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106 Spiritually Awakening Spider Tattoo Ideas With Meaningful Interpretations!

Tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, being a platform for all. While most designs prioritize visuals over giving out lessons for moral progress, a design that does both is a spider tattoo; the main highlight of this guide.

The icons of a spider mostly took notice all over when Marvel decided to bring Spiderman into existence, rewarding the emblem in the world of tattoos. The artwork still carried tons of value prior to that, however, being a common find amongst prisoners.

Although spider tattoos were blacklisted for a while, a change of scene allowed the piece to once again rise to glory. The genre hasn’t just been winning over enthusiasts who value sentiments over materials, but also carries tons of renowned variations; all of which will be covered in this guide for spider tattoos!

Perfectly Balanced, As All Things Should Be: A Deep Dive Of The Meaning Behind Spider Tattoos!

Meaning Behind Spider Tattoo

When they first rose to fame, spider tattoos were common finds in prison, consoling not just the minds of criminals, but also representing the amount of time each wearer has served. Many used to pair them with spider web tattoos to also promote racism, blacklisting the whole concept of wearing spider tattoos rather early on.

These days, however, a spider tattoo mostly finds contentment in associating itself with balance and synchronization; two extremely important attributes for those who value having a direct say in shaping their lives.

A spider tattoo is also one of the better emblems to rely on if you’re fighting a mental warfare, being a symbol that protects and serves against cynical thoughts and negative feelings.

With the help of a spider tattoo, wearers also learn how to accept the things they cannot change, and the fearlessness to change the things that they can.

Morally Sound Designs For Spider Tattoos That Guarantee Growth And Character Development!

Despite being pocket-sized creatures, the power of a spider, especially when engraved in a tattoo, goes beyond measure. A spider tattoo not only provides an upgrade in physical appearance, but also leads to finding fulfillment in life when depicted the right way.

While spider tattoos often lay on the minimal side, a sketch can easily be tweaked to stand out amongst the crowd, with qualities that may seem appealing to users who prioritize visuals as well as the metaphorical value.

Nonetheless, here are the best of spider tattoos cramped on a list!

A Platform For Anime Fanatics: Hunter X Hunter Spider Tattoo

Hunter X Hunter Spider Tattoo 1
Hunter X Hunter Spider Tattoo 2

Starting off this list is a tattoo that emerges from Anime tattoos, with ties to the show that is otherwise known as Hunter X Hunter.

Among the more prominent symbols surrounding Hunter X Hunter is this spider tattoo, which is an emblem used to identify a member belonging to Phantom Troupe.

It is not the symbolism that makes up the popularity of this design, but the furry texture and the unique Roman numeral added at the center of the spider tattoo.

Becoming One With The Tribe: Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo

Hunter X Hunter Spider Tattoo 1
Hunter X Hunter Spider Tattoo 2

Taking a more proactive approach on Hunter X Hunter is this Phantom Troupe spider tattoo, which is a minor upgrade from the previous entry, carrying more detail to offer a realistic vibe.

The artwork is more pristine than the former, carrying 3-dimensional properties to make ends meet. The size is flexible, allowing wearers to align the placement in accordance with their preferences.

Placing it on the forearm brings about the best results, soothing those with sensitive skin.

Darkness Is Upon Us: Black Widow Spider Tattoo

Black Widow Spider Tattoo 1
Black Widow Spider Tattoo 2

Black widows are known to be venomous and harmful when found in real life. However, in the world of tattoos, they’re wiser and surprisingly, kinder to their prey.

Associated with transformation, black widow spider tattoos offer a helping hand to victims of hardship, as well as users seeking character development.

The size of black widows are often larger than the average spider, requiring bigger canvases when converted into a tattoo.

Privately Coping Through Hardship: Spider Neck Tattoo

Spider Neck Tattoo 1
Spider Neck Tattoo 2

Most spider tattoos are rendered eligible for any gender to wear, irrespective of orientation. However, a tattoo that caters to women and men is a neck tattoo, which often finds more comfort on the backside of the body part.

Curated with delicate lines and exquisite components, this tattoo is a subtle yet impactful way to amp up one’s physical appearance.

Using quote tattoos is advised if adding more meaning to the artwork is the aim.

Dealing With Adversity: Spider On Elbow Tattoo

Spider On Elbow Tattoo 1
Spider On Elbow Tattoo 2

You can’t celebrate the positives without negatives. Similarly, you can’t celebrate the joys of life without grappling past a little bit of complication.

Elbow tattoos often denote hardship in one’s life. Spider web tattoos as well as minimal pieces of spiders elevate that criterion, but also conveys feelings of hope.

Though easy to obtain, an elbow tattoo of a spider is painful due to the bone-skin ratio present on the location. Use numbing cream to ease the pain, and ensure a successful outcome.

Breaking Free From The Shackles Of Regret: Spider Tattoo On Hand

Spider Tattoo On Hand 1
Spider Tattoo On Hand 2

Being fearless is a great way of coming to terms with what you can’t control in life, which is what the affair between a spider and hand tattoo implies.

The artwork is amazing in itself, but involves tons of pain due to the high number of nerve endings shaping up the hand.

Often, installing a spider hand tattoo is difficult for the artist, especially due to the uncoordinated shape of the hand. To prevail under adversity, however, staying patient is advised.

Sticking To The Basics: Traditional Spider Tattoo

Traditional Spider Tattoo 1
Traditional Spider Tattoo 2

With a neutral stance on the inside, draped with colors on the outside, a traditional spider tattoo is a recipe for success, being a common find among visual-oriented tattoo enthusiasts.

Though the artwork isn’t all about adding translucent pieces of detail, it is the color way that leads this traditional spider tattoo to the upper echelon behind the movement.

Adding shades of red, green, yellow, and blue are a must, with dark borders to highlight each component elegantly.

Giving Flowers To The Biggest Anti-Hero: Chrollo Spider Tattoo

Chrollow Spider Tattoo 1
Chrollow Spider Tattoo 2

Perhaps the most influential anti-hero in the HXH series is Chrollo, who harnesses his own following in the world of tattoos.

While Chrollo carries various emblems all over his body that are rendered eligible for great tattoos, the most desired mark appears to be that associated with Phantom Troupe, a group that he founded and led throughout the series.

Due to being the first member, his spider tattoo contains a uniquely formed at the center, which is by far the selling point of this entry.

The Black Sheep Of The Town: Hisoka Spider Tattoo

Hisoka Spider Tattoo 1
Hisoka Spider Tattoo 2

Perhaps one of the most shocking moments in the series of Hunter X Hunter was Hisoka’s involvement with the Phantom Troupe, which was as unexpected as the first appearance of Future Trunks in Dragon Ball Z.

Being a bold move to make by the producers, the revelation of Hisoka’s devotion to the Phantom Troupe resulted in cinematic success, as well as a positive reception in the tattoo world.

At the moment, Hisoka’s spider tattoo remains a big deal in the movement of spider tattoos, led by fans of the antagonist for more reach.

For Those Who Always Wear Black: Gothic Spider Tattoo

Gothic Spider Tattoo 1
Gothic Spider Tattoo 2

Another entry that enthusiasts fond of neutral schemes can utilize is this entry right here, based on a Gothic theme.

The symbolism reprises the same purpose. On the contrary, the artwork carries a dark demeanor, but only to amp up the layout of the stencil.

To amp up the impression, adding like minded emblems, such as that of a death moth, can be perfect. The basic piece runs large in size, but is open to adjustment.

Curated With Delicate Pieces: Motion Jumping Spider Tattoo

Jumping Spider Tattoo 1
Jumping Spider Tattoo 2

Exploring motions can be a great way to rise above mediocrity with spider tattoos, which is what this jumping spider tattoo backs up.

The illustration is tuned with complexity, often being a great pick for those who deal with anxiety and other health conditions that feed on stress. Generally speaking, this tattoo provides a helping hand to those with frequent mental health battles.

Due to the difficulty of all the elements that shape this tattoo, a jumping spider tattoo is time-consuming. Break it down into a couple of sessions to make the experience easier.

Minimal Input With Maximum Success: Small Spider Tattoo

Small Spider Tattoo 1
Small Spider Tattoo 2


Tattoos such as spider tattoos are known for not only their visuals, but also their wisdom. Therefore, if you run heavy on the meaning and are seeking spiritual growth from it, consider keeping it.

An Affair Between Life, Acceptance, And Death: Spider Skull Tattoo

Spider Skull Tattoo

Since death is destined as it is inevitable, a great match for spider tattoos are skull tattoos; a combination that allows people to come to terms with the end of life as well as the afterlife.

The tattoo also engraves tons of detail with the help of the skull tattoo, usually placed at the center of the scheme.

Often, a shading technique is added to the skull to make the visuals more appealing, and the overall piece more engaging.

An Elaborate Piece Worth Every Penny: Realistic Spider Tattoo

Realistic Spider Tattoo 1
Realistic Spider Tattoo 2

Highlighting the rigid texture and the fur around each leg is this spider tattoo, which works continuously to help the stencil showcase a realistic feeling.

The artwork is crafted to perfection, typically requiring tons of time for detailing. Nonetheless, the illustration remains minimal, with a shading technique that complements the shade of black used.

Since the sketch is relatively large, using wider areas is key to finding success with this tattoo. Regular touch ups are also required to keep the visuals sound.

Polished, Timeless, And Elegant: Black Spider Tattoo

Black Spider Tattoo 1
Black Spider Tattoo 2

While finding variations is rather difficult when picking between spider tattoos, there are other ways in which one can stand out; one of which is the color scheme.

Using neo-traditional shades can be a plus point for those running big on bold shades. On the contrary, resorting to solid neutrals like black can be key to a successful piece with a classic aura.

To add to the former, many add white borders underneath the legs of a spider, which creates a subtle disconnection with high contrast visuals.

Flipping The Script With Something Fun: Cute Spider Tattoo

Cute Spider Tattoo 1
Cute Spider Tattoo 2

A spider doesn’t always have to look intimidating. In fact, a tattoo that stands on the flipside, and caters to those seeking softer visuals is this cute spider tattoo, being a great piece for beginners.

Due to the small-framed design, this tattoo can easily be placed anywhere, from reserved areas to delicate locations.

One of the best ways to showcase it is through the help of a number tattoo or name tattoo, which can also bring about some uniqueness.

Providing More Room For Growth And Healing: Spider Chest Tattoo

Spider Chest Tattoo

Since anyone can be exposed to the evil eye, keeping spiritually awakening tools, such as tattoos, can be a good way to prevent bad karma.

Similarly, if you’d like the positives of a spider tattoo to enter your life, but deal with the whole process in private, a spider chest tattoo could be a great solution, catering to both men and women.

Aiming for either side of the chest is what many aim for due to the painless nature. For more appeal, consider placing the artwork at the center.

Staying True To Oneself: Tribal Spider Tattoo

Tribal Spider Tattoo

Meshing two sides of the same coin is what many often use to make a tattoo more powerful and engaging, which appears to be the case for tribal spider tattoos.

Since tribal tattoos mostly embrace and accept individuality, engraving distinct patterns into the exoskeleton of a spider can be a great idea to increase the visuals as well as the sentimental value.

The tattoo is rather complex, being the perfect fit for larger canvases. For a sharper contrast, consider taking help from traditional instruments.

Making Room For Minimalists: Spider Finger Tattoo

Spider Finger Tattoo

More often than not, a spider tattoo involves minimal prints with compact dimensions, which explains the popularity of finger tattoos being led by spiders.

Reeking of simplicity, being an easygoing artwork to install and create, a spider finger tattoo is a great pick for beginners.

Since the fingers are all bone with no fat, applying numbing cream can help ease out the pain of the creative process.

A Great Pick With A Surface-level Design: 3D Spider Tattoo

3D Spider Tattoo

An honorable mention that generates exciting results is this spider tattoo, fused with 3-dimensional properties for a realistic touch.

Due to the compartments that make up this art piece, this entry is perfect for those that feel more understood when wearing tattoos leaning towards realism.

The only downside is the timeframe, which appears to be worth the wait once the results come out!

To make this piece more valuable, try adding quotes, or emblems such as a Cross tattoo, which often elevates the meaning of spider tattoos.

Frequently Asked Question

Skimming through the former entries is pivotal if you have yet to find a way to illustrate how you perceive spider tattoos, providing various concepts you can directly mimic or replicate from with ease.

Moving on, while spider tattoos rank high as a design made for appeal, it could be difficult to generate the right design if you lack knowledge of the fundamentals regarding the genre.

Worry not, however, as listed below are a couple of questions that take you back to spider tattoos and their basics!

Q: Why were spider tattoos blacklisted in the past?

Ans: While their current affairs stand with finding the right balance in life, alongside various components that focus on making wearers the best version of themselves, spider tattoos first found success when acting as representatives of ex-convicts and their prison time, instantly blacklisting the once controversial-figure in the world of tattoos.

Q: Are spider tattoos malleable with every design?

Ans: While the size of a spider makes it easy to engrave a spider tattoo in every design, no matter how small, a spider tattoo might be tough to bond with.

However, if you would like to pair it with a complementary symbol, consider using other insects with a deep meaning, such as a moth, or using floral designs to spark up the metaphor and the layout.

Q: How well do spider tattoos age?

Ans: Due to only being compatible with blackwork themes and neutral colors, a spider tattoo is low maintenance, and ages gracefully. It’s not always the case though, as the tattoo might fade easily in reserved areas prone to sweat and moisture accumulation.

Final Verdict

Now that you’ve reached the bottom of the pit, we hope you’ve learned all there is to know about the nature of spider tattoos, along with the entries that make them so great in the fashion scene and the world of art today.

While the stencil is limited, a spider tattoo harmonizes easily, It pairs well with quote tattoos, floral patterns, as well as emblems of creatures that either align with or elevate their interests.

Less is more when it comes to spider tattoos and getting them, so be sure to add a minimal design to your arsenal for maximum success!

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