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55 Indulging In Breathtaking Ideas Of Meaningful Violet Tattoos!

No matter how much your life changes, it's always wise to remember your roots. And while we're quick to change our lifestyle and readjust our ways of living, it takes a good second to remember the faces of those that rode along with us when we needed company, along with the help they provided when we needed it the most.

Suffering from the former dilemma isn't anything new, to say the least. However, if you're currently in a bit of a swamp with that feeling, give violet tattoos a chance.

Violets don't just bloom for the looks, but also have an important message to serve when worn as a tattoo. To learn all about it, as well as view all the designs shaping up a violet tattoo, make this guide a reliable companion.

The Pursuit Of Being Humble Every Step Of The Way: Looking Into A Violet Tattoo’s Meaning!

Violet Tattoo Meaning

Violet tattoos are quite simple, to say the least. Underneath the purple hued petals are energy sources that derive from humility; all of which the tattoo invests on its wearers.

In other words, violet tattoos reflect on the importance of staying humble, and the downsides of getting too cocky.

While it doesn't impose the thought of forgoing being arrogant to promote one's self-confidence, violet tattoos always urge their wearers to stay in touch with their roots.

Therapeutic Forms Of Violet Tattoos Powerful Enough For A Reality Check!

Floral patterns are always easy to gel with, and the violet tattoo is no different. It finds relatability anyhow, even in the undertone of a supporting symbol, to form a tattoo partnership.

Since violets come in small sizes, they can also be used to amplify an existing tattoo of yours!

Anyway, if you're hooked, here are the best designs to follow when creating a violet tattoo.

Violet Flower Tattoo Concepts: One For Spontaneity

Violet Flower Tattoo Concepts  1
Violet Flower Tattoo Concepts  2

The nature of a violet is big on going with the flow, being the perfect match for those that take it one day at a time.

Violets also ooze of calmness, aiding those who find anxiety in the thrill of uncertainty.

Nonetheless, this violet tattoo represents those that are big on improv. As always, the upper arm is regarded as the best candidate for the job.

The African Violet Tattoo: Faithfulness Is Key

The African Violet Tattoo 1
The African Violet Tattoo 2

If you've seen an African violet, you might just notice the difference in the colour of that species.

That's not the only dissimilarity, it seems, as African violets also serve a different purpose.

Paired best with taken individuals, an African violet tattoo shows utmost loyalty and faithfulness for partners, and to love.

Violet Tattoos in Black and White: The Inevitability Of Stagnation

Violet Tattoos in Black and White 1
Violet Tattoos in Black and White 2

Once you've hit milestone after milestone, feeling accomplished might be the first thing entering your body.

Although the former is the kind of dopamine-chaser we need, it also comes with feeling too comfortable, leading to a period of stagnation.

A black and white violet tattoo carries mostly the downsides of overnight success, such as a boost in ego and laziness, among others. If you ask me, it is perhaps the underdog of this list.

Small Violet Tattoo: Cherishing The Little Things In Life

Small Violet Tattoo 1
Small Violet Tattoo 2

It is true that life goes by in a heartbeat, so live while you still have a free spirit.

Don't just celebrate the milestones, but also make time for smaller goals you accomplish before reaching the end game.

If all else fails, you might want to keep a small violet tattoo in your pocket, since it always appreciates the little things in life.

Violet Tattoos with Outline: A Great Pick For Starters

Violet Tattoos with Outline 1
Violet Tattoos with Outline 2

Often, tons of color is pressed onto a violet tattoo, which isn't always necessary. If you ask me, just an outline is also amazing when done correctly.

It's even easier when used on a violet tattoo, since the structure can be drawn without much difficulty.

The best part is the flexible placement area, with the forearm and ankle being the two biggest options.

Combination of Rose and Violet Tattoo: Because Love Does Not Boast

Combination of Rose and Violet Tattoo 1
Combination of Rose and Violet Tattoo 2

Love is necessary. On top of that, love heals all.

Moving on, while in everyone, loving is not something that should be displayed like materialistic possession. Instead, loving should be kept within the parties involved, so that a deeper connection is established eventually.

When a violet tattoo meets a rose tattoo, it signifies the importance of keeping things private, and cherishing love while it’s still there, making this entry one of the best investments on this list.

Traditional Violet Tattoo: Magnifying The Uniform Colors

Traditional Violet Tattoo 1
Traditional Violet Tattoo 2Traditional Violet Tattoo 3

Traditional designs often find comfort in using bright shades like red, green, and blue. However, a violet tattoo when paired with traditional means brings more light to the uniform color.

This is a great metaphor for authenticity, suggesting one stay true to themselves, even when luck is against them.

Additionally, this traditional design also opens multiple doors for a violet tattoo, making it easier to pair the symbol with that of a polar opposite.

Violet with Dragonfly Tattoo: Overconsumption Leads To Harm

Violet with Dragonfly Tattoo 1
Violet with Dragonfly Tattoo 2

A dragonfly tattoo is usually a good sign. Same can’t be said when it’s paired up with a violet, as it often signifies bad omen.

It can still be pursued though, as the mix only warns people about the consequence, and doesn’t necessarily affect the reality of things.

If I were to assign a demographic, I’d say this tattoo is for those riding the waves of cloud nine right now. It pleads people to never get too comfortable, and proceed everything with balance.

Basic Geometric Violet Tattoo: Displaying Flexibility At Its Peak

Basic Geometric Violet Tattoo

Violet tattoos often harmonize with all. Therefore, it’s always a breeze to generate a concept of the floral pattern, irrespective of agenda.

Moving on, to really get the best version of a violet tattoo, I believe that the metaphorical value should be prioritized just as much as the visuals. However, if you’re hoping to focus on the latter, give this geometric fusion a go.

A violet geometric tattoo fuses shapes and uses them as frames to highlight the color scheme of a violet. Often, this tattoo is easy to create, and even easier to look at.

Violet Flower and Mockingbird Tattoo: United By Mutual Interests

Tattoo With Violet Flower and Mockingbird 1
Tattoo With Violet Flower and Mockingbird 2

Things are always better when you let go of what you can't control. Maybe that's why mockingbirds and violets get along, since they always take what's given to them.

Their chemistry seamlessly transitions into the world of tattoos, where both parties look elegant without taking too much screen time.

There are tons of detailing involved with this piece, so choose your artist carefully.

Violet With Moon Tattoo: The Lore Of The Purple Moon

Violet With Moon Tattoo

Setting goals in life is mandatory if you'd like to live one that isn't mediocre. Although not always achievable, setting goals keep us motivated, leading to happiness in the long run.

However, since this life is short, it is important to always practice self love.

That's exactly what a purple moon does when fused with a violet tattoo; act as a reminder of loving oneself unconditionally.

Violet Butterfly Tattoo: Overpowered With Femininity

Violet Butterfly Tattoo

Entering womanhood is overwhelming, yet an occasion to celebrate. And if you’d like to celebrate by installing a tattoo, why not celebrate with a violet tattoo?

Violet tattoos aren’t just visually presentable, but also malleable in many cases. Perhaps the best bond it forms is with a butterfly, which can morph into the petal to form a half butterfly and half violet tattoo!

Given the delicacy of the tattoo, this variant looks best when worn as a wrist tattoo.

Violet Tattoo on Your Hand: A Reminder To Keep Oneself In Check

Violet Tattoo on Your Hand

Life is as unpredictable as it gets. And though there are survival guides and various books that provide insightful knowledge on how to live freely in this limiting world, there truly isn’t a way to perfect life.

With that being said, it’s really important that one keeps their mental health in check, even when success is knocking at their front door.

That’s when a violet tattoo comes in, educating wearers about the importance of living generously and looking after one another. At its peak, this variant fits perfectly with a hand tattoo.

Violet Tattoo Behind the Ear: Revealing One’s True Colors

Violet Tattoo Behind the Ear

Ear tattoos are perceived as one of the most painful, yet delicate forms of art one can install. And while words and letters suffice, only may also experiment with a Violet tattoo to make the experience just as fruitful.

A violet tattoo behind the ear will always keep good energy all over your mind, as well as remind you to stay humble all the time.

Since the sensitivity of the area is always moderately high, using numbing cream is advised.

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Violets and Lavender Tattoo: Two Concepts Cut From The Same Cloth

Violets and Lavender Tattoo

Matching Violet Tattoo: Bonding Through Art

Matching Violet Tattoo

Violet Tattoo on The Arm: An Emblem For Vulnerable Souls

Violet Tattoo on The Arm

Violet Tattoo with Witchy Elements: Going Back To Square One

Violet Tattoo with Witchy Elements

Watercolor Violet Tattoo: A Journey For Creative Minds

Watercolor Violet Tattoo 1
Watercolor Violet Tattoo 2

Violet Sisters Tattoo: Building Up Family Ties

Violet Sisters Tattoo

Violet Neck Tattoo: Because Transparency Is The Best Policy

Violet Neck Tattoo

Violet Tattoo on Ankle: Finding Balance Between Arrogance And Humility

Violet Tattoo on Ankle

Violet Cross Tattoo: Discovering Modesty Through Religion

Violet Cross Tattoo

Violet and Hummingbird Tattoo: A Therapeutic Duo

Violet and Hummingbird Tattoo

Violet and Crown Tattoo: A Token For Queens

Violet and Crown Tattoo

Violet Name Tattoo: Taking Love To The Next Level

Violet Name Tattoo

Violet Tattoo on Ribs: A Delicate Piece For Your Significant Other

Violet Tattoo on Ribs

Violet Tattoo on Wrist: A Rememberance Of Being Kind

Violet Tattoo on Wrist

Frequently Asked Question

Violet tattoos are relatively easy to understand, being just as convenient to wear as an art piece, from a both metaphorical and a physical standpoint.

As long as you’re able to comprehend what it truly tries to convey, violet tattoos should be able to accommodate your needs rather well. That being said, if a recap is what you desire, give the following questionnaire a read.


All in all, violet tattoos remain some of the most compelling floral patterns, compatible with anything that one may set their mind to. The former arises not due to the purple hue of the flower, but also its affiliations in the spiritual world.

More often than not, violet tattoos are associated with humility, urging one stays humble, even when they rise to fame or stardom. It reflects on the temporary nature of wealth and fame, suggesting wearers to focus more on building strong relationships and family ties!

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