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55 Elegant The World Is Yours Tattoo Ideas With An Old Fashioned Notion

When Scarface was released, the movie was met with tons of harsh criticisms. Critics assembled to ridicule it one after another. They kept on rambling about how gory, violent, and toxic the movie was.

While the story of the movie was lampooned, there is no denying that the theme, quotes, and background music were legendary. Amidst many of the iconic quotes, there is one that still sticks with us after so many years.

“The world is yours”. The memorable scene where Tony Montana stands out of his giant mansion to look at the blimp still gives us goosebumps. The thrilling music alongside the portrayal of the quote truly made a euphoric experience.

Fans of the movie and those who came from the bottom have a deep respect for this particular scene. That’s why, many of them commemorate the brilliance with a charming “The world is yours' ' tattoo.

Back in the day, the tattoo might’ve been a bad choice but not anymore. The recent reappraisal of the 1983 movie makes the tattoo the perfect choice to showcase your aspirations and desires to reach the top.

A Wrongful Display Of Violence Or An Amulet Of Guidance? Bewildering Meaning Of The World Is Yours Tattoos

Meaning Of The World Is Yours Tattoo

Those who are privileged don’t realize how hard life can be. In the movie, Tony Montana is a lowlife who achieves his dream by working extremely hard by whatever means necessary. While we glorify his wealth and assets, the hard work and diligence are often overlooked.

Like Tony Montana, many similar individuals have a dream. They may not be involved in an illegitimate business like him but the goals are the same. In the scene where the blimp lights up the “The world is yours” sign, Tony Monta felt that he achieved everything that he ever wanted at that moment.

He reached the point in his life which he always chased after. He would even die now. The crescendo of music playing in the background along with Tony Montana’s expression truly portrays how meaningful the entire moment is. The tattoo depicts the same desire when we could finally be proud of ourselves.

Who Should Get The World Is Yours Tattoo?

This tattoo is not everyone’s cup of tea. Certain types of individuals will gravitate more towards the enigma of these artworks. If you belong to any one of these groups, it's an obligation to get the tattoo etched on your body.

Die Hard Fans Of Scarface

Even decades after the movie’s release, the iconic quotes and scenes from it remain in people’s minds. Whenever they get time, they search for the movie and are completely immersed in the mesmerizing scenes where they can see their reflection. For such fanatics, the tattoo can be a great way to relieve the moments of the first time watching a movie.

People With Aspirations

If you are an individual with a dream, this tattoo will connect with you on a spiritual level. Just as Tony Montana climbed up to the top of the world, the tattoo will compel you to constantly push it to the limit. This tattoo is perfect for those who want to follow their aspirations.

Will To Immerse In Monochromatic

Magnificence You will see in the later stage of the tattoo that most of the designs are in the monochromatic color scheme. It is quite apparent as the main element of the tattoo is the quote itself. For those who prefer to perceive things in an old-fashioned way, the tattoo can depict their story in a raw manner.

Wonderful “The World Is Yours” Tattoo Designs To Hold Earth In The Palm Of Your Hand

“The World Is Yours” Tattoo Design

We should warn you from the get-go that you shouldn't try to relate the concepts you see on the screen to real life. The life of Tony Montana is extremely glorified and many want to step into his shoes to enjoy affluence. But the real world of drug lords in Miami isn’t as pleasant. So keep this in mind.

Without a doubt, the tattoo is quite ambitious as the artwork teaches you the many aspects of life that you can improve on. So other than the quote, you can include many other elements such as the famous neon blimp or a stoic statue.

If you are feeling confused about which design to pick then don’t worry. We are here for you. Here are some of the best “The World Is Yours” tattoo designs. Read each description properly to find the tattoo of your dream.

Conquest Of Monochrome: Realistic The World Is Yours Tattoo

Scarface “The World Is Yours” Tattoo 1
Scarface “The World Is Yours” Tattoo 2

Tony Montana, the main character from Scarface played by none other than Al Pachi, is the quintessential antihero. He is full of flaws and driven by heinous thoughts but we can relate to his emotions and ambitions. We see ourselves in his place when Tony appears on the screen. That’s why the depiction of him holding the globe as if it is entirely his is something that we can connect to. If you are an avid fan of the movie, you know what his face looks like. The tattoo takes a unique route and is devoid of any sort of expression or scar on the face making him almost robotic. This tweak creates quite an unnerving yet intriguing feeling in the wearer. The stoic look on his face further compels you to have the same ambition as him to take over the entire world.

Shaded Luxury: Aesthetic The World Is Yours Tattoo With Natural Elements

“The World Is Yours” Blimp Tattoo 1
“The World Is Yours” Blimp Tattoo 2

Out of the blue, a giant blimp appears on the screen. No one expected the blimp to appear to showcase one of the most iconic quotes in cinema history. The neon lights and the atmosphere truly make it a masterpiece of art. The scene itself only featured the blimp rapidly passing by the sight of Tony Montana but as you can see from the tattoo design, it has a wide range of natural elements in the imagery. These elements add so much depth to the overall tattoo making it look far more aesthetic than the scene from the movie. The open and bright sky portrays how vast his ambitions were.

Illustration Beyond Human Comprehension: Stoic The World Is Yours Tattoo

“The World Is Yours” Tattoo With Drawing 1
“The World Is Yours” Tattoo With Drawing 2

Delving into the stoic and nihilistic philosophy of the ancient Greek scholars can aid you greatly in leading modern life. While Tony Montana doesn't embrace any of the virtues, his entire life sort of resembles the tale of superiority. Each of your actions has an equal and opposite reaction. This was a theory conceptualized by the great Newton himself which holds in every regard. Tony Montana may have become the king of the world but it came with a significant cost. The shaded portrayal of a Greek monument expresses such a deep notion with artistic tweaks.

Discreet Emblem Of Aspirations: Dainty The World Is Yours Design

“The World Is Yours” Neck Tattoo 1
“The World Is Yours” Neck Tattoo 2

The world may be enormous but not the neck tattoos. These dainty emblems portray the same amount of message and emotions as the other extravagant tattoos on the list. While the imagery is as simple as it gets, there is a rather interesting quirk in the artwork. As you can see, the portrayal of the round earth is almost three-dimensional. Equipped with the curved quote, the world truly feels like it's yours when it is etched on the neck. 

Inevitability Of Death: Simplistic Coffin Tattoo With The Quote

“The World Is Yours” Coffin Tattoo

Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. You may be dreaming about the extravagant life depicted in the movie but at the end of the day, even Tony Montana succumbed to the brutal clutches of death. The monochromatic coffin tattoo manifests such a terrifying notion with bold colors. As soon as you gaze upon the tattoo, you will be hit with the realization that death is coming for you, no matter how successful you are.

Clearing The Misconception: Old Fashioned Monopoly Tattoo With A Tweak Of Luxury

“The World Is Yours” Monopoly Tattoo 1
“The World Is Yours” Monopoly Tattoo 2

What comes to your mind when you think about a super successful rich man? A picture of a feeble old man with a bodacious mustache and a top hat with money rolling in hops up in the back of your mind resembling Mr. Monopoly. It is a common notion to think that you can only be rich at a certain age. But Tony Montana has proved such bigots quite wrong. The depiction of Mr. Monopoly along with the quote denies the ubiquitous claim that you need to work tirelessly for 50-60 years and then the money will come. Not essentially. You need to dream big.

Blast Of Shading: Intricate Compass Tattoo With Unique Dimensions

“The World Is Yours” Compass Tattoo 1
“The World Is Yours” Compass Tattoo 2

Folks of the modern world! You may be oblivious to the existence of ancient compasses with the invention of state-of-the-art technologies such as GPS. However back in the day, this pointy stick would save lives giving people directions to their desired place. Your ultimate destination is reaching your glory. Therefore, the compass tattoo will guide you to that stage in your life where you can finally feel like you are on top of the world. You can thank the tattoo later on. 

Spherical Blast Of Monochrome: Darkened The World Is Yours Design On Hand

“The World Is Yours” Hand Tattoo 1
“The World Is Yours” Hand Tattoo 2

When you are in charge of something, or perhaps to put it another way, when you feel like you are in control of something, you feel invincible. It's quite obvious that when you have the hand tattoo, you will feel like the central image is doing your bidding. The shaded depiction of the earth on the palm of your hand can make you feel like you have all the power in the world. Such confidence will take you far in life.

Adornment With Radiancy: The World Is Yours Design With Sublime Colors

“The World Is Yours” Neo Traditional Tattoo 1
“The World Is Yours” Neo Traditional Tattoo 2

Tip Toeing on the fine line between traditional tattoos and modern ones? Why not get the best of both worlds? The bridge between two distinct concepts harmonizes in this beautiful “The World Is Yours” tattoo. Being inept with nature not only makes you appear aesthetic as the Gen Z’s say but also explores your hidden emotions and desires. It makes you think broadly and releases you out of your mold. The vibrant flower in the tattoo will cheer you up and prepare you for the tough competition ahead.

Confinement Of Spheres: Symmetrical The World Is Yours Geometric Tattoo

“The World Is Yours” Geometric Tattoo 1
“The World Is Yours” Geometric Tattoo 2

Trapping the entire globe in a geometric conundrum has to be the most pleasant feeling of all time. Seeing how the world is confined in the geometric shape that you created gives you a certain sense of superiority. However, the tattoo doesn’t let this notion go to your head. It confines your emotions to a limit by making the shapes as symmetrical as possible.

Unnecessary Or Motivating: Discreet The World Is Yours Foot Tattoo

“The World Is Yours” Foot Tattoo

Think for a second. What would happen if you didn’t have any feet? You may be feeling violated and scared by this question but assume for a brief moment. Maybe it's too hard to digest but you will be nothing but an innate object. To get things done, you need your feet to be functional. Otherwise, you will be left all alone with your competitors fiercely tacking you aside. Rather than giving them the opportunity, cease the moment with such a pleasant foot tattoo

Audacity Of Masculinity: Three-Dimensional Bicep Tattoo With Sleek Curves

“The World Is Yours” Bicep Tattoo

The whole gimmick of Tony Montana’s character was their jaw-dropping masculinity which even can be characterized as toxic. So, if you are choosing to etch a tattoo to showcase your bravado, it's best to opt for the most muscular part of your body, the bicep. With every pressure, even the depiction of the world will crumble. The stylish curves of the font along with the imagery will further seal the deal portraying you to be a fearless human being. 

Glistening Aura Of The Universe: Personal The World Is Yours Finger Tattoo

“The World Is Yours” Finger Tattoo 1
“The World Is Yours” Finger Tattoo 2

We were quite like you thinking what's the purpose of the finger tattoos? Do these dainty amulets have any significance at all? Well, they do. Tattoos don’t need to be too ambitious or grandiose. Sometimes, the tiny imagery speaks the loudest. A cool way to enhance the aesthetics of the oversimplified artwork is to illustrate the globe in your nails. The glistening surface of the nail will make your whole world feel bright. “

Push It To The Limit: Ambitious The World Is Yours Tattoo

“The World Is Yours” Ambition Tattoo

The whole point of the “The World is Yours” tattoos is the desire and attempt to be ambitious. Tony Montana had an ambition. Maybe it was something illegal but it was an aspiration nonetheless. Such a notion dwelling in your mind is necessary to thrive. In your quest for success, you will come across many hindrances. These obstacles are subtly depicted in the tattoo. It portrays how to conquer the world you need to partake in activities and embark on confusing paths. It may seem arduous but it will be worth it in the end. 

Float With A Free Soul: Astrological The World Is Yours With Glimpse Of Radiance

“The World Is Yours” Opportunity Tattoo 1
“The World Is Yours” Opportunity Tattoo 2

You are presented with loads of opportunities throughout your life. Many of us complain that we are unlucky but we are too stubborn to look around ourselves. If we did, we would know how many of them exist only to be grabbed by us. Awaken your true potential and connect with your spiritual self. Seize every opportunity that comes across you no matter how indignant they may seem. If you can do that, you will feel as proud and free as the astronomer revolving in the vastness of the universe as depicted in the tattoo.


The movie is legendary so is the quote. Such an iconic line from the movie needs an additional section where we discuss the many questions that pop into your mind. Here they are. We tried to answer from our deep experience and being an avid fan of the movie as yourself.

Q: Does The World Is Yours Tattoo Symbolize Gang Violence?

Ans: Not at all. The movie may be misinterpreted to glorify the rich and extravagant lifestyle of Miami gang members with violent depictions of murder, extortion, and substance use. But the tattoo is dozens far from these morbid notions. The artwork entirely focuses on inspiring the individual and highlights the positive aspects of Tony Montana’s life.

Q: Can The World Is Yours Tattoos Be Colorful?

Ans: Why not? It's your body, your choice. However, the current norm is to keep the tattoos as monochromatic as possible. If you want to deviate from the trend then we suggest you take a look at our neo-traditional design on the list.


We often preach about the notion of inner peace but do we know the meaning of it? Does inner peace only indicate when we are content with ourselves or is it something else? You will find answers to many such mysteries of life in the depths of the “The World is Yours” tattoos. The tattoo is as simplistic as it gets with just a feature of the quote. However, each letter in the tattoo in its monochromatic glory will guide you to your glory. Who knows, there may be a time when you will look at the sky same as Tony Montana, and realize that you made it.

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