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92 Alluring Shark Tattoo Ideas To Showcase Your Inner Power

Sharks can be both the most majestic as well as the most terrifying creature that swims in the sea. With their razor sharp teeth, they can destroy anything within a mere second. They have astonishing strength in their fins which enable them to swiftly swim around and catch their prey without a sweat. 

Because of their countless admiring characteristics, sharks have become quite a role model for people all over the world. They believe that if you can become like a shark then you will achieve success and prosperity in everything that you do. This belief has slowly transcended to the tattoo realm. 

Another significant reason why people love shark tattoos is because of how menacing they look. Just with their sight, sharks can instigate fear in the deepest corner of your heart. There are very few creatures existing in the world that can do that. 

If you are thinking of getting the tattoo then you should know a little bit about its backstory and symbolism so that you can truly appreciate it. That’s why, today we're going to delve far below the water surface to learn everything there is to know about shark tattoos. 

The Motivating Symbolism And Meaning Behind Shark Tattoos 

Shark tattoo meaning

At the outer surface, the sea seems like a calm place. But underneath it, there is a gigantic ecosystem full of hungry predators and helpless prey. Perhaps, one of the most menacing apex predators are the sharks that dwell in the calm waters. 

You may be wondering what you can learn from such a terrible beast such as this. But if you look past the blood and the flesh, you will notice that there are some apparent symbolism that you can implement in your own life for success. 

So, today we are going to look at some of these inspiring meanings and symbolism that each shark tattoo possesses. Sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Even The Predator Becomes Prey

We all know the typical scenario where the shark swims swifty to a group of fish and within seconds devours one of them. But there are some situations where the shark becomes the prey. You may not realize but sharks aren't the largest creature of the ocean. 

There are many deep sea creatures that are far more fearsome than them. If somehow sharks encounter these creatures, they have no way out. This phenomenon teaches us an important lesson that even if you are strong, there will always be someone stronger than you. So, you shouldn't be arrogant. 

An Amulet Of Strength And Wisdom

One of the reasons why sharks are such fierce creatures of the ocean is because of their ability to think. A group of researchers has investigated the brain of the shark and found out that the neurons in their brains are quite similar to ours. 

Therefore, they have cognitive abilities that make them even more deadly. Because of this, many people etch the shark tattoo believing that it will function as a stark reminder to always aspire to seek intelligence and strength.

A Strategy To Achieve Prosperity

As we’ve already mentioned, sharks have incredible thinking power. This leads to them coming up with excellent strategies to hunt their food. Unlike other predators, they won’t just rush to the prey. They will always look for the weak spot and wait for the right opportunity. 

Like sharks, we also don't want to hasten ourselves in making a decision because oftentimes it leads to our downfall. We should always think thoroughly and wait for the right time to strike. 

Metamorphosis Into A Beast

We live in a highly competitive world. If you lag behind for a mere moment, someone will surpass you and you will never catch them. That’s why, you always need to stay in your best shape and become the beast that you always sought to be. The shark tattoo will help you become the best version of yourself. 

Incredible Shark Tattoo Facts To Blow Your Mind

We conducted a thorough experiment among 15,000 internet users to figure out which is the most popular shark tattoo design. Our findings suggest that the most popular design is undoubtedly the tribal shark tattoo with 26.7% votes whereas the least popular design is the shark skeleton tattoo with just 11.9% votes. 

In another study of ours, it was found that people from the age group of 15-25 gravitate more towards getting the shark tattoo compared to the older demographics. The percentage of people getting the shark tattoo was 36 percent for the age group of 15-25 whereas the percentage was lowest for the age group of 56-65 with just 10.5 percent. This is becoming a recurrent trend where old age people are deviating away from getting tattoos. 

Astonishing Shark Tattoo Designs To Dive In Style

Shark tattoos come in all shapes and forms. As we write this article, scientists may have invented another species. From hammerheads to Mako sharks, there are a wide range of species. 

Each of these shark types have distinct characteristics. Some have killer teeth while others have something more deadly in their arsenal. 

The disparity in their morphology mainly stems from their different habitats and availability of food. It is quite obvious that a shark that has had abundant food sources will grow quite large in size compared to their counterparts. 

Because of their range, you can easily get confused on which tattoo design to choose from. Don’t worry. We have a complete list of shark tattoo designs that will resonate with you on a personal level. 

Hammerhead Shark Tattoo

Hammerhead Shark Tattoo

Hammerhead sharks are a unique breed of sharks that have hammer-like heads just as the name suggests. It has the quintessential features of a typical shark but its head seems like it has descended from a lovecraftian horror literature. 

Because of their bizarre shape, many people opt for getting the shark inked on their body canvas. Apart from its imagery, the tattoo also depicts the concept of individuality. 

There are many among us who deal with body dysmorphia. Some even get depressed because of it. But if you think of the hammerheads then you will realize that there is nothing wrong with you. Everyone is unique in their own way. 

American Traditional Shark Tattoo

American Traditional Shark Tattoo 1
American Traditional Shark Tattoo 2

There are countless movies released every year with ridiculous concepts that remind us about the American traditional shark. 

Before their depiction in modern cinema, sharks used to play a significant role in American culture. There are many tribes still today, elders tell stories and folk tales about the great sharks that fought alongside them in a great battle. 

The authenticity of the events is not verifiable but it surely sounds magical. There are even carvings of these sharks in ancient rocks and caves. All you need to do is portray one of these artworks in a tattoo form.

Whale Shark Tattoo

Whale Shark Tattoo 1
Whale Shark Tattoo 2

Whale shark is truly a colossal creature that is as large as it is fearsome. Because of its absurd shape and size, it has gained quite a name for itself among tattoo enthusiasts. 

Just imagine you are deep sea diving without any care in the world. You are swimming past colorful fishes and corals and suddenly out of nowhere, a whale shark appears in front of you. How would you feel?

This type of terryingi imagery is what you need to portray in your tattoo. The more frightening an artwork, the more jarring it looks to the viewer. 

Shark Jaw Tattoo

Shark Jaw Tattoo 1
Shark Jaw Tattoo 2

Perhaps for many of us, it was the jaw-dropping movie that made us fanatics of the big blue creature that reigns terror in the sea. The movie depicted sharks in such a hyper realistic manner that we had nightmares for days to come. 

Even after so many years, there are moments from the movie that just flashes in front of our eyes to terrify us even more. The grizzly teeth, the rugged skin along with exceptional power, everything about those sharks make our skin crawl. 

There are many people who consider the movie to be one of the best out there. To show respect and depict a token of appreciation, they etch a jarring shark jaw tattoo on their body. 

Simple Shark Tattoo

Simple Shark Tattoo 1
Simple Shark Tattoo 2

Although sharks typically seem to be a sophisticated creature with a lot of intricacies going on, the depiction of them in tattoo form doesn't need to be all that fancy. In fact, you should opt for a simple yet hard hitting design that will keep with you forever. 

We cannot emphasize this enough that messy tattoos are the worst type of tattoos. They completely destroy your skin making the tissues and follicles vulnerable. That's why, you should go for a simple shark tattoo that requires zero hassle. 

Baby Shark Tattoo

Baby Shark Tattoo 1
Baby Shark Tattoo 2
Baby Shark Tattoo 3

No matter what the creature is, the baby form of them is always adorable. The baby shark looks so innocent that you cannot help but to carry it with you at all times. But be careful. The mother always stays close to it and if she figures that you are a threat then may god protect you.

There are some distinct features that you need to incorporate for the baby shark tattoo such as a fluffy fin or innocent grin. These characteristics are important otherwise you will just draw a normal adult shark tattoo.

Tribal Shark Tattoo

Tribal Shark Tattoo 1
Tribal Shark Tattoo 2

This is currently the most popular design among the netizens. The main reason for this can be attributed to the interest in ancient history and cultures. 

While we live in a world full of machinery, our heart aches to hop into a time machine and go back to the time when we rode sharks to battle against our foes. The sharks weren't in their naked state. Instead, they were ornamented with head dresses and jewelries. 

While all of this is pleasant to think about, you can't actually go back to that time. But you can surely get a jarring tribal tattoo that will commemorate your desires and intentions. 

Great White Shark Tattoo

Great White Shark Tattoo 1
Great White Shark Tattoo 2

The great white shark is a terrible creature that lives quite below the surface of the ocean. Normal sharks may spare you if they are not hungry enough. But the great white shark will tear you apart just for fun. 

This is why they are considered to be one of the deadliest creatures to dwell in the oceans. Many people want to get this tattoo because they want to become as fearsome and menacing as the great white shark. They want to instigate fear into the enemies just like them.

Shark Outline Tattoo

Shark Outline Tattoo 1
Shark Outline Tattoo 2

Shark outline tattoo is a revolutionary concept that saves people the trouble of going through long hours and endure excruciating pain. They can get a phenomenal tattoo within a jiffy. 

The outline does not comprise any details or colors. It's just a rough sketch of the shark. You may be thinking what's so special about it. Well, the best thing about the shark outline tattoo is that it blends right into your skin making it appear as if the shark is swimming in your flesh. 

Hawaiian Shark Tattoo

Hawaiian Shark Tattoo 1
Hawaiian Shark Tattoo 2

The sea and the Hawaiian people are deeply associated from a very old age. Their cultures, customs and beliefs revolve around the sea. Therefore, it's quite obvious that the shark plays an integral part of that. 

To illustrate a Hawaiian shark tattoo, you need to incorporate some natural elements into the mix. Elements such as a palm tree or seagulls can be an excellent addition to the jarring shark tattoo. The ambience of the tattoo will always take you back to a time where there was no sorrow, no depression.

Small Shark Tattoo    

Small Shark Tattoo

Small shark tattoos are the best because you can get the tattoo anywhere you prefer. You are not restrained by space. Furthermore, the tattoo looks absolutely adorable. 

Anything that is too complicated can be confusing. It also looks frightening sometimes. A tattoos purpose isn't to scare someone. Its main objective is to convey your emotions and beliefs. This can be perfectly achieved with a small shark tattoo. 

Cute Shark Tattoo

Cute Shark Tattoo 1
Cute Shark Tattoo 2

Sharks may be one of the deadliest creatures to ever grace the earth but they can also be quite innocent at times. You may be wondering if we are joking. We are not. 

Scientists have reported that sharks aren't always set to harm you. In fact, in most cases they will completely ignore you. To them, you are just another stupid fish swimming around. Now that you know the other side of the dark, do you feel threatened as before? You will start to feel a bit more empathetic towards them from now on. 

Japanese Shark Tattoo

Japanese Shark Tattoo 1
Japanese Shark Tattoo 2

The whole country of Japan floats on top of a sea so it's quite apparent that they have a connection with the beast that we all know and love. 

Apart from their appearance, sharks also play a significant role in the economy of Japan. A cultural dish known as Sushi can be made using the meat from the shark. Furthermore, they also ferment the fish to make various kinds of food products. Because of their long association, people get the tattoo to showcase their love and gratitude towards the shark.

Nurse Shark Tattoo

Nurse Shark Tattoo 1
Nurse Shark Tattoo 2

This is a comical rendition of the beast that we all are scared of. Comedy is the subject but do you know what kind of comedy is universally accepted? The kind where a terrifying thing is dressed in a hilarious manner. 

Visualizing the shark in any kind of clothes is enough to make us burst out laughing. Now imagine just how funny it will look when the terrifying creature that wreaks havoc is wearing a nurse dress. 

Bull Shark Tattoo

Bull Shark Tattoo 1
Bull Shark Tattoo 2

If you love to go into the beach to bask in the radiating sun then you should be cautious. There is always something lurking around the coasts in the warm waters. It's none other than the bull sharks. 

Bull sharks are much more aggressive than many of their counterparts. This is mainly because they are getting extinct. Because of the scarcity in their population, they have grown to be much more vicious. Their aggressive behavior is appreciated by many people who seek to be like them in their attitude and personality.

Mako Shark Tattoo

Mako Shark Tattoo 1
Mako Shark Tattoo 2

Mako sharks are quite endangered nowadays. Because of the sacreceity of adequate habitats, these long finned sharks are quickly going extinct. 

Part of the reason why people opt for the mako shark tattoo is to raise awareness. People hunt for these sharks just for fun. Raising awareness can put a stop to this blasphemy. Another reason why people opt for this tattoo is because of their unique shape. They are much more vivid in color and longer than other species which makes it a sight to behold. 

Shark Tattoo on Arm

Shark Tattoo on Arm 1
Shark Tattoo on Arm 2

Arm tattoos always pack quite a punch. When you get a shark tattoo on the arm, you have to go all out. You need to fully depict the menacing aspects of these creatures. 

As you sont sont much height in the ark, it's better to choose a vertical style tattoo. The first thing you need to do is to create a solid foundation which will act as a benchmark for the future inking. You should always choose the watercolor to portray the shark as it directly blends with the skin.

Cool Shark Tattoo

Cool Shark Tattoo 1
Cool Shark Tattoo 2

Sharks are always cool. They look like the ultimate badass that doesn't get bothered by anything. They keep to themselves all the time. Whenever they see something they like, they first plan out a strategy. Then, they go after it. 

The cool shark tattoo teaches us a lot of things. The main aspect of the tattoo is to teach about focusing on a particular interest. If you have a plethora of things that you gravitate to then you are not going to get success in any of them. Be as cool as a shark and focus only on the thing that you truly desire. 

Cartoon Shark Tattoo

Cartoon Shark Tattoo 2

There are numerous depictions of sharks in the cartoon. Perhaps the first thing that pops up in our minds is the animated movie called the shark tale. 

Although it received mixed reviews from the stricity because of stereotyping the italians, the movie was well received by many of the audience. People still to this day quote from the movie. The graphics, the animations, the dialogues, everything was top notch. So if you are opting for a cartoon shark tattoo then this is your best bet.

Leopard Shark Tattoo

Leopard Shark Tattoo 1
Leopard Shark Tattoo 2

Just as sharks wreak havoc in the sea, leopards threaten the jungle. These two deadly predators may look different on the outside but they have a plethora of things in common.

They are both fierce creatures that are excellent hunters. Both of them are strong and have incredible movement. The most impressive thing about them is their instinct. The combination of these two creatures will surely make you feel like a superhero.

Polynesian Shark Tattoo

Polynesian Shark Tattoo 1
Polynesian Shark Tattoo 2

Polynesian people live in the coastal regions therefore it is quite obvious that they will have a deep obsession with sharks. From a very young age, they see creatures swimming across the bay. 

Many of their traditions and customs are molded by the shark. There are countless artworks that can be found with a polynesian origin related to sharks. These artworks are vivid depictions of the creature with fine curves and whimsical colors. Therefore, you need to capture each of these aspects in your tattoo as well. 

Realistic Shark Tattoo

Realistic Shark Tattoo 1
Realistic Shark Tattoo 2

Realistic shark tattoos feel much more terrifying because you feel like they are alive in your body. They are just waiting for the right time to attack you. 

Your entire skin is quite resembling the ocean. The only difference is the color. Depicting a realistic shark on this vast space can create a sense of void in you. Whenever you look at the tattoo, you will feel that the shark is swimming in your body. 

These kinds of tattoos require adequate textures and colors. The colors cannot be something that is too strong. A good approach is to dilute the colors with your finger so that they taste much more subtle. 

Shark Skeleton Tattoo

Shark Skeleton Tattoo

Shark skeleton tattoo instigates the fear of death in you. This may not be such a happy experience but we all need to be reminded that death is inevitable. 

No matter how much we try to escape it, we will eventually fall. Scientists have tried for decades to come up with a therapeutic that can alter aging but failed. 

The concept of death isn't always a bad thing. In fact, it makes us grateful for our lives. We start to enjoy it more because we know that we only live once. 

Thresher Shark Tattoo

Thresher Shark Tattoo 1
Thresher Shark Tattoo 2

These two tropical sharks are quite unique in appearance because of their elongated fins. They also have a much deeper colored skin compared to other species. 

Although they are apex predators, thresher sharks don't pose a threat to us. This is quite surprising as most sharks are threatening towards human beings. This teaches an important lesson that amidst a population there will always be people with different mindsets. Just because a group of people have malicious intent doesn't mean that the other groups are also bad. We should always refrain ourselves from generalizing.

Watercolor Shark Tattoo

Watercolor Shark Tattoo

Watercolors are perfect for depicting the shark. Even the name suggests that they should be used for drawing water elements. 

What makes watercolor so cool? Well unlike many of the contemporary colors, watercolors are not raw. They portray a subtle imagery that is soothing to the eyes. They don't scream for attention.  Instead, the watercolor shark compels people to view it just with the sight of it.

Zombie Shark Tattoo

Zombie Shark Tattoo

This is particularly for the horror lovers out there. Although mostly we see zombies in humanoid form, a shark depiction of them can be quite intriguing, don't you agree?

One of the quintessential features of a zombie is glowing eyes and blood spotting all over from its mouth. Therefore you should also illustrate the shark in this way. You can put a lovecraftian background to amplify the horror ambience even more. 


While searching for gold, miners sometimes stumble onto absolute garbage. This is the same case for shark tattoos. You may be excited to hop onto the internet to find some important information about shark tattoos but you are greeted with spams and advertisements. 

To save you the trouble, we have compiled a list of questions and their comprehensive answers to soothe your brain. You will find everything you need to know in this section. 

Q: Which Celebrity Has A Shark Tattoo? 

Ans: There are many celebrities who have a shark tattoo. If we start to name them all, this article will never end. 

Perhaps the most well known celebrity that has the shark tattoo is the pop icon Rihanna. In 2017, she got a tattoo of these majestic beasts from under water. Many speculate that the tattoo is somehow related to her rumored boyfriend, Drake.

Q: Can Shark Tattoos Be Religious?

Ans: We have tried to investigate quite thoroughly in this topic but unfortunately we couldn't find much info. 

But don't let that stop you from creating a religious depiction of shark tattoos. You can surely create a spiritual tattoo by incorporating elements such as the holy cross or a bible verse. The combination of these elements will surely take your tattoo to a whole new level. 


Shark tattoos aren't just a depiction of the vicious creature we watch on the TV screen or the zoos. It's a representation of a person's decision to include the best qualities that the sharks have as individuals. 

The younger generation is having a hard time figuring out who they really are. There are a lot of us that experience imposter syndrome. The shark tattoo will clarify what it means to be unique. We'll begin to value our appearance. Nothing about the way we look is inappropriate. We have no control over it. Like the sharks, we should only pay attention to what we can control.

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