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117 Elegant And Meaningful Memento Mori Tattoo Designs To Appreciate Life!

As human beings, we have a natural attraction to the aspects that we don’t know much about. Death is something we have no idea about. Through mythical stories and fairy tales along with the attempts of the scientists, we might’ve been able to unveil some secrets and aspects of it but it's far from the truth. The Memento Mori tattoos allow you to have a close look at the face of death.

Don’t get afraid. The tattoo doesn't feature any terrifying image or cater to your morbidly curious mind. It's just an illustration of the ancient Latin phrase that means “Remember you must die”. We know that you are instantly hooked on the meaning of the tattoo. Wait till you hear the rest of the metaphors.

This single phrase can portray a million stories. A gentle portrayal of the quote can be able to change your entire outlook on life. While you may not like the design, we can guarantee you that upon etching the tattoo on your body canvas, you will become a better person.

This is the mysterious ability of the memento tattoos that only can be realized when you get it. So, without beating around the bush, let's get down to brass tacks and talk about the many faces of the Memento tattoos.

The Hard-Hitting Yet Often Misinterpreted Meaning Of Memento Mori Tattoos

Memento mori tattoo meaning

Death, sorrow, and crying. We often only think about these words when we discuss the Memento Mori tattoos. In our mind, the word-by-word translation of the Latin quote is branded for life. We refuse to seek further meaning and symbolism past the quote “Remember you must die”. The tattoos are much more than a grim reminder that death is coming and you can’t do anything about it.

Well, there is some part of it that commemorates the notion of the unpredictability and inevitability of death. However, the meaning is far beyond the realms of such corporeal aspects.

When you realize that death is something that can’t be escaped, you start to value life. The meaningless things that you spend years on start to finally appear pointless to you. You start to appreciate the relationships you have with your family and loved ones.

This is the main aspect of the Memento Mori tattoos. The countdown to death makes you a better person. The artwork points out the defects you have in your character and compels you to alter them. You have only one life. This is the only opportunity to be the best version of yourself and stand out.

How Modern Lyricists Embrace The Idea Of Memento Mori Tattoos

Aside from telling people about the notion of death, the stoic tattoos have inspired a handful of song lyricists over the years. Let's see how the Memento tattoos have motivated rock and metal bands to write songs about the philosophy.

The immensely popular heavy metal band Lamb of God has a song with the same name. The somber yet fast-paced lyrics along with the incredible lyrics tell you to go out and fade your depression into obscurity.

Polyphia is another popular rock band that has released a song titled Memento Mori which helps people when they are having suicidal thoughts. Just like the Memento Mori tattoos, the song focuses on the many faces of death and the inevitability of the notion.

Finally, a much slower entry to the list is the band called Architects. The slow music along with the hard-hitting lyrics is completely based on the meaning and symbolism of the Memento Mori tattoos. The song talks about a wide range of emotions from pain to extreme happiness and leaves the viewer feeling satisfied with his life.

Ravishing Memento Mori Tattoo Ideas To Open New Doors In Your Mind!

Memento mori tattoo design

Death is an interesting notion that is yet to be deciphered by state-of-the-art technologies or the brilliant minds of scientists. It's a dark abyss that can occur at any moment in life. In our lives, we sometimes become so accustomed to living that we forget that death exists. Memento Mori works as an emblem to remind you of the unpredictability of death.

So, what constitutes a component of the Memento Mori tattoo? Well, it can range from all the things that we are habituated to associate with death itself. Objects such as the skull or the hourglass are staples of the Memento Mori tattoos. You have the luxury to include other secondary elements to uplift the aesthetics of the artwork even more.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that the main reason why the Memento Mori tattoos are so thought-provoking and intriguing isn’t for their aesthetic aspect, it's the metamorphic attribute that resonates with people. The manifestation of death in the realm of the body canvas can open doors to your minds that you never knew existed.

We realize that the journey to finding the proper Memento Mori tattoo for you is quite an arduous one and we seek to partner with you. Let’s find the perfect design for you together.

Minimalist Memento Mori Tattoo

Minimalist Memento Mori Tattoo 1
Minimalist Memento Mori Tattoo 2

As you can already imagine, these emblems are not keen on showcasing themselves to express how masculine or extravagant you are. The sole reason why the tattoo became a household name is because of the metaphorical depiction.

The primary job of any Memento Mori tattoo is to evoke the notion of death in the wearer. The minimalist Memento Mori tattoo does this beautifully. This discreet amulet whispers and caters only to you making a deep connection.

The skull and the time glass are two important motifs that symbolize the inevitability of death. Both of these symbols are included in the tattoo. You can illustrate the quote just in the middle to function as a bridge between these two similar signs.

Memento Mori Icarus Tattoo

Memento Mori Icarus Tattoo 1
Memento Mori Icarus Tattoo 2

The tale of Icarus is full of woe and sorrow. It is truly disheartening how such a mighty character fell to his death. This entire notion further dictates how you can’t neglect death and solidifies the meaning of Memento Mori.

When they were trapped, Daedalus created a pair of wings for his song and instructed him not to get too close to the sun as the wings are primarily made of wax. Despite his father's concerns, Icarus flew too close to the sun and met his death. His father was a maestro in his craft.

Even his strong wings couldn’t save his son. The Icarus tattoo signifies how you can never escape death. The image of Icarus with his angelic wings in combination with the quote will strike a chord in you.

Memento Mori Above the Knee Tattoo

Memento Mori Above the Knee Tattoo 1
Memento Mori Above the Knee Tattoo 3

Your knee is a great place for the Memento Mori tattoo because of how connected the entire region is. Due to the ligaments and extended skin in the area, any tattoo gets stretched and often changes its dimensions creating a unique aesthetic.

The tattoo itself is quite discreet. It is a typical monochromatic representation of the quote with two quintessential motifs of the Memento Mori quote.

The interpretation of the skull is quite obvious while the small flower represents the impermanence of dull life.

Memento Mori Wrist Tattoo

Memento Mori Wrist Tattoo 1
Memento Mori Wrist Tattoo 2

The Memento Mori wrist tattoo is quite interesting because of the placement. As you might know, most young generations often subject their wrists to mutilation.

Whenever they are disheartened or broken, they seek this practice to meet their death. However, when you have the Memento Mori tattoo on the wrist, you start to appreciate the value of life.

The small quote in a bluish color goes a long way toward making you realize that we only live once. Therefore, you should make it count rather than willfully seeking to end it.

Memento Mori Neck Tattoo

Memento Mori Neck Tattoo

Your sensual neck deserves a tattoo that is both aesthetic and symbolic. The gentle imagery of the quote along with a blowing leaf speaks volumes when it comes to the symbolic aspect.

As for the aesthetics, the discreet emblem right in the middle of the neck accentuates your overall fashion to a great degree. Such elegant tattoos are a great choice for women.

Aside from the usual depiction of the inevitability of death, this particular neck tattoo works as an emblem of femininity and solitude. The sole imagery in the vast area of the neck portrays how lonely we can get.

Memento Mori and Moth Tattoo

Memento Mori and Moth Tattoo 1
Memento Mori and Moth Tattoo 2

As you can already visualize from the image how extraordinary the artwork is. The insect is like any other species but their colorful wings truly set them apart. The compartmentalization in their lower back further depicts how resilient and productive they are.

However, there is a dark secret. Even such mesmerizing breasts are shackled to their lusts and desires. When they see a ray of light, they can’t control themselves and jump right into it which often leads to their death.

The tattoo depicts such unfortunate demise of the moths and expresses how the same thing can happen to any of us.

Memento Mori Skull Tattoo

Memento Mori Skull Tattoo

If you are with us till this point of the article, you are already quite educated about the Memento Mori tattoos. Therefore, it is safe to assume that you know why the skull tattoo is one of the best choices.

What's the first thing that pops into your mind when you see a skull? The answer has to be death. Death and the skull are so associated with each other that you can’t envision one without the other.

That’s why, this Memento Mori tattoo features a rugged image of a skull. It will surely let you have a peek into the eyes of death.

Memento Mori Angel Wing Tattoo

Memento Mori Angel Wing Tattoo

There is a Slayer song called Angel of Death. Aside from the usual depiction in many of the song lyrics and literature, the angel that seeks out those who are dying and takes their lives is believed to exist.

On your deathbed, no matter how much you beg the angel to spare your life, he won’t think for a second before pulling your soul out of your corporeal body. It is presumed that the creator has instructed him to his responsibility.

This Memento Mori tattoo depicts the existence of the angel of death with the quintessential imagery of the skeleton with wings protruding from it.

Memento Mori Throat Tattoo

Memento Mori Throat Tattoo 1
Memento Mori Throat Tattoo 2

Throat tattoos can be a nightmare. The skin in the area is quite sensitive and any inking can lead to permanent damage to the place. Therefore, only a handful of people dare to take the challenge.

However, the tattoo is readily apparent which makes it worth the pain and endurance. People will view the tattoo as the first thing about you.

The minimalist tattoo will make you appear as someone who appreciates life and enjoys it to the fullest.

Mac Miller Memento Mori Tattoo

Mac Miller Memento Mori Tattoo

The story of Mac Miller touched us all. He was all set to become the next big thing in the rap industry. His debut album, Blue Slide Park made history by making it to the top of the Billboard charts.

However, Mac Miller had a dark side to his life. He had a lifelong addiction to many of the substances and often would black out. In many instances, he was in the blink of death but somehow survived. But not for long.

At the age of 26, Mac Miller met his death after overdosing on a series of drugs. Many of his fans get the Memento Mori tattoo featuring his beautiful face to express how we often throw our lives away just like the artist did.

Memento Mori Sun and Moon Tattoo

Memento Mori Sun and Moon Tattoo 1
Memento Mori Sun and Moon Tattoo 2

While they are conflicting notions in hindsight, the sun and the moon are naturally and metaphorically connected. It's the sun that gives light to the moon. As the day passes and the sun takes a nap, the moon goes out to duty.

Aside from their natural representation, the sun and the moon are often associated with the idea of birth and death. The sun is represented as birth while the moon is associated with death.

This yin-yang-like imagery symbolizes how these conflicting notions often collide and change the very fabric of nature.

Memento Mori Skeleton Tattoo

Memento Mori Skeleton Tattoo

While we boast about how bright and velvety our skins are, in our moment of death, everything seems meaningless. When our corpses are under six feet deep, the skin starts to rot and all that is left is the wrinkly skeleton.

The highly stylized image of the skeleton along with the usual representation of the quote symbolizes how we shouldn’t be too prideful of our bodies. At the end of the day, we are all composed of atoms and they slowly turn to dust when we meet our end.

Memento Mori Hand Tattoo

Memento Mori Hand Tattoo 1
Memento Mori Hand Tattoo 2

The article may be turning out to be quite gloomy and morbidly curious. So, let's turn things around with this brilliant hand tattoo. The Memento Mori hand tattoo features quite a stylish symbol that resembles the circle of life.

The overall imagery is solely inked with black color to showcase a sense of rawness. Having such a hand tattoo makes you feel invincible because you start to feel that you are the one who is in control of your fate.

Such confidence may sound like arrogance but it will compel you to be the best version of yourself in the long run.

Memento Mori Tarot Card Tattoo

Memento Mori Tarot Card Tattoo

The notion of tarot cards is rather controversial and we are not trying to glorify or berate the objects in any way. We are only trying to shed light on their purpose. The sole purpose of the tarot cards is to gain insight into the individual's past, present, and future life.

As we realize, all of our ultimate future is death. Therefore, it is only fitting to make a tarot card of the card that symbolizes this hard-hitting notion. The tattoo features a typical red colored tarot card with the quote on the lower side.

The central component is the skeleton which entices the idea of the inevitability of death.

Memento Mori Chest Tattoo

Memento Mori Chest Tattoo

Your chest holds the biological organ that keeps you alive. As soon as the heart stops pumping blood, you will meet your unfortunate death.

Because of such a notion, the Memento Mori chest tattoo has gained quite some popularity. Your chest offers quite a bit of space therefore you can opt for a grandiose tattoo.

Most Memento Mori tattoos on the chest feature a circular symbol in which the skeleton lies still. It is interpreted that the circular symbol depicts the idea of a circle of life while the expression of the skull is the same as the other designs.

Memento Mori Fine Line Tattoo

Memento Mori Fine Line Tattoo

This is the best design if you are still skeptical of the Memento Mori tattoos or just stepping foot into the world of tattooing. These discreet emblems will look elegant yet deliver the message beautifully to your viewers.

The lines of the design are so thin and dainty that they gently blend with the velvety texture of your skin.

Ultimately, the artwork creates a soothing feeling every time you look at it. The discreet emblems will start to mean differently every time you look deep into the artwork.

Memento Mori Hip Tattoo

Memento Mori Hip Tattoo

Your hip is without a doubt one of the most sensual parts of your body. It is also the one place that is often exploited the most.

Therefore, if you like to make a stand or deliver a message to the masses then this is the tattoo design for you. The Memento Mori hip tattoo is arguably a sophisticated design.

Aside from the usual quote, it features the entire human anatomy trapped in a circle with many shapes.

The intricate outwork depicts how much we are controlled by the notion of death and all our actions ultimately point to our inevitable fate.

Memento Mori Butterfly Tattoo

Memento Mori Butterfly Tattoo

Death is a typical phenomenon in the life of the butterfly. However aside from this, the Memento Mori tattoo featuring the beautiful butterfly symbolizes the concept of metamorphosis.

Like the butterflies, we often hide ourselves within a shell. The jarring display of colors in the tattoo tells us to break out of our molds and be free like the butterflies.

Rather than confining yourself to the four walls, you should be flapping your colorful wings and enjoying life to the fullest.

Memento Mori Forearm Tattoo

Memento Mori Forearm Tattoo 1
Memento Mori Forearm Tattoo 2

This Memento Mori tattoo is quite inspiring. As you can visualize from the image, the tattoo features the quote in a circular shape from which some sort of object is falling. If you look meticulously at the details, you will start to recognize the objects as arrows.

Therefore, it can be interpreted as the tattoo is a symbol of direction and navigation. The tattoo further dictates that no matter what we do in our lives, the ultimate destination or path leads to death.

Memento Mori Sparta Tattoo

Memento Mori Sparta Tattoo 1
Memento Mori Sparta Tattoo 2

We all watched 300, the movie. The depiction of the badass spartan soldier made us realize how sad we are. After witnessing their glory, we all wanted to put on our war helmets and fight with our enemies along with our brother to death.

However, despite the strength of the Spartan force, they still fell to their death. How come? Well, they became too arrogant and thought they could escape death.

The Memento Mori tattoo featuring the beautiful war helmet of the Spartans tells a story of how we all should respect death.

Memento Mori Sternum Tattoo

Memento Mori Sternum Tattoo

The Memento Mori sternum tattoo features a wide range of symbols that make the overall aesthetic of the tattoo quite jarring.

While there is no confined number, most tattooists tend to feature a set of three particular images that are associated with the meaning of the Latin phrase. One in the middle is the yin-yang symbol which represents the idea of birth and death.

The two side symbols seem to have a positive connotation. They represent how complex life can be and the urge to overcome all sorts of challenges.

Memento Mori Patchwork Tattoo

Memento Mori Patchwork Tattoo

Deep and bold inks with no negative space are the typical characteristics of the patchwork tattoo. The style makes sense because death is nothing but darkness. If you shut your eyes for a moment, you will start to acknowledge how lonesome the dead are.

While the main notion is heavy inking, the Memento Mori patchwork tattoo comprises a plethora of other symbols and shapes that make the tattoo look quite sophisticated.

As you can see from the other designs, the circle is a staple in this type of tattoo which focuses on the circle of life. The peeping of the skull gives us a glimpse of the unpredictability of death.

Memento Mori Yin Yang Tattoo

Memento Mori Yin Yang Tattoo 1
Memento Mori Yin Yang Tattoo 2

The Chinese dynasties conceptualized this notion of two conflicting symbols uniting and making a jarring display of emotions and realizations.

When you look at the yin-yang tattoo, your brain, and heart start to ache with the acknowledgement of connected birth and death. The symbol of the yin-yang is quite minimalist.

It's just a jarring circle where the two shades are colliding with each other. However, it's the metaphorical aspect that resonates deeply with us.

Memento Mori Thigh Tattoo

Memento Mori Thigh Tattoo

While most quote tattoos don’t require much space, it's a common practice to go big or go home when it comes to the Memento Mori tattoos. That’s why your thigh can be the perfect place for an extravagant yet meaningful design.

As your thigh offers a wide range of space, you have the luxury to depict the quote in any way you want. You can illustrate multiple circles representing the notion of reincarnation. Everything can work when it comes to thigh tattoos.

Memento Mori Geometric Tattoo

Memento Mori Geometric Tattoo 1
Memento Mori Geometric Tattoo 2

What can be said about the geometric tattoos that are already talked about in countless pieces of literature? The hypnotic display of shapes and lines can allure even the dullest soul on the planet.

While we all are accustomed to the notion of how death is slowly approaching us, we are still quite oblivious and unbothered by it. This will change when you get the geometric Memento Mori tattoo.

The enchanting symbols will compel you to think about the terrifying phenomena even once in your day.

Memento Mori Pokémon Tattoo

Memento Mori Pokémon Tattoo 1
Memento Mori Pokémon Tattoo 2

Gotta catch them all. As soon as you see this tattoo, this phrase may have been playing all around your head. The entire Pokémon franchise is so iconic and nostalgic that the tattoo works as a time machine.

It takes you back to a time when things were much simpler and fun. While the tattoo does symbolize the meaning of the quote, it does so in a very festive and colorful manner.

The beautiful circular alignment of many of the Pokémon running from Pikachu to Charmander and everything in between is a much-needed break from the horrors of death.

Memento Mori Cross Tattoo

Memento Mori Cross Tattoo 1
Memento Mori Cross Tattoo 2

The notion of death is heavily mentioned in Christianity. In the bible, there are countless verses directly associated with death.

Even if we notice the event of crucifixion, we can understand why the Memento Mori is often interpreted as a religious tattoo. Even in such immense pain and agony, Jesus Christ sought the forgiveness of his captors to the creator.

Because of his resilience and mercy, we are finally forgiven. To commemorate the deep respect we have for Jesus Christ, the Memento Mori tattoo is an excellent choice.

Memento Mori Tattoo on Bicep

Memento Mori Tattoo on Bicep

Bicep tattoos are one of the most trending designs in the tattooing world and for good reasons. When you have the Memento Mori tattoo on the bicep, it showcases how deeply attached you are to the artwork.

The brilliance of the artwork along with the simplistic color portrays how much you value life and embrace the fact that death is approaching.

Rather than being morose about it, you are the type of person to enjoy every moment of your life as if it were a gift.

Memento Mori Traditional Tattoo

Memento Mori Traditional Tattoo 1
Memento Mori Traditional Tattoo 2

Like most traditional tattoos, the Memento Mori tattoo is full of whimsical colors that make your skin look like it's rejoicing with the artwork. The jarring display of radiant colors truly depicts a festive mood in the area.

Along with the quintessential verse, the tattoo features a hefty number of secondary elements such as elegant flowers and leaves that portray a range of emotions in the wearer.

The vicious mixture of black and white and vibrant colors creates quite a psychedelic effect in the mind.

Memento Mori Ocean Wave Tattoo

Memento Mori Ocean Wave Tattoo 1
Memento Mori Ocean Wave Tattoo 2

The typical meaning of the jarring ocean waves that erupt in the seas is how changing our lives can be. One moment there can be complete steadiness while in the next, a gigantic, mammoth-like wave can devour us.

Life is full of unpredictable events. The Memento Mori Ocean tattoo represents how beautifully unpredictable our lives can be. Death is just knocking at the doorstep and we are just inches away from meeting it.

The colorful depiction of the ocean wave expresses this beautiful notion with a touch of artistry.

Memento Mori Sword Tattoo

Memento Mori Sword Tattoo

The weapon of death is known to be the sword. While it may be depicted to be an amulet to take lives, it can also be used to save one. The duality of the weapon makes it such an intriguing Memento Mori tattoo.

The imagery is quite thought-provoking. The circle in the background represents how the killer and the one who is being killed are quite connected.

You may be at the favorable end of the sword but you never know when you are going to be on the other side.

Memento Mori Grim Reaper Tattoo

Memento Mori Grim Reaper Tattoo

The Grim Reaper is the deity or the personified force that handles the entire notion of death. It is believed that the Grim Reaper comes to the deathbed and collects the souls of the dead.

The deity is quite intimidating to look at which can be visualized in the tattoo form. He carries a terrifying scythe with a razor-sharp blade that is believed to contain the same capabilities.

A slight difference between the Grim Reaper tattoo and the other Memento Mori tattoo designs is the stylized font of the verse. The vintage letters truly make the tattoo look much more stylish.

Memento Mori Snake Tattoo

Memento Mori Snake Tattoo 1
Memento Mori Snake Tattoo 2

The slithering reptilian species has been associated with death for a long time. From the protruding snakes of Medusa to the giant anacondas lurking in the pits of the Amazon, we can see how they can bring death in both modern and mythical depictions.

Because of their connection along with an overall evil connotation, the snakes are believed to be a symbol of death.

Therefore, it's quite obvious that the Memento Mori tattoo featuring this limbless species along with the quote looks quite menacing and intriguing to the eye.

Memento Mori Dragonfly Tattoo

Memento Mori Dragonfly Tattoo

In ancient mythology, it is depicted that the dragonflies carry the souls of the deceased. The light inside their body is supposed to be the soul trapped in an innate object slowly turning into ashes.

Because of this, the Memento Mori tattoo consisting of the beautiful insect looks so jarring and interesting.

The heartwarming colors along with the symbol of the cross symbolize the afterlife and how we should prepare ourselves for it through spirituality and religion.

Memento Mori Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Memento Mori Anatomical Heart Tattoo 1
Memento Mori Anatomical Heart Tattoo 2

The anatomical heart is the sole reason why we are alive. Aside from pumping blood, heat plays a significant role in a plethora of different biological functions. Without it properly working, we will meet our death.

Because the organ is connected with death, it's only fair to get a Memento Mori tattoo featuring the Latin quote. Each year, there are millions of people dying of heart disease. You never know when your heart will stop working.

The imagery of the heart from which arteries and veins stem tells you to appreciate life while you can.

Memento Mori Hat Tattoo

Memento Mori Hat Tattoo

This vintage design makes you feel like a gunslinger roaming around in the deserts of Texas looking for foes to fight. In a death match, you only have one bullet.

Death may be imminent and so is the rate of survival. The Memento mori hat tattoo expresses the thrill of death and the excitement of survival. When you escape from the clutches of death, you are born as a new person.

The stylized skull wearing a hat portrays how you should live each day of your life as if it were your last.

Memento Mori Infinity Tattoo

Memento Mori Infinity Tattoo 1
Memento Mori Infinity Tattoo 2

This tattoo features one of the quintessential motifs of Memento Mori which is the skull and a contemporary symbol known as infinity. Infinity means the notion of uncountability.

It is the concept of the unknown. We all know how oblivious we are about death. You can never tell what's going to happen to you after you die. That’s why the infinity sign works so well with the imagery of the skull.

The Memento Mori tattoo symbolizes how strange and unknown the entire concept of death is.


After our intense investigation of the Memento Mori tattoos, there may be hardly any knowledge gaps left to unveil. However, we realize that people can be different and their curiosity level in the Memento Mori tattoos can fluctuate as well. For this reason, we have gathered some of the most intense and thought-provoking questions relating to the Memento Mori tattoos that will clear your doubts once in for all. So, folks, give the answers a strong read.

Q: What Does the Memento Vivere Tattoo Mean?

Ans: Those who love the symbolism of the Memento Mori tattoos will surely resonate with the meaning of the Memento Vivere tattoos which corresponds to “Remember you must live ''. The quote expresses the notion of living life to the full extent. Through hardships and failures along with the constant rise of stress and tension, we often forget to breathe. We tend to forget that our life is a gift. We must cherish it.

Q: Do Memento Mori Tattoos Have A Negative Connotation?

Ans: Nope, it doesn’t. Although it is easily understandable why many assume that the tattoos have a morose and grim connotation, the Memento Mori tattoos typically represent the idea of realizing the inevitable of death. When you finally understand the concept, you start to enjoy the little things in life. Life starts to become much more meaningful and you begin to have a deep understanding of spiritual aspects.

Q: What Does Memento Mori Tattoo Mean In Love?

Ans: When you realize that you won’t live forever, you start to cherish the things you have. One of the most valuable possessions of each individual is their loved ones. When you have the Memento Mori tattoo, you will start to love your significant other much more passionately. The deep designs will work as a constant reminder that your time may run out at any moment.


Having trouble finding the true meaning of life? We all have at some point in life. At times. The imposter syndrome hits us hard and we forget who we truly are. In such times of confusion and distress, there is only one solution called the Memento Mori tattoos.

This gentle and discreet emblem will make you realize who you are and what your purpose is. The vicious imagery along with some exciting twists will bring a change in you that will propel you to success. Have some faith in the meaning and symbolism of the tattoo.

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