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103 Fulfilling Butt Tattoos That Run High On Sentiments And Appeal!

When pursuing tattoos, it is important to keep in mind that the design itself forms the impression. However, what many don’t know is that the body part also shapes not only the reaction, but also the story.

While places like the forearm promote a secure attachment style with tons of exposure, encouraging a reserved impression are butt tattoos, pieces of art often pursued to enhance the physical appearance of the wearer.

As of right now, a butt tattoo is more like an open-book, possessing the ability to convey any kind of message, as well as the power to display any kind of feeling. However, to best understand the design, perhaps it’s necessary to understand what they represent beyond the surface.

Without further ado, here are the best butt tattoos on the market, alongside a segment that pinpoints what they mean in the spiritual world.

A Thing Of Beauty: Unveiling The Nature Of Butt Tattoos!

The Nature Of Butt Tattoos

When push comes to shove, butt tattoos are seen as highlights improving one’s appearance. However, there’s more to butt tattoos, especially when you take a deep dive into the meaning it conveys.

Truth be told, butt tattoos stay reserved to either ensure character development, or promote intimacy. The former two are usually evident in some of the designs, such as quote tattoos and peony tattoos.

Other times, butt tattoos provide an open platform, with the courage of conveying any meaning. This not only makes butt tattoos easy to work with, but also makes them frontrunners in the fashion scene.

Immensely Elegant Butt Tattoos That Break Through Social Norms With Their Courage!

Wearing butt tattoos is easy, especially when you consider the layers of fat present in the groundwork of the design. Butt tattoos are always attractive, but they can also serve more purpose if you open your eyes to more interpretations.

The land of butt tattoos is an ever growing one, possessing over a hundred designs as of today. While most battle against the allegations of being either a hit or miss, the rest of the entries are must-haves, either for their visuals, or the wisdom they possess.

From peony butt tattoos to quote tattoos, here are all the designs that make butt tattoos a phenomenon in the world of body modification.

Skull Butt Tattoo: The Inevitability Of Death And The Afterlife

Skull Butt Tattoo

Starting off this list is a symbol that is intimidating, but associated with death, when push comes to shove. Otherwise known as a skull tattoo, the piece is also extremely compact in the grand scheme of things.

A skull butt tattoo often takes the base of either side of the buttcheek, causing minimal pain, carrying tons of appeal.

Many also add a quote tattoo to increase the value of the artwork.

Lion Butt Tattoo: A Portrait That Hurdles Through Obstacles

Lion Butt Tattoo

The key to achieving survival is having faith, and staying strong at all times.

While taking up religion can enhance your faith, there’s no handbook to becoming stronger. One of the rarest ways involves a butt tattoo, that too of a lion.

I’ll be honest, wearing a portrait of a lion as a butt tattoo takes patience, given the duration of the creative process. However, if having strength is a must, obtain this piece to make your life miles easier.

Neo Traditional Butt Tattoo: Cruising In Its Own Lane

Neo Traditional Butt Tattoo

Neo traditional tattoos brighten up average tattoos with trippy colour schemes. Additionally, neo-traditional tattoos also go overboard on layering and framing.

If all else fails, neo traditional tattoos can always come to the rescue, accommodating even the nature of a butt tattoo.

A neo-traditional butt tattoo can be about anything as long as the colors are bold. To make things fun, add colours that align with your taste.

Snake Butt Tattoo: Bringing To Light The Power Of Healing

Snake Butt Tattoo

“If you never heal, you never learn” is something that isn’t preached enough. One of the anomalies is a snake butt tattoo, it seems, brings the former notion to the surface in hopes of providing assistance.

Being one of the best in terms of visuals, a snake butt tattoo is hard to replicate. It often requires tons of skill to create the gills of a snake, so make sure to invest in someone with experience.

Acab Butt Tattoo: The First Step To Fighting The Law

Acab Butt Tattoo

Being against the law is a bold move, but also makes sense if you take into account how corrupt they tend to be. That brings us to the ACAB tattoo, which is exactly what you think it means!

While the tattoo itself runs high on metaphors, the design could be risky to wear if you’re hoping to work a 9 to 5. Worry not, however, as you can always pursue an ACAB butt tattoo.

With black and white ink, it’s extremely easy to bring this piece to life. To fancy it up a little, consider using frames, shapes, and patterns!

Alien Butt Tattoo: An Occasion To Celebrate For Anomalies

Alien Butt Tattoo


Due to being covered in mostly fat, enormous tattoos, such as butt tattoos, are often known for being extremely resilient to pain, making them perfect canvases for large designs.

That brings us to the alien butt tattoo, which is pretty self explanatory, and large.

This is often pursued for the visual components it carries, but it also fits like a glove with wallflowers.

Medusa Back Tattoo: More Than Just A Sea Monster

Medusa Back Tattoo

Temptations often push people to the brink, and in certain cases, death.

Perhaps the biggest representative of the former phrase is a Medusa tattoo, often standing out when pursued as a butt tattoo.

There's more to a Medusa tattoo than meets the eye, however, as it represents not just the monster figure, but also the venom she possesses.

Peony Butt Tattoo: Achieving Survival Amidst Financial Hardship

Peony Butt Tattoo

Incorporating floral patterns can be a great way to highlight your butt, as well as install a design that pairs well with your feminine energy.

Perhaps a top pick is a peony, known for generating wealth overnight, being a great pick for those suffering from financial hardship.

If you’re replicating this design, I’d suggest you downsize the art piece. Even an icon should suffice if you’re seeking something minimal.

Strawberry Butt Tattoo: A Delight For Your Loved One

Strawberry Butt Tattoo

Multiple fruits can serve as tokens of attraction as tattoos, such as strawberries.

While the piece is found in vulnerable areas such as the neck, a new variant that is quickly growing in the scene is a strawberry butt tattoo, mainly due to the identical elements they share among one another.

Many pursue this piece for its staggering color scheme. However, on certain occasions, this butt tattoo is used to surprise a significant other.

Script Butt Tattoo: Write Your Own Story

Script Butt Tattoo

Sometimes, words are enough to showcase one’s intentions. Other times, they’re sufficient to make an average tattoo look above-mediocre.

A script butt tattoo is by far one of my favorites on this list, taking over with its openness to empathy and opportunity.

It offers tons of freedom to the user, the artist, and is always ready for readjustments.

Coverup Butt Tattoo: Moving On From Past Lives

Coverup Butt Tattoo

If you have a tattoo that represented your habits at one point in time, but now clashes with your morals, perhaps a change is due.

Similarly, if the tattoo in discussion is a butt tattoo, perhaps this piece will come to the rescue.

A cover-up butt tattoo carries enough size to erase any regret from the past. If your brain is picked enough, it can even amount to a brilliant scheme.

Aza Butt Tattoo: Offering Creative Freedom To The Fullest

Aza Butt Tattoo

Being true to yourself is everything, especially if you're hoping to lead an honest life.

Perhaps a design that shows up right off the bat is an Aza tattoo, which stands for comfort in Arabic.

While using Arabic symbols is the norm, many ditch the former for alluring patterns. This is a great pick for creative minds, as the design doesn’t abide by rules and regulations.

Ice Cream Butt Tattoo: A Design Full Of Flavor

Ice Cream Butt Tattoo

To cool it down a notch, a butt tattoo you can pursue with open arms is an ice cream butt tattoo, known for the color it comprises.

Often, the soft pastel scheme leads the way, while the flavor shapes the circumference of the tattoo.

A compilation of flavors often stirs the bowl with plenty of surprises, making it the best entry for a tattoo.

Floral Flower Butt Tattoo: A World With Endless Interpretations

Floral Flower Butt Tattoo

Floral butt tattoos can be a great thing, especially if you're seeking various options. The artwork is something to behold, despite having obstacles in its groundwork.

Often, this tattoo either represents a compilation, or a solo piece.

Nonetheless, if you're seeking both from the previous line, give this section of our website a view!

Dot Work Butt Tattoo: Curating Art With Pokes

Dot Work Butt Tattoo

Connecting the dots with a butt tattoo is easy, just so as long as you're able to envision what you want, before eventually forming a final piece.

A diamond in the rough is a dotwork butt tattoo, shaping art with just the frame.

The beauty of this tattoo lies in its flexibility, as this piece is devoted to no symbol in the grand scheme of things.

Fox Butt Tattoo: Staying True To Your Commitments

Fox Butt Tattoo

Committing to tattoos is what makes the artwork successful. Likewise, a tattoo that requires a lot of commitment is a fox butt tattoo, highlighting the animal with floral patterns for a great impression.

The stencil almost covers the backside of the knee, making this piece a good pick for those preferring elaborate designs.

As for the color scheme, it mostly shines under dim lights. However, bright colors are also rendered eligible as ideal candidates.

Tiger Butt Tattoo: A Token For Strength

Tiger Butt Tattoo

Similar to lions, tigers can be great portrait tattoos to look forward to, especially if your target location is the butt. The artwork stands for strength, as well as loyalty in many languages.

Adding a tiger butt tattoo can be in your cart, but only if you’re willing to make space in your schedule.

Often, the process of this design takes days, if not weeks, to form and finalize.

Cute Butt Tattoo: The Perfect Start For Beginners

Cute Butt Tattoo

Less truly is more when it comes to butt tattoos. Likewise, if you’re simply searching for a design that reeks of minimalism, consider pursuing a cute butt tattoo.

In short, a cute butt tattoo can be about anything, from words that move minds to terms that only someone with a sweet tooth would understand.

Nonetheless, its popularity derives from how lenient the design is, and how painless it is to obtain.

Eyeball Butt Tattoo: Exploring What’s Within

Eyeball Butt Tattoo

Attaching body parts onto other locations, preferably as tattoos, has been a mantra that many tend to abide by.

One of the ever growing candidates is a butt tattoo, known for killing two birds with one stone.

Running large in size, this tattoo not only represents visionaries, but also urges one to open their eyes to the truth as opposed to entertaining their delusions.

It also denotes how powerful the eyes are when put to use.

Honk Horny Butt Tattoo: Battling Through Temptations

Honk Horny Butt Tattoo

Sometimes, our innermost desires get the best of us. Other times, they find a way to enter our bodies. Perhaps that's what makes a honk horny butt tattoo, a design made for reserved minds Having it placed as a butt tattoo is a win in my eyes, as it saves the design for someone special and their eyes only.

It's also a great way of tackling temptations with a little bit of humor.

Cherry Cake Butt Tattoo: A Dessert Full Of Surprises

Cherry Cake Butt Tattoo

Adding delicacies like dessert can be another fun way to explore the world of tattoos.

And if the former speaks to you in various ways, perhaps a cake butt tattoo can satisfy your taste buds, known for being led by a cherry tattoo.

A cherry cake is often the go-to option for many, known for its flavorful tendencies. The artwork contains no limit, being open to a change in color scheme.

Flame Butt Tattoo: Release The Fire In You

Flame Butt Tattoo

Small scale designs are best for delicacies involving a butt tattoo. The best part? You don’t have to abide by any rules!

Featuring minimalism, going colorless, a flame butt tattoo is what I’d like to count as an honorable mention.

It carries tons of appeal, has an easygoing creative process, and looks rather subtle with its colorless scheme.

It’s seldom worn by those seeking masculine designs, growing on those with feminine qualities.

Frequently Asked Question

Now that we’ve skimmed through the different kinds of butt tattoos available, here are some questions that will easily jog your memory as well as add to your knowledge of wearing and sharing butt tattoos!

Q: How much does it cost to get a butt tattoo?

Ans: Butt tattoos run large in size on average. On top of that, butt tattoos are also formed with complex designs.

The former combination requires a specialist, making butt tattoos expensive at the end of the day.

On average, butt tattoos tend to cost wearers over $200, increasing to $1000 when detailing is required.

Q: Are butt tattoos painful?

Ans: While the financial hit that butt tattoos cause is immensely painful, the creative process is in the opposite lane. This is because the area is made up of fat and muscle tissues, ranking rather low on the tattoo pain chart.

Final Verdict

Tattoos aren’t always about the hidden meaning they possess beyond the visual components. Sometimes, they’re strictly pursued for entertainment purposes.

A prime example of the former involves the land of butt tattoos, which wins over spectators with their attraction, grace, and versatility to pull off any design.

From adding prints of dessert items to bringing more exposure to memorable quotes invented by writers, butt tattoos come in all forms. To pull it off correctly, pursue a design that pairs well with your personality.

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