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42 Discovering Staggering And Meaningful Ideas For Foo Dog Tattoos

Anything is allowed and welcomed with open arms in the world of tattoos. In fact, if you're up for it, you may even bring back ancient times to fuse the elements with the modern era. Just take a look at foo dog tattoos for proof.

Coming into existence during medieval times, foo dogs, irrespective of what they're called, are based on lions, not dogs.

They share a sense of pride with Chinese traditions and culture, being a prominent figure in the world today.

Underneath the surface is more to explore, as foo dog tattoos are symbolized by thoughtful ties. To learn them all and discover premium designs, make this guide your companion.

Playing The Role Of Guardian Angels On Earth: Unraveling The Meaning Of Foo Dog Tattoos!

Meaning Of Foo Dog Tattoo

Foo dogs are mostly known for how intimidating they look on the outside. On the inside, they're known for having the widest shoulders, being able to carry anyone that is awaiting something to lean on.

Perhaps that's what sums up the meaning of each foo dog tattoo, which runs heavy on wisdom. The guardians work wonders, often acting not only as a support system, but also a ray of hope for victims of hardship.

Sensational Foo Dog Tattoos Essential For Leadership Qualities!

From a design standpoint, foo dogs are lone wolves. In other words, they only make space for their own features, struggling to collaborate due to the mass and size they possess.

However, with minor adjustments, anything can be done. Likewise, even foo dog tattoos are open to teaming up, given the right designs are used.

From floral affairs to minimalist reiterations, here are all the concepts that capture the brilliance in foo dog tattoos.

Japanese Foo Dog Tattoo: A Homage To An Alternate Universe

japanese foo dog tattoo 1
japanese foo dog tattoo 2

Despite being tied to Chinese culture, a foo dog also finds a home in Japan, carrying a slightly more frightening demeanor than that from the former.

The artwork remains hued with classic colour schemes, but isn’t any different from a metaphorical standpoint. The graphic is large, though, making the forearm the perfect canvas.

Often, the artwork benefits from shading and blackwork elements, so be sure to settle for the former base notes for a successful outcome.

Traditional Foo Dog Tattoo: Keeping It Straight With Colors

Traditional Foo Dog Tattoo 1
Traditional Foo Dog Tattoo 2

Next up on the stand is the very old, and jarring entry of a traditional foo dog, which works best with sharp colours. I admit the artwork is a little out there, which makes sense if you’re an adventurer yourself.

Tons of attention to detail is engraved in this piece, which can only be created by professionals.

The artwork is large, too, so don’t forget to utilize your most sizable assets.

Though the forearm is a top pick, I believe that a leg tattoo is miles ahead. To learn more about how well leg tattoos are, give this guide a read.

Foo Dog Sleeve Tattoo: A Tale For Inner-development

Foo Dog Sleeve Tattoo 1
Foo Dog Sleeve Tattoo 2

Sleeve tattoos with a foo dog isn’t about adding more supporting members, but more about the structure of the guardian, which is often pieced up with tons of mind-boggling components.

A foo dog sleeve tattoo does move in two ways; one that covers the former, another that covers Chinese heritage.

Nonetheless if you believe that someone is trying to cause you harm, perhaps a sleeve tattoo might just be effective enough to keep the bad omen away.

Foo Dog Hand Tattoo: Where Having Wisdom Matters Most

There’s no question about how well a foo dog gels with certain body parts. Although the piece does amp up one’s presence when obtained in specific locations, one of the best options that allows maximum exposure is a hand tattoo.

Now, if you’ve heard of hand tattoos, you must be wary about the pain-level. In short, due to carrying nerve endings, a hand tattoo is as brutal as it comes.

Regardless, if your main aim is to wear your foo dog with pride, perhaps this notion might align with your interests.

Foo Dog Forearm Tattoo: One Design With Multiple Possible Endings

Foo Dog Forearm Tattoo 1
Foo Dog Forearm Tattoo 2

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the forearm is the best possible area for a foo dog tattoo!

Alongside tons of space, what a forearm tattoo blesses us with is a lenient pain level, due to the amount of muscle tissues carried.

Let us not forget about the ceiling of forearm tattoos, which is as high as can be. From forming collaborations with other tattoos to gradually morphing a sleeve tattoo, a forearm foo dog tattoo’s skill set remains no short of admirable.

Small Foo Dog Tattoo: Toning It Down On Complexity

Small Foo Dog Tattoo

Similar to everything else in this life, foo dogs come in various shapes and sizes. And though each depiction making up the world of foo dog tattoos is as complex as the other, trimming the size can be a good way to establish some breathing space.

A small foo dog tattoo carries a sturdier, and shorter version of the guardian lions. The color scheme remains loyal to the uniform shades, draped in black and grey for a sober impression.

If you don’t want tons of detail, I suggest you obtain a fine-line tattoo; which only stitches the stencil with the finest needle in the tattoo world.

Foo Dog Chest Tattoo: Battling In Silence

Foo Dog Chest Tattoo 1
Foo Dog Chest Tattoo 2

A foo dog tattoo isn’t just a direct representation of Chinese culture, but also a symbol that urges one to follow their own principles in life. But if you want to keep the battle as secluded as possible, perhaps a chest tattoo would do.

A foo dog chest tattoo settles for either side of the peck, trimmed to a mid-sized graphic to complement one’s frame.

The artwork adopts sharp frames, alongside a concentrated neutral palette to finalize the stitching of the art piece.

Foo Dog Thigh Tattoo: Letting Hope Lead The Way

Foo Dog Thigh Tattoo 1
Foo Dog Thigh Tattoo 2

For years and more, thigh tattoos have been called the best possible genre for demonstrating class and skill; which is exactly what a foo dog runs big on. In fact, when paired with the energy levels of the thigh, the foo dog tattoo increases in terms of sentimental value.

The amount of detailing on this tattoo is epic, bringing more light to the silhouettes of a foo dog. Often, a black and white piece is implemented, although the tattoo finds success with colors as well.

Realism Foo Dog Tattoo: Paying Attention To Detail

Realism Foo Dog Tattoo 1

Truth be told, tattoos carry tons of influence when the artwork carries meaning and purpose on the inside. However, specific tattoos walk the talk with what’s on the surface, such as a foo dog tattoo based on realism.

Unlike most foo dog tattoos, the process of this illustration is time-consuming.

Additionally, since this piece has adverse effects on the body, be sure to prepare for the procedure with a fulfilling meal.

Foo Dog Arm Tattoo: A Quick Escape To Being Wiser And Kinder

Foo Dog Arm Tattoo 1

While the selected concept is sizable, most resort to foo dog arm tattoos due to the compact nature of the graphic. The artwork is also easier to depict, carrying simpler facial features which may not please visionaries, but might appeal to minimalists.

That being said, arm tattoos are great if you’re sensitised to pain. Covered in layers of fat and muscle, it doesn’t hurt much to get an arm

Foo Dog Shoulder Blade Tattoo: Worth Every Ounce Of Discomfort

Foo Dog Shoulder Blade Tattoo 1

The depictions often contain a fully developed version of a foo dog, which isn't a necessity if you fancy them.

I might as well suggest a shoulder blade foo dog tattoo, which offers more convenience with the size; not so much with the pain level.

In fact, if I were to be honest, a shoulder blade tattoo hurts the most, irrespective of the needle involved. Therefore, proceed with caution!

Floral Foo Dog Tattoo: A Change Of Scene With Various Opportunities

Floral Foo Dog Tattoo

Looking at all the designs mentioned above and below, it's okay to acknowledge that, despite being wise, foo dogs don't really gel well with supporting components.

However, as always, floral designs aren't one of them, helping foo dog tattoos increase their enhancement and appeal at one go.

Now, it is true that the foo dog won't change. However, given the amount of flower tattoos available, pick an option that speaks to your personality.

Linework Foo Dog Tattoo: One For A Minimalist Mindset

Linework Foo Dog Tattoo 1
Linework Foo Dog Tattoo 2

Who says you need color to make a tattoo look good? Have you seen how much detail can be added through shading and overlapping shapes?

If you haven't, let me tell you about this foo dog tattoo, which only uses dimensions to hype its appeal.

The best part isn't the time frame, but the flexibility of the piece, which harmonizes with any selected area.

Colorful Foo Dog Tattoo: Chasing Leadership With Kindness And Respect!

Colorful Foo Dog Tattoo 1
Colorful Foo Dog Tattoo 2

On the opposite end of the former design is a colorful foo dog tattoo, which focuses less on its wisdom, and more on its surface-level potential.

The artistic improvement is no short of amazing, draped in pastel shades for an improbable effect.

The concerning part is the size, for it only looks well on wide locations, and the timeframe, which is as lengthy as can be.

Chinese Foo Dog Tattoo: Back To Where It Belongs

Chinease Foo Dog Tattoo 1

When push comes to shove, the Chinese foo dog tattoo, based on the Chinese guardian lions that protected and served a purpose in ancient Chinese history, is perhaps the best bet to make if you’re experimenting with this genre.

Sure, the artwork has tons of detail that needs professional assistance, but the aftermath, as well as the impression of this tattoo, is unparalleled.

One of the best things about this piece is that, despite its size, it can fit anywhere.

Foo Dog Knee Tattoo: Battling Anxiety Made Easy

Foo Dog Knee Tattoo 2

The wear and tear of a kneecap tattoo makes it impossible to obtain it. Additionally, given that it’s all bone with no layers of fat, kneecap tattoos remain the most painful kind of art.

However, one of the best areas for a foo dog tattoo, in spite of having a malleable aura, is the previously-mentioned genre. Although the artwork is big, the procedure takes a while to finish.

Drawing the stencil is the hardest part of this entry. To play it safe, spend big and rely on an experienced artist.

Cute Foo Dog Tattoo: Making Space For Creativity

Cute Foo Dog Tattoo

Foo dogs aren’t your average set of dogs. In fact, foo dogs don’t even count as a dog breed, but are mythical creatures with notes of a lion, and the size of a dog.

While the former entries explored the nature and potential of a foo dog by matching it with different placement areas and color schemes, a cute foo dog tattoo makes changes to the artwork itself, settling for a sturdier frame with visually-pleasing components.

The artwork takes away from the deep symbolism of foo dogs, pinning more focus on how flexible the tattoo is when one’s creative input is utilized.

Frequently Asked Question

Above are all the tattoos that do justice to foo dogs, and support their artistic aura with pride. However, since ancient Chinese culture can be tough to fathom, don't leave any stones unturned when pursuing foo dog tattoos.

In other words, here are some questions that will straighten out any issue you've faced regarding foo dog tattoos, and their fundamentals!

Q: What do Foo Dog tattoos symbolize?

Ans: Born with the wisdom of life, Foo dog tattoos, similar to Foo dogs, work tirelessly to give wearers the ounce of hope they need, whether it’s for improving their lives, or just surviving through the day.

Q: Are Foo Dog Tattoos related to actual dogs?

Ans: Foo dogs have a misleading title, as people often associate them with dogs. First seen in Ancient Chinese mythology, foo dogs actually translate to “Chinese guardian lions,” breaking down any feeling of doubt.


All in all, foo dogs are simple minded. They often prioritize protection in every form, saving their followers from dark places, and bad omens, among other things.

Foo dogs are also a natural in the world of art, standing out with the badges their coats often possess.

Above all, foo dog tattoos are used for character development. Therefore, if you're someone in dire need of a new script, let the foo dog tattoo write you a fresh one!

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