Collarbone tattoo ideas

93 Feisty Collarbone Tattoo Ideas That Cater To Everyone And Anyone!

Since tattoos are all about aesthetic pleasure, areas that aren’t deemed fit for complex pieces are often used as the primary canvas. Nonetheless, regardless of how sensitive they may be against the blows from a needle, the pictures, when depicted carefully on a compact surface, leave behind an incredible effect. And if you’re seeking an example, let’s start with a collarbone tattoo.

The collarbone is usually not wide or lengthy, proving to be a liability when required to showcase a tattoo in the eyes of extroverts with a knack for loud tattoos. That’s a minor obstacle for the genre of collarbone tattoos, however, since the movement is quite monumental amongst people seeking to enhance their appearance on the outside. Often, a collarbone tattoo is a fan favorite of minimalists.

Moving on, if one of your aims is to obtain your first collarbone tattoo, there’s a lot you need to know before giving yourself the green signal. If you’re also not aware of designs that fit like gloves when paired with a collarbone tattoo, we hope you don’t ditch us until completion is reached!

“Like A Sting That Keeps Itching”: The Pain Involved In The Procedure Of A Collarbone Tattoo!

They say looking good is easy when you have a collarbone tattoo in your arsenal. Not all is sunshine and rainbows, however, as a collarbone tattoo ranks rather high on the tattoo pain chart.

Since the area is all bone, with a thin piece of skin that covers the structure, using any sharp object, especially a needle used for tattoos, can be as painful as it sounds in theory when brought into existence. For that reason alone, many refrain from obtaining complicated illustrations on the collarbone.

Finding an alternative option for placement is an immediate solution to this dilemma. If your mind is still determined to obtain a collarbone tattoo, though, ask the artist to use a stick and poke set over hefty-sized needles to form your tattoo.

Staggering Concepts Of Collarbone Tattoos That Deserve Every Inch Of The Spotlight!

If you’re seeking genres that you can obtain as a first tattoo, or seeking a design that you can pursue with a friend or romantic interest, a collarbone tattoo could be a compelling contender. The artwork is minimal, proving to be a great agent to pursue a discreet energy with. And though the creative process is one of its shortcomings, that too tends to subside when the right layout is picked.

From symbols that prioritize healing to icons that convey an unconditional feeling, a collarbone tattoo can carry almost anything that your mind allows it to. If you’re seeking examples, be sure to give the following illustrations a view!

Snake Collarbone Tattoo

Snake Collarbone Tattoo

If you haven’t healed from feelings of trauma that were inflicted in the past life, chances are you’re struggling to grow in life, as a person. While suppressing the events that left their marks could be a temporary solution, processing your thoughts instead can kickstart a better journey to self-healing.

A snake tattoo can be the best possible companion to reach out to during that time, associated with remedies that mend broken people. If you don’t want the tattoo to take up the spotlight, use the collarbone as your canvas.

Flower Collarbone Tattoo

Flower Collarbone Tattoo 1
Flower Collarbone Tattoo 2

Floral patterns can be outstanding to implement if the collarbone tattoo you’d like to replicate needs to have feminine energy. If you’re seeking spiritual growth, on the other hand, know that flower tattoos can still come to the rescue.

Adding a compilation of floral elements might be difficult to carry out when working with the collarbone. You may minimize the components and add them to a compact sized bouquet, though, but only if you need an alternative.

Butterfly Collarbone Tattoo

Butterfly Collarbone Tattoo 1
Butterfly Collarbone Tattoo 2

Butterflies are yet another series of species that caters to women the best. Associated with growth and development, each butterfly tends to connect the wearer to their formative years, which, in turn, often results in them feeling grateful about life itself.

Small variations of butterflies can seamlessly mesh with the dimensions provided by the collarbone. If you want to add some colour to your stencil, change the colour of the ink instead of installing a paint job.

Roman Numerals Collarbone

Roman Numerals Collarbone

Tattoo Using numbers is quite common when pursuing tattoos, since they enable wearers to recall certain memories made in the past. Often, doing so triggers our dopamine levels, otherwise known as the happy emotions that we possess.

Roman numeral tattoos are sharp, clean, and simple to place, making them ideal for the collarbone. The tattoo is also quite compatible, but mostly with names and quotes.

Small Collarbone Tattoo

Small Collarbone Tattoo

Since it is painful, you might as well take it easy when pursuing a tattoo as sensitive as a collarbone tattoo. And if you’d like to keep it light, consider adding the stencil often regarded as a small tattoo.

A small tattoo can be as minimal as a dot, or as substantial as a small symbol representing an animal. In addition to doubling down on the pain, this option will also reward you with a quick creative process.

Bird Collarbone Tattoo

Bird Collarbone Tattoo

Birds are big on freedom, and even bigger on adaptability. In fact, the flexibility of the creatures goes a long way, enabling them to pair with anything, under any circumstance.

Bird tattoos are usually installed with care and complex pieces of art to make them as appealing as one can on the outside. Pulling off basic variations also seems to be a walk in the park for this genre, as it is often downsized to be positioned into a collarbone tattoo, a movement that many are fond of.

Cherry Blossom Collarbone

Cherry Blossom Collarbone 1
Cherry Blossom Collarbone 2

Tattoo Cherry blossoms are huge in Japan, associated with peace and positivity according to many. Their visuals are also quite popular as tattoos, often depicted on the collarbone.

Since they comprise tons of species, obtaining a cherry blossom tattoo is more exciting than what one may perceive. The artwork is enough to run through as a solo piece, but never shies away from collaborating with complementary pieces.

Heart Collarbone Tattoo

Heart Collarbone Tattoo

Expressing love through any tattoo is possible. To heighten the appeal, however, perhaps picking the right spot should be the first aim in the mix, since the impression is usually shaped by the canvas, in addition to the artwork.

A heart tattoo is one of the best ways to show affection towards someone. It is quite agile, coming in tons of variations with both elaborate and minimal schemes. For a collarbone tattoo, however, many often prefer keeping things light, adding initials to hype up the piece.

Olive Branch Collarbone Tattoo

Olive Branch Collarbone Tattoo

Being a newbie and wanting a tattoo on your collarbone is more common than you think it is. Additionally, if you’re not a big fan of pain, we suggest you take it easy on the concept. If you’re open to taking pointers from us, assess this olive branch tattoo with your own eyes!

An olive branch tattoo is just a thread with leaves, when push comes to shove. The artwork contains thick borders, but often carries a stencil that is colourless and straightforward, being the ideal option for sensitive skin.

Rose Collarbone Tattoo

Rose Collarbone Tattoo 1
Rose Collarbone Tattoo 2

The red in rose tattoos feels best when showcased by areas that prioritize exposure. While the wrist is known as the most favorable canvas in that scenario, a close second happens to be the collarbone, the main agenda of this guide.

A rose tattoo is mostly for lovers and soulmates, affiliated with the power of romanticization. With quotes, names, dates, and initials, one can easily enhance the impression of this design.

Sunflower Collarbone Tattoo

Sunflower Collarbone Tattoo 1
Sunflower Collarbone Tattoo 2

Sunflowers are tokens of joy, and are effortless to draw. They come in various species, although the one that usually stands out is the species that is draped in yellow and dark, chocolate brown, The illustration is as magnificent as it is malleable, making it a great pick for a collarbone tattoo.

While mostly obtained as a solo piece, a sunflower tattoo can also be paired with quotes and phrases. You may also use the artwork as a means to pay homage to someone, but only if their initials are added.

Vine Collarbone Tattoo

Vine Collarbone Tattoo 1
Vine Collarbone Tattoo 2

Vines aren’t just used to convey the importance of connectivity, but also utilized to add various pieces to a concept. Since vine tattoos are often empty on the surface, any creature affiliated with nature can partner up with the design.

A vine tattoo can also go solo, especially when the canvas used is limited in terms of volume. It is also a great pick for beginners, preferably when assigned to pull off a collarbone tattoo.

Feather Collarbone Tattoo

Feather Collarbone Tattoo 1
Feather Collarbone Tattoo 2

Something basic seems to look more attractive than ever when thrown into a collarbone tattoo, But if you don’t believe us, consider examining this feather tattoo!

A feather tattoo has been known to be a compelling candidate in the world of collarbone tattoo for years. The artwork is plain and simple, requiring very little time to bring to life. The pain-level is also quite favorable, making it a top pick among beginners that are big on tattoos that provide protection.

Quote And Dandelion Collarbone

Quote And Dandelion Collarbone 1
Quote And Dandelion Collarbone 2

Tattoo Moving on can be difficult, especially when the person you’re letting go has been a part of your life for years, even decades. However, as painful as it sounds, swallowing the pill and preparing for the next chapter is the best way to cope with that feeling. If it’s too painful, you may resort to the hybrid of a quote and dandelion tattoo.

Dandelion prioritizes the importance of moving on, while the quote is subjective, mostly catering to the likes and intentions of the wearer. The best location for this tattoo? You’ve guessed it! The collarbone.

Dolphin Collarbone Tattoo

Dolphin Collarbone Tattoo 1
Dolphin Collarbone Tattoo 2

Many say that dolphins are more emotionally intelligent than human beings, which explains why they’re able to interact with other beings so well, that too without any harm. Additionally, if you’re a fan of their nature, and even believe that you carry similar traits with them, a dolphin tattoo should definitely be on your list of candidates.

A dolphin tattoo looks best when the size is easier to understand and not too loud. If you’d like the tattoo to increase the impact of your appearance, place your trust in the potential of a collarbone tattoo.

Star Collarbone Tattoo

Star Collarbone Tattoo 1
Star Collarbone Tattoo 2

A star tattoo is quite comprehensible in the eyes of newbies as well as veterans, carrying a symbolism associated with preciousness. Additionally, a star tattoo can also boost one’s confidence, especially if they struggle with esteem issues.

Since the shape isn’t demanding, we feel that the best place for a star tattoo is definitely on the collarbone. Be sure to increase the frequency of the artwork if it fails to take up space, preferably with the help of complementary items.

Dragon Collarbone Tattoo

Dragon Collarbone Tattoo 1
Dragon Collarbone Tattoo 2

Dragons are rather powerful in the world of tattoos and art, possessing qualities that, according to many, can only be contained by a God. While minimal in visuals, a dragon tattoo is quite monumental when converted to a collarbone tattoo, despite the components it fails to carry.

Adding tints of green, red, and yellow can make the artwork more presentable. To make the piece jarring, add the fangs as well.

Colorful Collarbone Tattoo

Colorful Collarbone Tattoo

Colorful artwork never does any harm, especially if you’re more invested in the layout of a tattoo. Likewise, if you’re only hoping to add to your appeal, a colorful collarbone tattoo could be all that you need.

From abstract art to minimized portraits, a colorful tattoo around the collarbone can possess anything. If you’re a beginner to tattoos, don’t forget to use a fine-line needle.

Tribal Collarbone Tattoo

Tribal Collarbone Tattoo 1
Tribal Collarbone Tattoo 2
Tribal Collarbone Tattoo 3

Tribal tattoos mostly speak to Polynesians, giving them a direct platform to represent their heritage. The pattern carried by each tribe, or genre, is complex, to say the least. However, the sentimental value runs rather high, making this piece a fan favorite on this list.

The creative process of tribal tattoos is painful, as many prefer using traditional instruments over needles. Do use numbing cream, as the stabs of a needle tend to cause discomfort more often than not.

Moon Collarbone Tattoo

Moon Collarbone Tattoo

If astronomy enlightens you, perhaps something as basic as a moon tattoo can keep your mind at ease. The best part about such tattoos is its size, which can contract and expand based on the wearer’s preferences.

Obtaining a moon tattoo is a great way to bring out the features of your collarbone. If it seems too empty, though, try adding stars alongside the graphic to fill the void.

Rainbow Collarbone Tattoo

Rainbow Collarbone Tattoo

The entries on this caters to minimalists, since collarbone tattoos often carry designs with no color. This one appears to be the black sheep, however, going above and beyond to display the primary notes of a rainbow.

A rainbow collarbone tattoo is an artwork with soft tones. Since the visuals are rather delicate, it’s only fair if one matches the energy by placing the illustration on an appealing surface, such as the collarbone.

Lotus Collarbone Tattoo

Lotus Collarbone Tattoo

A lotus tattoo is usually known to beat its competitors through its color scheme, revolving around the shades pink and green. It is much more on the inside, however, being the perfect tattoo to have when starting new chapters.

A collarbone tattoo of a lotus often carries a frame that is limited in size, but is perfect for those seeking feminine energy in their artwork. It also takes very little time to create, mitigating the intensity of pain as a result.

Ocean Wave Collarbone Tattoo

Ocean Wave Collarbone Tattoo 1
Ocean Wave Collarbone Tattoo 2

An ocean wave tattoo is a no-brainer if you’re fond of the sea, and spend most of your weekend getaways by the beach. It can also be a great option if you’re into aquatic creatures, which can be a great way to enhance the scheme.

While bigger canvases allow wearers to make use of their creative freedom, an ocean wave tattoo can also be installed on the collarbone to meet one’s stylistic preferences.

Yin Yang Collarbone Tattoo

Yin Yang Collarbone Tattoo

Finding the balance is necessary in everything, as doing so keeps us grounded. Additionally, in order to age gracefully, it is crucial to find the silver lining among things; a mantra that yin yang carries.

Having a symbol of yin yang around can be ideal if you’re seeking peace, as it constantly encourages people to focus on the positive, and learn from the negative. The icon is also rather compact in size, making it just about right for a collarbone tattoo.

Bumble Bee Collarbone Tattoo

Bumble Bee Collarbone Tattoo

Bumble bees are surely great to look into if you’re big on being loyal and faithful. It can even be the perfect candidate for a collarbone tattoo, as the dimensions can be toned down to the T at all times.

A bumble bee collarbone tattoo is a unisex design, and tends to work as an effective companion when productivity is the aim. When around, it also enables the wearer to develop a sense of discipline, a trait that is more beneficial than not.

Koi Fish Collarbone Tattoo

Koi Fish Collarbone Tattoo 1
Koi Fish Collarbone Tattoo 2

If your obsession towards Japanese culture is never-ending, try making symbols as elegant as a koi fish the primary component for your collarbone tattoo. The artwork might lack size, but provides enough to make its mark known.

A koi fish tattoo provides good news to anyone who reaches out for help. Though the size has to be compromised, an emblem of a koi fish feels rather natural on a collarbone.

Frequently Asked Question

If you’ve stuck with us so far, know that your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. In fact, since you’ve stayed back even after the first half, here are some questions regarding collarbone tattoos that you may reward yourself with!

Q: How long does it take for a collarbone tattoo to heal?

Ans: A collarbone tattoo can be sore weeks after the procedure has reached completion. Since it’s all bone, however, facing the previous scenario is most likely the norm. To speed up the recovery process, using a cold compress might help tremendously. If the soreness still persists after taking the previous precautionary measure, resort to painkillers.

Q: What kind of tattoo should I get on my collarbone if I’m a beginner?

Ans: For beginners, the stencil to a collarbone tattoo should be as basic as possible. A couple of designs that we can think of are number tattoos, quotes, names, and scripts, all of which enable an easygoing process for both the wearer and the artist.

Final Takeaway

Tiny yet meaningful is a phrase that describes the nature of collarbone tattoos perfectly. They don’t distract spectators when making conversation, but are impactful enough to make a difference in one’s appearance, creating a stronger impression than usual.

Collarbone tattoos speak mostly to minimalists, but can also be a good opportunity for enthusiasts who are big on aesthetic pleasure. Since the area is all bone and runs low on body fat, any kind of emblem installed on the collarbone tends to look presentable.

If pain is an issue, ask your tattoo artist to use the most lenient kind of needle there is. Additionally, if you’re still unsure about the kind of design you should get, revise the article as much as you please.

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