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68 Electrifying Ideas For Lightning Bolt Tattoos That Deserve To Be In The Spotlight!

The only constant in life is change, which can be beneficial, but also extremely uncomfortable at times. And while overcoming feelings of adversity is a good way to go about things, one can also obtain lightning bolt tattoos, a token that makes life easier.

Reprising just the symbol of a lightning bolt, it is a simple design, to say the least. However, its meaning moves mountains, so much so that many use lightning bolt tattoos as coping mechanisms to adapt to new beginnings.

To learn all about lightning bolt tattoos, allow this guide to lead the way. It can be an added bonus too if you’re hoping to learn what’s beyond the depiction!

A Metaphor For Abrupt Developments: The Meaning Of Lightning Bolt Tattoos!

Lightning bolt tattoo meaning

As stated earlier, lightning bolt tattoos seem appropriate when sudden changes make their way into our lives. To cope with it, especially on one’s own, many resort to lightning bolt tattoos, which are as compatible as they come.

Now, lightning bolt tattoos are rather limited in terms of design, but their adaptability and companionship with other designs make them fan favorites as tattoos. They pair well with script tattoos, but also form a great partnership with floral designs, which are often chosen by females.

Sparkling Lightning Bolt Tattoos That Adjust Seamlessly To New Revelations!

Perhaps the best way to wear a lightning bolt tattoo is to come up with a design that depicts your scenario. However, if you aren’t as creative as you’d like to be, take help from the best of lightning bolt tattoos.

From small depictions to pieces that pay homage to A-list celebrities, the world of lightning bolt tattoos is truly an unpredictable one. Be sure to learn them all to give yourself a chance at installing one of the best lightning bolt tattoos!

Small Lightning Bolt Tattoo: A Great Pick For Freshers

Small Lightning Bolt Tattoo 1
Small Lightning Bolt Tattoo 2

Perhaps the easiest way to embrace change is through the help of a small lightning bolt tattoo, which also takes it easy on the skin.

The artwork takes around minutes to create, can be placed anywhere, and makes space for tons of other tattoos that it may collaborate with.

To make things a bit more relatable, many add quotes, with dates being a close-second component for this design.

David Bowie Lightning Bolt Tattoo: Celebrating An Iconic Musician

David Bowie Lightning Bolt Tattoo 1
David Bowie Lightning Bolt Tattoo 2

Late-musician David Bowie was known for his impressive octave, one-of-a-kind songwriting skills, and his flamboyant aura. To many, he is still regarded as one of the most fashionable celebrities to ever exist.

Being one of the first artists that made wearing makeup a masculine attribute, Bowie often wore eyeliners, eye shadows, and lip gloss, most of which resembled this lightning bolt tattoo.

This work of art not only pays homage to the unforgettable contribution Bowie made to the music industry, but also displays just how comfortable he was in his own skin.

Harry Potter Lightning Bolt Tattoo: A Huge Emblem For Potterheads

Harry Potter Lightning Bolt Tattoo 1
Harry Potter Lightning Bolt Tattoo 2

If you’re a 90s kid, perhaps the franchise of Harry Potter doesn’t need an introduction. However, have you ever thought of the scar on his forehead that resembles a lightning bolt?

Turns out, that scar was formed through a failed murder attempt made by none other than Voldermort, which isn’t too surprising if you ask me.

The positive isn’t just how much spice the scar adds to all the plots, but also the fact that the design makes for a great lightning bolt tattoo!

Zeus Lightning Bolt Tattoo: A Mandatory Token For The Greeks

Zeus Lightning Bolt Tattoo 1
Zeus Lightning Bolt Tattoo 2

Since lightning doesn’t exist in Greek mythology without Zeus, it would only be fair if we put credit where it’s due in this guide.

Long story short, followers of Greek mythology are convinced that it is because of Zeus that lightning, thunder, and rain. While their argument is subjective and open to discussion, many use this lightning bolt tattoo as a defense mechanism.

The artwork is a remarkable one, it seems, creating the perfect impression with a portrait, and a nicely put symbol for lightning. Often, the artwork harmonizes with neutral shades over vibrant ones.

Realistic Lightning Bolt Tattoo: A Motion That Captures Devastating Feelings

Realistic Lightning Bolt Tattoo 1
Realistic Lightning Bolt Tattoo 2

By layering the diagram up using a series of borders, a realistic depiction of a lightning bolt can be brought into existence. The artwork can go even beyond its potential, especially if shading techniques are used.

The setback about this artwork is its size, which is larger than that of the average lightning bolt tattoo.

The skill required to curate this work of art is above average, so be sure to invest in the right artist.

Simple Lightning Bolt Tattoo: A Hit Rather Than A Miss

Simple Lightning Bolt Tattoo 1
Simple Lightning Bolt Tattoo 2

Not all tattoos require fancy equipment to look good. But if you don’t believe me, consider taking into account a lightning bolt tattoo, which requires the simplest components to stand out.

A great design for first-timers is this lightning bolt tattoo, which keeps it light on the design in hopes of bringing more light to the symbolism.

From the wrist to the neck to even the area below the knee-cap, this artwork can be installed anywhere.

Lightning Bolt Finger Tattoo: Subtle Yet Powerful

Lightning Bolt Finger Tattoo 1
Lightning Bolt Finger Tattoo 2

The best part about lightning tattoos is that it lives through its metaphor, which makes it adaptable to change from a physical standpoint as well. In other words, it can find a home anywhere, even on a finger.

While painful, a finger tattoo of a lightning bolt can be a great way to make the art piece more presentable from the outside, and keep things subtle at work.

Many users add to the tattoo by adding supporting designs, which I’d suggest to those that have a high tolerance to pain.

Cloud With Lightning Bolt Tattoo: The Calm Before The Storm

Cloud With Lightning Bolt Tattoo 1
Cloud With Lightning Bolt Tattoo 2

A tattoo can easily issue a warning. Likewise, in the world of lightning bolt tattoos, an entry that carries out the former component is a cloudy lightning bolt tattoo.

The combination of the cloud and the lightning bolt implies a calm before the storm kind of state, which many use when bad news is on the way.

The rest do find tons of appeal in its layout, which is compatible with all sorts of designs related to nature.

Lightning Bolt Tattoo Behind The Ear: Healing With The Right Voices

Lightning Bolt Tattoo Behind The Ear

A lightning bolt tattoo is delicate, no matter what they say. And to make sure the positioning is on the same wavelength, consider wearing a lightning tattoo behind the ear.

The artwork brings to the table tons of elegance, catering to females on most occasions.

The pain level is a bit high, though, so be sure to apply numbing cream, or run on painkillers until the soreness of the aftermath fades away.

Grateful Dead Lightning Bolt Tattoo: Proud To Be An American!

Grateful Dead Lightning Bolt Tattoo 1
Grateful Dead Lightning Bolt Tattoo 2

The Grateful Dead were a rock band that found tons of success between 1960 throughout the 90s with music that infused rock with blues and jazz.

While it is their discography that earned them various accolades, a maze in the eyes of fans was their symbol, possessing a lightning bolt.

Though many are lost in translation when looking into the design, the 13-layered thunderbolt represents the 13 colonies that shaped up the United States of America, which can also be implemented on patriotic tattoos!

Double Lightning Bolt Tattoo: A Two-Way Street

Double Lightning Bolt Tattoo 1Double Lightning Bolt Tattoo 2

Not to be confused with the “SS” lightning bolt tattoo that was used to bring Nazis together, this double lightning bolt tattoo denotes trouble, with a little bit of light.

While the artwork runs on cynicism first, it also implies a learning opportunity, which is great for character development.

A double lightning bolt tattoo is a delicate one, so be sure to use enclosed areas if the scenario is too sensitive.

Lightning Bolt Sleeve Tattoo: A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Lightning Bolt Sleeve Tattoo

A majority of these entries are based on minimalism. However, if you’d like to switch lanes, consider pursuing a sleeve tattoo.

A lightning bolt sleeve tattoo carries a landscape being manhandled by a thunderstorm producing lightning bolt. It also captures heavy rain, enhancing the image with black and grey.

By the looks of it, this tattoo might take days, even weeks, to create. Be sure to invest in the right source to get the job done!

Flash Lightning Bolt Tattoo: Supporting A Prominent Figure Of The DC Universe

Flash Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Lightning bolt tattoos are quite prominent in the world of DC, thanks to Flash. In contrast to the average lightning bolt tattoo, a Flash lightning bolt tattoo appears to be a tad bit different, carrying more frames than the former.

While the artwork welcomes any color with open arms, it is advised you use white to represent the logo of the Flash.

You may even add a red hue to the background of this design, mainly to represent the superhero!

Power Rangers Lightning Bolt Tattoo: Gone, But Not Forgotten

Power Rangers Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Gone but not forgotten are the mob of Galaxy Flash Rangers, a team of 5 that used alien technology to fight crime. And while they only had very little screen time on the show, a lightning bolt tattoo based on their crew is one of the leading members on our guide.

This beats out every other lightning bolt tattoo on this list with its color scheme, which often comes in pink. Users can also make changes to the tone, mainly with either yellow, green or blue.

The lightning bolt is mostly used as a frame, so be sure to follow that rule to make things easier for yourself!

Lightning Bolt Neck Tattoo: A Simple Emblem With Loud Messages

Lightning Bolt Neck Tattoo

Neck tattoos are painful. However, when the area contains some muscle mass, neck tattoos tend to be a recipe for success.

That being said, since the area is susceptible to pain nonetheless, consider adding something that is easy to implement and maintain.

A great icon with an insightful symbolism is a lightning bolt tattoo, which can be a great tool to use if you’re hoping to change for the better.

Red Lightning Bolt Tattoo: Ironing Out Issues For A Loved One

Red Lightning Bolt Tattoo

To flip the script by a tad bit, clever measures can be taken. Similarly, if you’re hoping to bring some change into your lightning bolt tattoo, consider resorting to a new color scheme.

According to most, the shade red really brings out the best in a lightning bolt tattoo. It also pairs well with any skin tone, further enhancing its appeal.

Often, doodling can be a good way to fill in the spaces around a lightning bolt tattoo, which could be plenty if left unattended. You may add emblems of stars to make things better in a jiffy!

Skull Lightning Bolt Tattoo: Because You Only Live Once!

Skull Lightning Bolt Tattoo 1
Skull Lightning Bolt Tattoo 2

Lightning bolt tattoos have open-ended interpretations, which makes them versatile enough to form a union with other components.

A great concept to experiment with is a skull tattoo infused with the former, which brings to light the inevitability of death. The artwork also showcases the potential of lightning bolts as tattoos.

The wrist is the most common area used to represent such tattoos, as it generates a lot of exposure.

Traditional Lighting Bolt Tattoo: A Design Full Of Color And Boldness

traditional lightning bolt tattoo 1

I’ll admit. Lightning bolt tattoos come with their limitations, especially from a design standpoint. However, if you’re clever enough, you can easily come up with a design that stands out from the crowd.

The most effective way to establish a sense of uniqueness is through adding new colors, in addition to attaching bold shades.

You may even incorporate scriptures and dialogues to make it look more comic-esque.

Please don’t describe the following sub-headings

Lightning Bolt Tattoo on Hand: Welcoming Fresh Chapters With Open Arms

Lightning Bolt Tattoo on Hand

Lightning Bolt Tattoo on The Wrist: A Small Token With Tons Of Wisdom

Lightning Bolt Tattoo on The Wrist

Lightning Bolt Tattoo On The Arm: Dealing With Pain On Your Own Matching

Lightning Bolt Tattoo On The Arm

Lightning Bolt Tattoo: Celebrating Hardship With Unity! Colorful

Matching Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Lightning Bolt Tattoo: Embracing The Silver Lining Floral

Colorful Lightning Bolt Tattoo 1
Colorful Lightning Bolt Tattoo 2

Lightning Bolt Tattoo: Blooming Out From Adversity Abstract

Floral Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Lightning Bolt Tattoo: A Work Of Art For Philosophers

Abstract Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Rocket And Lightning Bolt Tattoo: Adapting To Life-changing Decisions

Rocket And Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Angel Wing Lightning Bolt Tattoo: Finding Growth In Uncomfortable Scenarios

Angel Wing Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Galaxy Lightning Bolt Tattoo: The Beauty Of New Discoveries

Galaxy Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Frequently Asked Question

With how easy it is to obtain one, a lightning bolt tattoo and the experience of wearing it is a walk in the park. Nonetheless, if you’re still uncertain regarding your decision, allow the following questions to ease your mind.

Q: What do lightning bolt tattoos represent?

Ans: Lightning bolt tattoos represent growing pains, and the perks of sudden change. They also depict the hardship of being in an uncomfortable position where one has to enforce change, which often rewards the wearer with character development.

Q: Why were lightning bolt tattoos controversial in the past?

Ans: While primarily associated with the beauty of growing pains, lightning bolt tattoos, especially double lightning bolt tattoos, were regularly villainized due to being associated with Nazis, tainting the image of lightning bolt tattoos as a whole.

Q: What’s the best location for a lightning bolt tattoo?

Ans: Lightning bolt tattoos don’t require much space, making compact areas more appealing in this scenario. In short, the best area remains the wrist, while the area behind the ear is a close second.

Final Verdict

All in all, lightning bolt tattoos are appropriate as long as you’re coping with change. In addition, each variation is extremely easy to replicate, and can be worn in both wide and compact locations.

What makes lightning bolt tattoos isn’t just the easygoing process of each concept, but how well it pairs with like-minded designs. Since lightning bolt tattoos are motivational, adding quote tattoos can be a good way to enhance the scenario.

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