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55 Cutting Edge Motorcycle Tattoo Ideas Reshaping The Thrill Of Life

The world is truly your oyster when you’re pursuing a tattoo, especially when the bilingual nature of every emblem is taken into account.

While floral patterns are more complex due to the volume of their species, there are a couple of two-hit wonders in the scene, such as a motorcycle tattoo.

Motorcycle tattoos ride with those that choose them over cars. Often involving the depiction of a bike, motorcycle tattoos make it their mission to put the elements of the vehicle in full display.

Their visuals aren’t the only components that contribute to their fame as a tattoo, however, as motorcycle tattoos also unveil hidden messages. To learn about the former riddle as well as discover the best of motorcycle tattoos, follow this guide carefully.

A Journey For Rebels And Adventurers: A Look Into The Meaning Of Motorcycle Tattoos!

Motorcycle Tattoo meaning

Now, in contrast to most tattoos on the land, it is true that motorcycle tattoos don’t stand a chance against spiritually moving schemes, as the sentimental values of the design hardly ever plays a factor.

However, since they do have somewhat of a bad impression, motorcycles are controversial figures, making the depiction of them perfect for rebels.

Motorcycle tattoos also use their ability to travel to enhance their impression, giving adventurers a platform to discover more parts of themselves.

Adventurous Motorcycle Tattoos That Lean Into The Uncertainty Of Life!

Given the models of motorcycles in the world right now, there are endless ways in which one can create and wear the emblem when converted into a tattoo. For a quick twist, supporting designs can easily be added.

From having affiliations with skull tattoos to collaborating with religion, there’s a lot that can be done with a motorcycle tattoo. Be sure to check out the following entries if you’d like to catch 'em all!

Motorcycle Gear Tattoo: Driving Through Speed Bumps

Motorcycle Gear Tattoo 1
Motorcycle Gear Tattoo 2

They say consistency is key. However, the pace you're moving in also plays a huge role in shaping the success of your goals.

While an excellent depiction to begin with, a motorcycle gear tattoo is used as a metaphor for going with the flow, as well as partaking in gradual intensity over rushing things to generate overnight success.

While a foot tattoo is perfect for this design, you may change the location to make it appropriate for your pain level.

Motorcycle Helmet Tattoo: Safety First!

Motorcycle Helmet Tattoo 1
Motorcycle Helmet Tattoo 2

While being fearless is a good thing, not prioritizing safety is by far one of the worst things to do, especially if you often sign up for activities that could potentially be damaging.

Worry not, however, as there are tons of messages, even tattoos, that can help remind you of the perks of wearing protection at all times; such as a motorcycle helmet tattoo.

The helmet itself acts as a metaphor for any kind of protection, irrespective of agenda. That being said, if you’re seeking protection from bad omen, add quotes from the Bible, or wear a cross tattoo next to the motorcycle tattoo.

Traditional Motorcycle Tattoo: Riding Along With Outstanding Visuals

Traditional Motorcycle Tattoo 1
Traditional Motorcycle Tattoo 2
Traditional Motorcycle Tattoo 3

I’ll be honest - Motorcycles look best when the color scheme of them is neutral. However, there are also tons of perks of having a bike that embraces color, even more so when depicted as a tattoo.

Presenting to you a traditional motorcycle tattoo, featuring supporting components such as a floral tattoo, as well as shapes and patterns across the bike.

The colors usually abide by the uniform colors of a traditional piece, although many readjust the palette in accordance with their preferences.

Simple Motorcycle Tattoo: A Small Yet Monumental Token For Enthusiasts

Simple Motor cycle Tattoo 1
Simple Motor cycle Tattoo 2

Being a motorhead is the perfect feeling if you grew up around bikes, and follow spectator sports like MotoGP. Don’t be quick to get a tattoo, however, since motorcycle tattoos run large on average.

If you’d like an alternative that takes minimal space, assess this motorcycle tattoo, which can be the perfect small package that your mind is currently craving.

Though the downside is the lack of details, the plus is that it can adapt to any body part, especially the wrist and the collarbone.

Motorcycle Chain Tattoo: All Tied Up

Motorcycle Chain Tattoo

Speaking of minimal designs, did you know that you don’t have to draw an explicitly detailed motorcycle to showcase your love for bikes at all?

If you don’t believe me, give this motorcycle tattoo a view, which comes in the form of a bracelet tattoo.

The bracelet can be a great option to add around the wrist, carrying just enough size to render it eligible as a compact art piece. The button-sized motorcycle is a great idea too, but only if you can’t breathe or eat without validating your love for bikes.

Indian Motorcycle Tattoo: The Leader Of Their Species

Indian Motorcycle Tattoo 1
Indian Motorcycle Tattoo 2

Brands like Harley Davidson, Ducati, and even BMW are often recognized to be the frontrunners among bike companies. While Yamaha is another brand heavily popularized in India, what many forget about is Indian Motorcycle, the brand that runs on cultural tradition.

Indian Motorcycle designs their models with notes of India, regularly incorporating visuals with ties to Indian culture.

The American brand isn’t just popular in the eyes of bike enthusiasts, it seems, but also has a growing fanbase in the land of tattoos!

Small Motorcycle Tattoo: A Minor Yet Massive Way Of Unveiling Priorities

Small Motorcycle Tattoo 1
Small Motorcycle Tattoo 2

With motorcycle tattoos, it’s quite easy to create something that looks visually sound. Conversely, a motorcycle tattoo can also be enough to showcase the sentimental ties that you have with life.

All you have to do is get rid of the brain fog, and look into components that can further support your narrative with the motorcycle tattoo.

For instance, if you’re only fond of life due to the learning opportunities, perhaps the photo used as reference can teach you a thing or two.

Motorcycle Memorial Tattoo: Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane

Motorcycle Memorial Tattoo

Grieving is one of the hardest, if not, the hardest part of life. It requires us to say goodbye to loved ones, and almost always catches us off guard.

While the passing of someone you’re close with isn’t a feeling that words can explain, perhaps being in the company of others as opposed to mourning alone can be a good idea.

Furthermore, if you think that a tattoo might help you during the times you’re alone, I hope you suit up for a motorcycle memorial tattoo, a platform that will always unveil memories from the vault.

Motorcycle Heartbeat Tattoo: A Platform For Bike Enthusiasts

Motorcycle Heartbeat Tattoo 1
Motorcycle Heartbeat Tattoo 2

You don’t need to come up with a secret formula to work your way around a motorcycle tattoo. In fact, to satisfy your cravings, there are certain pieces that are easier to create than meets the eye.

One of the leading concepts is a motorcycle heartbeat tattoo, depicting one’s love for motorcycles, and the journey of life.

For added effects, many paint the heart with the essence of a heart monitor, which subtly upgrades the outlook of this design.

Motorcycle Hand Tattoo: Known For Carrying An Intimidating Aura

Motorcycle Hand Tattoo 1
Motorcycle Hand Tattoo 2

Many might disagree on this, but hand tattoos are just as compelling as forearm tattoos from a design standpoint.

While the entire forearm is used to pursue and generate a sleeve tattoo, hand tattoos move on to the fingers for expansion and support.

Moving on, if you’re a rebel, perhaps the pain level as well as the arrogance of getting a hand tattoo might be the perfect cup of tea.

Furthermore, if you like bikes and automobiles, take notes from this motorcycle tattoo, using the hand as a canvas

Motorcycle Skull Tattoo: A Shout Out To A Renowned Movie Franchise

Motorcycle Skull Tattoo 1
Motorcycle Skull Tattoo 2

Movies can be influential. In fact, movies are also linked with starting endless obsessions toward certain things in people; one of which is the land of motorcycles.

While many films have rebellious characters who go from point A to point B through wheelies and a motorcycle, there’s nothing more prominent than Ghost Rider, 2007 film which definitely contributed to the makings of this tattoo.

This highly detailed piece is enriched with black and grey properties, alongwith a complex scheme. Many have difficulty in replicating the dimensions of the skull, which is slightly more sizable than the motorcycle tattoo.

Skeleton Riding Motorcycle Tattoo: A Depiction Worth Remembering

Skeleton Riding Motorcycle Tattoo 1
Skeleton Riding Motorcycle Tattoo 2

What takes away the symbolism of a motorcycle tattoo from the spotlight, and showcases just how well the symbol is at forming partnerships is this motion of a skeleton riding a bike, which is easier said than done.

This is because, although the bike is easy to depict, engraving the minor pieces of detail can be difficult to do when working with a skull tattoo.

Regardless, it still remains one of the best options for beginners due to how simple it is, as well as veterans due to the monochromatic colour scheme it contains.

Motorcycle Engine Tattoo: The Facilitator Of Power

Motorcycle Engine Tattoo 1
Motorcycle Engine Tattoo 2

Everything has an element that works hard behind the scenes to make the components on the surface run in a safe and sound manner. For a bike, it’s not the wheels, but the motor that plays that role.

A motorcycle engine tattoo shows appreciation for the unsung hero, which would be the engine in this case.

Due to the power it possesses, many enthusiasts adopt this tattoo with pride to increase their own esteem issues, and dig themselves out of a deep grave.

Motorcycle Wheel With Wings Tattoo: Riding On Cloud Nine With Faith

Motorcycle Wheel With Wings Tattoo 1
Motorcycle Wheel With Wings Tattoo 2

Riding a bike is eerily similar to riding through the waves of life; risky. But that shouldn’t stop one from chasing their dreams.

In fact, it is often the thrill of adversity that makes victories so sweet, as well as the amount of work invested behind the scenes. However, if you never try, you’ll never know.

A protector on this list is a motorcycle tattoo with angel wings, which looks out during the dark times, and frees you from shame to work towards a goal. With the ties it has with religion, this motorcycle tattoo is also great for spiritual discovery.

Frequently Asked Question

Listed below are the fundamentals of motorcycle tattoos; one of the best designs to pursue if you’re either a motorhead, or just riding things out in life until it pans out.

Q: How much does it cost to obtain a motorcycle tattoo?

Ans: Most tattoos are often assessed for the size they carry, as well as the complexity in their structure, before a price is set.

That being said, a motorcycle tattoo stands at 7 inches on average, costing a minimum sum of $300, which may decrease to $250 if the size is trimmed.

Q: What kind of purpose does a motorcycle tattoo serve?

Ans: A motorcycle tattoo isn’t just for those that enjoy riding their bikes on a bright sunny day, but also for the misfits of the world, who find more comfort in this life by plotting against the norm, and abiding against conformity.

More often than not, a motorcycle tattoo also represents adventurers, preferably those that live life fearlessly, and through spontaneity.

Bottom Line

All in all, from all the tattoos invented, motorcycle tattoos appear to be the most dominant to meet one’s cravings towards motorbikes on the surface. In the spiritual world, motorcycle tattoos unveil the highs and lows of life, alongside the rewards that one obtains when all is said and done.

Almost always, the depiction of a motorcycle tattoo involves the structure of a bike, be it big or small. And while the designs are complex with tons of layering, one may even add specific features of a motorcycle tattoo to keep the procedure easy, and the aftermath enjoyable.

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