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Amor Fati: Acceptance Is Key

Amor Fati: Acceptance Is Key

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Heavyweight T-shirt Classic, loose Fit Preshrunk Jersey Knit Double Needle hems and neck band for durability Solid Colors 100% Cotton, Charcoal Heather is 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester, Sport Grey is 90% Cotton, 10% Poly, Ash is 99% Cotton, 1% Poly.
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They say life is like a roller coaster. Though it constantly keeps moving, you never know whether the road will lead to a high, or a low. And while we would prefer the former, being accepting of the latter should also be part of the agenda.

The term “Amor fati” is a phrase that many should be wary of. Initially derived from Latin, the term brings attention to the importance of having the power to accept the things one cannot change, and have enough courage to change the scenarios that are within our control. Most of all, the saying urges one to find the silver lining in every single chapter of life, and embrace as well as utilize the negatives for character development.

While the notion was initially associated with Greek philosophers, it found more light when Friedrich Nietzsche mentioned it in his book, “Why Am I So Clever?”. He believed that life is shaped by its ups and downs, not just the positives. And while dealing with profound weeks of sadness is difficult as opposed to tasting joy, he believed that the sorrows are what made feelings of success so sweet.

Additionally, by relying on Amor fati, he also claimed that it was easier to find contentment in even the unfathomable setbacks of life. Amor fati is a go-to term for stoics, who often adopt the vision behind it as a mindset. By having the phrase as a reliable companion, many stoics believe that it is easier to come to terms with what one cannot control, and be mindful of what one can obtain without entertaining hypothetical scenarios.

The print of this design is quite minimal. However, we can’t say the same for the metaphor, which is said to be tailor-made for those who are wise, and for lost minds seeking words of enlightenment. Alongside the infamous quote are two emblems, which give a subtle lift to the font of the words that could hold a million emotions.

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