whenever you are having a bad day, take a look at the design, and all the worries that were troubling you will fade away into obscurity.

Motifs Of Transformation: Intertwined Spider Lily And Snake Tattoo

Spider Lily and Snake Tattoo 1
Spider Lily and Snake Tattoo 2

We already established how the spider lilies have an association with the themes of change and transformation. Equipping the elegant flower with the vicious snake further portrays the notion that snakes shed their skins to grow larger.

If you wish to transform your life for the better, the unique amalgamation will work wonders for you. Rather than remaining in separate parts, the two motifs of nature intertwine each other creating a breathtaking idea.

 An Old Fashioned Notion: Natural Spider Lily Crane Tattoo

Spider Lily Crane Tattoo 1
Spider Lily Crane Tattoo 2

What happens when two sensual elements collide? Yes, you guessed it right. We get a flawless design that has enough drama on display.

The subtle inclusion of the crane on the top of the spider lily as if it is drinking the nectar from it represents the balance between life and death. Cranes are often associated with the notion of life as folklore hints that they carried newborns with their feet. On the other hand, we are well accustomed to death and spider lilies.

Nullifying The Weakness: Combined Demon Slayer Spider Lily Tattoo

Demon Slayer Spider Lily Tattoo 1
Demon Slayer Spider Lily Tattoo 2

The main antagonist of the series, Muzan, had a terrible disease. To prevent the disease from causing something fatal, he consumed a handful of blue spider lilies. The mystical flower turned him into a demon.

After the transformation, Muzen further went to experiment on the effect of the flower believing it can nullify the weakness of the demons. So, can you guess what the symbolism of the tattoo is?

Yes, it represents the aspect of transformation and protection. The face of the character pierced with a dagger while a spider lily is blooming near the tip commemorates such a positive aspect of life through a rather dark depiction.


If you hop onto the internet to search for spider lily tattoos, you will rarely come across any relevant information about them. So, it becomes our moral obligation to educate you on this matter.

Below are some questions and their answers related to the spider lily tattoos. Try to give them a read with an open mind.

Q: How Did The Spider Lily Tattoos Get Associated With Death?

Ans: During the Buddhist holiday called Ohigan, many people return to their homes from workplaces to pay respect to fallen family members and friends.

This is the exact time when the spider lilies bloom in the wild. This intertwinement of two phenomena is the reason why spider lily tattoos are associated with death.

Q: Are Spider Lily Tattoos Culturally Appropriate?

Ans: Yes, they are. A rule of thumb is if any tattoos exist in nature, there is no chance of the designs becoming culturally offensive. So, ink away without any worries.


While the notion of death is frightening, the realization of the inevitability of it is also necessary. When you acknowledge the certainty of it, you start to enjoy the many things of life that you neglected before.

The spider lily tattoos pack quite a punch and deliver the divine message of death to you with their beautiful aesthetics. You start to appreciate life and don’t get afraid anymore to make the big decisions that will alter the course of your life.

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