Octopus Tattoo Ideas

93 Enthralling Octopus Tattoo Ideas And The Jarring Meaning Behind Each Design!

A tattoo not only allows emotions to be expressed, but offers a platform that covers any agenda. Each design tends to represent a feeling, and at times, a brief moment, despite varying in terms of visuals. While many stay loyal to interpreting one specific trait, an octopus tattoo is on the other end, using its long stride to cover layers of metaphors.

An octopus tattoo mostly depicts the distinct features of the creature, bringing an overwhelming amount of attention to its arms, all 8 of them. The color scheme is always nice though, with each pattern belonging to a specific species.

Underneath what’s available for the eyes to understand is a multi-faceted meaning, which adds to the popularity of this movement. And if you, too, would like to join the community of octopus tattoo fanatics, this article should not be taken for granted.

“Life Beyond The Tentacles”: The Multipurpose Symbolism Of Octopus Tattoos

Multipurpose symbolism of octopus tattoo

An octopus tattoo is usually defined by how much it offers from the outside, which isn’t the right way to go about things. Anyone with a direct interest in obtaining an octopus tattoo should also be made aware of the power it holds behind the scenes, and all the attributes it associates itself with.

Below are some of the most common interpretations and reasons why people pursue octopus tattoos. Read the segments thoroughly to leave no stone unturned.


Since an octopus can do many things at one go, its emblem is usually boxed in the same category as multi-tasking. Therefore, if you feel as though your efficiency is polished to the highest note, perhaps an octopus tattoo might enable you to display that trait of yours to the world.

Magical abilities

Additionally, if you feel that the talent you have in something exceeds mediocrity, getting an octopus tattoo can very well be your cup of tea, since the emblem pairs best with individuals who exceed expectations and excel in certain activities. Sure, having the emblem won’t give you superpowers, but it can easily work as a source of motivation when you’re second-guessing yourself.

A one-man army

With the ability to shapeshift and remain stealthy at all times, an octopus is usually known for being a one-man army. It often encourages the wearer to take accountability, and works as a reliable companion when they’re in need of moral support.

Creativity and ability to beat hardship

More often than not, an octopus tattoo allows one to use their creativity to the fullest. While success is inevitable during that time, many are also rewarded with the power of resilience, which can be used to beat hardship at any time. This area is often utilized by those going through their own struggles, coming out of the situation as a better person.

Refreshing Octopus Tattoo Ideas That Tend To Age Gracefully!

Despite mostly comprising a sketch that covers the entirety of the creature, an octopus tattoo can easily mix with other tattoos, giving it the scope to rise above mediocrity when it comes to the design. From collaborating with its peers to welcoming any genre of tattoos with open arms, the potential of an octopus tattoo knows no bounds.

With enough research, we hope you find a design that speaks to you from an emotional standpoint. If you’re open to suggestions, though, give the following entries a view!

Traditional Octopus Tattoo

Traditional Octopus Tattoo 1
Traditional Octopus Tattoo 2

Traditional tattoos are always enriched with solid tones that seem to bring out the best version of any subject, even those that focus on portraying the highs and lows of an octopus. The color scheme varies, with most comprising colorways involving green and purple.

The placement is quite subjective for this design, although many prefer using the upper body. If you would like to reprise that notion, we suggest you use the amount of space supplied by your forearm or inner-bicep. Doing so will also unlock a creation process that is relatively lenient.

Octopus Shoulder Tattoo

Octopus Shoulder Tattoo

Multitasking, the activity that an octopus is often linked with, is something that takes practice. Failing is a given when multitasking, which can definitely leave a dent in one’s confidence when left unaddressed.

Though you may very well suppress the feelings of failure and leave your esteem issues in the void, a shoulder tattoo of an octopus can be great if you’d like to gradually turn the bad experiences into a source for gaining strength. The artwork isn’t the largest, but provides a visual that many are quite fond of.

Octopus Forearm Tattoo

Octopus Forearm Tattoo 1
Octopus Forearm Tattoo 1
Octopus Forearm Tattoo 2

If an octopus tattoo isn’t enough for you, perhaps an elaborate piece with complementary designs might help you meet your match. Additionally, if you’re seeking inspiration, this is definitely a design you can take notes from.

An elaborate piece might need more space to fit in rather easily, regardless of where the added components are incorporated. If you do want to minimize the hassle and pain involved in the creative process of this concept, obtain a forearm tattoo.

Small Octopus Tattoo

Small Octopus Tattoo 1
Small Octopus Tattoo 2

As long as the metaphor stays intact, you don’t have to install the largest design. Similarly, if all you want is to obtain an octopus tattoo, perhaps keeping it light will do the trick, especially if you’re a newbie.

A small octopus tattoo is great for meeting the previous criterion. Illustrated using a fine-line needle, the structure is quite thin, but neat to look at. It also inflicts minimal pain, being a massive favorite amongst beginners.

Japanese Octopus Tattoo

Japanese Octopus Tattoo 1
Japanese Octopus Tattoo 2

Also known as tako, octopuses are quite big in Japan. Their build also pairs well with tones used in ancient Japanese artwork, which is why many pursue getting a tattoo that represents that theme.

A Japanese octopus tattoo is brighter than most designs, offering more satisfaction to visual-oriented minds. With dark borders and bright tints, this tattoo looks best when depicted in compact areas.

Octopus Hand Tattoo

Octopus Hand Tattoo 1
Octopus Hand Tattoo 2

A hand tattoo can be rather painful, to say the least. The reason behind it is the series of nerve endings for sure, which can be a bit too sensitive when making contact with a needle. Nonetheless, if you feel that the space your hand provides can be enough for a graphic of an octopus, you shouldn’t hold on to that thought.

Prior to getting an octopus hand tattoo, consult with a tattoo artist. Break the session down into multiple segments to relieve yourself from the pain. You may also use numbing cream to have more control over the brutal creative process.

Octopus Skull Tattoo

Octopus Skull Tattoo

A skull tattoo can easily be meshed with an octopus tattoo, offering a different interpretation beyond its scheme. Since a skull often depicts life and death, many believe that, when paired with an octopus, it encourages the wearer to live life without regret. Occasionally, this tattoo tends to give a small push to those pursuing a career in something that requires tons of creativity.

The artwork is the reason why many pursue this design. The motto behind it shouldn’t be dismissed, however, especially if you’re in need of a fresh start.

Octopus Leg Tattoo

Octopus Leg Tattoo

A tattoo is more of an investment to many. And if you happen to be in that boat, the only tattoo on your mind should be a concept that extends the length of the artwork, such as an octopus leg tattoo.

Patience is a virtue when this design is the main objective, since the process is often broken down into multiple sessions. Once the stencil reaches completion, though, the installation scheme is a walk in the park.

Blue Ringed Octopus Tattoo

Blue Ringed Octopus Tattoo 1
Blue Ringed Octopus Tattoo 2

One of the rarest species of an octopus is surely a blue-ringed octopus, which can prove to be fatal for human beings when encountered. When converted into a tattoo, however, the species doesn’t seem too bad to look at.

Despite being a nightmare for those with trypanophobia, a blue-ringed octopus is rather infamous in the tattoo world, coming in a fusion of two colors. While it tends to change in color every now and then, play it safe by adding the most common theme of blue and yellow.

Octopus Sleeve Tattoo

Octopus Sleeve Tattoo 1
Octopus Sleeve Tattoo 2
Octopus Sleeve Tattoo 3

Telling stories is possible when you’re hoping to get a tattoo as marvelous as that of an octopus. If you don’t believe us, just look into the potential octopus sleeve tattoo, a compelling option on this list.

Taking up the circumference of the entire arm, an octopus sleeve tattoo blends the primary component with quotes, complementary elements, borders, and flashy paint jobs. The tattoo might take a while though, so prepare your schedule appropriately to eliminate the chances of obtaining botched results.

Tribal Octopus Tattoo

Tribal Octopus Tattoo 1
Tribal Octopus Tattoo 2

Through using tribal schemes, you won’t just be able to highlight the outskirts of an octopus, but also represent your ancestors. The artwork might be complex, so be sure to reach out to an artist with relevant experience.

A tribal tattoo uses traditional instruments to come into shape, carrying a sharper font as a result. It can be pursued for the visuals as well, so don’t beat yourself up if you’re all about the aesthetic it possesses.

Colorful Octopus Tattoo

Colorful Octopus Tattoo 1
Colorful Octopus Tattoo 2

Another theme that is popular in the world of octopus tattoos involves a neo-traditional design, which reeks of color. This colorful octopus tattoo is a long-term investment, taking weeks to complete on average.

Since a lot of needle-work is involved, we suggest you use an area that is spacious as well as durable against pain, such as the chest, back, and forearm. You may even crop the groundwork to allow narrow locations to accommodate it.

Octopus Arm Tattoo

Octopus Arm Tattoo 1
Octopus Arm Tattoo 2

Arm tattoos are quite loud in the world of tattoos, but pairs well with the nature of octopus tattoos, which refuse to go quietly, preferring mind-boggling tones and components. The sketch of an octopus seems crystal clear when pasted onto the arm, enabling it to hold onto a presentable aura.

The background of this octopus tattoo matters the most at the end of the day, which could be hectic to form. If your octopus tattoo inclines towards a color tattoo, you may add a jetblack shade in the background.

Cute Octopus Tattoo

Cute Octopus Tattoo 1
Cute Octopus Tattoo 2

As long as the right needle is used, even sea predators as terrifying as octopuses can emerge as an option for a cute tattoo. The dimensions need to abide by a certain limit, while the color scheme needs the presence of soft, pastel tones.

This tattoo looks best when placed in delicate areas, such as the ankle, collarbone, and neck.

Octopus Tattoo Women

Octopus Tattoo Women

Octopus tattoos are universal and gender-fluid on most occasions. However, when push comes to shove, this design mostly caters to women.

With a paste made with cyan, hot pink, and royal blue, the display of this octopus tattoo is beyond incomprehensible, unless you appreciate the art over the value it holds on the inside.

The tri-tone color scheme offers tints, shades, and hues of each color, making it easier to maintain as opposed to black and white designs.

Octopus Thigh Tattoo

Octopus Thigh Tattoo

Being sensitive to a needle is A-okay, truth be told. In fact, if you feel that dealing with blows generated by a needle is something your mind and body can’t comprehend, consider changing canvases.

For an octopus tattoo, the best possible location is the upper thigh area, covered in layers that protects wearers from danger. The space provided by the canvas is plentiful, making it possible to obtain a variation with realism.

Simple Octopus Tattoo

Simple Octopus Tattoo 1
Simple Octopus Tattoo 2

Moving forward with a basic design is definitely rewarding as well, making it easier for the artist to nail the tattoo with precision. So, if you’ve got an idea for an octopus tattoo in mind, but it lacks appealing components, try not to be afraid. Find hope in this simple octopus tattoo instead!

With a relatively fast procedure and a neat structure, this tattoo is great for any body part. If you prefer using colors, try settling for shades with solid schemes over vibrant themes for your simple octopus tattoo.

Anchor Octopus Tattoo

Anchor Octopus Tattoo

Since it also leads a life over the sea, an anchor tattoo is a great match for an octopus tattoo, not just metaphorically, but also on the outside. It too has ties with notes of creativity, but also pleads we remain humble and level-headed at all times.

Creating a motion where an anchor is wrapped in the tentacles of an octopus can be marvellous. If you do pursue that scheme, the artwork won’t even require a paint job!

Black And White Octopus Tattoo

Black And White Octopus Tattoo

Black and white paint jobs are untouchable when featured in an artwork. In other words, if you would like an octopus tattoo that offers a retro-esque vibe, a black and white octopus tattoo may appear to be a compelling candidate.

Adding the layers of black might hurt a bit, so pick your canvas carefully. If you don’t want to suffer as much, try resorting to areas that comprise layers of fat, with very few nerve endings to offer.

Octopus Wrist Tattoo

Octopus Wrist Tattoo

Brief yet minimal, an octopus wrist tattoo is a great pick for first-timers. The dimensions remain limited, and the illustration takes very little time to come into existence. The procedure is also lenient, especially when the right needle is used.

A wrist tattoo of an octopus can be great if you believe in the art of subtlety, since it barely demands attention. You can also cover it as much as you please, a trait that many on this list don’t offer.

Baby Octopus Tattoo

Baby Octopus Tattoo

Being a fan of the previous entry might also make you want to entertain this option, which revolves around a baby octopus.

Although formed with a long stride, the graphic is quite small compared to an average-sized octopus. While being a dealbreaker in the eyes of realists, this tattoo is considered a breath of fresh air for sensitive skin.

Cool Octopus Tattoo

Cool Octopus Tattoo

Tattoos are not always about representing what the symbol stands for. In fact, if you’re only interested in the appearance, you can very well pursue the illustration, even more so if it’s an octopus tattoo.

Forming a cool octopus tattoo is rather easy, especially since the structure of the creature is already quite fascinating. From neo-traditional schemes to traditional paint jobs, the artwork welcomes any theme as long as it satisfies the wearer.

Geometric Octopus Tattoo

Geometric Octopus Tattoo

Sharp lines and angular frames can indeed bring out a tattoo that can speak to minimalists. Due to being drawn with a stick and poke set, it mostly comprises no color. However, since the structure is sharp and carries a sense of presentability, a geometric octopus tattoo is well-liked amongst minimalists.

Delicate areas should be the dedicated canvases for this design, despite lacking size. To add to your tattoo, consider using smaller components around the primary layout.

Polynesian Octopus Tattoo

Polynesian Octopus Tattoo

An octopus isn’t just liked by those who are more into living life in the sea as opposed to being on land, but also worshipped in Polynesian culture, with most associating it with unity.

The graphic is engraved with complex patterns on the surface, but is pursued nonetheless to increase chemistry between those situated in the Polynesian islands, justifying a Polynesian octopus tattoo’s place on this list.

Realistic Octopus Tattoo

Realistic Octopus Tattoo

Focusing on mending the smaller things can lead to long-term success, comprising the ability to fix larger causes. Similarly, on tattoos, when you focus on adding attention to detail, discovering an artwork that is rewarding both metaphorically and visually should be easy. But if you’d like to implement that notion into the makings of an octopus tattoo, try a realistic octopus tattoo.

Though it may take some time, a realistic octopus tattoo can easily get you on the radar and even improve your social life. To ease down the creative process, try using a layered surface as the dedicated canvas.

Purple Octopus Tattoo

Purple Octopus Tattoo

A monochromatic scheme is what many often choose when obtaining an octopus tattoo, since it’s easier to add more layers and dimensions around the structure. The artwork can bug minimalists, speaking volumes in the eyes of maximalists as a result.

Using a theme that is based around purple should suffice, since the color can pair well with both light and dark colors rather equally. It may take a while and cost a bit more to install than expected, so prepare your budget accordingly.

Ship And Octopus Tattoo

Ship And Octopus Tattoo

While complex to form, a ship tattoo is a great piece for those seeking an appearance that is larger than life itself. It is also associated with positivity and good luck, being one of the more refreshing designs in this day and age.

Due to spreading positivity at all times, a ship tattoo is quite popular amongst its peers in the tattoo industry. Since it often welcomes any design with open arms, many feature a ship tattoo around an octopus tattoo to bring more light to being creative and the ways in which the trait is linked to success.

Cartoon Octopus Tattoo

Cartoon Octopus Tattoo

Curating a graphic with exaggerated pieces is actually not as bad as it sounds in real life, although questionable in theory. In fact, if you’re trying to stray away from depicting something that is emotionally deep and replace the concept with a design that prioritizes fun over wisdom, a cartoonish edition of an octopus can work well for a tattoo.

The world is truly your oyster when you pursue this design, so don’t forget to maximize the visuals by expanding the size of the aquatic creature.

Watercolor Octopus Tattoo

Watercolor Octopus Tattoo

Using faded tints of light hues can work wonders, honestly. If you don’t buy our two cents, take a look at this octopus tattoo, which does just that.

When pigmented with watercolor, octopus tattoos look more animated, but carry traits that are soothing and calming. Although many go all out by obtaining an arm tattoo, the artwork also pairs well with compact areas, as long as the dimensions are downsized.

Frequently Asked Question

Working past every obstacle is absolutely necessary when it comes to tattoos. And while numbing cream can make you resilient to pain, it won’t be enough if you still lack sufficient knowledge regarding the artwork you’re signing up for, which would be an octopus tattoo in this case. And if the previous line summed up just the way you’re feeling at the moment, give the following questionnaire a read.

Q: What makes an octopus tattoo so special?

Ans: Apart from the colors it holds and the distinct features it carries, an octopus tattoo is special due to being a ray of hope in the eyes of many. It serves as a friend and companion to those in need of moral support, while encouraging many to break free from mediocrity using their inherited creativity.

An octopus tattoo is also known for increasing one’s self-confidence, preferably by hyping up one of the many talents that each wearer has.

Q: Are octopus tattoos tough to maintain?

Ans: The answer to this question depends on the kind of tattoo one settles for, since black and white tattoos fade more easily than those with color. It also depends on the friction that the octopus tattoo might have to deal with, so be sure to avoid areas that are often covered in fabric.


All in all, if you’ve ever been a fan of the sea, installing the ins and outs of an octopus, a creature associated with creativity, cunningness, and versatility, can very well be in the equation. Though the graphic is limited, you can easily come up with an improbable scheme if you make use of your creative mind.

An octopus tattoo can be fused with various components, thanks to its compatibility with any creature of nature. The artwork is also quite flexible, making it easy to position it in any location without a setback.

Prior to getting an octopus tattoo, consider the size of the design. You should also take into account the sensitivity of your skin, so that it’s easy to install the tattoo without having to deal with pain.

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