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95 Astounding Stomach Tattoos For Women That Are Big On Aesthetic Pleasure!

No matter how special your tattoo may be, the impression won’t amount to anything if the artwork isn’t placed in the right area. Since each location symbolizes a distinct feeling, ensuring you’re placing your trust in the right canvas is everything. And while neck tattoos can enhance your appeal and always enable you to have a voice inside your ear, a stomach tattoo can give you the privacy you’ve always needed.

Stomach tattoos are quite renowned in women’s fashion. It has tons of appeal attached to it, especially when displaying colorful tattoos. A mandala tattoo on a woman’s stomach is just as appealing as the former, regarded as a close second after any color tattoo.

At the end of the day, despite being sensitive to a needle, a stomach tattoo remains a star because of how intimate it is. It not only offers a range of areas that one can use for their artwork, but also comes in various forms to please the crowd. And if you’d like to pick your mind for a stomach tattoo, give this article a read to discover some promising concepts!

“Lenient When Accurate”: Assessing The Pain Attached To Stomach Tattoos For Women

Stomach tattoos are wonderful designs that women gravitate towards. Each piece seems exquisite, possessing the ability to add to one’s appeal. When worn, a stomach tattoo also makes the wearer the centre of the spotlight, which is typically noticeable on formal occasions.

A stomach tattoo looks great with casual as well as formal outfits. Not all is positive, however, as its pain-level varies depending on the design that is selected, and the area that is picked to be used as the canvas.

On a pain scale, a stomach tattoo ranks quite high, carrying nerve-endings on the surface of the layer. The tingling sensation felt on a stomach tattoo is quite prominent, and the contact between a stomach and a needle tends to be rather uncomfortable. A center-piece is often the most painful variation from the lot, while a side stomach tattoo is the option that caters to susceptible skin.

Highly Enchanting Stomach Tattoos For Women To Toggle Through And Obtain At This Instant!

As stated earlier, a stomach tattoo really doesn’t carry an agenda. Its main aim is to enhance the appeal of the wearer, which is a task that it always manages to accomplish, especially when representing a woman.

A stomach tattoo doesn’t always need large depictions, but benefits from pieces that mean something to the wearers. While mandala patterns are the frontrunners after color tattoos, floral patterns are also considered as some of the best alternatives that bring more attention to femininity. If you’d like to explore them all, however, give the upcoming entries a view!

Side Stomach Tattoo

Side Stomach Tattoo 1
Side Stomach Tattoo 2

The frontrunner among stomach tattoos is the one with the most appeal, otherwise known as a side stomach tattoo. It often looks clean and clear, providing a canvas that is firm and resilient against pain.

A side stomach tattoo is a fan favorite because of how painless it is. The amount of pain one must bear depends on the state of the area, which often excels when the stomach carries less body fat and more pounds of muscle.

Lower Stomach Tattoo

Lower Stomach Tattoo 1Lower Stomach Tattoo 2

On the other side is a lower stomach tattoo, which positions itself around the love handle. The artwork offers more privacy, and usually pairs best with pieces that are narrow and small. Be careful when pursuing it though, as the lower stomach is quite sensitive due to the amount of nerve endings that are present.

A lower stomach tattoo often carries quotes and initials, but can also carry a string of tattoos. The first two are ideal, however, since they offer a shorter installation process.

Butterfly Stomach Tattoo

Butterfly Stomach Tattoo 1
Butterfly Stomach Tattoo 2
Butterfly Stomach Tattoo 3

Butterflies pair well with the nature of stomach tattoos, defying beauty in every single way. A butterfly stomach tattoo often runs high in volume, and is often positioned on the side of the stomach for ideal results.

Using a series of colors can be a great way to add to the presentability of the tattoo. If you’re not fond of jarring schemes, we suggest you resort to using a shade of blue, a common theme for butterflies.

Small Stomach Tattoo

Small Stomach Tattoo

Small tattoos have always been the safest bet to make. In addition to offering a creative process with a moderate pain level, small tattoos are adored because of how adaptable they are. In contrast to the rest, a small tattoo welcomes anything with open arms as long as it pleases the wearer.

To successfully pull off a small stomach tattoo, you have to find something that represents femininity in your eyes. And if you can’t think of anything on your own, try taking notes from the former as well as the latter entries on this list.

Flower Stomach Tattoo

Flower Stomach Tattoo 1
Flower Stomach Tattoo 2

Floral patterns have always been in trend. In fact, they’re some of the very few designs that, in our eyes, will remain timeless until eternity. We don’t only find hope in their appearance, but are also fond of how well they adjust to every location, especially with the dimensions of the stomach.

A flower stomach tattoo can easily heighten your appeal and make you the center of attention. Pursue minimal schemes and soft tones over a compilation of floral patterns, since the formal is more soothing.

American Traditional Stomach Tattoo

American Traditional Stomach Tattoo

Tattoo Being a patriot is something that one shouldn’t discard or keep to themselves, but express to the public eye. It shows that you love the setting you’re in, and have unconditional love for those that share cultural traditions with you.

American traditional tattoos are more common than any other option gravitating towards patriarchy. Most prefer using either side of their biceps, while those seeking feminine energy resort to a stomach tattoo.

Dragon Stomach Tattoo

Dragon Stomach Tattoo

Dragons are, by far, the most appealing concept to adopt for a stomach tattoo. Their sketches often bring more attention to the toned segments of the location, which can immediately heighten the attraction of the wearer.

When it comes to symbolism, dragon stomach tattoos aren’t any different from the average dragon, which symbolizes strength and resilience. However, a dragon stomach tattoo definitely speaks to more women than most entries do.

Full Stomach Tattoo

Full Stomach Tattoo 1
Full Stomach Tattoo 2

They say that a tattoo is an investment, especially if it covers the circumference of a large area. The artwork takes months, even years to perfect, but never fails to grow on creative minds as well as tattoo enthusiasts.

A full stomach tattoo is equivalent to a sleeve tattoo. It requires precision, and usually compiles a series of elements together to form one unit, which looks good in any and every form.

Bird Stomach Tattoo

Bird Stomach Tattoo

Birds can free one from their shackles and allow them to understand life better. The visuals that each species provide are even better, but fall short of being the primary selling point of this design.

One that prioritizes both the symbolism and the appearance of a bird is a stomach tattoo, which can carry up to a couple of components at a time. While a solo piece is sufficient, many tend to add more to the color to enhance the final outcome.

Japanese Stomach Tattoo

Japanese Stomach Tattoo

Japanese culture is big in everything, especially in the fashion scene. It also has a huge influence on the world of tattoos, with many preferring the vibrant yet staggering theme behind Japanese artwork over minimal designs.

If you’re fond of colors, a Japanese stomach tattoo is definitely an option that you must seek. It carries thick strokes of solid yet concentrated hues, which highlights one’s love handles and abdomen area in a sublime manner.

Cat Stomach Tattoo

Cat Stomach Tattoo

Cats are reliable companions. Additionally, according to many, cats find more in common with women, which sums up the popularity and the motive behind this tattoo.

A cat tattoo can be feasible if you’ve got an adorable pet that you currently take care of. Obtaining it as a stomach tattoo could be even better than installing it in an exposed area, since it will allow the wearer to form a bond with the artwork, year after year.

Medusa Stomach Tattoo

Medusa Stomach Tattoo

We’ve all heard of Medusa, a popular figure in Greek Mythology. If you haven’t, though, know that her story is not one that ends well, but conveys a lesson and a piece of advice that most should take and abide by.

Medusa would turn anyone into stone, and that too in a jiffy. It only occurred when one would make eye contact with her, though, which later became a curse.

A medusa tattoo, on the other hand, carries distinct features that truly define the beauty of art. Since the portrait does require a big canvas, though, we suggest you use the side of your stomach for ideal results.

Henna Stomach Tattoo

Henna Stomach Tattoo

Henna is a tropical agent that is used to design one’s skin for a short period. It possesses an olive-like hue in the beginning, which gradually carries a shade of dark orange when the design reaches its peak. A henna stomach tattoo possesses the same appeal of henna, but stands by their wearer forever.

A henna stomach tattoo can be based on patterns you were fond of as a kid. It can also contain floral patterns, which can definitely allow one to see your beauty.

Eagle Stomach Tattoo

Eagle Stomach Tattoo 1
Eagle Stomach Tattoo 2

If you gravitate towards birds more, know that another stomach tattoo that enlightens the minds of women and makes them feel confident is an eagle, which can easily be implemented if the proper dimensions are used. An eagle tattoo also represents freedom, which can allow one to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

An eagle stomach tattoo is a large piece. It might take weeks to form the stencil, let alone add colours to finalize the design. If you do want to save time, however, choose the classic hue of black and grey over colors.

Rose Stomach Tattoo

Rose Stomach Tattoo

Self-love is self-care, which isn’t practiced enough. Doing so can also make one feel more empowered in their own being, and reach a state of amor fati with the other aspects of life. And since one only needs a subtle push, know that you can always rely on a rose tattoo.

A rose tattoo isn’t just for expressing the love one has for another being, but can also be used as an incentive to love yourself more. If you’re fond of tattoos, experiment with a stomach tattoo, which compliments the nature of rose tattoos.

Moth Stomach Tattoo

Moth Stomach Tattoo 1
Moth Stomach Tattoo 2

Moths represent death more often than not, but are also pivotal if you’re seeking transformation. When around, a moth provides moral support, which is what many need to survive the downsides of growing pain and change.

A moth stomach tattoo is a good way to expose the delicacies of a moth tattoo. It is also quite easy to obtain, and doesn’t take much attention away from the body part, which is known for being the highlight.

Snake Stomach Tattoo

Snake Stomach Tattoo

Healing is quite important in life. And while recovering from past events of trauma can be easier to entertain in theory, it is often best to seek a companion in real life to recuperate to the fullest.

A snake tattoo is the perfect companion you can reach out to for tons of support, associated with powers of healing. The curves of a snake look perfect almost anywhere, but carry a little more flair when depicted as a stomach tattoo.

Geometric Stomach Tattoo

Geometric Stomach Tattoo

Sharp shapes and lines could be enough if you utilize them properly. Likewise, if you’re not ready for a tattoo that could be unbearable to deal with, but would still like to pursue a stomach tattoo, why not aim for a geometric tattoo?

A geometric tattoo uses its frames and borders to highlight the selected area. When obtained as a stomach tattoo, it looks soothing, and even highlights the navel area better than any other tattoo.

Lion Stomach Tattoo

Lion Stomach Tattoo

Lion tattoos are for straightforward people. It is for those who believe in the power of the people they surround themselves with, prioritize love, and believe in the potential of unity over having materialistic possessions in their arsenal.

A lion stomach tattoo highlights the ins and outs of a lion’s facial features. The furry being looks great when depicted in trippy colours, offering more sobriety with the traditional theme.

Skull Stomach Tattoo

Skull Stomach Tattoo

Skulls can be a simple way to meet your cravings for a stomach tattoo. In addition to being minimal, a skull tattoo is also quite intimidating, resulting in tons of impressions, both good and bad.

A skull tattoo on the stomach is a peculiar design, as it doesn’t necessarily bring to light the beauty of femininity. However, it is associated with the inevitability of life, making it an important installment for character development.

Cross Stomach Tattoo

Cross Stomach Tattoo

Many use a stomach tattoo to improve their attributes and heighten their appeal in the minds of spectators. However, not many take help from a stomach tattoo, which is what a cross stomach tattoo offers.

A cross stomach tattoo only caters to a niche crowd, bringing their wearers to learn more about Christianity and form a stronger bond with their Creator. The image of a cross stomach tattoo carries the same energy, with an influence that is almost as powerful as the tattoo.

Owl Stomach Tattoo

Owl Stomach Tattoo

An owl’s eyes represent a million years of philosophical takes and reeks of wisdom. On the outside, an owl offers much more than a pointy beak and large-shaped eyes, thanks to its stocky build and stout frame. With a size that fits anywhere, an owl can easily mix with the nature of a stomach tattoo.

This too is merely about the visuals. It looks amazing without colour already, but tends to look more refreshing when the sketch is showcased with a jarring tone.

Tiger Stomach Tattoo

Tiger Stomach Tattoo

Similar to lions are tigers, which prioritize protecting and serving until eternity. The portrait of a tiger is much more intimidating than that of a lion, however, which finds the perfect home in the dimensions of a stomach.

A tiger stomach tattoo is a popular one in the eyes of women due to its symbolism, which focuses on devotion, strength, and power. The shades of a tiger also blend perfectly with the attraction of a stomach tattoo.

Wolf Stomach Tattoo

Wolf Stomach Tattoo

Wolves are big on loyalty and protection. Moreover, wolves carry physical means that stand out exceptionally when depicted in a tattoo, irrespective of the nature of the placement area.

Investing in a wolf tattoo can be a good way to express how much you prioritize faithfulness and love. If you’re hoping to obtain it as a stomach tattoo, know that it will be a success, since such tattoos can really sharpen the features of the selected area.

Mandala Stomach Tattoo

Mandala Stomach Tattoo 1
Mandala Stomach Tattoo 2
Mandala Stomach Tattoo 3

Frequently Asked Question

Remember, placement is everything when you’re getting a stomach tattoo. To ensure success, we also suggest you install a tattoo with a proportionate design.

While the first half was mainly unveiled to help you find a design that is relatable in your eyes, it might not amount to anything if you’re not aware of te fundamentals. And if the previous remark is something you can relate to, give the following segment a read to learn the fundamentals of stomach tattoos for women.

Q: Which area is best for a stomach tattoo?

Ans: According to experts, the best area for a stomach tattoo is the side of the stomach, which also carries more layers of fat and muscle to protect the wearer against needles. Many also believe that the side of the stomach enables any graphic to age well.

Q: Does a stomach tattoo age well?

Ans: More often than not, a stomach tattoo takes a while to dry due to being in a secluded area. The shape of the tattoo also changes easily, especially if you’re prone to gaining weight. To ensure your tattoo ages well, staying in shape can be the best remedy. Therefore, sleep more, eat healthy, and get moving when needed.

Bottom Line

All in all, if you’re seeking a delicate design that can accommodate almost anything, but also establishes a sense of privacy, a stomach tattoo is all you need. It is a design that is mostly worn by women, possessing designs that mostly highlight femininity and the beauty of a woman’s body.

From color tattoos to portraits, a stomach tattoo offers various schemes. While many prefer using the center of the stomach as a canvas, those with damage-prone skin are advised to use the side of the stomach, which can add to toned-out abdomens, and subside the pain of the area acknowledged for being highly-sensitive. With the beauty it offers, we highly doubt that the popularity of getting stomach tattoos will enter a period of decline anytime soon.

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