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63 Stunning Spiritual Tattoo Ideas To Awaken Your Divine Essence

While it's glorified in the contemporary depictions that attaining inner calmness is coincidental and happens out of the blue, it requires true dedication and years of devotion in reality. With so many distractions existing in the universe, it's hard to stay on the path of spirituality.

When you have such an auspicious tattoo with elements of spirituality, you will constantly be reminded to not deviate from your journey. The road may appear too rough or bumpy at times but in the end, it will all be worth it.

The notion of spirituality is a broad subject matter that can’t be confined by mere words. It's an out-of-body experience that only can be felt. The spiritual tattoo can give you a glimpse of what it feels like to connect with your spiritual entity. If you wish to have such an experience as well then, the tattoo has no other alternative.

The Intricate World Of Spiritual Tattoos: Illuminating The Deep Meanings

The Intricate World Of Spiritual Tattoos Illuminating The Deep Meanings

As we approach a world full of technology and the fear of being substituted by artificial intelligence, spiritual tattoos appear as a beacon of hope and tranquility. While it's hard to digest, the current state of the world is utterly chaotic with wars erupting from all corners. Staying in such a realm for too long can drain your energy both physically and mentally.

Spiritual tattoos offer an escape from the mundane existence of the eccentric world and allow you to travel into a divine sphere where you can attain peace and happiness. We realize that all these may sound gimmicky to you but that’s the truth.

Even many of the prestigious neuroscientists claim that indulging in such ritualistic practices can help achieve tranquility as well as grow the cortexes of the human brain. In the foreseeable future, we can guarantee you that such auspicious body modifications will be perceived as norms rather than a taboo.

Who Should Get Spiritual Tattoos? Pointing Out The Obvious

Who Should Get Spiritual Tattoos Pointing Out The Obvious

These tattoos are not the cup of tea for everyone. Not all of us can handle such auspicious designs. So, to see if you tick all the boxes, here are some of the traits that you should have before getting the tattoo etched on your body. It's going to stay with you for a long time. It's best to observe if you two are compatible or not.

Seeking Mindfulness

This is the whole point of tattoos. They are to transcend yourself from realism and achieve true peacefulness in your life. Does the chaos in your life disrupt you? If the answer is in the affirmative then you should go for the tattoo without any hesitation.

Fans Of Esoteric Concepts

If the less talked about notions of life intrigues you then you should opt for the tattoo. Aspects such as spirituality and occult rituals are often neglected by the modern world. Catering a mind that seeks out ancient symbols and tries to dissect the meanings of them is quite rare these days. If you belong to this group, the tattoo is just for you.

Inclination Towards The Enigmas Of Life

We only live on the surface level of the universe. There is a wide range of secrets out there just waiting to be deciphered. If you want to unveil those cryptic notions of human life then let's embark on the journey together.

Symbolic Spiritual Tattoo Designs To Strengthen Your Spiritual Bond

Symbolic Spiritual Tattoo Designs To Strengthen Your Spiritual Bond

The manifestation of divine realizations in the corporeal body is a tough art to pull off. As an artist and enthusiast, you will be tiptoeing on the line of what's considered to be spiritual and offensive. One bad move and you may be reprimanded by the hypocrisies of the society.

Therefore, it's best to get some ideas before you jump on the gun. Most of the spiritual designs are in the monochromatic color scheme. It's believed that the divine or cosmic world is pitch black with sudden occurrences of color splashes. Those who have attained spiritual awakening claim that they view the world in a magical black-and-white rendition.

Some countless amulets and motifs can be incorporated into the tattoo to enhance both the symbolism and aesthetics. Components such as lotus flowers, spiritual symbols or depictions of Buddha can work beautifully. These designs will surely give you peace of mind in an otherwise disastrous environment.

Magnificence Beyond Realism: Hyper Realistic Spiritual Tattoo On Sleeve

Spiritual Sleeve Tattoo

The most symbolic meaning of every spiritual tattoo is ascending from the confinement of the corporeal world and finding our true purpose and existence in the universe.

For the portrayal of such significance, it's best to go out of the way and illustrate the magnificence of nature as well as include the most prominent figure in spirituality, Budha.

The artistry of the tattoo is unmatched as the whole artwork is done in a monochromatic color scheme. The fading clouds and the deep hollow sky are bound to awaken your spiritual self.

Symbol Of Mindfulness: Dainty Spiritual Tattoo

Small Spiritual Tattoo 1
Small Spiritual Tattoo 2

In the esoteric world of Hinduism, the symbol of ohm is undoubtedly one of the most significant and auspicious symbols. Since the medieval era, the symbol has been extensively used to create a spiritual ambiance.

The shape of the tattoo may be dainty but it doesn't shy away from elevating the spirits of the wearer. It is believed that the sound of ohm is the audio of when the universe was created. That’s why you will hear the sound before every Hindu ritualistic practice.

The shape is an outline of monochrome which is known to have three distinct parts. It is an ancient Sanskrit symbol with 3 curves, a dot, and a semicircle depicting inner peace.

Unleashing Omnipotence: Detailed Spiritual Eye Tattoo

spiritual eye tattoo 1
spiritual eye tattoo 2

The eye is everywhere monitoring all the entities existing in the universe. It's the embodiment of the cosmic energies inside every soul. Awakening the sacred eye takes years of practice and meditation and even then, many Buddhists fail.

The instant depiction of the spiritual eye in your corporeal body suggests that you have attained and opened your third eye. Now, you have become something greater than mere human skin. The intricate design which comprises a dark, cosmic energy radiating from the retina will allow you to enter the spirit world.

Transcending From The Conformities: Intricate Spiritual Symbol Tattoo

Spiritual Symbol Tattoo 1
Spiritual Symbol Tattoo 2

As we are on the topic of the eye, it's best to acknowledge the significance of this particular design which features Hamsa or the hand of Fatima. While the context of the symbol is religious, it is often used in non-religious environments for various purposes.

The symbol is a hand with many esoteric symbols manifested inside of it. One key aspect of the symbol is the inner eye just in the palm. The tattoo works as an amulet to protect the wearer from the evils of the world.

Silhouette Of Equilibrium: Monochrome Balance Spiritual Tattoo

Balance Spiritual Tattoo 1
Balance Spiritual Tattoo 2

Attaining equilibrium in your life can be difficult. One can’t even find the proper work-life balance let alone achieve the spiritual one. The manifestation of an ancient weight machine along with the silhouette of a meditating man can help you find the true balance in your life.

Aside from the spiritual depictions, the tattoo also functions as an emblem to remind you that you need to make time for both worlds. You can’t focus too much on the actual world and completely neglect your spiritual journey. Both are equally important.

 Splash Of Monochrome: Shaded Chakra Spiritual Tattoo

Chakra Spiritual Tattoo 1
Chakra Spiritual Tattoo 2

The notion of chakra greatly varies mainly because of the numerous depictions of the supposed energy in anime and movies. The true meaning of the term is a range of focal points used in Hinduism and Buddhism to reach a higher state.

The artwork emphasizes the dark colors and an almost secretive undertone as it's always an enigma of how to transcend from the sensory existence. Like many of the other tattoos on the list, this one also has a beautiful portrayal of the ohm symbol.

Altering The Fabric of Reality: Calming Spiritual Journey Tattoo

Spiritual Journey Tattoo 1
Spiritual Journey Tattoo 2

Tantric Yoga or deep meditation is a subject matter that is highly revered in Hinduism. Even contemporary scientists have agreed that such practices greatly aid in achieving mindfulness.

When you meditate, your mind and body reunite and go into a deep state of peacefulness. The tattoo depicts how the dark energies dwelling inside you slowly start to radiate out of you into oblivion.

Barrage Of Amulets: Discreet Spiritual Tattoo On Finger

Spiritual Finger Tattoo

Celestial shapes, spiral amulets, and eye-like patterns are a few of the most important symbols of spirituality. Having each of them as a finger tattoo can work efficiently to make you a calmer person.

Like most finger tattoos, the symbols are incredibly discreet. However, the bold color and the extensive shading help garner instant attention. The theatricality of them is through the roof.

 Embracing The Inner Spirituality: Labyrinth-like Goddess Tattoo

Spiritual Goddess Tattoo 1
Spiritual Goddess Tattoo 2

The cosmic enigmas of the universe are often attributed to the female deities. That’s why many of them are called mothers. From time to time, you can see people believing and praying to such feminine energies in almost every religion.

The tattoo focuses on such an alluring and sensual entity which can be termed as a goddess. The intricacies of the artwork are quite extensive to match the magnificence of such pure entities that help us lead our lives.

Layers After Layers: Blast Of Spiritual Elements On Hand

Spiritual Hand Tattoo

A recurrent theme of most spiritual tattoos is the eye. For this particular design, the eye is encapsulated inside a triangle which then seems like it's trapped in a ritualistic pentagon shape.

Rather than spiritual symbolism, the tattoo deviates more to the darker aspects of life. A contemporary controversy known as the Illuminati is known to carry the same symbol. The hand artwork showcases the evil energies that lurk in the world and portrays the urge to refrain from entertaining them.

Etched For Life: Fiery Spiritual Twin Flame Tattoo

Spiritual Twin Flame Tattoo

We preach about the astral and higher aspects of spirituality but such a notion can sometimes be found in the realms of human emotions. The twin flame represents the most intense feeling known to mankind, love.

The two burning flame designs illustrated in the hand depict how much the person means to you. It's as if one soul was broken down into two and inputted into two different bodies. Both of you complement each other.

Confinement Of Spirituality: Ohm Symbol On Neck

Spiritual Neck Tattoo 1
Spiritual Neck Tattoo 2

Yet another symbol of the ohm is the confinement of biology. However, to match the sensuality of the neck, it is highly ornamented with esoteric colors.

Pure black coloration is used which helps elevate the dainty imagery of the artwork. The outer layers are mostly illustrated to showcase just how sacred the symbol is to the wearer.

Exuberance Of Intricacy: Extravagant Spiritual Back Tattoo

Spiritual Back Tattoo

This comes as no surprise that the back tattoo on the list has the most extravagant design. It features every single motif of the attainment of spiritual awakening.

From the lotus flowers to occult shapes and everything in between, you will appear as someone inept with their spiritual shape. Mere thoughts of the human brain don't interest you anymore. You seek further greatness.

 Splash Of Velvety Hues: Radiant Spiritual Tattoo On Forearm

Spiritual Forearm Tattoo

The forearm tattoo is perhaps the only colorful addition to our extensive list. It features the chosen one, Buddha in his typical posture. His deamidation seems like it is reuniting the different elements of nature.

Although it's colorful, the hues aren’t too vibrant. The subtlety of it matches with the teachings of Buddhism quite beautifully. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the sight.


The aspect of spirituality is quite broad and it's quite obvious that we can’t cover everything in a single essay although we tried our level best. So, to clear the doubts lurking in your mind, we have some of the most interesting questions and their concrete answers to touch on the unresolved notions.

Q: Which Flower Has A Spiritual Meaning When It Is Etched In The Body?

Ans: It's undoubtedly the lotus flower. The intricate petals of the alluring flower are well known to conceal the hidden secrets of the universe. The elegant colors appear to be immensely pure matching with the notion of spirituality.

Q: What Is The Most Popular Spiritual Tattoo?

Ans: Christian tattoos such as the cross are known to be the most popular spiritual tattoos in existence. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is regarded to be one of the most significant phenomena in history. Millions of devotees get the tattoo to showcase their deep passion and respect towards the figure.


Once you touch the elements of spirituality, there is no going back. You will be completely immersed in the vastness of the notion. To embark on this holy journey, you need artwork that will constantly move you from the inside. This is where the spiritual tattoos come in. The pure monochromatic color scheme along with the auspicious motifs will compel you to not entertain the distractions of the mundane world. The artwork will clear your mind from the contaminants and make a straight path towards achieving complete inner peace.

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