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71 Spiritually Meaningful Ideas For Willow Tree Tattoos That Are Promising For Internal Growth

Tattoos are more than just visuals. In fact, sometimes, tattoos act as shoulders to lean on, especially when times are tough. A prime example is the world of willow tree tattoos; the main agenda of this guide.

Willow trees are truly something to behold, carrying a massive size, with distinct features that work consistently to make them appear presentable from the outside. On the inside is an unforgettable journey; all of which will be revealed on this guide.

That being said, if you’re seeking a willow tree tattoo that pairs well with your interests, allow this list of willow tree tattoos to act as a helping hand!

Rising Above During Hard Times: The Real Meaning Of Willow Tree Tattoos!

Meaning Of Willow Tree Tattoo

The only constant in life really is change, which isn’t easy. Truth be told, changing oneself requires them to forgo bad habits at times, which is always beyond challenging. Worry not, however, as that’s when obtaining a willow tattoo seems appropriate.

Associated with strength, willow trees provide wearers with a ray of hope during hardship. They also train the mind to become more resilient, and give the wearers traits that make them indestructible when dealing with feelings of adversity.

Often, willow trees are also a direct depiction of victims and all that they have endured in this lifetime.

Jarring Willow Tree Tattoos That Provide Support During Challenging Times

Experimenting with willow tree tattoos is easy. As long as you know what you’re aiming for, success will show up at your front door.

In addition, given the nature of willow tree tattoos, it is easy to harmonize the symbol with that of another. While larger pieces are great partners, smaller tattoos carry out a rather supporting role.

Nonetheless, from back tattoos to variants carrying family ties, here are the best of willow tree tattoos.

Weeping Willow Tree Tattoo: Coming To Terms With Our Worst Nightmare

Weeping Willow Tree Tattoo

Weeping willow trees originate from Europe. However, it's not their origin that makes them popular in the world of art, but all that they're associated with.

A weeping willow denotes loss, especially of a loved one, and the aftermath of it.

With a large depiction, weeping willow tattoos are usually placed on the upper thigh, with the forearm being a close-second.

Feminine Willow Tree Tattoo: The Neverending Pain Of Being A Woman

Feminine Willow Tree Tattoo

While the whole world constantly fights for equality, there's no denying the struggles of being a woman, which appears to be a different ballgame in contrast to what men go through.

For that reason alone, willow trees form an inseparable bond with women, guiding them through the lows of every scenario.

On paper, a feminine willow tree tattoo hardly looks any different from the original piece. The only difference lies in its color scheme, which finds more harmony with bright shades.

Small Willow Tree Tattoo: A Small Token With A Massive Impact

Small Willow Tree Tattoo

The positives of wearing depictions of nature are endless. However, one of the best parts of wearing such tattoos is the versatility it provides, which can be found in willow trees as well.

A willow tree tattoo can easily pull off large depictions, as stated above. Occasionally, it can also come in small packages, which appears to be the case for small willow tree tattoos.

Like always, the best targets are compact areas, such as the wrist. For an alternative, consider relying on ankle tattoos.

Willow Tree Branch Tattoo: Prioritizing Baby Steps Over Drastic Change

Willow Tree Branch Tattoo

Adding the leaves can be a chore and a half if your willow tree tattoo is being created by an amateur. But if time is an issue, consider looking into alternatives.

A great substitute for the average willow tree tattoo is a willow tree branch tattoo, which is pretty self explanatory.

While the tattoo isn't more engaging than the former, it represents growth, and the importance of growing pains during the development process.

Watercolor Willow Tree Tattoo: The Bright Side Of Hardship

Watercolor Willow Tree Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos add a subtle push to normal tattoos, and almost always fit in with their aura.

A willow tree forearm tattoo brings more light to the detail of each component making up the emblem.

Be sure to free up your schedule, though, as the installation process is hectic as it is lengthy.

Simple Willow Tree Tattoo: A Timeless Piece Among Disposable Designs

Simple Willow Tree Tattoo

Complex elements don't always enhance the appeal of a tattoo, so don't pursue them without contemplating the idea.

A prime example that proves the previous point is a simple willow tree tattoo, which is truly one of a kind.

Working with this tattoo is seamless, as the artwork is flexible. From fitting on the surface of the ankle to being a great back tattoo, this willow tree fits almost anywhere.

Willow Tree Leaf Tattoo: A Shield To Count On

Willow Tree Leaf Tattoo

A willow tree tattoo hardly contains an easier alternative. However, if you pick your brain enough, you can easily break the tattoo down, finding key features that make the tattoo exciting.

Since the leaves are some of the most important contributors of this design, a willow tree leaf tattoo can be an easier piece to commit to.

As the artwork isn't as elaborate as a willow tree tattoo, using a high volume of leaves is advised.

Willow Tree Back Tattoo: A Depiction Of Evolution

Willow Tree Back Tattoo 1
Willow Tree Back Tattoo 2

Back tattoos are great if you crave larger designs, but only for self satisfaction. They keep things hidden at any cost, which is what many tend to lean towards.

If you're currently fighting a battle you can't discuss openly, a willow tattoo might serve more purpose than you think.

Additionally, to make things more motivating, add quotes that align with your situation.

Traditional Willow Tree Tattoo: Stitched With Uniform Colors

Traditional Willow Tree Tattoo

Traditional pieces never die. They choose colors that not only represent old rituals, but also pair well with anything and everything, even a willow tree tattoo.

Despite being high maintenance, this tattoo is one of a kind, and brings out the intricate pieces of a willow tree tattoo to the spotlight. While minimalists aren’t too keen on it, visually-oriented minds are delighted by this tattoo’s aura.

Celtic Willow Tree Tattoo: Good News Is On The Way

Celtic Willow Tree Tattoo 1
Celtic Willow Tree Tattoo 2

Celtic knots are often used to denote positivity, and often worn with various components due to their compatibility.

In certain cases, a Celtic willow tree tattoo is also created, which aims growth amidst the struggles.

Truth be told, due to its size, a Celtic willow tree tattoo tends to struggle a lot. Be sure to minimize the size for a jarring effect.

Colorful Willow Tree Tattoo: Flipping The Script With Bright Tones

Colorful Willow Tree Tattoo 1
Colorful Willow Tree Tattoo 2

Most willow trees are draped in neutral shades. However, this willow tree flips the script, preferably with colors.

A colorful willow tree tattoo is a great way to change the theme of the artwork.

In addition, this tattoo is a great way to look forward to the silver lining, especially of a challenging scenario.

Geometric Willow Tree Tattoo: The Beauty Of Shapes And Neat Frames

Geometric Willow Tree Tattoo 1
Geometric Willow Tree Tattoo 2

Adding angles can be a great way to add some structure to a symbol as free flowing as a willow tree tattoo.

It can even add more presentability to the artwork, being a great pick for visually-oriented minds.

With that being said, if you're big on tattoos that abide by rules, this willow tree tattoo, shaped with fundamentals of geometry, should be the perfect match for your needs!

Gothic Willow Tree Tattoo: A Solid Support System

Gothic Willow Tree Tattoo 1
Gothic Willow Tree Tattoo 2

Gothic tattoos never go out of trend. It is their color scheme that makes them timeless, often starring tones of black.

The best part about gothic tattoos is that they can represent any theme; even a willow tree tattoo.

As long as the artwork gets enough space to make its presence known, and the colors receive proper treatment, the illustration generates a highly favorable impression.

Willow Tree Thigh Tattoo: The Best Of Both Worlds

Willow Tree Thigh Tattoo

Since willow trees are huge, a great area that moves on the same wavelength is the thigh, carrying ample space for the illustration.

While the artwork is more feminine than masculine, the tattoo also displays crystal-clear visuals.

If you're susceptible to pain, then you're in luck, as an upper thigh tattoo is the most lenient design to pursue.

Cover Up Willow Tree Tattoo: Campaigning A Fresh Start

Cover Up Willow Tree Tattoo

Making mistakes is normal. In fact, if you're a tattoo enthusiast, the term mistake is one that you've heard multiple times.

That being said, if you have a tattoo that you once admired but now despise, a coverup tattoo can be the right remedy.

Often, a willow tree has a huge circumference, enough to cover a regretful tattoo. Colors can also be used to cover more area.

Mother And Daughter Willow Tree Tattoo: A Way Of Rekindling Bonds

Mother And Daughter Willow Tree Tattoo

Tree tattoos, irrespective of species, are associated with family ties. And since tree tattoos are also affiliated with motherhood, a great concept for a willow tree tattoo is a mother and daughter tattoo, as shown above.

The mother comes in the form of a tree, which is a cheeky way to pull off the metaphor. The illustration is often draped in brown, with subtle shadows and dark borders.

If you’re hoping to obtain this tattoo with none other than your mother, allow the previous concept to help you out! You may even opt for best friend tattoos to make things more special!

Willow Tree Forearm Tattoo: Wrapped In Hope And Inspiration

Willow Tree Forearm Tattoo

The forearm is a safe spot for any tattoo, even for a willow tree. The depiction is provided with tons of space, thanks to the location, being advantageous for creative minds.

A painless procedure is what many find when pursuing this tattoo, which explains the popularity of this variant in the eyes of beginners.

Often, this willow tree tattoo also incorporates a name tattoo, mainly to pay homage to a deceased relative.

Frequently Asked Question

Now that you’re aware of how high the ceiling of willow tree tattoos tends to be, here are some questions that might be of great help if you’re hoping to enhance your knowledge of willow tree tattoos!

Q: What are willow tree tattoos good for?

Ans: Willow tree tattoos are great solo pieces, and promising candidates for collaborations. Since they represent hardship, and gradual growth, their symbolism acts as a driving force in making them good teammates.

For users, a willow tree tattoo breathes new life, allowing them to learn from their past and to come to terms with all the negatives in their lives. It also ensures character development.

Q: Are willow tree tattoos expensive to install?

Ans: WIllow tree tattoos require tons of detailing and time, making them expensive designs to pursue. To cut down the cost, you may either trim the size, or compromise the resolution of the design.


If your back is against the wall and you have no one to reach out to, consider looking into and wearing a willow tree tattoo, known for being a trustworthy companion during hardship.

As of right now, there are various ways in which one can depict and wear a willow tree tattoo. While larger designs bring out the beauty of the symbol, it is advised to wear a smaller design if your main aim is to heal on the inside.

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