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78 Empowering Womb Tattoo Ideas That Embrace Womanhood With Open Arms!

Tattoos are endless due to how accepting they are. Additionally, tattoos are also full of variety, making them easy to gel with the average individual, that too without making things complicated.

While the patterns remain endless, some entries are mostly for embracing one’s feminine side, which brings us to womb tattoos, the main agenda of this guide.

Womb tattoos have quickly risen to popularity not due to the area they target, but also because of all that’s behind the art of womb tattoos, which teaches women the highs and lows of womanhood.

That being said, if you’re curious to learn the best of womb tattoos, I hope this material unveils them all!

Transitioning To Motherhood: The Enlightening Meaning Of Womb Tattoos

Meaning Of Womb Tattoo

Every tattoo is a representation of something. And although some feel like a maze for the mind, a womb tattoo is on the other spectrum, being rather easy to comprehend beyond the surface.

Womb tattoos are perfect during childbirth, representing the growing pains of motherhood, as well as the blessing of having a newborn.

It also represents all the responsibilities that a mother is required to carry out before, during, and after the presence of a newborn.

Emancipating Womb Tattoos That Defy The Beauty Of Female Reproduction

Truth be told, almost all womb tattoos look the same. They're all placed under the gut, where the womb is said to be located.

The designs differ, though, as does the creative process. That being said, if you're seeking some concepts before doing it yourself, here are the best womb tattoos of this day and age.

Forearm Womb Tattoo: Welcoming New Life With Open Arms

Forearm Womb Tattoo

A womb tattoo is a great concept to experiment with if you remain indecisive regarding the area of placement, as the tattoo can be stitched almost anywhere.

But, if one of your incentives is to obtain the perfect visuals, try branching out for a forearm tattoo.

A forearm tattoo has endless possibilities from a design standpoint, and remains low on a pain scale. The artwork ages like wine, having the potential to gradually transform into a sleeve tattoo.

Feminist Womb Tattoo: Empowering Womanhood

Feminist Womb Tattoo

Given the nature of womb tattoos, it is safe to say that the graphic pairs best with feminists. Therefore, to make the most of it, I suggest one add emblems gravitating toward femininity.

From floral patterns to trees, anything can be added to this visually free-ing graphic.

On another note, if you are planning on placing this tattoo underneath your abdomen, consider cropping the design. Settle for a colorless scheme if the pain is unbearable.

Succubus Womb Tattoo: A Design For Enthusiasts

Succubus Womb Tattoo

Although the meaning hardly plays a part in shaping this scheme, a compelling candidate in the scene of womb tattoos is a succubus tattoo, which is mostly pursued for the artistic components.

As opposed to the rest, it is one of the most controversial figures on this list, associated with the devil when push comes to shove.

From a design standpoint, it appears to be on top of its game, bringing to light a toned abdomen when placed as a womb tattoo.

Crystal Womb Tattoo: Ensuring Protection At Any Cost

Crystal Womb Tattoo

Many use crystals to protect themselves from bad omen, which could be something you can follow if you’ve recently noticed changes in your aura.

This could be more essential if a baby is on the way, mainly to protect the newborn from disabilities and health conditions upon coming to existence.

That being said, the best location for this tattoo is the womb, as it stays hidden, and works in silence.

Geometry Womb Tattoo: Transitioning Into Adulthood

Geometry Womb Tattoo

While easily the black sheep on this list, using geometric patterns can build a great womb tattoo, even more so if you’re seeking something minimal.

The shapes can be used to depict floral patterns, as well as any emblem related to femininity, while the color scheme stays empty for a soft impression.

Being created with a fine-line needle, this tattoo is also relatively lenient to the skin, making it the perfect pick for beginners.

Tribal Womb Tattoo: A Reminder Of Your Worth

Tribal Womb Tattoo

Tribal tattoos represent one’s identity, people, and lifestyle. While they make space for diversity, tribal tattoos also mesh with other designs to make them look even better.

One of the attributes of a tribal tattoo is a womb tattoo, enabling women to find comfort in womanhood, femininity, and the beauty of childbirth.

Not all is easy about this tattoo, as the design requires traditional instruments to create, which can feel brutal around sensitive areas.

Stomach Womb Tattoo: The Serenity Of Carrying New Life

Stomach Womb Tattoo

Stomach tattoos these days are rare, to say the least. Keeping the genre alive is a womb tattoo, which brings out the beauty of the area as well as the metaphor of a womb tattoo.

A stomach womb tattoo provides tons of space, allowing floral patterns to seamlessly fit into the picture.

If you feel ticklish around the area, which is exactly what a location as sensitive as the stomach is supposed to do, try using numbing cream an hour before you leave for the tattoo appointment.

Underboob Womb Tattoo: Deep Sentiments With Tons Of Appeal

Underboob Womb Tattoo

Starting from a higher point will give your tattoo more space to utilize, which can reduce congestion to make the visuals appealing.

That being said, if you’re pursuing a womb tattoo, don’t make the mistake of using the gut as the canvas.

Instead, use the placement of an underboob tattoo, which is far less painful than the average womb tattoo, and provides plenty of space for creation.

Fineline Womb Tattoo: Anticipating A Painless Procedure

Fineline Womb Tattoo

If all else fails you can always aim for a fine line tattoo, a design that caters to any pain level, and fits in every circumstance.

Alongside having an easy procedure, this womb tattoo also has a time-friendly creative process, making it great for those with packed schedules.

Placing it on the forearm is a great idea, as it takes away the great deal of pain that womb tattoos generate.

Neotribal Womb Tattoo: A Change Of Scenery

Neotribal Womb Tattoo

Most womb tattoos are shaped with colorless schemes or thin-stitched artwork, being ideal for minimalists.

However, if you're seeking a change of scene, wear a neotribal womb tattoo, engraving the importance of individuality and loyalty, all in one frame.

Witchy Womb Tattoo: Using Wizardry As A Defense Mechanism

Witchy Womb Tattoo

Jealousy is a disease that hardly ever goes away from the minds of evil. And although jealousy does lead to heinous acts, on the other side are solutions that prove to be helpful during hard times.

That being said, if you'd like to protect your newborn from any kind of spell, wear a witchy womb tattoo to make things easier; a design that protects and serves until the end.

Anime Womb Tattoo: A Blast From The Past

Anime Womb Tattoo

Most womb tattoos look the same, finding a comfortable spot around the gut, led by mostly the silhouettes of a heart. However, if you’d like to rise above the rest, consider adding an additional piece within the frame.

If you’ve always been a fan of Japanese artwork, Anime tattoos might just do the trick. From portraits to emblems, Anime tattoos come in many forms.

To discover them all, be sure to skim through my guide on Anime tattoos!

Heart Womb Tattoo: Curated With Unconditional Love

Heart Womb Tattoo

Not all womb tattoos are complicated. In fact, some of them are as easy as pie to understand, and obtain.

One of the very few designs among the list of womb tattoos that makes the whole procedure look easy is a heart womb tattoo, surrounded by wings for an added effect.

The color scheme often assigns the heart tattoo with pink, with red being the second most favorable candidate for the emblem.

Arm Womb Tattoo: Embracing The Cycle Of Fertility

Arm Womb Tattoo

Although the outside of the forearm is more ideal for a sleeve tattoo, the inside can be used for a womb tattoo, mainly due to its ability to keep the artwork reserved.

The pattern is also easy to install, thanks to the straight-cut structure of the target area. Despite that, the symbol chooses to remain devoted to a blackwork paint job.

What makes an arm tattoo stand out is the timeframe, which is incredibly short lived. And if you’ve got something against the space it leaves behind, add names or quotes to support your womb tattoo.

Baby Womb Tattoo: Because You Are Your Mother's Child

Baby Womb Tattoo

One of the magical parts about this life is childbirth, which is worth all the pain in the world.

Among the ways to celebrate childbirth remains a baby womb tattoo, which captures the portrait of the newborn inside a frame with floral patterns and jarring shapes.

Though this art piece isn’t the ideal fit for a gut tattoo, it is perfect for areas such as the thigh, forearm, and leg. The paint job is by far the selling point of this tattoo, fused with pastel shades.

Blackwork Womb Tattoo: Dark Tones With A Heartwarming Feel

Blackwork Womb Tattoo

Like always, if you’re into neutral shades, the best bet for you might just be a blackwork womb tattoo.

As for the design, try pursuing something that is easily convertible, such as silhouettes of birds. If you’re up for it, you may add shapes in between the primary pieces to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Though a blackwork tattoo is a great idea for its saturated color, the procedure of adding the paint takes tons of time, and might hurt when installed on a surface as painful as the gut. Be sure to divide the creative process into many parts to make things easier.

Dotwork Womb Tattoo: Connecting The Dots Of Pregnancy

Dotwork Womb Tattoo

Abstract tattoos can be a great option for those who aren’t fond of creating human faces, or straightforward objects, but rather a blurry illusion.

That being said, if you’d ever like to stand out with your abstract tattoo, consider wearing a dotwork tattoo, which finds concepts like womb tattoos rather exciting.

The best part? It’s painless. Really! As long as you pick a spot with tons of muscle tissue like the forearm, pain shouldn’t be an obstacle.

Butterfly Womb Tattoo: Two Emblems Cut From The Same Cloth

Butterfly Womb Tattoo

A double entendre on this list appears to be a butterfly womb tattoo, where the butterfly plays the primary role. This tattoo is the perfect pair, with both being associated with motherhood and transformation.

What makes the tattoo even easier to side with is the layout, which somehow enhances the appeal of a gut. Usually, this tattoo is also colorless, protecting users from a great deal of pain.

Steer Skull Womb Tattoo: A Shield Against Dark Spells

Steer Skull Womb Tattoo

Entering motherhood is a challenge that many often can’t fathom. And if you too are feeling overwhelmed by that thought, try engraving the womb into a steer skull tattoo.

For those wondering, steer skulls are often used to ensure protection for the newborn; from a spiritual standpoint. They’re also used to keep away bad omen, and erase any spell that may have been cast.

The ideal location for this tattoo is the upper forearm, although the piece is flexible to change.

Frequently Asked Question

Now that we’re past the crucial stages that shape up a womb tattoo, as well as make the design a popular entry among body modification, here are some questions that tackle the fundamentals of what we refer to as womb tattoos.

Q: Are womb tattoos painful?

Ans: More often than not, womb tattoos are placed around the gut; a location known for being highly sensitive.

Regardless of the needle used, womb tattoos are extremely painful. To ease the discomfort caused, be sure to apply numbing cream.

Q: What's the best design for a womb tattoo?

Ans: If you're pursuing a womb tattoo, consider obtaining a design that involves patterns, such as tribal emblems to geometric shapes.

In my eyes, the succubus tattoo stands out best when placed as a womb tattoo.

Final Verdict

All in all, womb tattoos are some of the most appealing designs in the eyes of women. It not only enhances the physique of the wearer, but also celebrates childbirth; making the piece a win-win scenario.

The only downside of womb tattoos is the pain involved, as the area used is extremely sensitive to the blows of a needle.

Breaking the procedure down is advised to make things easier.

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