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92 Sensational Virgin Mary Tattoo Designs And Discover Their Meanings!

Virgin Mary is a religious figure in Christianity signifying unconditional love and self-sacrifice. Also called the Blessed Mother, Madonna or Queen of Heaven, Virgin Mary is the mother of the Founding Prophet of Christianity, Jesus Christ. Virgin Mary is revered as a “virgin mother” because she is believed to have been impregnated by the Holy Spirit and not a human, the reason why she signifies miracles and wonders.

Virgin Mary tattoo is considered to be a contemporary form of art, when, in fact, tattooing the divine visage of Mother Mary has been in the customs since the Crusades! People who love tattoos prefer to honor Mother Mary’s image on their chest, neck, torso, and arms. Large tattoos and minimalist tattoos both can be embedded on a person’s skin.

Always Wondered About Virgin Mary Tattoo Meaning? Your Search Resolves Here!

Always Wondered About Virgin Mary Tattoo Meaning Your Search Resolves Here!

A Virgin Mary tattoo represents unconditional love, forgiveness, truth and self-sacrifice. Also, as the Gospels describe Mary as having conceived Jesus through the Holy Spirit, and not by earthly means, she also symbolizes all that is wondrous and miraculous.

Virgin Mary Forearm Tattoo 1
Virgin Mary Forearm Tattoo 2

Virgin Mary has been a venerated figure since the early stages of Christianity, and was honored as one of the greatest and holiest of saints. Even in the modern times, she captures an infinite proportion of respect within the hearts of the ardent followers of Christianity. People believe that getting a tattoo of Virgin Mary on their body would bring limitless success and abundance.

Take Your Pick From An Enchanting Collection Of Virgin Mary Tattoo Designs! There is a wide array of Virgin Mary tattoo designs out of which the most popular ones include the beautiful face of the Mother, and an image where she is walking down a path with her hands clasped at her bosom and her eye-lids bowed in humility. A closer look into the different types will reveal the countless ways you can express your love and respect for the figure.

Immerse In The Hypnotic Virgin Mary Forearm Tattoo A Virgin Mary tattoo on the forearm is an art form to revere. A symbolism of love, purity and sacrifice, Virgin Mary is a character who will be forever cherished in the hearts of billions of people across the globe. The tattoo could be usually in monotone, but colors may also be there.

Virgin Mary tattoos instantly make you feel relaxed. The calmness on Mother Mary’s flawless countenance and the loving look in her eyes while she catches a glimpse of her son, all the while holding him in her loving embrace, speak silently in replacement of a million words.

Virgin Mary Back Tattoo: No Worries, The Divine Lady Has Your Back!

Virgin Mary Back Tattoo 1
Virgin Mary Back Tattoo 2

The divine Virgin Mary, clad in a cloak, clasping her hands in deep prayer symbolizes sincerity and devotion. One of the most loving characteristics of Virgin Mary is the serenity on her face, which is profoundly calming. A tattoo of Virgin Mary holds the power to radiate peace.

A large Virgin Mary back tattoo has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. Why go small with the lady, when a larger one has the ability to cast a stronger impact? The imagery says a lot about the person who is flaunting the tattoo– he or she bears immeasurable love and compassion in her or her heart. This tattoo is truly a marvel and will look equally captivating on the chest.

One Look At Virgin Mary Hand Tattoo And Your Day Is Made!

Virgin Mary Hand Tattoo

Though Virgin Mary is a religious figure, billions of people around the world resonate with her sacrifice, loving nature, and trustworthiness. Her calm face radiates peace and comfort, and having a tattoo of her beautiful composure on the hands or arms is an amazing choice.

Imagine you are stressed out at work or the daily hustle and bustle is getting to you– just a glimpse of Mother Mary on your hands will help you to sort out all the dilemmas and carry on with your day. Her peaceful face will also encourage you to take it slow and stay conscious.

Crying Virgin Mary Tattoo: Tears Of Pearls

Crying Virgin Mary Tattoo

Yes, Mother Mary occupies a special place in Christian theology, but the character transcends religious significance. In recent times, her beautiful face is not only seen in the murals and tapestries of religious buildings, but it has also found its place in contemporary forms of art.

Crying Virgin Mary tattoos, for instance, touch the heart and soul. Catching a glimpse of the divine character of wisdom and sacrifice shedding tears reminds you that even the strongest can break down sometimes. However, the tattoo also encourages to be resilient, come what may.

Virgin Mary Tattoo On Arm Is A Blessing In The Form Of Art

Virgin Mary Tattoo on Arm 1
Virgin Mary Tattoo on Arm 2

Many believe from the core of their heart that a Virgin Mary tattoo on arm may bring blessing and abundance into their life. What can a sincere and deep belief not achieve? A wonderful tattoo of Mother Mary on the arms may manifest miracles into one’s life.

The moon, the sun, rays of light, and flowers of all kinds compliment A Virgin Mary tattoo. A Virgin Mary tattoo symbolizes miracle, purity, unconditional love, and sacrifice. Many feel blessed and at peace whenever they take a look at their Virgin Mary tattoo throughout the day.

Virgin Mary Neck Tattoo Goes A Long Way Back, My Friend

Virgin Mary Neck Tattoo 1
Virgin Mary Neck Tattoo 2

Oh no, don;t think that a Virgin Mary tattoo can be spotted only in recent times! During the crusades, between 1000 and 1300 CE, warriors, including offenders, used to tattoo Virgin Mary’s countenance or her figurine in prayer, to prove that they had visited the Holy Land.

The Christians in the ancient times used to tattoo Virgin Mary’s honorable visage on their arms and chest, and this choice of expression still remains. A Virgin Mary neck tattoo is just as revered form of art as any other. It may mean that you bear the Mother close to your soul.

Virgin Mary Sleeve Tattoo Is A Sight To Behold!

Virgin Mary Sleeve Tattoo

A Virgin Mary tattoo holds important religious significance in the Christian community. The lady holds a special place in everyone’s heart as being the Blessed Mother of jesus. A Virgin Mary also symbolizes unconditional love, peace, sacrifice and trustworthiness.

A full-length Virgin Mary sleeve tattoo is some sight to witness! Not only is it awesome to look at, it speaks a lot about the individual wearing it. Picture of Mother Mary wearing a Cross in her heart may mean that the person wearing the tattoo cherishes upholds what is right in the society and advocates for it to a wider community.

Small Virgin Mary Tattoo: A Small Crack For Light To Shine Through!

Small Virgin Mary Tattoo

A Virgin Mary tattoo is a deeply-felt and appreciated form of body art. Paintings, murals and tapestries have been upholding the beauty and humility of Mother Mary for centuries. However, drawing the imagery of the Holy Mother may signify being literally one with the identity.

If a full-length chest or arm tattoo is not what you are looking for, you may opt for a small Virgin Mary tattoo to begin your quest into the world of tattoo art. You may choose to decorate the body art with roses, leaves, or subtle rays of the moon glowing all around Mother Mary.

Don’t Be Shy To Add Colors To Traditional Virgin Mary Tattoo

Traditional Virgin Mary Tattoo

Yes, black and white Virgin Mary tattoos have established their place in the world of tattoo enthusiasts, but colorful ones are still admired and cherished. The creases in the robes of the divine lady, the cross embedded in her heart, and the blush of her golden cheeks, all become beautifully accentuated by colors of the rainbow.

Subtle shades of colors like turquoise, pink or blue find their way into, what are better known as, traditional Virgin Mary tattoos. Celestial bodies like the sun or the moon may be drawn behind her glowing, and elements like flowers and the doorway to heaven may be drawn and colored as well, to add some background to the revered character.

Virgin Mary Skeleton Tattoo: Body May Perish, Truth Will Prevail!

Virgin Mary Skeleton Tattoo 1
Virgin Mary Skeleton Tattoo 2

When you are living in a world where words like ‘sacrifice’ and ‘unconditional love’ may just be limited to words only, then you may either give in or rebel. If you have chosen to speak against all adversaries and seek to advocate for justice, come what may, you may like this tattoo.

A Virgin Mary skeleton tattoo symbolizes the robust root of truth and trust in all aspects of life that do not perish with time. It may mean that even though certain characteristics like self-sacrifice or love may be only superficially present in some people, you still believe in them, and will speak about them, in order to cherish them, as long as you are living.

Virgin Mary And Jesus Tattoo: The Power Of Two!

Virgin Mary and Jesus Tattoo 1
Virgin Mary and Jesus Tattoo 2

Why go for only one character when you can employ the power of two? The Virgin Mary and Jesus tattoo combo has raised a storm among tattoo lovers in the modern times. On one hand there is the unconditional love of Mother Mary, on the other hand, there is the passion and truthfulness of Christ. This is surely a sight to marvel at!

The combo tattoo may be drawn and colored on the back or the chest, because these two regions of the body will have enough room for the entire tattoo to spread its wings. Divine light emanating from the two figures, subtle colors, and other decorations may also be added.

The Traditional And Rich Virgin Mary Of Guadalupe Tattoo

Virgin Mary of Guadalupe Tattoo

Guadalupe is a place in Mexico where Virgin Mary had met a man named Juan Diego in 1531. Since then, Mother Mary has been revered as a divine figure in Mexican religion and traditions. An image of her hands clasped at her bosoms walking away across the sands of time, fostering love and truthfulness among divided nations, is an excellent idea for all kinds of art forms.

Virgin Mary of Guadalupe tattoo could be either black or white, or colorful. The tattoo may be further embellished with roses, the shining moon, and rays of divine light emanating from the shape of Mother Mary. The tattoo could be placed on the arms or on the chest.

Count Infinite Blessings With Virgin Mary Rosary Tattoo

Virgin Mary Rosary Tattoo

Rosary beads hold profound significance during prayers and meditation. A tattoo of a rosary encircling the figure of Mother Mary may signify religious values and discipline. Virgin Mary is a personality of self-sacrifice and resilience, and having her tattooed on your arms is powerful!

A Virgin Mary rosary tattoo is usually chosen to be shaded in monochromatic shades of black and gray. The head covering caressing her head and the gentle creases of her cloak get wonderfully accentuated by an interplay of light and darkness through the dexterity of the tattoo artist. Wrist, lower arms and upper arms are good places for this tattoo.

Boondock Saints Virgin Mary Tattoo: When The Goal Is To Save Humanity, Everything Is Fair!

Boondock Saints Virgin Mary Tattoo

In The Boondock Saints American movie, there were a couple of Catholic criminals who believed they were doing divine work by getting rid of wrong-doers off the streets. These gangster members wore tattoos and are considered as highly opinionated characters.

Coupling the Boondock Saints tattoo with a Virgin Mary tattoo is a bit ironic, since the two sets of personalities are vastly different. While Virgin Mary is an actual saint, the so-called Boondock “Saints” had a questionable past. However, both the characters have one thing in common, and that is to save humanity. Though largely contrasting, these tattoos have gained popularity.

Virgin Mary Face Tattoo: When A Face Is Like A Calming River Flow

Virgin Mary Face Tattoo

The visage of Virgin Mary is calming and soothing– her large eyes, usually bowed with humility, accompanied often with a kind smile, lowers the heart beat and compels a person to stay in the present, and forget other timelines.

Virgin Mary face tattoos are minimalistic tattoos that can be embedded on the skin of the arms, neck, chest or back area. As the size is minimal, getting it is a very good idea for beginner level tattoo enthusiasts.

Virgin Mary Praying Tattoo: An Amazing Tattoo For Hard Times

Virgin Mary Praying Tattoo

Virgin Mary praying tattoo bears profound religious significance. It may paint the person who is wearing the tattoo as an individual who is profoundly connected to God and divinity. The tattoo also looks simply amazing and can enhance someone’s appearance.

Virgin Mary is an epitome of self-sacrifice, trustworthiness and forgiveness. The person bearing the tattoo may be seeking forgiveness or wants to forgive someone who may have wronged him. The tattoo may also represent a resilient heart who is willing to do a lot for the cause of belief. It may also mean that a person is in trouble and is looking for God’s help and guidance.

Virgin Mary Leg Tattoo Can Help Nurture Positivity In Your Life

Virgin Mary Leg Tattoo

Many consider Virgin Mary tattoos as amulets that they believe may help them to alleviate physical or mental pain, or any other sort of crisis, and live in abundance. Sketching a Virgin Mary leg tattoo, where the lady is standing with open arms, symbolizes that something good is imminent and that one must be patient and wait for it.

Virgin Mary tattoos are often decorated with flowers and leaves to grace the holy entity. For centuries, tattoos and other forms of art depicting the Mother have been revered with utmost pride and significance. Virgin Mary tattoos also bring a profound sense of relaxation.

Virgin Mary Outline Tattoo Would Be The Best Tattoo To Go For During Troubled Times!

Virgin Mary Leg Tattoo

Virgin Mary is one of the most noteworthy symbolic figures of Christianity who stand for hope and unconditional love during tough times. Having a picture of the lady on your arms or any other part of the body will surely give you courage and a sense of direction during hardships.

The Virgin Mary outline tattoo is trending in recent times. The thick, bold outlines around the figure accentuates the drawing, bringing out the beautiful features of the Mother in a pose either with her hands clasped or holding Baby Jesus. This tattoo is often decorated with flowers and other designs, and rays of the sun or the moon glowing around the divine figurine.

Virgin Mary Shoulder Tattoo Signifies Hope Even Through The Blur Of Tears!

Virgin Mary Shoulder Tattoo

Virgin Mary shoulder tattoos are one of the topmost choices when it comes to tattoo art. The tattoo of the Blessed Mother holds plenty of divine significance. But is it only for religious reasons that this tattoo is so popular? The figure also upholds truth, justice and sacrifice.

Tattoo of Madonna in tears on the left shoulder, near the heart, signifies a deep pain burning in the individual who has chosen to wear it. The tattoo may be placed on the right shoulder also. However, even in the tears of the divine lady, trust and hope prevails.


Virgin Mary tattoos are an amazing choice of tattoo for people who uphold religious sentiments, who are by nature truthful and compassionate. You may have queries regarding the size and colors, and the different versions of Virgin Mary tattoos, up for grabs.

Q: What does Virgin Mary holding Jesus tattoo mean?

Ans: Virgin Mary coupled with her son Jesus in a tattoo form is extremely powerful. Virgin Mary represents unconditional love and serenity, while Jesus upholds everything associated with truth, justice, compassion, and self-sacrifice. The two characters together hold the power to solve all problems and bring infinite abundance in a person’s life.

Q: Is there any small sized Virgin Mary tattoo available?

Ans: All portraits of Virgin Mary could be shortened or made smaller to suit the preferences of the tattoo bearer. However, the serene face of Virgin Mary is a minimalistic tattoo that is usually drawn on the back side of the hand, the wrist, or the upper arms.

Q: What does Virgin Mary crying tattoo symbolize?

Ans: It may mean the tears of blood that she may have cried form Heavens when she witnessed her own son being crucified to death. However, Mother Mary is a resilient figure and she would not lose hope no matter what happened. The tattoo represents determination to succeed at any cost.


Virgin Mary tattoos stand for all that is wonderful and miraculous in this world and beyond. Her calm countenance and her hands clasped together in prayer for all of humanity evokes both joy and tears in the hearts of humans all over the world. Getting a tattoo of Virgin Mary etched on the body is believed to bring abundance and prosperity in the life of the tattoo bearer.

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