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72 Beautiful Mom And Dad Tattoo Designs To Express Your Feelings!

From teaching us how to ride a bicycle to tying our shoes, if we start to list out all the things that our parents have done for us, this article will never end. We are forever indebted to them. Such debt can never be paid. However, there are instances when you can make your parents happy with your acts and gestures.

The mom and dad tattoo is the ultimate gift to your parents that will instantly solidify your bond with your mom and dad. Their hearts will melt realizing how much you care and love them.

The mom and dad tattoo also serves to remind you that they are the only people who will stay beside you no matter what your situation is.

Even on your worst day when your back is against the wall, they will always be there for you. With the help of the mom and dad tattoo, you will finally realize how significant their roles are in your life.

Inspiring Mom And Dad Tattoo Ideas To Ignite Your Love For Each Other

Mom And Dad Tattoo idea

The meaning and symbolism of the mom and dad tattoos are quite straightforward. These artworks represent your love and passion for your parents. That’s why most tattoos tend to be minimal.

Although there is no harm in showcasing it to the world, these emblems are mostly quite intimate. With subtle colors and shapes, you commemorate your story of how you grew up with your parents. The gentle strokes represent how beautiful the moments were.

Because of the simplistic nature of the artworks, the list of mom and dad tattoos is quite limited. However, these designs are enough to portray thousands of emotions in your mind. So, choose the one that connects with you the most and give your parents the ultimate surprise that they will never forget.

In Memory of Mom and Dad Tattoo

In Memory of Mom and Dad Tattoo

The day my mother passed away was the day I felt that the earth stood still. It was like the entire earth had stopped revolving around the sun. The birds had forgotten to chirp and flowers stopped to bloom. It was something that never came to be forgotten.

Death is a phenomenon that can’t be avoided. You may alter the trajectory of it with the help of modern science and technology. But it will happen one day or another. Your parents may have also met such an unfortunate end.

No ointment can heal the pain. However, having this tattoo can work as a reminder that they are still living in your heart. With each beat, you will feel the existence of your parents in the deepest corners of your heart.

Mom and Dad Tattoo on Forearm

Mom and Dad Tattoo on Forearm 1

Your forearm is an excellent place for showcasing your love and respect for your parents. The tattoo features a jarring scenery in which the silhouette of your parents holding your eyes can be viewed.

The facial or morphological characteristics aren't required here. Just a shadow of your parents can make a significant difference.

Whenever you are feeling down, you can take a gander at the tattoo and your heart will be filled with joy. The artwork will take you back to the days when things were much simpler.

Traditional Mom and Dad Tattoo

Traditional Mom and Dad Tattoo 1
Traditional Mom and Dad Tattoo 2

The traditional mom-and-son tattoo takes an old-school route that involves the incorporation of a wide range of colors to depict the love for your parents.

The overall aesthetic of the tattoo is quite vintage. While the appearance of the characters looks quite cartoonish, the inclusion of the quote makes it look much deeper and more symbolic. You can add several secondary elements to elevate the overall scenery.

RIP Mom and Dad Tattoo

RIP Mom and Dad Tattoo 1
RIP Mom and Dad Tattoo 2

The beautiful portrayal of your mom and dad can make them immortal in the realm of your body canvas. The lack of color in the tattoo turns the overall imagery into something quite raw and powerful.

As you can already guess, you need to get the facial characteristics of your parents just right. Otherwise, the tattoo can be an utter waste of time and resources. However, if you can pull off the details, the tattoo will look like a masterpiece.

Mom and Dad Feather Tattoo

Mom and Dad Feather Tattoo 1
Mom and Dad Feather Tattoo 2

Feathers are elegant objects that express a special notion and story. With each of the gentle spikes, there is a hidden connection between each of the parents and their child.

One of the most striking aspects of the tattoo is the illustration of two different-sized feathers. The larger one represents your parents while the smaller feather is the embodiment of you. Together, you can create a happy, little feather family in your body.

Mom and Dad Cross Tattoo

Mom and Dad Cross Tattoo 1
Mom and Dad Cross Tattoo 2

In such times of distress, families are getting more and more separated each day. We are getting disconnected from our parents by focusing more on our careers and other aspects of life.

Religion can be a way to connect. Through the belief and showing allegiance to the symbol of the cross, you and your parents can finally unite. When you believe in the same customs and rituals, all your rituals start to fade away into obscurity.

Mom and Dad Infinity Tattoo

Mom and Dad Infinity Tattoo 1
Mom and Dad Infinity Tattoo 2

Your love for your parents transcends barriers. It is not confined to a particular planet or a universe. You love them to infinity. The mom and dad infinity tattoo represents your gratefulness and respect towards your parents to the maximum extent.

The modern representation of the infinity sign is the blend between two circles creating a spiral-like symbol. You can easily incorporate portrayals of your parents on the two sides. With some elegant flowers in the mix, the artwork will melt your heart at any point of the day.

Mom and Dad's Hand Tattoo

Mom and Dad's Hand Tattoo 1
Mom and Dad's Hand Tattoo 2

Hand tattoos work like a charm because the imagery is readily visible. You can see the mom and dad tattoo whenever or wherever you want. This will make you feel that your parents are always by your side.

Having the blessing of your parents to stay with you at all times is like a superpower. You start to feel much more confident in yourself and your abilities. Soon, you will reach the stars and make your parents proud of your feats.

Mom and Dad Anchor Tattoo

Mom and Dad Anchor Tattoo 1
Mom and Dad Anchor Tattoo 2

The relationship between us and our parents isn’t always smooth. At certain periods of our lives, we become disconnected from them because of pressure from work or other obstacles.

While your parents will stay beside you no matter what, the constant distance between you can create an invisible barrier. To always keep your relationship healthy and steady, there is no other alternative to the anchor tattoo. Just like it stabilizes the ship from the rough waters, the tattoo will protect your relationship from all the malicious spirits.

Mom and Dad Angel Wing Tattoo

Mom and Dad Angel Wing Tattoo 1
Mom and Dad Angel Wing Tattoo 2

For each of us, our parents are like our guardian angels. In the time of desperation and sorrow, they are always with you supporting you with whatever they can. Their love for us even beats the angels, don’t you think?

However, they may not always be around. For cases like this, the angel wing tattoo will protect you just like your mom and dad do. The beautiful tapestry of feathers along with the symbol of heart in the middle will keep all the bad spirits from altering your mind.

Mom and Dad Heart Tattoo

Mom and Dad Heart Tattoo 1
Mom and Dad Heart Tattoo 2

These discrete emblems that almost look like crystals from the deep blue sea perfectly capture the notion of the mom and dad tattoos. The artworks don’t need to be full of extravagant portrayals or details. Just a symbol that portrays your appreciation and love for your parents is more than enough.

The only place that can hold the memory of your parents is your heart. That’s why if you are choosing to surprise your parents and make them happy, there is no other alternative than the mom and dad heart tattoo.

The two vibrant heart symbols with natural patterns in them portray the unique story of your childhood and how your parents raised you with love and affection.

Mom and Dad's Wrist Tattoo

Mom and Dad's Wrist Tattoo

Every time you see the wrists, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? To us, we get a reflection of the dire and confused states of the young generation of today. When they feel down, they take up a knife and cut their wrists.

We understand the thought process behind it. Life can be tough. However, certain things make our life worth living such as your mom and dad. That’s why rather than mutilating your wrist, you should get an alluring wrist tattoo that will remind you of your parents and the moments you spent with each other.

Mom and Dad Flower Tattoo

Mom and Dad Flower Tattoo 1
Mom and Dad Flower Tattoo 2

You can never go wrong with a flower tattoo. The beautiful tapestry of colors along with the amazing display of petals portray a wide range of meanings and symbolism.

The mom and dad flower tattoo is full of floral patterns with a ribbon stating the name of your parents. The radiant colors will keep on igniting, representing how the love for your parents will never die.

Mom And Dad Guiding Light Love Tattoo

Mom And Dad Guiding Light Love Tattoo 1
Mom And Dad Guiding Light Love Tattoo 2

We wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for our parents. They are the reason why we are alive. So, the least you can do for them is get this tattoo that showcases your appreciation for them.

The realistic depiction of your parents will surely strike a chord in you. At moments, we may forget the role of our parents in our life but the tattoo will work as a stark reminder that will compel you to be grateful for them. When your parents see the tattoo, their joy will know no bounds.

Mom And Dad's Heartfelt Tattoo

Mom And Dad's Heartfelt Tattoo

All mom and dad tattoos are quite close to our hearts. But if you seek to take the aesthetics and symbolism to the next degree then you should opt for this tattoo.

The imagery of your parents holding their hands in a bright portal will surely make you smile. The silhouette of them in a place full of flowers and stars will make you feel assured that they are happy in their life. Furthermore, the symmetry of the tattoo elevates your body canvas by bringing a festive mood to the realm.


While our article goes deep into investigating every notion of the mom and dad tattoos, we still realize that there may be some aspects that we don’t focus much on.

For this reason, we have compiled some of the most thought-provoking questions on the internet and tried to answer them as comprehensively as possible. These answers will surely clear all your doubts.

Q: Should You Get A Portrayal As A Mom And Dad Tattoo?

Ans: You can. However, a portrayal tattoo can be quite difficult to illustrate as it consists of a wide range of details. Furthermore, you need to be inept with some of the most sophisticated tattooing techniques such as highlighting and shading.

All this can be quite overwhelming. While you can choose a portrayal tattoo, it's best to go for something much more discrete and simpler.

Q: Can Mom And Dad Tattoos Be Colorful?

Ans: Of course, they can be. As you can see from our design list, there are quite some ideas that consist of colorful components. You can express your love for your mom and dad in whatever way you desire. No one will judge you.


When we were children, we couldn’t spend a moment without the presence of our mom and dad. However, as days went by and we became mature, our relationship with our parents started to deteriorate. It's as if the solid foundation started to accumulate some cracks.

The only solution to fix these cracks is by getting a beautiful mom and dad tattoo. The tattoo will constantly remind you to appreciate your parents and show your love to them. Furthermore, when they see your tattoo, they will instantly realize just how much you care for them and all the cracks in your relationship will magically vanish away.

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