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114 Stunning Semicolon Tattoo Ideas To Live Life To The Fullest

Just the other day, I was mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook timeline and suddenly, the post of someone committing suicide appeared on my feed. I was quite saddened and awestruck at the rate of these suicides occurring. It truly felt that the young generation has lost all hope and passion to move their life forward.

In such dark times, we need to be the lamp to guide them to a positive mental attitude. We must make them acknowledge the gifts of life. But saying things is easier than actually achieving them.

This insurmountable task of making people understand that mental health problems are rapidly increasing and we need to extend our helpful arm to those who need it was achieved with the help of semicolon tattoos. These elegant yet hard-hitting symbols inspire people to lead their lives with utmost happiness.

Do you also think that mental issues need to be more talked about? Then you are more than welcome to join us in the cause by getting the semicolon tattoo. Even if you are having trouble keeping up with the hectic pace of modern life, the semicolon tattoo will give you courage and solace that it's okay to take things slow.

You will finally be able to enjoy life for a moment. If you are completely sold, let's journey together in the mysterious and powerful world of semicolon tattoos.

Shedding Light On A Serious Topic: The Inspiring Meaning Behind Semicolon Tattoos

Meaning Behind Semicolon Tattoo

When we want to end a sentence, we put a full stop at the end. But what if we don’t want to end the sentences? What if we continue them as long as they go? This is the main concept behind the semicolon tattoo.

In this scenario, the sentence is used as a metaphor to depict our life. Instead of putting an end to it, we can continue or bridge sentences together by using a semicolon. That’s how the semicolon tattoos were born. Today, it has become a token for those who are suffering from mental health issues and those who want to help them in their need.

You may wonder what a mere tattoo can do to prevent such a severe problem in society. Well, because of the semicolon tattoos, people are now becoming more and more courageous. Rather than bottling up their emotions to themselves, they are reaching out to professionals and loved ones to seek their guidance.

The semicolon tattoo has become a phenomenon. There are some other meanings attached to them as well. For example, these motifs are a great way to show your love and dedication to those who have passed away. Many people also use tattoos to show that they are ready to overcome their fears. The symbolism of these inspiring emblems is endless.

Elegant Semicolon Tattoo Designs To Be The Best Version Of You

Unlike many other contemporary tattoo designs, the semicolon tattoo deviates away from having exaggerated patterns or bold hues to make a statement. When a tiny symbol portrays the notion of hope in such a raw manner, you truly don’t need anything else to elevate the aesthetics.

So, the motto for the emblems is to keep things as simple as possible. You want people to know that you are an avid supporter of the semicolon project. if you unnecessarily incorporate way too many shapes and colors, the centerpiece will become too obfuscated for people to understand. Then, what will be the point of the tattoo?

You may be disheartened to know that there isn’t much variation in the design. Well, let us cheer you up. You can attempt to bring some of your own creativity into the mix as long as the symbol is clear as day.

You can combine the semicolon with natural motifs such as the dragonfly or butterfly. You can even equip it with the heart symbol to portray how these designs encourage people to live their lives without regret. There's a lot that you can do when it comes to the semicolon tattoos.

If you don’t want to apply too much pressure then you can just leave the symbol as it is. It will look phenomenal on its own. Now that you have the gist of the ideas, let's look at some stylish semicolon tattoo designs to open more doors in your mind.

Wings Of Positivity: Delicate Butterfly Semicolon Tattoo

Butterfly Semicolon Tattoo 1
Butterfly Semicolon Tattoo 2

Attaching the elegant butterflies commemorates the essence of the semicolon symbol quite beautifully. Researchers found out that nearly 90 percent of people suffering from mental health issues never seek help.

They keep their emotions hidden inside of them. This burden keeps on becoming heavier and heavier until they can no longer carry it.

The butterfly in the tattoo welcomes them with open arms. The artwork dictates that it's okay to have such thoughts and emotions and you shouldn’t hesitate to discuss them with someone.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the founder of Project Semicolon, Amy Bleuel committed suicide on March 23rd, 2017? An advocate against suicide ended her own life by doing the same thing. Life is so mysterious.

A Touch Of Exclusivity: Unique Semicolon Tattoo With A Twist

Unique Semicolon Tattoo 1
Unique Semicolon Tattoo 2
Unique Semicolon Tattoo 3

Everyone's story is different. We each struggle in our lives in our way. Therefore, it's only fair to illustrate the semicolon symbol with a bit of uniqueness.

Now you may wonder how on earth can someone make the simple symbol distinct from others. Well, there are a few tricks up our sleeves. You can either make it appear heavily bold or twist the edges to give a dramatic ambiance. The symbol may be small but there sure are opportunities to make it special.

 Rhythm Of Life: Silhouette Semicolon Heart Tattoo

Semicolon Heart Tattoo 1
Semicolon Heart Tattoo 2

Most experts agree that the root of all mental problems lies in the heart. When the heartaches, there is no medicine to relieve the pain.

We keep on carrying the pain with us and ultimately take drastic measures when it becomes intolerable. Equipping the contemporary heart symbol with the semi-colon can calm you when you are suffering from such an emotion. The monochromatic color scheme will make you realize that the pain will soon vanish.

Curves Like A Salsa Dancer: Twisted Semicolon Tattoo On Wrist

Semicolon Tattoo on Wrist 1
Semicolon Tattoo on Wrist 2

There is no other place in the body that can function as a canvas for the semicolon tattoo more than the wrist. Why so?

Well, most people self-mutilate their skin when they think that they have no more ways left. The manifestation of the semi-colon in the wrist area will make them stop making the fatal mistake. The dainty representation will keep on reminding them to not make such hasty decisions and to keep the evil energies away from them.

 Delving To The Roots: Symbolic Tribal Semicolon Tattoo

Tribal Semicolon Tattoo

A touch of tribal symbols doesn't hurt anybody. The exuberance of the stylish motifs with the semicolon creates an alluring design. However, it's the meaning that seals the deal.

The tribal symbols make you think like your tribal ancestors. Do you think that your forefathers would’ve given up on themselves so easily? No, they wouldn't. They would keep on fighting until they met their death. The tribal tattoo will give you the strength and power to overcome all the problems that you have been dealing with.

 A Companion For Ages: Adorable Cat Semicolon Tattoo

Cat Semicolon Tattoo 1
Cat Semicolon Tattoo 2

Just a few days back, I lost my beloved pet cat. I bought him home when I was at my absolute lowest. He gave me hope and inspiration to keep on going.

When he died, my universe stopped functioning again. I think each of the pet owners can relate to how I felt. Having a pet cat can improve your mood. But taking care of a cat may be a bit arduous. So why not just get the cat tattoo? This way, you can have a companion that stays with you while not having to take much care of it either.

Exuberance Of Hues: Colorful Semicolon Watercolor Tattoo

Semicolon Watercolor Tattoo 1
Semicolon Watercolor Tattoo 2

Nothing beats the watercolor style. Honestly, the colorful semicolon tattoo is quite a break from the monochromatic designs. Don’t get me wrong. I love minimalist artworks that only have dark hues.

However, colorful representations are desperately needed when you are fighting with your demons. The splashes of color bring a festive mood in you rather than feeling gloomy all the time.

 A Discrete Emblem: Small And Straightforward Semicolon Tattoo

Small Semicolon Tattoo 1
Small Semicolon Tattoo 2

Size doesn't matter at least when it comes to the semi-colon tattoos. Honestly, I think that most people should opt for the small tattoo instead of inking a large portion of their body.

The reason is that most semicolon tattoos are pretty much the same patterns with little room for creativity. So, it's better to go for a small one that requires less work than the grandiose designs. Both even have symbolism and emotion. Why bother?

A Present That Cures Heartache: Alluring Rose Semicolon Tattoo

Rose Semicolon Tattoo 1
Rose Semicolon Tattoo 2

Now and then, I would go out for a walk in the nearby park. I would sit on the bench and stare at the vibrant sky. I always thought that looking at the sky would make me feel happy but it was the opposite.

One of these days, a little boy with a handful of roses came to me and offered me a flower. I didn't have any money with me so he gave me one without taking any money. This gesture of him giving me the flower brightened up my day. The rose tattoo with the semicolon symbol will also make you smile when you are feeling down.

 A Fitting Resemblance: Discreet Semicolon Tattoo Behind The Ear

Semicolon Tattoo Behind the Ear 1
Semicolon Tattoo Behind the Ear 2

The aesthetics of the semicolon tattoo beautifully resembles the area behind the ear. Just like your ear has a mysterious love that interconnects with the core, the semicolon tattoo has the same dimensions and proportionality.

Therefore, it's a no-brainer that you should get a tattoo in a sensual place. The behind-the-ear tattoo doesn't deviate much from the typical design but the placement of the artwork exemplifies how you are an avid yet discrete supporter of the cause.

Glimpse Of Freedom: Minimalistic Semicolon Dragonfly Tattoo

Semicolon Dragonfly Tattoo

To millions of people all around the world, the dragonflies are often thought to carry the souls of those who have left us. Whenever someone notices a dragonfly nearby, they quickly think of the person that they once loved a lot.

Combining the dragonfly with the symbol functions as a fitting tribute to those who have moved away from the mortal world. There aren’t any exaggerated colors in the design nor does it have any flamboyant patterns. Just with simple shapes, you can immortalize your loved one.

 Enduring The Pain: Deserving Semicolon Tattoo On Finger

Semicolon Tattoo on Finger

The first thing that comes to anyone's mind when they see the finger tattoo is how painful it would be. Well, there is no sugarcoating it. The skin is just above the bone therefore etching the semicolon tattoo will hurt.

But it shows just how dedicated you are to putting an end to the prevalent mental issues. You will come off as someone who is trying to eradicate the taboos associated with mental issues. Who knows, your tattoo may inspire many others to stop thinking about ending their life.

 Horizon Of Elegance: Semicolon Flower Tattoo With Alluring Layers

Semicolon Flower Tattoo

The beautiful inclusion of the flower always brings a refreshing ambiance to the body canvas. The drop idiom of the flower doesn't have to be colorful or full of textures.

Just a simple outline of the flower with the hollow core is more than enough to create a sense of happiness in you. Whenever you feel down, you can look at the tattoo and you will be instantly teleported to a heavenly place where flowers bloom the brightest.

 Appreciating Life: Intertwining Semicolon Heartbeat Tattoo

Semicolon Heartbeat Tattoo

As long as your heart beats, you are alive. We don’t fully appreciate being alive. No matter how stressful our life may be, there is nothing more pleasing than taking a lung full of air.

As soon as you end your life, there will be nothing but darkness. There will be uncertainties everywhere. So why throw your life away when you can enjoy the many gifts of staying alive in the beautiful universe? The heartbeat symbol attached to the semi-colon hints at how we should always be thankful for being alive. That’s always a gift to us no matter what the circumstance is.

 Transcending The Boundaries: Simple Semicolon Infinity Tattoo

Semicolon Infinity Tattoo

The magnificence of the semicolon tattoo transcends borders. It goes past the mortal boundaries and travels to the furthest region of the universe where there is no end.

Aesthetically, the tattoo is quite minimal. But the symbolism of the manifestation is through the roof. The tattoo will work as your lucky charm in all the universe. You will never feel alone. The artwork will stay with you in every dimension encouraging you.

The Two Sides Of Life: Hypnotic Lotus Flower Semicolon Tattoo

Lotus Flower Semicolon Tattoo

The flamboyant petals of the lotus flower elevate the ambiance of the simple semi-colon.

Till now, most of the designs either combined the two elements or left them at their designated places. But this illustration is quite different. The comma and the full stop are at the two polar opposite sides of the lotus flower hinting at the beginning and end of life.

Manifestation Of An Ancient Concept: Black And White Semicolon Yin Yang Tattoo

Semicolon Yin Yang Tattoo

This one is truly breathtaking in every sense of the word. The concept of yin yang was born in the Chinese dynasty. The scholars back then realized how each of the polar opposite notions of life were interconnected.

The symbol of yin yang which is a circular shape with an equal amount of black and white hues exemplifies the duality of life. This type of symbolic element is quite essential in the semicolon tattoo as it can always direct you to the positive side even when you are dwindling in negativity.

 A Shiny Aura: Glistening Semicolon Tattoo On Ankle

Semicolon Tattoo on Ankle

This is yet another painful tattoo on our list that just hurts even writing about it. But there is nothing like the ankle. The ligament in the area gives the overall design an oomph factor.

The ankle also has a natural glistening look which makes the simple semicolon tattoo look quite fabulous. When you see the outcome, the pain and agony you felt while drawing the tattoo will seem worthwhile.

 A Spiritual Guidance: Religious Semicolon Tattoo With Cross

Semicolon Tattoo with Cross 1
Semicolon Tattoo with Cross 2

When life seems unbearable to continue, there is only one approach that can give you solace. It's the path of righteousness and spirituality.

The cross in the semi-colon tattoo portrays the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Even during immense pain, he never lost hope. Jesus kept on praying to God and asking for his forgiveness. As his disciple, you should also have the resilience to withstand whatever life throws at you.

Glimpse Of Hope: Delicate Semicolon Tattoo With Bird

Semicolon Tattoo with Bird 1
Semicolon Tattoo with Bird 2

Birds have always been seen as a symbol of hope. When sailors got stranded in the middle of nowhere with water everywhere, the sight of a bird assured them that the island was nearby.

The tattoo consisting of the bird standing on the symbol or semicolon commemorates that there is always hope at the end of the tunnel. The depiction of the bird is in a silhouette which further helps to deliver the message.

Please don’t describe the following sub-headings

 Protection From The Angels: Divine Semicolon Tattoo With Wings
Semicolon Tattoo with Wings 1
Semicolon Tattoo with Wings 2
 A Token Of Stability: Courageous Anchor Semicolon Tattoo
Anchor Semicolon Tattoo
Embarking On The Right Path: Directional Arrow Semicolon Tattoo
Arrow Semicolon Tattoo
 Bloom Of Textures: Intricate Sunflower Semicolon Tattoo With Subtle Shadows
Sunflower Semicolon Tattoo 1
Sunflower Semicolon Tattoo 2
Sunflower Semicolon Tattoo 3
Fighting Against The Demons: Strong Warrior Semicolon Tattoo
Warrior Semicolon Tattoo
 Leap Of Faith: Optimistic Semicolon Tattoo Hope
Faith Semicolon Tattoo
 Emblem Of Inspiration: Motivating Hope Semicolon Tattoo
Conquering The Menace: Unusual Dragon Semicolon Tattoo
Dragon Semicolon Tattoo
 Deciphering The Meaning Of Life: Shaded Book Semicolon Tattoo
Book Semicolon Tattoo
 Rising From The Ashes: Stylish Semicolon Phoenix Tattoo
Semicolon Phoenix Tattoo
 Motif Of The Night: Cute Owl Semicolon Tattoo
Owl Semicolon Tattoo 1
Owl Semicolon Tattoo 2


The tattoo may be small but the depth and significance of it are insurmountable. Covering everything within a single essay is quite impossible when it comes to the semicolon tattoos.

That’s why, we have made a separate section where we shed light on the numerous aspects of these artworks so that you have a better idea.

Q: How Was The Semicolon Tattoos Conceptualized?

Ans: Project Semicolon was birthed in 2013 to showcase tribute to Amy Bleuel’s father who died by committing suicide.

She herself has suffered from numerous physical and mental traumas throughout her childhood and adolescence. After his father died, she took the initiative to establish the semicolon project as a means to reduce the suicide rate in the world. Soon, everyone started to pick up on the story and get their semicolon tattoo.

Q: How Did The Semicolon Tattoos Become So Popular?

Ans: The semicolon tattoos started to gain traction in 2015 when admirers of the project posted their semicolon tattoos on social media.

But the tattoos got a huge boost during the premier of the renowned TV series called 13 Reasons Why. To promote the thrilling series which revolves around suicide, Selena Gomez and other cast members got the semi-colon tattoo.

Q: Are IGY6 Tattoos Related To The Semicolon Tattoos?

Ans: “I Got Your 6” or “I Got Your Back” tattoos were inspired by the semicolon tattoos. These elegant designs with letters and numbers on them try to support the war veterans who are dealing with anxiety and depression.


Modern gurus who preach on the internet often claim that mental health issues don’t exist. They say that depression is made up of those who are too weak. This type of depraved and delusional statement is plenty on the internet. Such blasphemy further hampers the mindset of those who are dealing with such problems and compels them to end their own life.

In such a chaotic world where there is no glimpse of hope, the semicolon tattoos attempt to help those who are suffering from anxiety and depression. Every time you see the tattoo, you will feel a sense of positivity slowly engulfing you. The negativity that was burdening you will soon lift off from you and you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

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