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89 Astonishing Attack On Titan Tattoo Ideas To Overcome Your Fears

When the colossal titan first appeared in front of our screens, the whole world seemed to stop. The terrifying image of the titan peeking through the walls sent shivers down our spines. We were all on board the series thinking how brutal and gory the show was going to turn out to be. But boy, we were so wrong.

Attack on Titan didn’t become one of the best anime series of all time because of the endless fights between the Titans and humans. The war between them excited us however it was the story that resonated with each person in the world.

The attack on Titan tattoo portrays the beautiful story of the show with a bit of artistic twist. When you visualize the tattoo, you will feel your heartbeats rumbling. The tapestry of vibrant colors along with the jarring patterns will compel you to break all odds and stand above everyone who doubts you.

The alluring tattoos teach us a wide range of lessons about life. When you get the tattoo, you will start to realize the importance of war and the repercussions of freedom. Or is it the other way around? Find out in the rest of the essay.

Alluring Attack On Titan Tattoo Designs To Become A Yeagerist

Attack On Titan Tattoo Design

The final season was just aired which makes it the perfect time to get an amazing attack on Titan tattoo. Aside from the usual symbolism and story, you can also showcase how much of an avid fan you are of the show.

Another reason why this is a good time to get such a tattoo is because Satoshi Iwataki, the animator of the show, died recently. You can show a tribute to the hardworking individual who made so much impact in our lives by getting the jarring tattoo design.

But hold your horses. Sometimes out of emotion and desperation, we tend to get the most hideous-looking tattoo and later contemplate for the rest of our lives. This shouldn’t happen to you. For this reason, we have handpicked some of the best attacks on titan tattoos that will fit your body perfectly. Give them a good read and prepare to be blown away.

Attack on Titan Sleeve Tattoo

Attack on Titan Sleeve Tattoo 1
Attack on Titan Sleeve Tattoo 2

Viewers were shocked when they visualized Eren, the central character transforming into a villain. For those who are still living under the rock and haven’t seen the series, major spoilers are ahead.

The transformation of Eren left everyone baffled. After being devoured by one of the titans, Eren gained the ability to convert himself to a terrifying titan at will. While the years were oblivious to this at the beginning, they quickly strategized with Eren to gain an advantage over the Titans.

This elegant sleeve tattoo focuses on two different versions of Eren—one in human form and the other in gigantic, menacing titan form. The brilliantly etched artwork often portrays the notion of metamorphosis and change in an individual’s life.

Attack on Titan Small Tattoo

Attack on Titan Small Tattoo 1
Attack on Titan Small Tattoo 2

While the entire anime and manga series revolves around monstrous Titans, it's quite peculiar to think about any small attack on Titan Tattoo.

However, this discreet tattoo featuring the symbol of the military corps along with one of the protagonists in the back depicts quite a heavy picture. The tattoo symbolizes a brief moment in the series where the protagonists finally start to win against the Titans.

The dainty tattoo depicts how we can overcome our fears and traumas. If we keep on lingering on them, we will get nowhere. However, if we are passionate and focused, nothing is impossible.

Wings of Freedom Attack On Titan Tattoo

Wings of Freedom Attack On Titan Tattoo 1
Wings of Freedom Attack On Titan Tattoo 2

Throughout the series, you will often come across a symbol that almost looks like a culmination of feathers. The geometric symbol full of white and blue colors is considered to be the sign of wings of freedom.

The symbols are as artistic as they are thoughtful. The featherlike shapes along with the blend of white and black color portrays the desire to seek peace and solace.

While the symbol is enough to draw your attention, you can include some jarring clouds along with flocks of birds to create an aesthetic vibe. These secondary elements disseminate the philosophy much more clearly.

Attack on Titan Eren Tattoo

Attack on Titan Eren Tattoo 1
Attack on Titan Eren Tattoo 2

We already talked about how hype the transformation from one of the weepiest characters to a badass titan was. Fans were glued to the skin when this happened. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

The attack on Titan Eren tattoo features this awe-inspiring transformation with extreme details. When the change begins, the outer skin of Eren peels off. Instead, the thick bone-like structures of the Titans start to emerge.

The cute and naive face of the boy changes into a blob of blood. The tattoo comprises every single one of these transitions. You will get shivers down your spine when you look at the tattoo.

Attack on Titan Levi Tattoo

Attack on Titan Levi Tattoo 1
Attack on Titan Levi Tattoo 2

There isn’t another single character that is more popular than Levi himself. He may be short in size but don’t dare underestimate him. He can change the dimensions of any titan's body with his insane drifting and sword skills.

He is like a ninja. The giants can hardly detect his swiftness. It is depicted in the series that Levi single-handedly killed more than 88 Titans. The number may be much more. He just doesn't count or flaunt his skills. Because of his amazing capabilities and attitude, the Levi tattoo has become a fan favorite.

Men love to etch the tattoo to showcase their masculinity while women get it just because of how handsome he is. His charm and posture have stolen the dreams of many women all over the world.

Attack on Titan Back Tattoo

Attack on Titan Back Tattoo

Do you consider yourself to be a member of the survey corps swinging through wires while carrying swords to end the entire species of Titans? Then this astounding back tattoo is the perfect choice for you.

Titans are enormous therefore their artwork will be in the same size. That’s why, it's always best to etch any attack on Titan tattoos on the back. As there is an adequate amount of space, you can depict the terrifying presence of the Titans with incredible titans. You can even turn yourself into a fierce fighter by including yourself in the tattoo.

Attack on Titan Mikasa Tattoo

Attack on Titan Mikasa Tattoo 1
Attack on Titan Mikasa Tattoo 2

Mikasa is quite a multifaceted character that is often religiously studied. In most portions of the series, Mikasa is seen to have a crush on Eren. However, this made her appear a bit annoying and out of place.

Her constant defending of Eren even though he did horrible acts was unjustified which left many fans bothered. But it can’t be denied that Mikasa is one of the strongest characters in the series.

Her swinging abilities are often thought to be on par with Levi's. Because of this, many women get the portrayal of her as a tattoo to showcase femininity and strength.

Attack on Titan Butterfly Tattoo

Attack on Titan Butterfly Tattoo 1
Attack on Titan Butterfly Tattoo 2

In the music video of the final season, you can see a flock of butterflies swarm on an arrow just to get killed one by one. This crushing moment has a lot of symbolic significance which made the scene stick in our heads for a long time.

The crushing of the butterflies portrays the consequences of war and how desiring freedom and peace can lead to some unintended outcomes. Because of the symbolism, many people opt for the tattoo. In a world full of giants and titans, the appearance of a gentle butterfly will surely look fantastic on your body canvas.

Attack on Titan Traditional Tattoo

Attack on Titan Traditional Tattoo

When you get a traditional tattoo, the entire world rejoices with you. The tapestry of fluid colors in the tattoo makes your entire body look like it's on fire.

The traditional Attack on Titan tattoo is like any other design. However, it comprises fiery shapes which portray the passion and desire for freedom. People have long been oppressed by the Titans. It's time to end things once and for all. This colorful manifestation will surely make you brave enough to face your fears and overcome them with a smile on your face.

Attack on Titan Thigh Tattoo

Attack on Titan Thigh Tattoo 1
Attack on Titan Thigh Tattoo 2

Your thigh is the perfect place to get a tattoo of your favorite character from the series. It can be Eren, Levi, or Mikasa. With the proper amount of space, you can etch any of their portrayals with ease.

A simple portrayal can often look bland in the eye. Therefore, it's best to opt for a thigh tattoo that features some complex shapes and lines in the background to showcase integrity. You also can exaggerate a bit by making the characters appear more masculine than they originally were. A simple illustration of a six-pack can do wonders.

Attack on Titan Dagger Tattoo

Attack on Titan Dagger Tattoo 1
Attack on Titan Dagger Tattoo 2

Along with the ODM gear, the dagger is perhaps one of the most important weapons that plagiarists carry around with them. With the sharp blade, they can pierce through the hard flesh of the titans.

The tattoo features a highly stylized depiction of the dagger with a fiery background. The background portrays how the fire of passion burns inside you whereas with the dagger, you can rip off everything that stands in your way to glory.

Attack on Titan Forearm Tattoo

Attack on Titan Forearm Tattoo

While constant fights and twists are going on in the series, the main aspect of it is making the world a peaceful place that is devoid of any chaos and war.

The forearm tattoo portrays this philosophical notion beautifully. The tattoo features Eren looking at the wings of the freedom symbol in the distance and trying to embrace it. The artwork represents how we all aspire for a beautiful world but there are often thousands of hindrances blocking us from making it happen. The barb-wires represent the obstacles.

Attack On Titan Sword Tattoo

Attack On Titan Sword Tattoo 1
Attack On Titan Sword Tattoo 2
Attack On Titan Sword Tattoo 3

The attack on Titan sword is made of ultra-hard steel which can pierce through the thick skin of the Titans. The ornamented swords are part of the ODM gears used to outmaneuver them.

A simple display of the sword can be quite bland. That’s why, you can opt to include some crystals protruding from the sword Itself. The beautiful colors on the crystals can portray the wide range of emotions and messages that the show depicts and how we resonate with each of them.


We have described comprehensively each of the designs along with the story of the series. However, we realize there may still be some unanswered questions in the back of your head.

For this reason, we have opted to answer all your intriguing questions in the most accurate way possible to clear all your doubts.

Q: Which Is The Best Character To Feature In The Attack On Titan tattoo?

Ans: It completely depends on. From the intelligent Armin to the fierce Levi, there are so many characters in their series that it is often hard to keep track of. Each of these characters has their motives and backstories that help us connect with them.

So, you should feature someone whose motives resemble yours. Some characters are universally loved such as Eren or Levi. You can opt for them if you are having trouble.

Q: Do Attack On Titan Tattoos Glorify Violence?

Ans: While there are countless gory fights in the series where people are constantly getting devoured, the main aspect of the show is not to glorify violence in any way.

The underlying story is full of emotions. You will see certain characters struggling to overcome their fears while others succumb to them. It's a tale of peace and war. It's far from just a violent display of blood and agony. The same goes for the attack on Titan tattoo.

Q: Which Is The Best Place For An Attack On Titan Tattoo?

Ans: It's undoubtedly your back. Any attack on Titan tattoo requires a hefty inclusion of details. These details can’t be imprinted on a small area. Your back offers to display the true magnificence of the show.


While there are far more underlying aspects of the anime, the primary aspect is to overcome one’s fear. People used to confine themselves to the wall to hide from the giants. However, the wall couldn't save them. One day, a colossal titan emerged and wreaked havoc in the village destroying every single establishment and killing many civilians.

The attack on Titan tattoos depicts how confining yourself can only lead to further disasters. Rather you should let yourself go and start to embrace your phobias. With the extreme realism and beautiful colors, you will appear as someone who is not afraid of anything.

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