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108 Fascinating Joker Tattoo Ideas To Unleash The Madness In You

When the world was getting bored with cliched villains who only had monetary motives, a character appeared out of nowhere wearing vivid costumes and war paint on his face. We stared in awe at his idiosyncrasies. The most intriguing part of the character was how he was not driven by any of the conventional motives.

Instead, he just wanted to light the world on fire. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about none other than Joker, the arch-nemesis of Batman.

From his laugh to his flamboyant persona and a sense of theatricality, Joker quickly made a strong connection with the viewers which rapidly translated into them getting Joker tattoos.

You may ask what's so great about these artworks. Well, for instance, these designs focus on such a sophisticated character that scientists even researched the fictional persona.

His hatred for society and knack for insanity make our blood filled with adrenaline. Excited? Then let's begin our journey to unveil the hidden mysteries of Joker tattoos.

Putting A Smile On Your Face: The Shocking Meanings Of The Joker Tattoos

Meanings of the joker tattoo

It depends on you. The meaning of joker tattoos is quite vast and can be subjected to numerous interpretations. However, people have tried to generalize the meaning of these flamboyant designs and we will talk about them only in the essay because of the constraints.

So, the first and foremost aspect of the Joker tattoos is the notion of rebellion and protest. The character was born, centering on the decay of modern society. If you have a similar mindset and consider the world as an unfit place, the tattoo may be for you.

Another meaning of the joker tattoo is the aspect of enjoying the little moments. While it's ironic, the joker often laughs at the little things. His laugh isn’t humorous nor does he do it to entertain himself. Rather he laughs to terrify his victims crudely. For you, his laugh can symbolize how you also appreciate the beauty of life to the fullest.

The final and less hopeful meaning of the joker tattoos can be attributed to the notion of mental issues. In the more recent depictions, the Joker has been portrayed to be suffering from some serious mental problems.

Etching the character in your body canvas can help you fight your demons. It will surely make you much stronger.

How Joker Tattoos Became So Popular: Unveiling The Secret To Their Success

The character was already a fan favorite among the D.C fans because of the movies and animated series. But the reason why the Joker is so popular is a bit more complicated.

The best answer to the question is how much the Joker deviates from the conventional villains depicted in movies. His persona and motives are completely different. We as the audience are fed with the same generic villains with their unbelievable capabilities and honestly, we are quite tired.

Also, the movies with villains always had the same plot where the superhero beat the crap out of him at the end. But everything changed when The Dark Knight was released. It was so much more sophisticated and the ending truly made us question who was in the right.

That’s exactly the moment when the Joker became something more than a character. It became an icon and the craze moved on to the tattoo world as well.

Joining The Bandwagon: Breathtaking Joker Tattoo Designs That You Must Get

Joining The Bandwagon Breathtaking Joker Tattoo Designs That You Must Get

The true magnificence of the Joker tattoo designs lies in the expressions. If you can pull off the utterly bone-chilling expression and laugh of the Joker, you will surely have a formidable design.

Over the years, there has been a wide range of depictions of the Joker in the media. You can choose any one of them to express your hidden emotions and messages. While Jack Nicholson left quite an impact, it's the latter portrayals played by Heath Ledger and Joaquim Phoenix that gave the character a certain amount of finesse.

You can also opt for the animated version of the Joker. Critics and audiences both agree that it's the most comically accurate version of the arch-enemy of the caped crusader.

You may be thinking that we are ignoring Jared Leto’s version. Well, no. The movie may be a disgrace but there was a certain charm to his character. If you want a much-exaggerated version of the Joker, Jared Leto’s version is the one to go.

We know that sole descriptions and guidelines can do very little unless you have observed the actual image of the tattoo. So, here you go. Glance at the alluring designs as much as you desire.

Mastering The Theatricality: Colorful Joker Tattoo On Hand

Joker Hand Tattoo 1
Joker Hand Tattoo 2

Let's start things off with an absolute banger of a tattoo design. The perfect placement for the joker tattoo may be debatable and deviates from the taste of the individual, but the enigmatic hand tattoo is always a safe bet because of its unique theatricality.

Depicting the Joker on your hand exemplifies how you want to conquer the entire world just like him.

The area may be small in the hand however it's just perfect for showcasing the insanity of the Joker. With bold brushstrokes and flamboyant war paint, the Joker in your hand will surely make a statement.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Joker's first portrayal in the detective comics could’ve been his last? The creators initially thought that the blood-hungry villain would overshadow the heroics of Batman. However, editor Whitney Ellsworth saw the potential in the character and decided to keep him. Soon, he became the legend we know and love today.

A Deceitful Weapon Of Choice: Monochromatic Joker Card Tattoo

Joker Card Tattoo 1
Joker Card Tattoo 2

There may be depictions of the Joker using modern-age weapons and firing ruthlessly at his arch-enemy, Batman. However, he typically prefers traditional motifs to use as weapons.

One of his trademark weapons in his arsenal is the playing cards. He throws them at such high speed and intensity that the simple card quickly transforms into a lethal weapon. The monochromatic tattoo of the joker holding the card portrays the deceitful notion of the infamous character.

 Duo Of Insanity: Couple Joker And Harley Quinn Tattoo

Joker and Harley Quinn Tattoo 1
Joker and Harley Quinn Tattoo 2
Joker and Harley Quinn Tattoo 3

Love may sometimes be magical but at times be deadly. Sadly, the latter was the case for the duo in our current tattoo design.

Harley was a talented girl who got her doctorate and managed to become a psychiatrist. She was assigned to Arkham Asylum where Joker was incarcerated. While treating him, Harley soon fell in love and that love quickly became an obsession.

Her obsession turned out to be quite bad as the person he obsessed over was a complete psychopath. The tattoo portrays the absolute insanity of the duo and subtly hints at the dangerous effects of unhealthy relationships.

The Laugh Of Menace: Nightmarish Joker Smile Tattoo

Joker Smile Tattoo 1
Joker Smile Tattoo 2
Joker Smile Tattoo 3

Many people often ask me why I am such a big fan of the Joker. There are countless iconic villains in movies. Is it his attire or personality? Well, they certainly do their part in establishing the Joker as a menace.

But it's his bone-chilling laugh that makes my spine crawl. His laugh has a mixture of emotions running from humor, agony, anger, and complete recklessness. However, the sound alone isn't enough. The expression is what seals the deal and the tattoo does the job beautifully.

 Doing The Character Justice: Flamboyant Suicide Squad Joker Tattoo

Suicide Squad Joker Tattoo

Don’t ever mention the suicide squad in front of an avid D.C fan. The movie put such a stain on the legacy of the iconic character that it's tough to reverse the process.

However, the portrayal of Joker in the movie wasn’t a complete mess. There were some takeaways from the depiction and the style and attire are certainly a few of them. The tattoo manifests the flamboyance of the Joker through bright and vivid colors.

 Stoic Look Of Despair: Shaded Joker Face Tattoo

Joker Face Tattoo q
Joker Face Tattoo 2

There has been a myriad of portrayals of the Joker played by amazing actors ranging from Jack Nicholson to Heath Ledger. However, the most recent depiction played by Joaquim Phoenix hints at the notion of mental health problems and the decaying state of contemporary society quite elegantly.

The tattoo of the Joker on a rather stoic face is not a luxury anymore, it's a necessity. The stoic look on the face of the Joker reminds us how corrupt and imbalanced society is.

 Etching The Legendary Quote: Symbolic Why So Serious Joker Tattoo

Why So Serious Joker Tattoo 1
Why So Serious Joker Tattoo 2

The 2009 film “The Dark Knight” had numerous legendary quotes that still echo in the hearts of the viewers. Among them, “Why so serious?'' is undoubtedly the best.

Why so? Well, the Joker uses the one-liner in such a nonchalant and mystical manner that you are completely mesmerized by the quote. Having the tattoo works both ways. Firstly, you will look quite classy and secondly, the tattoo will showcase how laid back you are in life.

Tribute To The Legend: Heartwarming Heath Ledger Joker Tattoo

Heath Ledger Joker Tattoo 1
Heath Ledger Joker Tattoo 2

Every time I think about Heath Ledger, tears fall from my eyes. It's truly a tragedy how such a talented actor passed away so soon.

The Joker was already an established supervillain with unusual motives to the viewer back then. But Heath Ledger's portrayal took the character to a whole new level with his dedication and insane expression. The tattoo pays tribute to a legend who left us way too soon.

 Artwork That Echoes: Joker Hahaha Tattoo With A Frightening Font

Joker Hahaha Tattoo 1
Joker Hahaha Tattoo 2

You may be thinking that these guys have lost it completely. Didn’t they already mention the Joker laugh tattoo? Well, yes, we did. But mentioning the actual laughing alphabet has much more impact.

Aside from the laughing face, the illustration of “Hahaha” takes you to the actual scene where Joker makes the iconic laugh. The artwork instantly stimulates your brain to hear the sound. You won’t find such a mesmerizing tattoo anywhere else.

 An Unusual Depiction: Vivid Jared Leto Joker Tattoo

Jared Leto Joker Tattoo 1
Jared Leto Joker Tattoo 2

The portrayal of the Joker by Jared Leto was more like a mixture between Ace Ventura and a cat. Audiences were baffled seeing their beloved villain getting butchered by an awful performance.

But the costume design of the Joker was on point. As you can see from the tattoo, Jared Leto’s Joker takes a rather modern route to connect more with the viewers. The purpose may not be fulfilled but the tattoo of the face paint sure does look good.

 Matching The Theatrics: Black And White Joker Forearm Tattoo

Joker Forearm Tattoo 1
Joker Forearm Tattoo 2

Joker is a master of deception quite similar to Batman. He uses tricks to hide himself and appear from out of nowhere. His theatricality can only be contained in the majesty of the forearm.

The artwork is quite dense and full of a monochromatic color scheme. The edges of the forearm create an alluring effect on the joker tattoo as if he is showcasing a magic trick to you.

 Following The Footstep: Portrayed Demar DeRozan Joker Tattoo

Demar Derozan Joker Tattoo 1
Demar Derozan Joker Tattoo 2

Who doesn't know the famous NBA player, Demar Derozan? But one thing only a few know about is that Demar is a huge Joker fan and has a tattoo of the character on his right arm.

The enormous artwork features the quote from the Joker “Before you judge me, make sure you’re perfect”. The tattoo design is great for showcasing your swag as well as hinting at how much of a Joker fan you are.

A Literal Magic Show: Detailed Joker Sleeve Tattoo

Joker Sleeve Tattoo

There are only a few places in your body that can withstand ultra-real portrayals of the Joker and your sleeve is one of them. The sleeve tattoo of the Joker is so realistic that it truly feels like the Joker is standing there with a card in his hand.

The placement of the tattoo in the sleeve not only makes it look beautiful and realistic but also portrays your masculinity. You will appear as a strong and intelligent individual when you have the design.

A Discrete Representation: Dainty Joker Tattoo

Small Joker Tattoo

Because of the war paint on his face, colorful hair, and idiosyncratic costume, you can identify the joker from a mile away. Is there any reason to illustrate him with a big design?

The small tattoo looks sensual on a place like your ankle. It may be small but the size created a unique mysticism in the area. Furthermore, the stoic demeanor of the joker feels like he is slowly approaching you.

 A Face Of Nightmares: Frightening Joker Tattoo On Neck

Joker Neck Tattoo

I was completely frightened when I saw the design for the first time. Neck tattoos are meant to be sensual and are thought to be soothing to the eye.

But this particular tattoo may be dainty but the depiction is so nightmarish that you can tremble in fear with just the sight. The lack of color along with the negative space in the design truly makes a menacing portrayal of the psychopath.

 Blast Of Radiance: Realistic Batman Joker Tattoo

Batman Joker Tattoo 1
Batman Joker Tattoo 2
Batman Joker Tattoo 3

We all know how Batman and Joker are the arch enemies of each other and they somehow completely kill each other. Batman has the job of keeping the streets of Gotham clean while the Joker wants to wreak havoc.

While they are polar opposites of each other, there is a certain similarity between them that propels you to get the artwork. It's perhaps the fact that they are equally insane as one dresses up as a bat while the other one is a literal clown.

 Magic Of The Negative Space: Simple Joker Tattoo With Stylish Outlines

Simple Joker Tattoo 1
Simple Joker Tattoo 2

Utilizing the negative space in the skin is a great way to make the tattoo blend more with the skin color. The simple joker tattoo does the contemporary job to perfection.

The outlines are so well done that it feels like the Joker has conjured himself in your hand. Before he starts to cause trouble, you should get a hold of him or otherwise it may be too late.

 Stare Of Darkness: Textured Joker Tattoo On Leg

Joker Leg Tattoo

Playing cards are the quintessential motifs of the joker so you have to include them in the leg tattoo. Aside from this, the overall portrayal is typical with some slight twists.

First of all, you can illustrate the Joker wearing a thick leather jacket instead of the typical colorful one. This visitation turns the psychopathic villain into a modern-day gangster who is willing to play a game of poker with you.

Scars Beyond Healing: Broken And Damaged Joker Tattoo

Damaged Joker Tattoo 1
Damaged Joker Tattoo 2

If you look aside his insane antics and focus more on how he turned this down, you will be quite saddened to hear his back story. To be honest, it's society and the higher-ups that force people to lose their sanity.

Through constant hardships, they keep on deviating further and further away from reality. The tattoo portrays a variant of the Joker with a damaged look. The scars on his face are visible and his menacing laugh gives us a peek at his inner mental state.

 A Perfect Portrayal: Ambient Dark Knight Joker Tattoo

Dark Knight Joker Tattoo 1
Dark Knight Joker Tattoo 2

No matter how much we praise Heath Ledger for his performance in The Dark Knight, we still can’t fully justify how excellent he was.

His portrayal forced the whole world to appreciate the character far more than before. The laugh, the menace, the expressions, everything was perfectly done by him. The tattoo is an ambient reminder of how his performance truly changed the cinematic world.

Please don’t describe the following subheadings

 Peek Of Death: Masked Skull Joker Tattoo

Skull Joker Tattoo

Multiple Faces Of Evil: Triple Joker Chest Tattoo

Joker Chest Tattoo

Reliving The Fantasy: Scenic Joker Tattoo On Arm

Joker Arm Tattoo

 Smoking Away The Despair: Stylish Joker Tattoo On Back

Joker Back Tattoo

A Celestial Glimpse: Intricate Joker Quote Tattoo

Joker Quote Tattoo

 Eyes That Glow In The Dark: Glistening Joker Eyes Tattoo

Joker Eyes Tattoo

Horizon Of Whimsicality: Traditional Joker Tattoo With Vibrant Hues

Traditional Joker Tattoo 1
Traditional Joker Tattoo 2

 Conjuring The Villain: Deadly Joker Tattoo On Thigh

Joker Thigh Tattoo 1
Joker Thigh Tattoo 2

 Exuberance Of Darkness: Realistic Joker Tattoo With A Knife

Realistic Joker Tattoo 1
Realistic Joker Tattoo 2


The Joker tattoos are much more than what meets the eye. There are so many hidden layers to the artwork that they need a separate section.

That’s why, we have tried to answer some of your most brilliant questions to decipher more secrets about the clown.

Q: Does Joker Himself Have Tattoos?

Ans: The previous renditions of the Joker didn’t have any tattoos on him. But Jared Leto’s Joker is viewed to have several of them throughout his body. While having tattoos strays away from the origin of the character, they sure elevate his persona a tad bit more.

Q: Can Joker Tattoos Be Simple?

Ans: Yes, they can be. There are many examples of a simple Joker tattoo that lacks flamboyant textures and hues. If your heart seeks something personal, check out our design list where you will find a handful of simple tattoos.

Q: How Much Does It Take To Get A Joker Tattoo?

Ans: The price range fluctuates depending on various factors ranging from the details to the professionalism of the artist. Typically, a mid-range joker tattoo costs about 500 dollars.


I haven't had trouble concluding a particular tattoo design in a while but the Joker tattoo sure is puzzling me. I was quite flummoxed thinking how can I conclude such a dramatic and sophisticated character within a few lines. Well, here is my best attempt.

These designs speak for themselves. While there are numerous reasons to get the artwork, it's the sense of excitement that fascinates the most. When you get the designs, you will feel as if you are standing in the middle of the street and Batman is rapidly approaching you with his bike. At the very last moment, he pulls back.

These tattoos will give you such a thrill every time you look at them that you may get completely immersed in the tattoo world. So, watch out.

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