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85 Gorgeous Above The Knee Tattoo Ideas To Stay On The Right Path

Placement is the most crucial component of a tattoo. You may have a beautiful design in mind and can't wait to get it imprinted in your body canvas but if you don’t choose the right area, the result won’t be pretty.

It's always best to choose a particular place where any design will look good. We know that it may sound hard to find an area that ticks all the boxes but you have the place right in front of your eyes. Yes, it's above the knee.

What's so great about the delicate emblem? Well, first of all, the place has a mysterious vibe to it because the place is ornamented with a ligament that makes it look quite divine. When you get a design above the knee, the artwork will play hide and seek with you.

You will never feel alone as the tattoo will always stay beside you. In addition to the theatrics, the above-the-knee tattoos also express a wide range of messages across the board. Your struggles, hardships, and the strength in your personality can be boldly portrayed in the area. As the skin is tightly wrapped around the bone, the shiny aura gives the overall aesthetic an oomph.

Now that you know why these designs are so sought after, let's look at how the ideas are conceptualized and brought to life with the stencils.

Artistic Above-the-Knee Tattoo Designs To Uplift Your Spirit

Artistic Above-the-Knee Tattoo Designs To Uplift Your Spirit

From monochromatic designs to flamboyant shapes, you have the opportunity to include whatever you want. Scripts, dates, or natural elements such as the butterflies, anything can work when it is manifested above the knee.

However, you should always try to maintain a certain sense of sensuality in the design. A good rule of thumb is to never go completely overboard. The area above the knee doesn't offer too much space so it's better to confine yourself to some extent.

One of the key aspects of the above-the-knee tattoos is the concept of exclusivity. You will feel confident when you have something exclusive and a one-of-a-kind design in your body. The design may be anything ordinary such as a typical motif but you should present it in a way that is never before witnessed.

You can achieve this by making the designs either more colorful or completely devoid of color. With some gentle tweaks in the sides of the elements or bringing in something that closely resonates with you can make your tattoo stand out among the rest.

To formulate the perfect design, we have some great designs on our hands that you should look at. Observing these will aid you in selecting the ultimate design suitable to your preference.

Borrowing The Verses Of Inspiration: Stylish Above The Knee Script Tattoo

Above The Knee Script Tattoo 1
Above The Knee Script Tattoo 2

The inclusion of scripts not only creates an aesthetic design above the knee but also carries a sentimental value. When you have a quote that resonates with you on a personal level, it constantly drives you toward your glory.

Simple scripts may look too bland to the eye, that's why, you should look for opportunities to elevate the artwork by incorporating some external tweaks.

For example, the tattoo in the image has labyrinth-like patterns all over the script. They are not just for show. These patterns indicate the many twists and turns of life.

Fun Fact: Did you know that above-the-knee tattoos were often used in the war to smuggle secret messages across enemy borders without getting detected?

 Elegance Of Nature: Radiant Above The Knee Butterfly Tattoo

Above The Knee Butterfly Tattoo 1
Above The Knee Butterfly Tattoo 2

The insects that carry the rainbow in their wings only deserve to be in a place as divine as the above knee. The glistening aura of the knee reflects on the butterfly creating a compelling image.

Of course, you need to color the butterfly as much as you can. These emblems should look vibrant enough to pour some positivity into you to have the confidence to conquer the world.

 Glimpse Of Culinary Delicacy: Simple Above-Knee Bologna Tattoo

Above Knee Bologna Tattoo 1
Above Knee Bologna Tattoo 2

The representation of bologna doesn't have a symbolic value per se. The entire imagery revolves around the culinary delicacy so there is not much significance to it.

However, when you etch the design above the knee, this simplistic artwork manifests how laid back you are in life. You love to take things easily and enjoy the little aspects to the fullest.

A Straightforward Notion: Adorable Above The Knee Tattoo Words

Above Knee Tattoo Words 1
Above Knee Tattoo Words 2

Certain words and scripts can change our entire lives. Many may think that we can just keep them in our minds instead of taking the hassle of imprinting in above the knee.

Well in the hectic days, we have countless thoughts roaming in our head. In such a state, the words will soon vanish into oblivion. That's why you should get the inspiring words engraved in the place so that you can keep on getting inspired by it every step of the way.

 Intertwinement Of Shapes: Intricate Above The Knee Celtic Tattoo

Above The Knee Celtic Tattoo 1
Above The Knee Celtic Tattoo 2

Celtic tattoos are renowned for their intertwining symbols that hint at the complexities of life. You may think that our life is on a linear path. But it doesn't stay that way for long.

The road constantly changes and things start to get more and more complicated. To ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed by them, you can opt for a Celtic tattoo above the knee. The dark shapes embellished with each other will warn you about the incidents that are about to come and prepare you for them.

 Conjuring The Evil Spirits: Shaded Above The Knee Spooky/Ghost Tattoo

Above The Knee SpookyGhost Tattoo 1
Above The Knee SpookyGhost Tattoo 2

We all have a knack for spooky and eerie notions. This is the reason why we look under the bed when we hear something crawling instead go into a defensive state.

To entertain your morbid curiosity, the tattoo is perfect. The artwork may seem cute on the get-go similar to the cat tattoos but the mysterious shadows underneath the portrayal of ghosts create an unnerving feeling in you.

 Deciphering The Complexities Of Life: Sophisticated Above The Knee Mandala Tattoo

Above The Knee Mandala Tattoo 1
Above The Knee Mandala Tattoo 2

Do you consider yourself to be a perfectionist? Then this is the design that you should go for. The intricate designs that often resemble a maze can be hard to pull off but they look majestic when done right.

These artworks portray the notion of balance and resilience in life. These two traits are highly desirable as they can gravitate you towards success. You will constantly be immersed in the finesse of the mandala tattoo. The appearance will soothe you and the symbolism of the tattoo will compel you to put your best feet forward.

Memoir Of A Milestone: Delicate Above The Knee Date Tattoo

Above The Knee Date Tattoo

Numerical numbers surely have some magical powers in them. Certain numbers are associated with us by either being our birthdate or a time when our life shifted towards the betterment. We all should memorize these auspicious numbers by getting the above-the-knee tattoo.

Most designs solely feature the numerical number but that's too straightforward, don't you think? Let's spice things up a bit by incorporating a bizarre shape just beneath the number.

Release Of Positivity: Fineline Above The Knee Illuminati Tattoo

Above The Knee Illuminati Tattoo 1
Above The Knee Illuminati Tattoo 2

The symbol of the Illuminati is everywhere. It seems like there is no escape from its aura. Rather than running away from it, we should embrace the imagery by getting the above-the-knee tattoo.

The artwork typically features the symbol in a monochromatic color scheme. However, you can opt to enhance its ambiance by creating some lines that are exuding from the outer surface. These straight lines represent the positive aura that can cleanse your soul.

Blast Of Fiery Radiance: Colorful Above The Knee Traditional Tattoo With A Menacing Totem

Above The Knee Traditional Tattoo

Enough with the monochromatic designs. Let's ornament the place above the knee with a fiery artwork that represents your character and integrity.

The place above the knee is suitable to showcase your strength and power. To further the symbolism, you can illustrate a menacing tiger looking straight into your eye. The vibrant totem will work as your guardian angel protecting you from the evil of the world.

Commemorating Your Enthusiasm: Biomechanical Above The Knee Star Wars Tattoo

Above The Knee Star Wars Tattoo 1
Above The Knee Star Wars Tattoo 2

You will hardly come across anyone who hasn't watched the Star Wars movies. The franchise has become a cultural phenomenon with movies and merchandise releasing every single year.

If you consider yourself to be an avid Star Wars fan then there is no better design than this one. The tattoo features the mask of Darth Vader but has a vibrant attire rather than the conventional blackish appearance. The neon lights in the eyes feel like it's slowly draining your life force from you.

Harnessing The Productivity: Realistic Above The Knee Bee Tattoo

Above The Knee Bee Tattoo

When we are on the topic of productivity, there is no other insect that comes to mind other than the bees. These tiny bugs work tirelessly all day to collect honey from the flowers to store in the honeycombs.

If you can even have the 1 percent productivity of these workaholic insects, you will thrive in every aspect of your life. The manifestation of the bee in an area such as above the knee can help you encapsulate the traits of a worker bee.

 A Token Of Ancient Civilization: Historic Roman Numerals Tattoo

Roman Numerals Tattoo

These stylish numerals carry a lot of significance and message in their appearance. The unusual patterns in them create a beautiful design irrespective of what other elements you want to include.

The best thing about the design is how unique the tattoo makes you. You hardly will find anyone else wearing the same minimalistic numerals giving you an ooze of confidence.

Emblem Of Strength: Dainty Above The Knee Shark Tattoo

Above The Knee Shark Tattoo 1
Above The Knee Shark Tattoo 2

If you look closely, you will notice that the area above the knee closely resembles the sea. It has the same dimensions and proportionality as the deep blue ocean. Why not include a frightening shark in there to keep you company?

The design doesn’t have much textures but it doesn't shy away from giving an intimidating aura. The depiction commemorates your struggles and hardships in life and your desire to overcome every one of them with finesse.


Loving above-the-knee tattoos so far? Then these questions will further ignite your desire to get elegant designs.

The answers to the questions are quite extensive as we don’t shy away from touching every aspect of the above-the-knee tattoos. Try to read them attentively so that you have a good grasp of the concept.

Q: Do Above The Knee Tattoos Hurt?

Ans: Yes, they do. As the bone is just beneath the skin, the knee tattoos tend to hurt a lot. With an abundance of nerve endings in the site, the placement of the tattoo is not for the faint-hearted.

However, the merits of the tattoo outweigh this demerit quite marvelously. From the glistening aura to the mysterious dimensions, there are far too many pros to the above-the-knee tattoos that most people seem to completely ignore.

Q: What Can Be Included In An Above The Knee Tattoo?

Ans: There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the above-the-knee tattoos. You can include whatever you want and the ultimate result will be fabulous.

You can commemorate a wide range of meanings and symbolism beautifully when you place designs in this divine realm.


People often claim why the placement of the tattoo matters so much. Can't we just get a tattoo in whatever place we want? Well, you can. But you have to realize that a tattoo isn't just a mere artwork. Each of the designs portrays a significant moment in your life. They can be resemblant of your story. Etching the design in an undeserving place will not just ruin its purpose but make you feel embarrassed.

The above-the-knee tattoos are a win-win in all aspects. The artwork looks aesthetic and it expresses your desires and emotions quite clearly. The artwork may be dainty on the eye but the knee tattoos have enough power to inject the flame of passion and strength in you to become the best.

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