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73 Rewarding Yet Meaningful We The People Tattoo Ideas That Rejuvenates A Sense Of Belonging

“United we stand, divided we fall” is a phrase that best describes some of the more prominent tattoos in the world of body modification; one of which is known as We The People tattoo.

While the design is now regarded as a token for unity and diversity, the phrase finds more comfort in representing the people of the United States of America, a stance still ill-conceived and frowned upon by many who regard themselves as tattoo enthusiasts.

Despite all the backlash it faces, the genre surrounding the nature of We The People tattoos amasses a massive following, carrying tons of attributes that revolve around the importance of individuality, and covers the necessity of togetherness. The designs are just as fruitful, so be sure to stick around until the end if you too would like to hop on the bandwagon of We The People tattoos!

Independence, Freedom & Sacrifice: The Big Three Behind The Meaning Of We The People Tattoos!

We The People Tattoo meaning

While the notion gives a platform to any U.S citizen to feel at home in the modern era, the formative years of what we call the We The People movement was as tough as nails, taking years, even decades of hard work to pay off.

The tattoo not only represents the freedom that is attached to the saying, but also pays homage to those who sacrificed their time, energy, and well-being to make the movement a successful venture.

In this day and age, We The People tattoos are mostly used by U.S citizens to explore their freedom of speech, but also adopted by people all over the world to challenge the government to prioritize the two cents of the natives over being in a position of power.

Outstanding And Insightful We The People Tattoo Ideas That Cater To Active Citizens!

A straightforward purpose is what follows and makes up the world of We The People tattoos, catering mostly to citizens of the U.S hoping to show gratitude for the lives that were sacrificed during the movement of the same name, which emanated in the late 17th century.

The tattoos follow a similar format, keeping it direct with emblems that highlight the term, “We the People,” and empower the purpose with an incredible piece of art.

If you’d like to be a part of the community glorifying “We the People,” tons of options can meet your needs. To take notes from some of the best options out there, allow the following entries to take the lead.

Freedom In The Palm Of Your Hand: We The People Forearm Tattoo

We The People Forearm Tattoo 1
We The People Forearm Tattoo 2

Finding great success in the believers of freedom and fans of We The People tattoo is an artwork on the forearm, which is most popular due to catering to a range of people, irrespective of gender.

In addition to showcasing the phrase, many believe in presenting the emblem of a bald eagle draped in the uniform colors of the USA, preferably underneath the letters.

To make it more meaningful, adding numbers or complementary quote tattoos is advised.

A Homage To Patriotism: We The People Flag Tattoo

We The People Flag Tattoo 1
We The People Flag Tattoo 2

Keeping it light but direct is what the movement of We the People preaches, which is also a narrative that can be pushed into the creative process of the tattoo.

While many can keep it simple by merely adding the quote tattoo alongside some emblems, if you run big on patriotism, a no-brainer option should be this tattoo, led by the American flag for a sentimental touch.

Alongside the privilege of wearing the American flag tattoo is the flexibility of the graphic, which can be worn anywhere on the body.

We The People Arm Tattoo: A Symbol For Survival

We The People Arm Tattoo 1
We The People Arm Tattoo 2

While the former options take a more direct stance on obtaining We the People tattoos, this entry right here, which stays devoted to an arm tattoo, is much more emphasized, offering various options at the same time.

A common find of this graphic denotes a motion of raising hands in order to not only drop hints of unity, but also pay homage to those who initially executed the notion of We The People movement.

An arm tattoo is painless, too, being a great pick for beginners and sensitized skin.

Freedom At Its Finest: We The People Eagle Tattoo

We The People Eagle Tattoo 1
We The People Eagle Tattoo 2

Perhaps any emblem used in the makings of the USA fits like a glove with the movement of We The People; a remark that is further backed up by a bald eagle, the national bird of the nation.

Associated with freedom, it finds an effortless way to harmonize with the idea of the “We The People” movement, pairing seamlessly with the movement in the tattoo world.

Often, the illustration runs quite big, which explains why many side with using the forearm as a canvas.

A Journey On Its Own: We The People Sleeve Tattoo

We The People Sleeve Tattoo 1
We The People Sleeve Tattoo 2

Maintaining relevance is key if you’d like to express the admiration you harness over the movement surrounding We The People. And if you’d like to use an artwork as your dedicated platform, consider obtaining a sleeve tattoo.

Patience is virtue when it comes to this artwork, as it contains a compilation of illustrations associated with the U.S.

Using numbing cream is advised if you’re prone to pain, especially around the nerve endings of the forearm.

Promoting Independence And Character Development At Once: We The People Back Tattoo

We The People Back Tattoo

Leaning more towards patriotism and monuments related to the U.S can be a great idea if you’re hoping to display your We The People tattoo through art as well as sentimental ties.

If you’ve hit a wall with your creative thinking, consider mimicking this art piece, which is led proudly by a depiction of the White House.

The artpiece runs rather large in size, so be sure to use a back tattoo for optimal results. Take your time, and travel with a friend to cope with the lengthy process.

Screaming Liberty With Each Breath: We The People Chest Tattoo

We The People Chest Tattoo 1
We The People Chest Tattoo 2

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is a good idea if your main aim is to be loud and proud about how much you adore being a citizen of the U.S.

On the contrary, placing the tattoo on the chest is pivotal if you’re seeking results that prioritize privacy.

A chest tattoo that represents We The People is rather common, being more prominent amongst men. The pain level is very much one of the key selling points of this placement, remaining low when there’s tons of muscle development.

A Rewind To Where It All Began: We The People 1776 Tattoo

We The People 1776 Tattoo 1
We The People 1776 Tattoo 2

1776 was a monumental year for the people belonging to the U.S, as the idea of the movement, “We The People” was invented and in the works of being passed to execute.

The year holds tons of significance in modern times still, mostly used as a complementary number to any tattoo associated with the We The People movement.

Many also obtain this artwork to celebrate and see through the lens of revolutionaries, and show resentment towards the government.

Taking It One Step At A Time: We The People Leg Tattoo

We The People Leg Tattoo 1
We The People Leg Tattoo 2

A plethora of schemes can be placed to meet your benchmark for tattoos if you’re hoping to tap out and give in to the movement of We the People tattoos. From adding signature pieces of an eagle to adding notes of the American flag, plenty of components can accompany the compilation.

If a sleeve tattoo is what you despise, consider using your calves and the entirety of your leg as the alternate canvas. Give it some time, however, as the creative process is time consuming.

All Hands On Deck: We The People Hand Tattoo

We The People Hand Tattoo 1
We The People Hand Tattoo 2

Hand tattoos are painful, but so was executing the idea behind We The People; which justifies the mention of the design in this guide.

A hand tattoo comprises many nerve endings, being a token of bravery for anyone who garners the guts to install it.

It pairs effortlessly with the mindset of We The People tattoos, which have notes of courageousness attached all over each design.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: We The People Bicep Tattoo

We The People Bicep Tattoo 1

A bicep tattoo shouldn’t be out of the question if you’d like something that establishes a painless process, as well as obtain a piece that allows you the freedom to cherry pick your viewers.

The size depends on the development of your biceps, but mostly stays compact, fitting in any frame with ease.

Since the tattoo is covered almost always, less touch ups are required in the long run.

When An Unstoppable Force Meets An Immovable Object: We The People Statue of Liberty Tattoo

We The People Statue of Liberty Tattoo 1
We The People Statue of Liberty Tattoo 2

Perhaps what foreshadowed the movement of We the People is what we now refer to as the Statue of Liberty, a prominent monument in the land of the free, and the perfect companion to the phrase on a tattoo.

Although the Statue of Liberty was initially made to solve the disparity in the bond between the U.S and France, it pairs rather well with the notion of We the People, gravitating towards free speech more than anything.

The graphic of the monument also brings tons of excitement to the illustration, offering colorful and neutral colored schemes to meet demands.

Inking The Right Words: We The People Script Tattoo

We The People Script Tattoo 1
We The People Script Tattoo 2

Taking a minimal approach to wearing a We The People tattoo can save tons of time, space, and relieve one from loads of pain.

Therefore, if a script tattoo is what you’re fond of, don’t think twice before giving yourself the green signal.

The number of placement areas for this tattoo remains plenty when this option is in the mix, with the most common ones being either the forearm or the collarbone.

Adopting Old Heritage With A Modernized Effect: We The People Traditional Tattoo

We The People Traditional Tattoo 1
We The People Traditional Tattoo 2

Traditional tattoos mostly comprise faded paint jobs and dark borders. However, when it comes to creating a We The People tattoo, the traditional pieces are more centered around neutral tones.

Adding a hand can be a great idea if you’re seeking a face for your tattoo, while attaching the phrase can be extremely useful to help your cause.

Since this tattoo ranks high on the pain chart, we suggest you use the forearm, upper thigh, or the bicep area as the dedicated canvases for the piece.

Better Together: We The People Matching Tattoo

We The People Matching Tattoo 1
We The People Matching Tattoo 2

Bonding over common interests is a great way to strengthen the friendship. Likewise, if you and your partner have the same stance on the We The People movement, and cherish it deeply, getting matching tattoos might be a great idea.

While matching wrist tattoos are great for the exposure they get, wearing the tattoo in enclosed areas could be ideal if you’d like to keep the artwork just between the parties involved, even among best friends.

Adding emblems is optional, but can introduce some uniqueness to the tattoo.

Two Sides Of The Same Coin: We The People Liberty Bell Tattoo

We The People Liberty Bell Tattoo 1
We The People Liberty Bell Tattoo 2

A Liberty Bell can also be a great emblem to pair with a We The People tattoo, which preaches individuality, and independence almost always.

The artwork is also a massive upgrade from the average We the People tattoo, and can mesh with an array of candidates, such as a Statue of Liberty tattoo.

Using larger areas is once again what is suggested to make the most of this tattoo, since the illustration remains crystal clear that way.

One For The Ancestors: We The People Shoulder Tattoo

We The People Shoulder Tattoo 1
We The People Shoulder Tattoo 2

Aligned with the empowerment of We The People tattoos is a shoulder tattoo, which explains the reason behind the location’s prominence in the land of this genre. It doesn’t just denote bravery, but carries a sense of privacy that many can’t mimic.

Since the size of this tattoo is mostly shaped by the amount of mass that one possesses around their shoulder area, a plethora of schemes can be experimented with before finalizing the stencil.

If you’re seeking to play it safe, however, keep it traditional by adding a flag tattoo with phrases that make up We the People tattoos.

Frequently Asked Question

Now that the main portion has been dealt with, here is a questionnaire that will elevate your understanding and knowledge of We The People tattoos! Are We The People tattoos controversial? While the movement embraces unity, it also spreads disdain for any native apart from those rendered eligible to be called a U.S citizen, which is controversial to say the least.

However, if the flag is dropped from the artwork, any variation conveying the messages of We the People feels more neutral, and therefore, safe to be worn in public without facing scrutiny.

Q: What does a We The People tattoo promote?

Ans: Freedom, unity, independence and sacrifice are four words that best describe the movement otherwise known as We The People, making it ideal for enthusiasts with patriotic qualities, as well as individuals trying to break free in hopes of obtaining character development.

Q: Which area is best for We The People tattoos?

Ans: Judging by the entries stated above, We The People tattoos look best when obtained as a forearm tattoo, as the area provides tons of space for recreation, and ranks low on the tattoo pain chart. It can also be transformed into a sleeve tattoo at one point, which is what many plan on doing with a We The People tattoo.

Bottom Line

With all that’s been covered, we hope you’re able to find a variation that caters to you, and meets eye-to-eye with your perception of We The People tattoos.

Remember to analyze every design carefully, and side with an entry that pairs well with your frame, and pain levels. Don’t hesitate to play it safe by relying on locations that subside pain with ease to unlock an easygoing and enjoyable process when creating your version of a We The People tattoo!

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