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61 Tantalizing Tulip Tattoo Designs to Express Your Exclusivity!

In a world full of sheep following the same herd, everyone aspires to be the outlier that stands above the rest. To appear as such, you need an emblem that is exclusive and meaningful. Your body requires a tattoo that can elevate your style to the next level while portraying a beautiful story of growth and happiness.

If you are seeking such a tattoo design then the tulip tattoos are your best choice. These beautiful geophytes are quite distinct from all the other flower species of the world. First of all, their outer structure is oval shaped which is different from the typical star-shaped flowers.

Along with the erectness and the wide range of colors, the tulips are exclusive and different because their inner blotch has a different color from their outer petals.

Such distinct morphological characteristics along with vibrant colorations on their exteriors make the tulip tattoo one of the most sought-after designs in the tattoo industry today. If you consider yourself to be quite secluded and have yet to break out of your mold, the tulip tattoo will compel you to reach your full potential.

The Vulgar Display Of Emotions: Enigmatic Meanings Of Tulip Tattoos

Meanings Of Tulip Tattoo

Aside from the medicinal and decorative properties, tulips have quite some symbolisms attached to them. Therefore, it's quite apparent that even the tulip tattoos will have a story to tell with their beautiful images. So, without further ado, let's look at some of the most amazing meanings of tulip tattoos.

Unveiling Your True Potential

If you look closely at the morphology of the tulip species, you will notice how the flower tried to stay secluded as if it hates attention. It covers each of its petals in the core region.

However, when it's that time of the year, the tulip flower fully extends the petals creating a vulgar display of power. This phenomenon symbolizes how we should try to be the best version of ourselves. If you don’t push yourself, you will stay in one place for the rest of your life.

The Amulet Of Peace

Most of the tulips represent the notion of peace and tranquility. From the elegant colors on their exterior to the subtle movement during the breeze, everything about them oozes a positive aura. Because of this, the tattoo became an emblem of wanting to find peace in a chaotic world.

The Time Of Celebration

Tulips only bloom during the spring. In other seasons, they remain in a rather dormant state hiding their true elegance. This phenomenon dictates the fact that you should also work extremely hard and when it's time for celebration, your joys should know no bounds. The tulip tattoos inspire us to become patient in our lives.

Heartwarming Tulip Tattoo Ideas To Soothe Your Soul

Tulip Tattoo Idea

Because of their wide range of colors and types, the classification of tulips has been quite controversial, to say the least. Debates often occur predicting the actual number of tulip varieties existing in the world. Most scientists agree that the number is somewhere between 3000.

Therefore, it's quite easy to understand that there will be many tulip tattoo ideas circulating in the tattoo industry today. While there are monochromatic tattoos, it's advisable to go all out when it comes to tulip tattoos. With a burst of colors, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the tattoo design.

From contemporary to old-school styles, anything seems to work for these elegant designs. So, it can get quite confusing to fix a particular design. That’s why, we have a large list of amazing tulip tattoo designs that will blow you away. Grab your seatbelts.

Small Tulip Tattoo

Small Tulip Tattoo

Why opt for something that can take your entire body to manifest? Rather it's both wise and artistic to opt for something that is much more personal and does only your bidding.

The small tulip tattoo is one of the best examples of how size doesn’t matter. In the wild, tulip plants usually can grow up to a humongous size of 28 inches. However, there are plants as small as 4 inches. They are both considered to be tulips.

So, what's the point? You can choose the small version and it will display your story and message the same way as any of the grandiose tattoos. That’s why a large number of people are opting for such a small tattoo design.

Traditional Tulip Tattoo

Traditional Tulip Tattoo 1
Traditional Tulip Tattoo 2

Traditional tulip tattoos are full of colorful shapes and structures that make the overall artwork look like there is a party going on.

One of the quintessential aspects of the traditional tulip tattoo is that it heavily focuses on the biological aspect of the flower. It shows how the blotch of the flower is quite different from the exterior petals.

Aside from this, there is a wide range of labyrinth-like patterns across the tattoo that portray a plethora of meanings and symbolism. At any point of the day, you will feel a certain sense of solace when you look at the tattoo.

Purple Tulip Tattoo

Purple Tulip Tattoo

The purple tulip tattoo is an emblem of royalty and exclusivity. When you have the tattoo, you will stand above everyone else just because of how rare and vibrant the color is.

Did you know that in the 1500s Queen Elizabeth banned everyone from wearing purple as it was allowed only for those belonging to the royal family? This story is everything you need to know about how extravagant and elegant the purple tattoo is.

Red Tulip Tattoo

Red Tulip Tattoo

The red colored tulip is considered to be a symbol of love and passion. The fiery shape of the flower is the perfect manifestation of how love burns inside those who seek it.

If you are looking to impress or give a gift to your significant other that they will forever cherish then there is no alternative to the red tulip tattoo. As long as the tattoo exists on your body canvas, you will come across someone who is fervently passionate about their love life.

Yellow Tulip Tattoo

Yellow Tulip Tattoo

Each color of the tulip symbolizes a distinct meaning and story. The yellow tulip tattoo, it's the tale of happiness and joy. For millennia, the yellow color has been associated with such notions.

Our everyday life can become quite hectic and amidst such chaos, we often forget to enjoy the little things in life. The yellow tulip tattoo is a stark reminder allowing you to breathe and feel happiness in the middle of the day.

Fineline Tulip Tattoo

Fineline Tulip Tattoo

This is a discreet and elegant design that looks soothing to the eye. One look at the artwork and you will be mesmerized with how simple yet thought-provoking the tattoo is.

The tattoo features a vibrant and one of the most complex floral designs on the planet in a quite simplistic manner. Just with straight lines, you can deliver some gut-punching messages across the board. The lack of color in the tattoo further propels the artwork to blend with the skin.

Simple Tulip Tattoo

Simple Tulip Tattoo

Contemporary tattoo artists are quite opposed to the idea of making the artworks as sophisticated and extravagant as possible. Their current mentality is to create a portrait of the flower that does the job but doesn't scream for attention.

The ultimate manifestation of this idea is the simple tulip tattoo. The tattoo appears to be just a colorful silhouette of the flower found in the wild. The subtle colors will create a positive feeling in you rather than enticing the concept of competition.

Tulip Tattoo Behind The Ear

Tulip Tattoo Behind The Ear

This discreet emblem is one of the most elegant-looking designs on the list. The design is so dainty that you will hardly notice that something is etched behind the ear.

However, you will feel its existence. The subtle colors of the flower will radiate an energy that will uplift your mood even in the dullest of days. This jarring behind-the-ear tattoo is just what you need when you are feeling down.

Violet Tulip Tattoo

Violet Tulip Tattoo

The violet tulip tattoos can be your ticket to showcase your individuality to the world. In a world where the majority of people are suffering from imposter syndrome, this is just what we need.

The rarity of the purple color makes you look exclusive. With the tattoo, your confidence level is gradually elevated. You will soon start to feel like you can take over the entire world. To make the artwork look even more sensual, you can choose to etch on the shoulder blade.

Tulip Forearm Tattoo

Tulip Forearm Tattoo

Your forearm is like a magic show where you can showcase several magic tricks. Just imagine, you can disappear and reappear the tulip tattoo at your will. You will feel both magical and invincible. Well, the tulip forearm tattoo gives you the chance to experience such a feat.

The wide range of jarring patterns looks exceptionally well on the forearm. The flowers gradually narrow towards the end creating a hypnotic feeling in the back of your mind.

Butterfly And Tulip Tattoo

Butterfly And Tulip Tattoo

Butterflies and tulips have become quite synonymous with each other because of their ecological association. When they are etched on the realms of the body canvas, the overall pair looks like something that has descended from the heavens itself.

The beautiful coloration on the exteriors of the tulip along with the vibrant and whimsical color palettes of the butterfly makes the overall tattoo look festive.

Butterflies often fly in the core of the tulips to collect honey. They are also responsible for pollinating the flowers. The overall connection along with the festive imagery truly makes the tattoo to die for.

Tulip Tattoo on Arm

Tulip Tattoo on Arm

With the symmetry of the arm, you can portray an entire bouquet in the place. Your fantastic arm tattoo also can showcase your emotions and strength in the most audacious way possible.

Therefore, when you have the tulip tattoo on your arm, you appear as someone who is truly in love with someone. The red, velvety color of the flowers will represent the fire of passion burning inside of you.

Cover Up Tulip Tattoo

Cover Up Tulip Tattoo

Tulip tattoos are an excellent choice for covering up your precious hideous-looking tattoo. The jarring display of color blends quite well with the skin leaving no trace of the old tattoo behind.

There is only one rule of thumb when it comes to the cover-up of tulip tattoos. You just need to incorporate as many colors as possible. From the petals and sepals to the inner greeneries, everything needs to be in full brightness mode so that the new tattoo completely hides the old one.

Realistic Tulip Tattoo

Realistic Tulip Tattoo

The realistic tulip tattoo captures the flowers in a natural setting. When you look at the tattoo, you don’t feel like you are viewing a portrait of an artwork. The entire imagery feels like it's directly borrowed from the human eye.

The tattoo looks as if a gentle breeze is hitting the surface of the flowers and making them blush. A hollow yet startling background is a must if you want to make the tattoo look real. Furthermore, you should add as many components as possible to make the tattoo packed and loaded.

Abstract Tulip Tattoo

Abstract Tulip Tattoo

While you may be laughing, there is a large number of incidents revolving around misunderstanding tulip tattoo designs. You may want your tattoo to mean or represent a certain notion or message and others may view it in some other way.

That’s why, it's ideal to have a jarring abstract tulip tattoo that can have a wide range of metaphorical depictions. The imagery of the tattoo is like any other design on the list. The upper portion of the flower contains cup-like petals while there is an abundance of tiny shapes floating all around the flower creating a beautiful scenery.

Tulip Tattoo on Shoulder Blade

Tulip Tattoo on Shoulder Blade

The round and almost cup-like appearance of the flower makes it a perfect central image for etching a tattoo in the sphere of the shoulder blade. The dimensions and proportionality of these two objects are nearly identical.

Furthermore, when you have the tulip tattoo on the shoulder blade, it will look as if the flower is playing hide and seek with you. This sort of mystery is hard to find in any other place of the body.

Dotwork Tulip Tattoo

Dotwork Tulip Tattoo

This is a contemporary tattoo style that gained quite some popularity over a few years. The central image of the tattoo is the same as before.

However, it's the tiny dots around the flower that seal the deal. There may be some who can think of these small shapes as a hindrance. However, they add so much to the dimension and theatricality of the tattoo. The dotworks make the tattoo look like there is a hidden energy oozing out of the flower. How magical is that!

Tulip Ribs Tattoo

Tulip Ribs Tattoo

This is perhaps the biggest tattoo design on our list. As your rib offers quite some space, you have the luxury to ink the flower to the full extent.

The gentle flowers along with the occasional greeneries create quite an aesthetic scenery in the symmetrical place. The sensuality of the ribs further adds to the theatricality of the tattoo making it a sight to behold.

Tulip Sternum Tattoo

Tulip Sternum Tattoo

Sternum tattoos are quite audacious, to say the least. As the tattoo is completely exposed, you come across as someone who doesn't pay heed to the naysayers one bit.

If you are a rebel and love to break out of the conformities of society then this might be the perfect tattoo choice for you. The tulip tattoo starts from the sternum and extends to the shoulder blade area creating quite an extravagant display. The manifestation of beautiful curves and alluring petals further creates a psychedelic vibe.

Tulip Bouquet Tattoo

Tulip Bouquet Tattoo

A single tulip flower is sometimes not enough. Even an innate object such as the wildflower needs a companion. For this reason, it's best to include the bouquet in the tattoo rather than just a flower.

As you might’ve already guessed, the tulip bouquet tattoo features a wide range of colorful flowers in a beautiful alignment. Seeing such a tattoo will make you feel like you are standing in the middle of an amazing garden full of tulip flowers.

Tulip Ring Tattoo

Tulip Ring Tattoo 1
Tulip Ring Tattoo 2

Giving an innate ring as a gift is quite overrated and honestly, outdated. On the other hand, the tulip ring tattoo is a fresh take on the conventional idea that expresses your love for the person to a much greater degree.

While you can opt for a single tulip ring tattoo on one finger, it's advisable to get multiple tattoos on each of the fingers having a separate color. This way, you can commemorate a wide range of emotions without breaking a sweat.

Tulip And Dagger Tattoo

Tulip And Dagger Tattoo 1
Tulip And Dagger Tattoo 2

During the medieval wars, the tulips were a great accessory because of their camouflaging abilities. All sorts of weapons ranging from daggers to swords were hidden in the bouquet of the flowers. The enemies were completely oblivious to the existence of such weapons and it was game over for them.

Such a unique mixture of brutality and elegance looks great as a tattoo. The tulip dagger tattoo features a beautifully ornamented dagger seeking refuge in the tapestry of the tulip flower.


The entire article focuses on the wide range of meanings and designs of tulip tattoos. With our vast experience on the subject matter along with the comprehensive investigation, we are pretty sure that we left no stone unturned.

However, there can still be some realms of the tulip tattoos that are left untouched. That’s why, we have a beautiful list of questions that we sincerely tried to answer to the best of our knowledge to give you more ideas about discreet tattoo designs.

Q: Which Color Works Best In Tulip Tattoos?

Ans: In nature, tulips tend to take a wide range of colors to ornament mother nature. From the fiery reds to the gentle yellow, you can find them in all the colors. Each of the colors has a significant meaning attached to it.

Yellow tulips express the idea of compassion and happiness whereas white tulips portray the notion of peace. So, there is no one-size-fits-all. You can choose the color that resonates with you the most.

Q: Are Tulip Tattoos Romantic?

Ans: Yes, they are. Tulips are considered to be the emblems of love and grace. Especially if you opt for the red tulip tattoos then you signify how much you are passionate about your significant other.

When you get the tulip tattoo as a gift for your loved one, their joys will know no bounds. They will be ecstatic to witness just how much you care for them.


Everything our heart looks for can be found in the realm of tulip tattoos. They are elegant and discreet with twists of extravagance. Having such a beautiful tattoo design not only accentuates your entire fashion and attire but also portrays how passionate and dedicated you are about one particular cause.

The subtle colors can make you feel happy on any given day. While most tattoos tend to be screaming for attention, the tulip tattoos function as a gentle emblem that caters only to you by making you feel like you are on top of the world.

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