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48 Glorious Valknut Tattoo Ideas To Unleash Your Inner Warrior

The intertwining patterns of the Valknut symbol hint at the cryptic aspects of both the mortal and astral world that few dare to talk about. When you illustrate the design in a sensual place of your body, you will appear as an individual with sheer strength and resilience to conquer the entire world.

The reason why the Valknut tattoos have become so popular is because of their connection with Nordic mythology and also the enigma surrounding them. To this day, none of the archaeologists and historians have been able to conclude what the symbols convey.

Human beings are hardwired to gravitate towards a notion that they know very little about and that's exactly how the Valknut tattoos became the talk of the town. The name “Valknut '' means the knot of the slain hinting at the fall of the warriors on the battlefield. In modern times, the meaning of the symbol has shifted a lot and we will touch on the symbolism in due time.

The appearance of the tattoos is also something mesmerizing. The intertwinement of the shapes immediately makes you look like someone with wisdom. The tattoo forces you to unveil the secrets of the world where most people just want to stick to their boring routine. Now that your interests have been piqued, let's embark on the journey to understand what valknut tattoos are all about.

The Philosophy Of Death: The Beautiful Yet Haunting Meaning Of Valknut Tattoos

Meaning of valknut tattoo

The meaning of the Valknut tattoos is quite mystical as people haven't yet found the most convincing one. While it may be disheartening to acknowledge how it has not been deciphered, the enigma surrounding the valknut tattoos opens up the door for numerous interpretations.

One of the most thought-provoking and agreeable meanings of the Valknut tattoo is the remembrance of the dead. If someone close to you has died, you can immortalize them by getting the Valknut tattoo. It's believed that as long as the tattoo exists in you, the spirit of your loved one remains alive.

The Valknut tattoos are Viking tattoos therefore these designs commemorate the notion of strength and power quite beautifully. The sophisticated patterns encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and have the courage to take on insurmountable odds with a smile on your face.

It may seem a bit far-fetched but the valknut tattoos have a spiritual symbolism as well. The interconnected paths of the triangle symbolize how each of us is connected to the roots of the world. Whatever we do has an impact on the universe. The Valknut tattoo teaches us to be self-aware of this fact and better ourselves.

Mesmerizing Valknut Tattoo Designs To Immerse In The Spiritual World!

When the symbol is as alluring as the valknut, you don’t need anything else to complement the design. The sole imagery of the intertwining paths to glory is so majestic that you don’t need to do anything other than take your time to perfect every aspect of the tattoo.

If you want to feel exclusive, there are lots of ways to stylize the contemporary symbol from Nordic mythology. You can either twist the lines of the triangles or mix the lines to create a far more compelling design.

Rather than interlocking the three triangles, you can even put them inside of each other to symbolize a deep meaning. There are a bunch of things that you can try. Experiment with the outline until you find the pattern that suits you the most.

The position of the tattoo is the most essential as the meaning of the tattoo tends to vary according to its placement. A wrist tattoo may be more personal whereas the bicep tattoo can symbolize how deeply rooted you are in the Viking cultures. To give you more idea about the beautiful tattoos, we have some enigmatic valknut designs on our list. Try to observe them with a keen eye.

Straight To The Point: Simple And Discreet Valknut Tattoo

Simple Valknut Tattoo 1
Simple Valknut Tattoo 2

The majesty of the valknut symbol doesn't require exaggerated portrayals. A simple rendition of the famous Viking token is just what you need to feel enlightened.

The symbol in the tattoo is as typical as it gets without a single distortion or twist. The tattoo is straightforward and hard-hitting without beating around the bush.

Each of the edges is shaded beautifully to give a nice finesse to the tattoo. You will surely feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins when you get the design.

Fun Fact: It is believed that the symbol of Valknut is associated with the Norse god, Odin. In many archaeological findings, there are similar symbols found with the portrayal of Odin and his ravens and wolves.

Clearing The Controversy: Shaded Valknut Tattoo Bad Luck

Valknut Tattoo Bad Luck

Before investigating the topic of the Valknut tattoo, I took a deep dive into Reddit and found out how many people associate the design with bad luck as if it's a harbinger of death.

While the interpretation of the knot of the slain hasn’t been discovered yet, it's certainly not connected to a bad omen. Take a look at the tattoo for example. You can notice how the triangles are interlocked with each other depicting a historic symbol. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the design. So, ink away.

The Mystery Of Life: Cryptic Valknut Tattoo On Hand

Valknut Hand Tattoo 1
Valknut Hand Tattoo 2

When the topic of discussion is hand tattoos, the design needs to have a unique twist. Therefore, the valknut tattoo comprises cryptic shapes and patterns throughout the art piece to create a mysterious ambiance.

Rather than intertwining the three triangles, the tattoo attempts to preserve each of them in their confinement. While we certainly can’t say for sure, the tattoo may hint at the rebellious nature of the Vikings.

Fun Fact: In another interpretation of the symbol, the valknut is considered to be the heart of Hrungnir. He was a giant who was entirely made up of stones. The god of thunder, Thor defeated him in a vicious duel.

Commitment for Ages: Monochromatic Valknut Armband Tattoo

Valknut Armband Tattoo 1
Valknut Armband Tattoo 2

Armbands are only etched on the body when you are truly committed to something and we don’t say it lightly. For Vikings, the armband is a sacred token that contains the bonds between people.

The manifestation of the valknut symbol as an armband solidifies your masculinity and portrays how passionate you are about Viking culture and customs.

The Peek Of Monochrome: Twisted Valknut Tattoo On Chest

Valknut Chest Tattoo 1
Valknut Chest Tattoo 2

Like the armband tattoo, the chest tattoo is also a great way to show enthusiasm about a subject matter. As you have enough space in your hands, you can try to show some flashiness in the design.

Typically, the valknut tattoo features the three triangles hinting at the people who have been taken by the clutches of death. A bit of intricacy is involved in the design which further elevates the symbolism. The round shapes peeking from the triangle edges exemplify the circle of life.

Flame Of Passion: Fiery Valknut Tattoo On Forearm

Valknut Forearm Tattoo 1
Valknut Forearm Tattoo 2

If we asked you what's the one word that comes to your mind when you think about Vikings, what would it be? It has to be passion, right? The people with bodacious mustaches and thick hammers don’t just parade their masculinity but they are genuinely passionate about the aspect of war.

If you also want to showcase the burning flame of passion in you, opt for this design. The artwork will constantly remind you never to let that fire die.

Connecting To The Deep Roots: Symbolic Viking Valknut Tattoo

Viking Valknut Tattoo 1
Viking Valknut Tattoo 2

One aspect that many people tend to ignore about the Vikings is that they are highly sophisticated people. Just take one look at their mythology and history, and you will get a glimpse of how rich and diverse they are.

Their roots and customs are boldly portrayed in this phenomenal tattoo design. Rather than following the contemporary route, the tattoo has a much more intertwining structure where each of the shapes overlaps with each other creating a seamless flow.

Token Of Strength: Intimate Valknut Tattoo On Wrist

Valknut Wrist Tattoo 1
Valknut Wrist Tattoo 2

In a world of intricate Viking tattoos, the wrist tattoo surely looks mundane, don’t you think? If you are contradictory to the statement then you my friend are in the right state of mind.

Tattoos are an opportunity to speak our minds. The art pieces aren’t done to entertain others, it's solely for you to voice your opinions and stories. If you want to depict your emotions discreetly, the wrist tattoo is best for you.

A Mystical Ambiance: Scenic Valknut Tattoo On Leg

Valknut Leg Tattoo

This has to be the most unique design on the list. Yes, the intertwinement of the triangles is present just like the others. But the triangle area is filled with a scenic image that will soothe your soul.

As there are three distinct triangles, you have the chance to illustrate three unique ambiances. One look at the design and you will be dragged to the scene. Such an experience is hard to come by in this monotonous world.

An Unusual Depiction: Straightforward Valknut Tattoo On Thigh

Valknut Thigh Tattoo 1
Valknut Thigh Tattoo 2

You may be expecting something grand for the thigh tattoo as it's the norm. However, the artwork completely switches from contemporary trends to a minimalistic one.

Your thigh has enough mystery to it already therefore you don’t need to add any more suspense to it. Just the quintessential depiction of the symbol is more than enough to create a formidable design.

An Emblem Of Guidance: Symmetrical Valknut Tattoo On Shoulder

Valknut Shoulder Tattoo 1
Valknut Shoulder Tattoo 2

Complicated tattoos such as the valknut symbol are tough to pull off as most tattoo artists make it either too dense or too thin. Whenever someone asks me what the ideal valknut tattoo should look like, I advise them to take a gander at this design.

You can notice how each of the lines is fresh and not immensely dark. There are appropriate amounts of spaces in between which further helps to portray the symbolism of the tattoo.

Wings Of Courage: Divine Valknut Angel Wings Tattoo

Valknut Angel Wings Tattoo 1
Valknut Angel Wings Tattoo 2

Without a doubt, there are some spiritual or religious connotations of the valknut designs and the tattoo above is a great manifestation of such a breathtaking idea.

Till now, we have only seen the symbol in its typical form or a much more intricate state. But this idea tries to combine multiple spiritual elements into one motif to create your ultimate lucky charm. The sword in the design will fight off all the negative energies and the wings symbolize your desire to be free.

Exuberance Of Masculinity: Flamboyant Valknut Tattoo On Bicep

Valknut Tattoo on Bicep

This one is truly a dense design that is not everyone's cup of tea. The manifestation of the symbol on the bicep represents how strong you are.

The dark shades in the design along with the symmetrical shapes exemplify how the warrior blood flows within you. If you were given the chance, you would take out your sword and shield alongside your Viking brothers.

Totem Of Bravery: Realistic Valknut Tiger Tattoo

Valknut Tiger Tattoo

The totem of most Vikings was the tiger. Just like them, these vicious animals are fierceless and they have a unique swag in their demeanor.

Therefore, it's a great idea to etch the depiction of the tiger in your body canvas if you truly want to encapsulate the virtues of the Vikings. The tattoo is highly realistic so be aware. Sometimes, the tiger may feel like it's going to jump out of your skin to go for your jugular.

The Maze Of Universe: Intricate Valknut Tattoo On Back

Valknut Back Tattoo

There is an enormous space in your back where you can pour your entire imagination out. The tattoo can be as large and grandiose as you want it to be. But alas, the tattoo we see is quite dainty.

Well, you may be a bit disappointed at a glance with the size of the design compared to the enormity of the back. But take a look at the inside of the design. You can notice how each of the shapes is fitted with perfection in one tiny triangle. The art piece is truly wonderful by every means.

The Aura Of Tranquility: Spiritual Valknut Dark Forest Tattoo

Valknut Dark Forest Tattoo 1
Valknut Dark Forest Tattoo 2

The dark forest represents a belief in which the spiritual world is deeply connected to the mortal realm. The concept goes well with the valknut symbol as both of them linger on the notion of death.

The valknut tattoos are always thought to be a remembrance design. Equipping the symbol in a dark and barren depiction of the forest symbolizes how much you care for those who have fallen to the face of death and how you wish for their well-being in the afterlife.

Splash Of Hues: Whimsical Watercolor Valknut Tattoo

Watercolor Valknut Tattoo 1
Watercolor Valknut Tattoo 2

Entertaining The Artistic Side: Creative Valknut Tattoo On Neck

Valknut Neck Tattoo 1
Valknut Neck Tattoo 2

A Motif Of Power: Sensual Valknut Tattoo Behind The Ear

Valknut Tattoo Behind the Ear

Following The Path: Intertwining Valknut Tattoo On Ribs

Valknut Ribs Tattoo


There are a lot of speculations and controversies going around regarding the valknut tattoos. Someone needs to put an end to this madness.

So, we have stepped forward to clear all the confusion so that you can get the designs without any worry in the world.

Q: Are Valknut Tattoos Considered To Be Offensive?

Ans: Some people often associate the symbol with white supremacists but that's all a lie. The valknut tattoos aren’t even slightly offensive. These designs are associated with the notion of death and are conceptualized by Nordic mythology. So, don’t hesitate to ink them.

Q: Can Valknut Tattoos Be Colorful?

Ans: It's not against the rules to make the valknut tattoos colorful per se but if you do, the result is quite odd.

One of the fundamentals of the valknut tattoos is that the designs have to be in a monochromatic color scheme. This particular hue portrays the resilience and strength in the character of Vikings. The rawness of the ink is suitable for the significance of the artwork.


The Vikings were arrogant and they didn’t pay any heed to what others said about them. Some of them even drank alcohol without any interruptions. You may be wondering why we glorify men like them.

Well, the one thing that sets the Vikings apart from all men is their aggression and passion. When they eye for something, they achieve it by whatever means necessary. They can even kill or get killed for it. Such intense passion is needed to reach our glory.

The valknut tattoos inspire them to become like the Viking warriors marching proudly to obliterate their enemies. You will be able to overcome your fears and obstacles as well with the power of valknut tattoos.

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