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78 Sensational Clown Tattoo Ideas With Two-Ended Meanings!

There's always more to something than meets the eye, even when you've got everything figured out. And while the former could be inaccurate when used to label a couple of things in life, the phrase couldn't get any more accurate for a clown tattoo.

Clown tattoos are tricky, to say the least. While the portrait tattoos welcome colors with open arms, and don't really come with requirements, they're not always perceived in a positive light.

The rise of clown tattoos was rather controversial at the start. However, these days, such illustrations are seen as socially acceptable in the world of art.

And if your mind is curious about how high the ceiling is of clown tattoos, allow this guide to take you on a trip!

A Happy Face With Excruciating Pain Underneath The Surface: The Brutal Meaning Of Clown Tattoos

Clown Tattoo meaning

Perhaps a sentence that best describes a clown tattoo is “never judge a book by its cover,” as each design almost always carries a bitter twist.

Happy on the outside, clown tattoos possess tons of negative energy on the inside, ranging from anger to despair. Many often use clown tattoos when their backs are against the wall, mainly as a cry for help.

For years, clown tattoos were also seen as controversial figures in the art scene due to their association with gun violence. To this day, in countries like Brazil, people refuse to see the humor in clown tattoos, mainly due to them being common representatives of murder and crime.

Groundbreaking Clown Tattoos That Bring To Light The Beauty In Suffering!

When push comes to shove, clowns are rather one-dimensional on the outside. However, with their metaphorical value, one can easily depict a design that is original and nicely put.

While the design of the same paint is almost always similar, adding more components can easily allow you to find a concept of clown tattoos that hasn't been formed before.

Nonetheless, if you're seeking some guidance, don't miss out on the following entries.

Sad Clown Tattoo: Capturing The Feelings Within

Sad Clown Tattoo 1
Sad Clown Tattoo 2

Clowns are artists on their own. They represent chaos, joy, and immense feelings of sadness, all at once, that too in an unforgettable manner.

A sad clown tattoo captures the despair that people as entertaining as clowns tend to possess, with the help of a portrait tattoo.

The artwork is draped in black and white to further imply and bring more attention to the amount of sadness involved. Maintaining a secluded aura, the best design for this piece remains a chest tattoo.

Clown Face Tattoo: A Design Of The Highest Order

Clown Face Tattoo 1
Clown Face Tattoo 2

Perhaps the biggest part of a clown’s identity is their face paint.

While full of variety, the face paint often aims for an intimidating aura, which is usually implemented using neutral colors, and solid tones.

That being said, if your main aim is to terrify the spectators, a clown face tattoo should suffice. Be sure to add accessories to add to the horror.

Evil Clown Tattoo: Unveiling One’s Inner Desires

Evil Clown Tattoo 1
Evil Clown Tattoo 2

Clowns, while used for entertainment purposes, are terrifying, especially to kids. And to get a reaction as well as install a memorable tattoo, one must consider an evil clown tattoo.

While the emotions should capture a sight of fear, it’s best if the makeup is messy, as well as the hair.

To kick it up a notch, you may also add accessories and pieces of jewelry to your clown tattoo.

Traditional Clown Tattoo: Back To Square One

Traditional Clown Tattoo 1
Traditional Clown Tattoo 2

Sticking to the classic renditions is the best way to play it safe in the world of tattoos. And though a timeless version of a clown tattoo ceases to exist, a candidate that comes close is a traditional clown tattoo, known for its face paint.

With shades of green, blue, red, and white, this artwork captures a clown in its element. To make the portrait more engaging, consider adding a uniform.

On the other hand, if you don’t fancy a high-resolution tattoo, keep it light with a stick figure. Just add the face paint to represent the notes of a clown tattoo.

Chicano Clown Tattoo: The Darkside Of Entertainment

Chicano Clown Tattoo 1
Chicano Clown Tattoo 2

Being a clown is a completely different ball game in Mexico, as entertainers belonging to that nation have to live a certain way, and worry about things that are beyond the norm.

A chicano clown tattoo is often used to not only represent the culture of clowns belonging to South America, but also represent the hardship.

While the clowns in South America do struggle with financial hardship, a chicano clown also captures the dark side of the region, which mostly involves gang violence and murder.

Gangster Clown Tattoo: Raising Awareness For Gang Violence

Gangster Clown Tattoo 1
Gangster Clown Tattoo 2

Adding to the former notion is a gangster clown tattoo, which, despite not being as alarming as the previous entry, renders itself a frontrunner in the world of art.

With a revolver and bullets, the artwork represents the prominence of gang violence in Mexico and nations belonging to South America.

The artwork takes notes from prominent DC villain, the Joker, further generating a positive reception.

Clown Fish Tattoo: A Lighthearted Piece With Sublime Visuals

Clown Fish Tattoo 1
Clown Fish Tattoo 2

Taking away the spotlight from feelings of horror and replacing it with lighthearted energy levels instead is a clown fish tattoo, which is mostly showcased through the graphic of a goldfish.

With no agenda whatsoever, this clown tattoo is strictly pursued for the background it offers, being a great pick for swimmers and divers.

Possessing a compelling color scheme and large size, this tattoo only gels with large surfaces.

Scary Clown Tattoo: Striking A Sense Of Fear In An Instant

Scary Clown Tattoo 1
Scary Clown Tattoo 2

Primarily draped in red, a scary clown tattoo is one you shouldn't mess with.

Dripping blood from what appears to be a dagger tattoo, a scary clown tattoo mixes fear with incredible visuals.

The only downside of this design is the timeframe of the creative process, which takes more than two weeks to complete. It's also expensive, so prepare your budget accordingly.

Clown Girl Tattoo: A Change In Perspective

Clown Girl Tattoo

Slightly changing the narrative of clown tattoos is this art piece right here, involving the female version of a clown tattoo.

Fused with black and white, the illustration carries a real life depiction of a female clown, replacing fun with scary.

Adding extra components definitely adds to the piece, so be sure to add something that aligns with your preferences.

Cute Clown Tattoo: Stealing The Spotlight With Soft Visuals

Cute Clown Tattoo 1
Cute Clown Tattoo 2

While limited to change, clown tattoos can be transformed in various ways if you pick your brain.

Don't be disheartened if all else fails, however. Just take notes from this adorable clown tattoo, one of the simplest entries in the history of clown tattoos.

With pastel colors and a compact figure, this tattoo saves time, money, and subsided pain. Adding accessories can further enhance the outlook of this design.

It Clown Tattoo: An Icon Amongst Pop Culture

It Clown Tattoo 1
It Clown Tattoo 2

Perhaps the most notorious clown in Hollywood is Pennywise, the sole antagonist and killer clown belonging to the franchise of IT, the movie.

Otherwise known as the IT tattoo, the image portrays the character in its element, bringing about a frightful, yet iconic view.

Draped in vibrant shades, equipped with his finest weapon, Pennywise’s tattoo is definitely a hefty yet worthwhile investment for slasher fanatics!

Clown Skull Tattoo: A Bright Idea For Fanatics

Clown Skull Tattoo 1
Clown Skull Tattoo 2

Most clown tattoos involve a portrait tattoo with face paint, allowing minimal space for changes.

However, if you’d still like to bend the rules a little, consider a skull clown tattoo, which offers slightly different visuals.

Scraping off the skin to show the insides of a skull is what this tattoo does to create a difference, which can be a nightmare, yet rewarding for those hoping to rise above the norm.

Crying Clown Tattoo: Uncovering The Lows Of Selling Out

Crying Clown Tattoo 1
Crying Clown Tattoo 2

Another blockbuster of a tattoo that you can install when pursuing portraits of clowns is one of a crying clown, which brings to light a raw emotion that can’t be expressed with words.

While this is art in its finest form, it’s also a cry for help. However, it’s best if we focus on the former for now.

As for the canvas, choose your location wisely. To avoid any repercussions in the future, use the back or the chest for the clown tattoo.

Small Clown Tattoo: Keeping It Light And Simple

Small Clown Tattoo 1
Small Clown Tattoo 2

Truth be told, life is already more difficult than it has to be. In order to ease things down, it’s best to control the outcome.

That being said, clown tattoos take hours, even days to reach the finish line due to their flashy paint jobs and the detailing required on a portrait tattoo.

However, if your schedule isn’t as flexible, consider obtaining a small clown tattoo on the wrist, which takes it easy on the details, and serves the same purpose as any other tattoo on this list.

Clown Eye Tattoo: A Gaze Of Pure Horror

Clown Eye Tattoo

Bringing more light to specific features can be intimidating, to say the least. Doing so can also be rewarding, which brings us to the clown eye tattoo.

Pinning its sole focus on the eyes of a clown, this tattoo is rather terrifying.

Nonetheless, it is regarded as one of the greater variants, mainly due to the amount of detailing involved.

Please don’t describe the following sub-headings

Vintage Clown Tattoo: Because Old Habits Die Hard

Vintage Clown Tattoo

Killer Clown Tattoo: Time For Redemption

Killer Clown Tattoo 1
Killer Clown Tattoo 2

Clown Hand Tattoo: Bringing One’s Vulnerability To The Spotlight

Clown Hand Tattoo 1
Clown Hand Tattoo 2

Krusty The Clown Tattoo: One For Television Classics

Krusty The Clown Tattoo

Mexican Clown Tattoo: A Popular Figure For The Aztecs

Mexican Clown Tattoo

Simple Clown Tattoo: Starting Off With The Basics

Simple Clown Tattoo

Pierrot Clown Tattoo: Living A Double Life

Pierrot Clown Tattoo

Hobo Clown Tattoo: A Win For The Homeless!

Hobo Clown Tattoo

Frequently Asked Question

Now that you're aware of the significance of clown tattoos in the modern era, and the high ceiling it possesses as a design, here are some questions that will allow you to learn about clown tattoos on a personal level.

Q: Why are clown tattoos so controversial?

Ans: Due to their ties with violence and crime, clown tattoos remain controversial figures in the world of art.

And although many use it to call for help at the moment, clown tattoos are still frowned upon in countries belonging to South America.

Q: Are clown tattoos difficult to pursue?

Ans: Clown tattoos are just like portraits, taking tons of time to replicate. The time-consuming nature is further worsened with the pricing of the average clown tattoo, which carries a hefty sum due to all the detailing involved in the makings of a clown tattoo.

Final Verdict

A tattoo with a dark past but an admirable present is the world of clown tattoos, which, while frowned upon during its formative years, currently offers the best options that bring to light double meanings.

Clown tattoos initially came into existence to poke fun at gang violence, and one's character. Their job is drastically different these days, with many using them to raise awareness of mental health problems.

Before obtaining your own rendition of a clown tattoo, consider picking your brain to find the right spot. Consult with an artist if you have little to no knowledge regarding tattoos.

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