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85 Mysterious Designs For Tarot Card Tattoos That Will Leave Viewers In Awe!

Life is indeed a gamble, so it’s normal that we bet on and find more comfort in absolutes than investing in what’s unpredictable. And while it’s good to abide by certainty and structure, switching lanes, at times, is pivotal for spiritual development.

Tarot reading is a great way to get insight on what you’re signing up for. Though open to changes, tarot cards unveil a series of foreshadowing in one’s life, predicting the future of their careers to their love lives.

The precision of tarot cards not only adds to the popularity of tarot card reading, but also allows tarot cards and their designs to find tons of recognition in the world of art.

Going by tarot card tattoos, this guide not only unveils the best design, but also dives in on what each card represents as a tattoo.

A Great Way To Explore One’s Spiritual Side: Tarot Card Tattoos According To Their Meaning!

Tarot card tattoo meaning

Though tarot cards bring to light a series of interpretations, above all, they allow wearers to know more about themselves, what they desire as human beings, and the kind of lives they would ultimately find fulfillment in.

The former revelation makes tarot card tattoos must-have designs for free-thinkers, as it makes space for character development and spiritual growth.

Often, tarot card tattoos can also aid manifestation, and allow one to have more control over their actions and needs. In short, a tarot card tattoo, whether a yes or no according to professionals, often results in a positive outcome in the world of tattoos!

Extraordinary Concepts Of Tarot Card Tattoos With Various Interpretations!

With a total of 78 cards, tarot decks showcase versatility to the maximum, making them well-liked in the world of tattoos. This makes them a hub for creative thinkers, who find joy in depicting tattoos that are often lost in translations.

In the world of tarot card tattoos, the main aim is to represent the cards themselves. However, there’s tons of space for creativity, especially if you pick your brain.

From tattoos that cater to lovers to tattoos that reflect on the importance of being humble, here are all the tarot card tattoos that you need to view before finalizing your design!

The Lovers Tarot Card Tattoo: Predicting The Status Of Romance

The Lovers Tarot Card Tattoo 1
The Lovers Tarot Card Tattoo 2

The first card is perhaps a card that many land on when doing a reading on their romantic life, otherwise known as the lover card. It not only unveils the love shared between the parties involved, but also predicts the future of the pair.

This tarot card tattoo is not just powerful from a metaphorical standpoint, but also quite powerful for couples who are either picking things up from a bad phase, or planning to tie the knot.

In addition, the artwork can be a great way to meet cravings for those into floral and portrait tattoos!

Strength Tarot Card Tattoo: A Companion That Gives You The Push You Need!

Strength Tarot Card Tattoo 1
Strength Tarot Card Tattoo 2Strength Tarot Card Tattoo 3

The strength tarot card is a great pick to be dealt when you’re getting a career reading done, as it showcases a sign of hope.

While a tad bit different, a strength tarot tattoo radiates on the same wavelength, but urges one to be more assertive and make a decision instead of just easing their mind.

When having this tattoo around, life is always on your side, as the motivation the image gives off is one in a million.

Simple Tarot Card Tattoo: A Walk In The Park

Simple Tarot Card Tattoo 1
Simple Tarot Card Tattoo  2Simple Tarot Card Tattoo 3

A simple variant should be enough if you’re a big believer of tarot cards, and their abilities.

Additionally, if you can’t make a pick, just take the best one and make adjustments in accordance with your preferences.

From wearing the lover tattoo to obtaining a strength card, various depictions exist. Ensure to obtain the best level of satisfaction by wearing an entry that pairs well with your mindset.

To keep things easygoing, add a black and white color scheme.

The Moon Tarot Card Tattoo: The Juxtaposition Of Reality And Fantasy

The Moon Tarot Card Tattoo 1
The Moon Tarot Card Tattoo 2

The moon tattoo may look like a polar opposite of the sun card when partaking in tarot reading, but it actually is more of a spiritual companion over anything else.

A moon tarot card tattoo brings a balance between reality and fantasy, which is something many of us need.

It validates the hypothetical aspect to respect an individual’s need to daydream, while bringing to attention actuality through notes of real-life actions.

The Sun Tarot Card Tattoo: Being Appreciative Of The Present

The Sun Tarot Card Tattoo 1
The Sun Tarot Card Tattoo 2

Often, we either dwell too much on the past, or worry too much about what is to come in the future. However, not enough energy is invested in the present, let alone feeling grateful about what we currently have.

A card of the sun really brings to light the importance of living in the moment, as well as being appreciative of what we have. With signs of happiness, it is also seen as a great tattoo to wear.

The sun tarot card tattoo is often featured with various supporting designs, involving flowers, planets, and quotes. If you’re seeking a good spot, consider wearing it on the wrist!

High Priestess Tarot Card Tattoo: The Power Of Being Mysterious

High Priestess Tarot Card Tattoo 1
High Priestess Tarot Card Tattoo 2

Moving in silence is often a good thing, as it keeps away the intention of the evil eye. A prime example of the benefits that arise when keeping things to oneself is the High Priestess, another card found among tarot decks.

It mostly appreciates secretiveness, meshing best with mysterious individuals. More often than not a high priestess tarot card leads to spiritual growth.

To make things more compelling, using similar emblems is advised. You may also use quotes to increase its sentimental value.

Tarot Card Sleeve Tattoo: An Ensemble Cast

Tarot Card Sleeve Tattoo 1
Tarot Card Sleeve Tattoo 2

With the amount of tarot cards available, one can easily blend a couple of them to form one unit, before placing it onto a sleeve tattoo.

To find successful results, it is crucial to add emblems that move on the same wavelength, or share the same interests as the rest of the crew.

Often, using neutral colors is the way, as it is low maintenance, and inexpensive to obtain.

Justice Tarot Card Tattoo: The Importance Of Taking Accountability

justice tarot card tattoo 1
justice tarot card tattoo 2

In order to grow, it is important that we take responsibility for our actions. Often regarded as accountability, it covers just how much we’re willing to face the consequences of decisions deriving from our own interests.

A justice card does just that in tarot reading, striving for maturity and growth.

The artwork is also something to behold, carrying a portrait, tons of overwhelming elements in the background, alongside a frame that showcases each portion perfectly!

Devil Tarot Card Tattoo: Steering Clear From Neuroticism

Devil Tarot Card Tattoo 1
Devil Tarot Card Tattoo 2

Often, it is easier to try something that can be regarded as cynical due to the lack of effort, than to do the opposite and work towards long-term results. And since it’s just as easy to take up bad habits, one should always be wary of their surroundings.

The devil card is one that promotes habits that ruin lives, so it’s not great if your luck lands on it.

Conversely, it can be used to raise awareness for cynical habits, and even forgo practices like smoking, drinking, and partaking in substance abuse.

Empress Tarot Card Tattoo: Staying In Touch With Feminine Habits

Empress Tarot Card Tattoo 1
Empress Tarot Card Tattoo 2
Empress Tarot Card Tattoo 3

Life is all about connecting with your inner-self at the end of the day. And though our minds get stuck giving into conformity and submitting to a life full of materialism, a tarot card that stays true to the former is the Empress.

The Empress is a tarot card which connects females to their inner womanhood. It heals, forgives, and encourages women to be themselves, and live life to their fullest potential.

Mostly a portrait tattoo, the Empress can be a tough image to depict. Be sure to make space through using the right canvas to find the right results.

Death Tarot Card Tattoo: Starting A New Chapter

Death Tarot Card Tattoo

A death card when tarot reading doesn’t always mean death itself. It is seen as a yes card, mainly due to all the positives it brings.

Wearing a death tarot card tattoo might imply that the person has started a new chapter, while moving on from the past.

It’s a mentally-empowering tarot card, known for improving one’s will to live.

Libra Tarot Card Tattoo: Making The Right Decision

Libra Tarot Card Tattoo 1
Libra Tarot Card Tattoo 2

Taking into account rational elements when making a decision is crucial for success. However, if your gut is telling you not to abide by objectiveness, perhaps you need to think again.

A tarot card comprising a healthy mix of intuition and logic is that of a Libra, one of the most demanding tarot card tattoos out there.

It allows people to consider and validate their feelings, but also find a balanced decision where logic doesn’t get thrown out of the mix, leading to contentment.

Cat Tarot Card Tattoo: When Wisdom Meets Love

Cat Tarot Card Tattoo 1
Cat Tarot Card Tattoo 2

Cats have been known for being great at providing guidance to human beings, despite being unable to communicate with us directly. They’re rather powerful in the spiritual world, possessing years of wisdom that can’t be taught.

A tarot card of a cat denotes the interconnection between love and wisdom, key components to living a fruitful life.

What’s astonishing about a cat tarot tattoo is how compatible it tends to be, especially when paired with an Empress.

Traditional Tarot Card Tattoo: A Safe Bet For Newbies

Traditional Tarot Card Tattoo 1
Traditional Tarot Card Tattoo 2
Traditional Tarot Card Tattoo 3

Closing off this list is a traditional piece, which is often a great entry for those seeking more freedom from a creative standpoint.

While traditional tattoos are rather generic, it offers users to compile various tarot cards together to form a unit, denoting multiple hidden messages.

When committing to such tattoos, be sure to clear up your schedule. Drape the picture in black and white to bring more attention to the metaphor.

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The Star Tarot Card Tattoo: Big News For The Future

The Star Tarot Card Tattoo

Medusa Tarot Card Tattoo: Rediscovering Divinity And Religion

Medusa Tarot Card Tattoo 1
Medusa Tarot Card Tattoo 2

The Hierophant Tarot Card Tattoo: For Believers And Soldiers Of God

The Hierophant Tarot Card Tattoo 1
The Hierophant Tarot Card Tattoo 2The Hierophant Tarot Card Tattoo 3

The Magician Tarot Card Tattoo: As Above, So Below

The Magician Tarot Card Tattoo

Aries Tarot Card Tattoo: Staying True To Your Core People

Aries Tarot Card Tattoo

The Witch Tarot Card Tattoo: Avoiding Bad Omen Effectively

The Witch Tarot Card Tattoo

Frequently Asked Question

Now that you’ve gotten a view of what I like to call the best of tarot card tattoos, here’s a questionnaire that will further enhance your knowledge of the spiritually enlightening companions for incredible tattoo results!

Q: How costly are tarot card tattoos?

Ans: Taking into account the fact that tarot card tattoos have portraits, floral schemes, and words written with elegant fonts, the price tag of the average tarot card tattoo is higher than what one could imagine. According to research, the average tarot card tattoo starts at $300, that too when the graphic lacks size and resolution.

Q: Why are tarot card tattoos sought after?

Ans: With different interpretations, tarot card tattoos allow us to drop deep messages through wonderful graphics, that too without making the meaning obvious. Tarot card tattoos also offer a stress-free experience, mainly by presenting themselves with various options!

Final Verdict

All in all, tarot card tattoos have an open-ended meaning, allowing users to dictate and narrate their own story. While each tarot card tattoo does have its own identity, one can perceive it in a subjective way, discovering a whole new variation for the selected tarot card tattoo.

Before anything else, it is important you consider what you like and what you’re hoping to achieve with a tarot card tattoo. Consult with an artist if your main aim is to install a work of art that is easy to look at.

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