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68 Timelessly Engaging Ideas For Abstract Tattoos That Move Minds With Their Inner Meanings!

While most tattoos depict objects of some kind, on the other end are tattoos that strictly devote themselves to illustrations without an object, as well as a concrete meaning.

Though objective tattoos and their genres remain plenty as of today, the best possible tattoo that replaces objects with lines, colors, and shapes is an abstract tattoo, the main agenda of this guide.

Abstract tattoos, whether you believe it or not, are considered to be one of the best designs for minimalists, and frugal minds. They possess various forms and interpretations, both of which will be unveiled in this guide!

An Alternative Lens To Life: The Meaning Of Abstract Tattoos!

Abstract tattoos offer subjective meanings, and often carry concepts that are only meant to enhance the wearer's appearance.

However, an abstract tattoo often presents an alternate universe, where life appears to be more lenient, and less influenced by trends generated by society.

An abstract tattoo is also a great way of giving flowers to art in itself, making it a candidate on high-demand amongst creative thinkers.

Extremely Successful And Glorious Concepts Of Abstract Tattoos Changing One’s Perception Of Reality!

As stated earlier, as long as you meet the basic requirements, your tattoo can be in the same lane as an abstract tattoo.

To represent them best, however, consider either picking your brain or skimming through concepts that support your ideas.

While the former can be the better move to go forward with if you're hoping to wear something with originality, don't take the following entries for granted if you're in dire need of concepts for abstract tattoos!

Abstract Line Tattoo: Scribbling Pieces That Form A Majestic Design

Abstract Line Tattoo

Scribbling lines is a great way to demonstrate an abstract tattoo. It leaves the crowd wondering, while allowing the wearer to change the meaning of the design as much as they please.

In addition to portraying anything that one believes in, this tattoo is quite easy to depict, coming without a guideline to make it easy for the artist and the wearer.

Abstract Anatomical Heart Tattoo: A High-resolution Piece For Complex Minds

Abstract Anatomical Heart Tattoo
Abstract Anatomical Heart Tattoo 2

Using a heart as the primary component of your tattoo can be a good way to show your vulnerable side.

Fortunately, a heart can also be a good project for an abstract tattoo to take on, especially with all the veins involved.

This piece takes a while, but is surely worth the price for stoics. The shading involved is also delightful, despite being costly.

Abstract Sleeve Tattoo: Curating A Mysterious Story With The Help Of Silhouettes

Abstract Sleeve Tattoo

A sleeve tattoo can be formed from scratch without an object. Don't believe me? Take a look at this abstract sleeve tattoo!

This abstract piece is huge, but is always open to one's imagination.

It often uses simple tones as well, standing out often with the help of neutral shades. However, just like any other sleeve tattoo, the time invested in this design tends to be the only drawback.

Abstract Art Tattoo: Welcoming Creative Minds, One Piece At A Time

Abstract Art Tattoo 1
Abstract Art Tattoo 2

By playing with paint, you can bring to life a concept that is perhaps regarded as the best of abstract tattoos, led with an artistic approach.

An abstract art tattoo is a mix between abstract art and objects. It lacks metaphorically, but stands tall by being flexible to change.

As always, tattoos as large as this piece pair best with an arm tattoo.

Abstract Butterfly Tattoo: Exploring The Gates Of Womanhood

Abstract Butterfly Tattoo

A butterfly is often installed as a solo component on a tattoo, associated primarily with womanhood, from its highs to its lows.

However, if you’re seeking something rare, an abstract tattoo of a butterfly can be a good candidate to try out.

The artwork involves creating the silhouettes of a butterfly with layers. In addition to looking clean, this artwork takes the stage by welcoming any color with open arms!

Abstract Flower Tattoo: The Best Pick For Experimental Individuals

Abstract Flower Tattoo 1
Abstract Flower Tattoo 2

Tons of floral designs are often regarded as the ideal pieces for tattoos due to the aura they carry, as well as the symbolism they represent.

A floral scheme can easily drift away from objectification with the help of an abstract tattoo, which brings each species into existence with subtle components.

To do a floral abstract tattoo justice, be sure to pick a flower that goes with your aura. If you’re in dire need of assistance, skim through the series of flower tattoos on our website!

Abstract Watercolor Tattoo: The Perks Of Using Drippy Aesthetics

Abstract Watercolor Tattoo 1
Abstract Watercolor Tattoo 2

Keeping things a blur could be frustrating in real life. However, in the world of tattoos, it really adds to the potential.

One of the best possible designs involved a watercolor tattoo, which accommodates abstract art.

The best canvases for this abstract piece are the forearms and the upper thigh, as both are painless and provide tons of freedom to creative minds.

Minimalist Abstract Tattoo: The Perfect Piece For Frugal Minds!

Minimalist Abstract Tattoo

For simple minds, the abstract piece that pairs best is one that explores the world of minimalism, which runs high in volume, and elegance.

A minimalist abstract tattoo is also painless, containing mostly lines and shapes in hopes of establishing a clean artwork.

In addition to satisfying frugal minds, this piece is regarded as a safe one for sensitive skin, further adding to its fan base.

Abstract Face Tattoo: The Duality Of A Person

Abstract Face Tattoo 1
Abstract Face Tattoo 2

To a lot of us, living a double life often appears to be a distasteful quality, as it requires one to go against their own principles, which can be self-conflicting.

However, a lot of us don’t have a choice but to live a double life, although the reasons may vary.

An abstract face tattoo is perhaps the best possible entry on this design, as it digs deep into the emotional state of the average human being when contradicting themselves and pursuing a reality with two completely different scenarios. The artwork is also extremely impressive, utilizing dark and thin frames to curate the concept.

Abstract Bird Tattoo: For Those Who Want To Break Free!

Abstract Bird Tattoo 1
Abstract Bird Tattoo 2

If you're big on independence, a bird tattoo can be a good companion for you to experiment with.

That being said, if you're seeking a way to stand out, an abstract bird tattoo should suffice.

With the silhouettes of the majestic creature, an abstract bird tattoo is anything but a letdown. They come in various species, each of which serves its own unique purpose.

Abstract Smoke Tattoo: Using Foggy Effects To Create An Unforgettable Work Of Art!

Abstract Smoke Tattoo 1
Abstract Smoke Tattoo 2

Creating a foggy dew is perfect if you’re pursuing art without an object, such as an abstract tattoo.

Believe it or not, the smoke will actually carry the show, giving spectators something to soothe their minds with, and wearers something to be proud of.

Since the artwork is so bold, a great placement for this piece is a canvas as exposed as the forearm. You may even place it behind the ear, as long as the artwork remains small.

Abstract Forearm Tattoo: A Palette That Welcomes Anything And Everything

Abstract Forearm Tattoo 1
Abstract Forearm Tattoo 2

The forearm is quite the area for anyone seeking a tattoo, with a pain-level that is bearable, as well as a length that accommodates any size.

An abstract piece is not out of the radar when it comes to forearm tattoos, either. In fact, if you ask me, it is regarded as a top-notch design in the world of abstract art today.

With tons of space and even more freedom, an abstract forearm tattoo satisfies its wearers by bringing anything to life. In order to make the most of it, be sure to find a design that is of significance in your eyes.

Abstract Cat Tattoo: The Perfect Gift For A Rewarding Companion

Abstract Cat Tattoo

If you've found a loyal companion in your house cat, perhaps it's time you give them the flowers they deserve.

While taking care of them in the proper manner is everything, an abstract cat tattoo is something that you can obtain for a win-win scenario.

The design won't just bring you closer to your cat, but also make you a follower of cat tattoos, a huge trend in the world of art!

Abstract Geometric Tattoo: Bringing To Light The Significance Of Using Shapes And Angles!

Abstract Geometric Tattoo 1
Abstract Geometric Tattoo 2

There’s nothing better than shapes and angles when you're curating objects without identities. That being said, if you're hoping to install an abstract tattoo, consider using geometric elements.

Formed with a fine-line needle, an abstract geometric tattoo is as painless as it comes.

It gets better, too, as this abstract piece can be worn anywhere, especially as a forearm tattoo!

Abstract Dragon Tattoo: The Importance Of Working Towards Power

Abstract Dragon Tattoo 1
Abstract Dragon Tattoo 2

Dragons are often perceived as creatures that not only provide wisdom, but also power to enforce better change when worn as a tattoo.

While the sketch of a dragon is often the first component implemented as a tattoo, abstract pieces are the easier alternatives to turn to.

Often, the dark undertone and the natural overtone of the design is what stands out the most. However, if you’re seeking something full of color, try reading about Japanese dragon tattoos!

Frequently Asked Question

Wearing an abstract tattoo is honestly just as easy as creating an abstract piece. Since the design is always ready to be on the same wavelength as one’s creative thinking, all you have to do is find a design that speaks to you in order to find successful results.

That being said, an abstract tattoo, despite being easy going, can still be difficult to comprehend for newbies. Worry not, however, as the following questionnaire tackles the former issue!

Q: What is the purpose of abstract tattoos?

Ans: Abstract tattoos offer a change of scene with their artwork, often depicting an image without a dedicated object. Often, an abstract tattoo allows the human mind to make use of its creative freedom without any boundaries!

Q: Are abstract tattoos beneficial?

Ans: In addition to being easy to depict, abstract tattoos are also painless to obtain. Since they don't come with concrete images, getting an abstract tattoo is perceived as an enjoyable activity.

Concluding Remarks

Abstract art is one that is open to interpretation, entertaining the creative and subjective side of a person as opposed to prioritizing the significance of using objects to form delicate pieces. An abstract tattoo moves on the same wavelength, opening doors for anyone with a desire of wearing tattoos without agendas.

From welcoming lines to accommodating subtle silhouettes of actual objects, the ceiling of an abstract tattoo is extremely high, as well as favorable among trends at the moment. To ensure a memorable purchase, it is important that the pain-level as well as the symbolism of the concept itself are considered. On the other hand, to play it safe, consider wearing something that is minimal and compact in size!

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