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102 Superb Star Wars Tattoo Ideas To Reach To The Top!

Star Wars! Even after so many years, whenever we hear the name, a sense of nostalgia hits us so hard that we can’t escape thinking about the good old days. I used to wait all year long to watch the new Star Wars movie. Back then, we didn’t have a TV cable. So I had to go to my friend's place. We watched in awe when the movies aired on the TV screen.

The beautiful ambiance, the exhilarating spaceships, and the fight scenes, all gave us goosebumps. I am pretty sure that most of you have such a memory of movies like mine. The Star Wars tattoos allow us to go back in time and enjoy the immersive world over and over again.

Everybody talks about the aesthetics of the Star Wars tattoos but sometimes we forget how there are so many different symbolism hidden in every single scene.

The fight between good and evil, the oppression of the minority, and the struggle against all odds are aspects that resonate with all of us. Each of the Star Wars tattoos does a great job exemplifying these inspiring aspects of life.

I know that you are probably thinking of going to the tattoo store to get the Star Wars tattoo right now but you should be a bit patient. One small mistake and you can have a hideous tattoo. Even something as magnificent as the Star Wars tattoos can look bad with horrendous inking. So, let's learn everything there is about these tattoos to avoid any unfortunate occurrences.

How Star Wars Tattoo Teaches Us To Hope And Dream: The Beautiful Meaning Of Them

How Star Wars Tattoo Teaches Us To Hope And Dream The Beautiful Meaning Of Them

The great thing about the Star Wars movies is the characters. Each of them has a unique motive and in a lot of cases, their path shifts to a completely new direction. If you are looking for some powerful meanings then you just need to look at the beautiful characters.

For example, Darth Vader is arguably cinema’s most iconic villain. There is hardly any person who doesn't remember the twist at the end. A Star Wars tattoo containing Darth Vader can symbolize redemption. While he may be evil, he sacrificed himself to save his son, Luke Skywalker. The tattoo can remind the wearer that it’s never to turn back.

Elements like the lightsaber or the exuberant spaceships exemplify the notion of overcoming all the odds. With the power of these elements, you can obliterate each of the obstacles that come in your journey.

Another iconic character from the movie, Yoda can be an emblem to appreciate the value of life. The tattoos can also showcase aspects such as courage, perseverance, and most importantly harmony and peace. In a chaotic world where there is hardly any existence of the latter, the design can be a breath of fresh air.

All in all, Star Wars tattoos give you hope and allow you to dream. When you observe the celestial magnificence, you start to become more confident about yourself as if you are on the top of the world.

Satisfying Star Wars Tattoo Designs To Go Back To Your Childhood Days!

Satisfying Star Wars Tattoo Designs To Go Back To Your Childhood Days!

There is a reason why Star Wars is branded as an epic. It's because of the movie's grand scale and magnificent world-building. Therefore, the celestial ambiance is a crucial part of the Star Wars tattoo no matter which style you end up choosing. You need to create a beautiful background for most of the designs consisting of an ominous sky with stars shining brightly.

Color contrast is an important aspect of Star Wars tattoos. If you choose without knowing what each of the colors symbolizes, you can end up having a tattoo that you will regret later on. For example, the blue color in the lightsaber is synonymous with the Jedi whereas the red color represents the dark side. The colors can manifest your allegiance. So pick accordingly.

For most of the tattoo designs, there are some prevalent characters. Stormtroopers appear now and then in the movie and the same happens in the case of the tattoos. Although it may not be the cup of tea for everyone we can’t deny that these soldiers wearing imposing white armor sure look quite badass.

Spaceships are also a recurring element in the series. There are some breathtaking fight scenes involving these machines. From the rusty Millennium Falcon to the Death Star, there are ample amounts of these intergalactic vessels that you can choose from. To get a good idea of what an ideal Star Wars tattoo looks like, take a good look at some of our fabulous designs.

 Stealing The Spotlight: Celestial Star Wars Tattoo On Sleeve

Star Wars Sleeve Tattoo 1
Star Wars Sleeve Tattoo 2

The brutal presence of the stormtrooper is way too jarring in the celestial ambiance of the galaxy. The appearance is a bit disproportionate as the stormtrooper seems to overtake nearly half of the tattoo.

However, there is still an ample amount of things going on. You can see the magnificent spaceships that are a quintessential part of the movies flying in the background.

In the sleeve tattoo, one key part stands out the most and that's the emergence of BB-8. The cute and cuddly droid steals the entire spotlight despite the plethora of elements in existence.

 Exuberance Of The Spaceships: Simple Star Wars Tattoo With A Twist

Simple Star Wars Tattoo 1
Simple Star Wars Tattoo 2

You may feel skeptical about this tattoo as there is no sign of simplicity anywhere. If you think the same way then you are missing the point.

The simplicity of the tattoo lies in the elements present in the artwork. The entire design only focuses on the intergalactic spaceships of the universe. The brilliant display of all kinds of spaceships may be dazzling in appearance but the principle behind the tattoo is quite straightforward.

Tattoo That Melts Your Heart: Adorable Grogu Tattoo

Grogu Tattoo 1
Grogu Tattoo 2

There are a lot of mysteries going on regarding Grogu. Some think that he is the son of Master Yoda while others think he is solely created to preserve their species.

Whatever the speculations, one thing for certain is that this pointy-eared creature is extremely adorable. In the tattoo, you can see Grogu looking at you with his big, black eyes pointing at your glory. The tiny appearance makes you want to give him a warm, big hug.

Stormtrooper On Alert: Small Yet Hard-Hitting Star Wars Tattoo

Small Star Wars Tattoo 1
Small Star Wars Tattoo 2

Stormtroopers have become a huge cultural phenomenon and there can’t be any Star Wars artwork without their presence. The small tattoo only focuses on a rather less intimidating version of the soldiers.

These soldiers do the bidding of the Emperor Palpatine. While it can be argued that there is no good or bad about the stormtroopers as they are merely following orders, one thing is for sure their white armor sticks with us for a very long time.

 Token Of Inspiration: Feminine Ahsoka Tattoo

Ahsoka Tattoo 1
Ahsoka Tattoo 2

Fans of the series know just how respected and beloved Ahsoka is. Although she was an outcast, she quickly learned the ways and became one of the fiercest warriors on the light side of the force.

Even after the fall of the republic, she continued to support those who were seeking peace and tranquility in the galaxy. Because of her willpower and strength, Ahsoka's tattoos became a favorite among women to convey their inner voices.

 Burst Of Colors: Festive Traditional Star Wars Tattoo

Traditional Star Wars Tattoo 1
Traditional Star Wars Tattoo 2

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Star Wars series is the color contrast. The subtle use of colors in the celestial background works wonderfully.

There are ample amounts of eye-grabbing radiance throughout the series. The traditional Star Wars tattoo follows the same pattern. It brings new life to the universe by including a range of exuberant colors. Although it brings a bit of a cartoonish vibe, the traditional style also makes the tattoo appear much more festive and joyful.

 A Hairy Companion: Lively Chewbacca Tattoo

Chewbacca Tattoo 1
Chewbacca Tattoo 2

It's hard to imagine how a creature covered with long hair speaking only a weird language can be such a beloved character. But only those who saw the movies know how great Chewbacca is.

Although he is covered head to toe with hair, there is a certain charm to him. Furthermore, he is a loyal companion to the main protagonist of the movie, Han Solo. If all these weren’t enough to prove his coolness, he is even the first mate of Millenium Falcon. Don’t you think he has more than earned his spot in your body canvas?

 Carrying The Force With You: Intimidating Kylo Ren Star Wars Tattoo

Kylo Ren Star Wars Tattoo 1
Kylo Ren Star Wars Tattoo 2

The son of Han Solo, Kylo Ren got consumed by the haunting grasp of the dark force and became evil. He is neither a Sith nor a Jedi. Rather Kylo Ren is a product of both principles.

Once he used to be an apprentice of Luke Skywalker but he soon became determined to kill all the remaining Jedis fulfilling Darth Vader's dream. While he is the antagonist, the swag and appearance of Kylo Ren are undisputed. The tattoo features him carrying the lightsaber. The mixture of monochrome and radiance creates a wonderful masterpiece.

 A Sign Of Peace: Symbolic Rebel Star Wars Tattoo

Rebel Star Wars Tattoo 1
Rebel Star Wars Tattoo 2

The symbol of Rebel is the insignia of the alliance formed to restore the fallen republic. Although it was the emblem for restoring the Republic initially, it later became a symbol for multiple organizations such as the New Jedi Order and Jedi Coalition.

The simple, cursive symbol etched in monochrome represents the notion of a new beginning. The tattoo compels you to rise from your ashes and transform yourself into a better version of yourself.

Trio Of A Lifetime: Cool Star Wars Tattoo With Three Iconic Characters

Cool Star Wars Tattoo

Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and R2-D-2. These three are the pinnacle of the Star Wars series. The first one is a ruthless villain while the second is the hero everyone deserves.

The last one is merely a droid but it holds the memory of countless glory and tragedies of clone wars, resistance, and rebellion. Together, they make the ultimate trio that is impossible to resist. Throw in a couple of spaceships into the mix and you have a tattoo to die for.

 A Portrayal Of Hope And Inspiration: Beautiful Princess Leia Tattoo

Princess Leia Tattoo 1
Princess Leia Tattoo 2

Princess Leia is an inspiring character who teaches us values such as resilience and strength. Even though the new generation of political leaders tried to sideline her, she stuck to his own rules and opposed the tyranny of the first order.

Later, she became the most outstanding leader of the rebel alliance. She kept on working to end the reign of the emperor and maintain peace and happiness. Her journey resonates with modern women a lot. The tattoo showcases a beautiful portrayal of the princess accompanied by two different characters.

Reign Of The Empire: Metaphoric Star Wars Tattoo

Star Wars Empire Tattoo 1
Star Wars Empire Tattoo 2

Do you consider yourself to be a real rebel who wants to free the world from all sorts of tyranny? Then, become a member of the elite Rebel Alliance by getting the tattoo.

The artwork features the memorable symbol from the movie but has a twist. The aesthetics of the minimalistic symbol is elevated by the inclusion of a celestial motif which can only be deemed as a round spaceship. The tattoo is quite small making it easy for you to join the Rebel Alliance.

Aligning The Beliefs: Wondrous Star Wars Symbol Tattoo

Star Wars Symbol Tattoo 1
Star Wars Symbol Tattoo 2

There are quite a few symbols in the Star Wars universe. From the rebel alliance to the old republic, each of the symbols is unique and represents a distinct worldview.

The Star Wars symbol tattoo makes a valiant attempt to align each of these emblems in a singular plane and pulls it off. A bit of celestial background can be viewed and the glimpse of the lightsaber in the middle of the tattoo is truly a chef's kiss.

 An Iconic Pose: Handsome Han Solo Tattoo

Han Solo Tattoo 1
Han Solo Tattoo 2

Can a character be any cooler than Han Solo? There are quite a few people on earth who haven't tried his iconic pose with the gun. Han Solo is such a big part of our childhood that it feels wrong not to get a tattoo of him.

The tattoo comprises the greatest leader of the rebel alliance in his quintessential pose as if he is dueling with someone. The tattoo would have benefited from the inclusion of Millenium Falcon but who needs anything else when you have Han Solo in the design?

Fun Fact: Did you know that the cast for Han Solo, Harrison Ford was accidental? George Lucas was looking for new faces and after dozens of auditions, he thought that Harrison Ford would be a good fit. Can you imagine what Star Wars would be if there was someone else in the role of Harrison Ford?

 Essence Of The Dark Forces: Grim Star Wars Tattoo On Forearm

Star Wars Forearm Tattoo

The entire Star Wars series is a franchise of hope and inspiration. It teaches us how to be strong in the face of adversity and how to turn our fears into our biggest strengths. But underneath all the silver lining, there is a dark and sinister world.

The dark side of Star Wars is mainly governed by the enforcer called Darth Vader and the stormtroopers who follow his orders. The tattoo captures the entire essence of the dark forces and how Darth Vader orders the stormtroopers to commit heinous acts.

 Overcoming The Odds: Radiant Star Wars Lightsaber Tattoo

Star Wars Lightsaber Tattoo

I still remember when I used to return from school and pick up my very own handmade lightsaber made of paper. I swung it left and right as if I was fighting the meaning of the sith lord. The sense of thrill and excitement entirely consumed me.

The lightsaber tattoo takes me back to those days and I am pretty sure that many of you were also hit by nostalgia. With the lightsaber tattoo, you can cut down all your fears one by one and reach your destiny.

 The Rusty Millenium Falcon: Legendary Star Wars Ship Tattoo

Star Wars Ship Tattoo 1
Star Wars Ship Tattoo 2

Although the sky of the Star Wars universe is ornamented with plenty of spaceships, there is only one that instantly grabs our attention. It is without a doubt the Millennium Falcon.

Don’t get deceived by the shabby and rustic appearance of the ship. It is equipped with countless advanced weapons and other technologies. The swift Millennium Falcon can outrun even the imperial star destroyers. The tattoo will instantly give you a boost of confidence as if you are piloting the mighty ship by yourself.

 Cute And Cuddly: Joyful BB-8 Tattoo

BB-8 Tattoo 1
BB-8 Tattoo 2

We are sure that as soon as you look at the tattoo, your heart melts. The appearance of the spherical droid is so cute that you can’t resist yourself.

But you should be cautious. The BB-8 tattoo knows that it is cute and you are going to love him. This is his little secret. He uses his adorable appearance to trick people into doing his bidding. Try not to fall into his trap.

All jokes aside, the beloved droid in the tattoo can be your companion for life making you feel good when things are rough.

 A Mysterious Depiction: Stoic Star Wars Tattoo On Leg

Star Wars Leg Tattoo 1
Star Wars Leg Tattoo 2

The leg tattoo featuring the Star Wars elements is a bit of a stoic one. It features Hans Solo turning his back along with two stormtroopers with tiny stars shining in the background.

The shadows of the characters are reflecting on the skin creating a mysterious ambiance. Due to the color contrast of your skin, the entire tattoo appears as if the characters are stranded on a desert island with no sign of life anywhere.

An Unusual Combination: Beautiful Yet Haunting Floral Star Wars Tattoo

Floral Star Wars Tattoo 1
Floral Star Wars Tattoo 2

Capturing The Flamboyance: Realistic Star Wars Tattoo On Arm

Star Wars Arm Tattoo

 Breaking Out Of The Confinement: Crystalline Geometric Star Wars Tattoo

Geometric Star Wars Tattoo

A Glorious Battle: Brutal Star Wars Tattoo On Back

Star Wars Back Tattoo 1
Star Wars Back Tattoo 2

Concealing The True Motives: Shaded Star Wars Helmet Tattoo

Star Wars Helmet Tattoo 1
Star Wars Helmet Tattoo 2

 Where Tradition Meets Science: Samurai Japanese Star Wars Tattoo

Japanese Star Wars Tattoo

 Tattoo Worth Melting For: Vivid Watercolor Star Wars Tattoo

Watercolor Star Wars Tattoo 1
Watercolor Star Wars Tattoo 2
Watercolor Star Wars Tattoo 3

 Terror Of Evil: Silhouette Star Wars Wrist Tattoo

Star Wars Wrist Tattoo


Even after watching the movies so many times, I still find new things. The universe is extremely vast and there are so many different characters and their symbolisms that it's quite easy to miss them.

The same can be said for the Star Wars tattoos. You may feel overwhelmed witnessing these alluring art pieces. Let us clear the image for you by answering some of your questions.

Q: Are Star Wars Tattoos Popular?

Ans: Indeed they are. With so many movies coming out in quite a few years, even people who didn’t watch the old-school movies are experiencing the magnificence of the franchise.

The love for the series is translating to the tattoo industry as well. Fans are not shying away from showing their allegiance to the world.

Q: Do any Of The Characters Have A Star Wars Tattoo?

Ans: While it's quite rare, two characters in particular wear tattoos. The Jedi Master Luminara Unduli and Padawan Briss Offee wear tattoos to showcase that they are unique as the force has chosen them for greater duties.

Q: Can Star Wars Tattoos Be Simple?

Ans: It's quite obvious to think that the Star Wars tattoos are grandiose as the movies themselves are so grand.

But if you are an enthusiast of simple and minimal tattoos then there are quite a lot of them. Just an illustration of a stormtrooper or any other character can be a great choice. You can etch them only by using their outlines with a minimal bit of shading.


The idea behind the Star Wars tattoos is quite straightforward. Most people get them to commemorate their favorite scene or just exemplify their love and passion for the movies. However, there is the underlying significance of these celestial and majestic art pieces that many ignore.

The Star Wars tattoos showcase the important aspects of life such as family, hope, and most importantly the desire to do better in life. Throughout the series, there are countless instances where characters have a humble beginning but they reach the top with their resilience and hard work. The Star Wars tattoo reminds you that it's not your past that matters, It's who you are going to be in the future.

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