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54 Dazzling Doc Holliday Tattoo Ideas To Sling Guns Like A Pro!

When Doc Holliday drew his six-shooters from his weapon holster and fired at the outlaws, we felt like the bullets touched our souls. The western cowboy won our hearts the moment he appeared on the big screen. However, the movie was only a gist of his action. In reality, he was much more of a badass than what is portrayed by the media.

The Doc Holliday tattoos attempt to portray the true magnificence of the once-feared gunslinger. The monochrome designs of artistic components will compel you to be like him. Many people from the modern generation don't have a clue about Doc Holliday’s existence. After visualizing the tattoo, he will become their idol.

Other than the artwork's aesthetics, the symbolism draws most people towards getting the tattoo. There are so many aspects of his personality that need to be religiously studied to fully comprehend.

If you can embrace even one of his attributes, you will shine like the brightest star in the cosmic world. We guarantee it.

Daring Doc Holliday Tattoo Designs To Feel Like A Cowboy!

Daring Doc Holliday Tattoo Designs To Feel Like A Cowboy!


If you are a fan of the 1993 movie Tombstone, you have a good idea about the many idiosyncrasies of Doc Holliday. The movie paints a solid picture of the Western tradition and how gambling and gun fights influenced the people. Doc Holliday was one of the fiercest gunslingers of that time.

Aside from his insane capabilities, he was also a polished man who kept his style much different than his contemporaries. From his cowboy hat to the bodacious mustache, he was in a league of his own. Even his handling of the six shooter was distinct and many of his enemies couldn’t even fathom when he would deploy his gun from the holster.

Each of the attributes and components of his persona can be depicted in the Doc Holliday tattoo. From the jarring guns to the ace of spades, the sky's the limit.

There are so many aspects to his life that it can get quite confusing to finalize what to include. To give you an accurate idea, we have a complete list of Doc Holliday tattoos. They will surely get your creative juices flowing.

Doc Holliday “Say When” Tattoo: Stylish Design With The Iconic Quote

Doc Holliday “Say When” Tattoo 1
Doc Holliday “Say When” Tattoo 2

To the Southerners, Doc Holliday is regarded as a messiah and often a fashion icon. While he had many professions, there was one thing that he was exceptionally adroit at. That was none other than flinging a six-shooter.

Suffering a huge portion of his life from Tuberculosis, Holliday always was tiptoeing on the line between life and death. So, whenever he was threatened, he quickly drew out his gun. He would gunfight whoever stood in his way.

One of his iconic lines which indicates that you are his next target is portrayed in this jarring tattoo design. Don’t think for a second that you could beat him in a gunfight if he is alive. He would whisper to you the verses of death while shooting a bullet right through your skull.

Celestial Doc Holliday Hand Tattoo

Doc Holliday Hand Tattoo 1
Doc Holliday Hand Tattoo 2

This hand tattoo is quite significant because it is etched on a part that was primarily used for the things that Doc became famous for. Gambling and gun-slinging was something Doc Holliday loved to do. There were hardly any men in the West that could compete with him.

The artwork features the portrayal of Doc Holliday in a celestial star symbol. You can opt to include tiny stars around the central image to bring out an aesthetic vibe.

Although there have been many depictions of Doc Holliday in the movies and TV series, the 1993 film is the most accurate. So, it would help if you captured a particular pose of Doc Holliday directly from the film into the tattoo.

Realistic Doc Holliday Tattoo With A Bodacious Mustache

Doc Holliday Mustache Tattoo 1
Doc Holliday Mustache Tattoo 2

One of the quintessential aspects of Doc Holliday was his bodacious mustache. His thick yet well-groomed mustache became famous throughout America.

Even during gunfights when each part of his body had to move, his majestic mustache stayed in place. Some even jokingly comment that all his gunslinging abilities along with intelligence come from his mustache.

Even Doc himself was proud of it. He would take care of it with a long comb to keep the mustache symmetrical. The monochrome tattoo features his extravagant mustache in its full magnificence.

Vintage Doc Holliday Design With Twist

Doc Holliday Traditional Tattoo 1
Doc Holliday Traditional Tattoo 2

The quote “Say when” is featured in most of the designs from now on so we are not going to reflect on it anymore. Rather let's talk about some of the more interesting aspects of Doc Holliday that are portrayed in this traditional tattoo.

Two things are highly stylized in this tattoo which are the guns and the cards. After being estranged from his home, he became a lifelong gambler. With his intelligence and mannerisms, he won most of his hands in poker and Fargo. This Doc Holliday tattoo comprises a background full of poker cards and a portrayal of Doc making an intimidating pose.

Artistic Doc Holliday Skull Design With Alluring Spirals

Doc Holliday Skull Tattoo 1
Doc Holliday Skull Tattoo 2

Doc Holliday fought against death his entire life. Sometimes, he became the harbinger of death himself. Therefore, it's only fair to illustrate the motif of death.

However, the monochrome depiction of the skull can appear to be dull at times. So, you can opt to exaggerate the artwork by etching a beautiful cowboy hat on the skull. With two guns blazing from opposite directions, the tattoo looks quite badass. When you get it on the forearm, you will feel the essence of Doc Holliday flowing through your blood.

Evolution Of The Gunslinger On Thigh

Doc Holliday Thigh Tattoo

Your thigh allows you to ink Doc Holliday in his true magnificence. The tattoo comprises all the different aspects of his characters such as gambling, smoking, and gun-slinging.

While you can etch the tattoo on a single knee, it's best to go full out and illustrate another Doc Holliday tattoo on another thigh of yours. A cool approach is to illustrate one artwork of Doc Holliday with the hat and another one having open hair. These two pieces will blend creating a mesmerizing scene.

Shaded Doc Holliday Design Captured In A Spade

Doc Holliday Ace of Spades Tattoo 1
Doc Holliday Ace of Spades Tattoo 2

In his early days of dentistry, Doc Holliday was making a handsome living. Patients would swarm to his clinic for treatment. However, after being diagnosed with Tuberculosis, he couldn’t operate on them properly.

So, he chose a different career path. Because of his wit, he quickly recognized how adroit he was at poker. After a while, poker became his obsession from his career. This particular tattoo focuses on one of the key cards in poker. The artwork features Doc Holliday making a stance in the realm of the spade. This innovative design symbolizes his fascination with the game along with the unpredictability of life.

Morbid Doc Holliday Zombie Tattoo With Natural Elements

Doc Holliday Zombie Tattoo 1
Doc Holliday Zombie Tattoo 2

Even after his death, his legacy lives in the hearts of his fans. This zombie tattoo takes a unique route in making the gunslinger from the south immortal.

While he was alive, Doc Holliday would engage in numerous gunfights. During his famous fight in O.K. Corral, he would fight against multiple enemies and was sure to be a dead man. But he still somehow survived. Since then, many would deem Doc Holliday to be a zombie. This tattoo further solidifies the claim and portrays his immense ability and wisdom.

Polished Doc Holliday Sleeve Tattoo With Gentleman Vibes

Doc Holliday Sleeve Tattoo 1
Doc Holliday Sleeve Tattoo 2

In most designs, you will see Doc Holliday can be visualized either shooting bullets or gambling cards. You may think that's all to him. However, that's far from the case.

In reality, he was a gentleman who was fluent in Latin and was an exceptional piano player. He knew the mannerisms that were absent in the people of the West. This monochrome sleeve tattoo portrays how much of a gentleman he was. From his unique sitting style to his expressions, each part of his persona is artistically depicted in the tattoo.

Doc Holliday Chest Tattoo With Vintage Shapes

Doc Holliday Chest Tattoo

Morbid curiosity takes us to realms that seem to be so out of touch with reality that it feels like it's something derived from the outer universe. This chest tattoo is just something like that.

While the jarring skull will give you nightmares, the cowboy hat along with the depiction of the famous quote will inspire you to follow in the footsteps of Doc Holliday. While he may be a killer, you cannot deny his persistence and self-awareness. Such virtues can come in handy when dealing with the nuances of modern life.

Grandiose Doc Holliday Back Tattoo With Idiosyncratic Elements

Doc Holliday Back Tattoo 1
Doc Holliday Back Tattoo 2

If you are thinking of a back tattoo then you must get an extravagant Doc Holliday artwork. Your back is like a huge barren land. If you etch a small tattoo, it would look comical. So, you need to go all out.

The artistic back tattoo features the quintessential components of Doc Holliday that make him the man we know and love. Aside from his realistic portrayal, the tattoo features tiny components of his such as two six-shooters and a hand of cards. You can opt to make the artwork a little less intimidating by incorporating a bunch of wildflowers.

Bold Doc Holliday Tattoo On Arm

Doc Holliday Arm Tattoo

You are shading a key component if you are thinking of a Western-influenced tattoo design. This particular arm tattoo heavily uses shading to make Doc Holliday appear real in your skin.

Aside from his inhumane skill with guns and gambling, it was his aura that made people fear and respect him. His narrow eyes along with a bodacious mustache left people trembling at their feet. The artwork features Doc Holliday looking directly at you as if he is accessing your capability from a distance.

Theatrical Doc Holliday Leg Tattoo

Doc Holliday Leg Tattoo 1
Doc Holliday Leg Tattoo 2

As we’ve mentioned before, Doc Holliday is a highly respected character in many regions of America and Mexico. Fans of him believe that the foot isn’t an appropriate place to portray him.

That’s why, this vintage foot tattoo only features many of the components that made him who he is. The lack of Doc Holliday's tattoo doesn’t make the tattoo inferior in any manner. Rather it turns the tattoo to be much more theatrical as if he is going to appear in front of you from the deck of cards.


If we start to describe each of the antics of Doc Holliday, this article will never cease to end. So, it's quite obvious that there are some portions of his character and personality that we haven’t touched on.

For this reason, we have tried to answer some of your most intriguing questions from our expertise to paint a clear picture. Give the answers a meticulous read.

Q: Why Is None Of The Doc Holliday Tattoo Designs Colorful?

Ans: Well, that's a damn good question. The answer to it is quite simple. The reign of Doc Holliday lasted till the 19th century.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of that particular period? Whatever you are thinking, it must be in black and white. Voila. Other than this reason, the monochrome Doc Holliday tattoos pack quite a punch compared to the colorful ones.

Q: Is Doc Holliday A Controversial Figure?

Ans: Mostly no. While he is considered to be a killer and a gambler, countless noble and virtuous actions deserve praise.

He always stood beside those in need. Doc Holliday was also a fierce friend. While he may be quick with his guns and often exhibits signs of bad temper, he was a gentleman till the end. These qualities make him a much more inspirational figure rather than a controversial one.


There are moments in our lives when we need to show perseverance and wit. However, our brain doesn't function how we desire. In dire situations, we panic and often make the most life-altering decisions of our lives.

Aside from the numerous virtues of Doc Holliday, there is one that we can encapsulate by visualizing the tattoo. That is to keep your nerves cool even in the face of death. In many instances, Doc Holliday had to encounter merciless enemies and lived to tell the tale. The tapestry of jarring patterns in Doc Holliday's tattoos will make you as cool as a cucumber just like him.

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