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55 Stylish Sharingan Tattoo Ideas And Their Profound Meaning To Adopt The Shadows!

There's no other element in an anime series that has moved us both emotionally as well as spiritually as the Sharingan. The eclipse-like red eyes taking a unique pattern may look incredibly theatrical but there is a hidden message that most people identify with. The Sharingan tattoo touches on that unbeknownst surface of life that we call hatred.

There are times when we cater to deep hatred for something and that negative emotion leads to undesirable circumstances.

No matter how much we contemplate later on, there is no way to reverse the outcomes. The Sharingan tattoo allows you to realize these deep concepts with its vivid and grim aesthetics.

The theatricality surrounding the Sharingan is what mainly intrigues people the most. Before the airing of Naruto, there weren't many anime that touched on optical abilities. When we saw the distorted bloody eyes for the first time on the screen, there was no turning back.

We became instant fans and the Sharingan tattoos only commemorate the deep love we have for the eyes they reveal the heart.

Emblem Of Pain And Agony Or Something Inspirational? The Sacred Meanings Of Sharingan Tattoos

Emblem Of Pain And Agony Or Something Inspirational The Sacred Meanings Of Sharingan Tattoos

There are mainly two distinct aspects of the Sharingan tattoos as the anime and manga depict. One notion of the copy wheel eye is how it lets the user have immense insight into certain matters. They perceive each thing quite differently. It's as if they are wearing an x-ray glass which reveals all the secret abilities of others.

Such a tremendous ability may seem too far-fetched but we can encapsulate the virtue in our own. You just need to keep your eyes open and notice the things surrounding you. From the actions of others to the patterns that occur, you can observe and encapsulate certain things in your persona to become better.

Another aspect of the Sharingan is the notion of hypnotism. This was quite deep so bear with us. Our eyes have been hypnotized by the modern conformities that we are blindly following them. The Sharingan tattoos act as an emblem of protest and rebellion. Rather than becoming a sheep, it's best to be the lone wolf and come out of the hypocrisies to lead a much happier life.

Scintillating Sharingan Tattoo Designs To Deceive Your Foes!

Scintillating Sharingan Tattoo Designs To Deceive Your Foes!

Blood, pain, and agony. Perhaps these are the best words to fit the entire concept of sharing. They may look badass to you but the user has to go through immense pain to achieve the sacred eyes that allow them to control chakras. There is no better color than red to depict such a grim aspect.

The patterns in the retina also play a crucial part in the sharing of tattoos. Sharingan users gradually experience more and more pain and their eyes start to take certain unique patterns. For some, it's the pattern of pinwheels and for others, they are something even bolder.

While opting for the tattoo, it's best to etch a unique pattern in the retina to convey your exclusivity. In a world where imposter syndrome is quite prevalent, people desperately need such a confidence boost.

So, don't shy away from inking your pride. To get the ideal sharing tattoo, we have selected some of the best ones trending on the internet. Check them out to see if you have what it takes to become a Sharingan user.

 Release Of Hatred: Visceral Itachi Sharingan Tattoo

Itachi Sharingan Tattoo 1
Itachi Sharingan Tattoo 2

Like the mysticism of the Sharingan, one of its most potent carriers of the eye was undoubtedly Itachi. In the beginning phases of the story, Itachi seemed like a ruthless antagonist who slaughtered his entire Uchiha clan and left the leaf village.

However, as the series progressed, we started to realize the true intentions of Itachi. He was doing everything in his control to protect his little brother, Sasuke and the menacing acts that he did were solely for the betterment of the village.

We were awestruck when we finally understood the character and since then, Itachi has etched a deep spot in our hearts. His Sharingan was known to be one of the most powerful ones in the shinobi land and the tattoo displays how extremely he could use his eyes to see things that even we couldn’t as viewers.

Overcoming The Traumas: Colorful Mangekyou Sharingan Tattoo With A Twist

Mangekyo Sharingan Tattoo 1
Mangekyo Sharingan Tattoo 2

The comma-like patterns or Tomoe is first awakened which gradually becomes three in the two eyes of a sharing user. Even if you haven’t watched Naruto, you can tell that the eyes don't carry any positive connotation. They feel like eyes that are fueled by hatred.

When the Sharingan user breaks all barriers and experiences something extremely hateful, the mangekyo Sharingan appears. Instead of the comma-like appearance, the mangekyo sharingan takes the shape of a pinwheel. Only a few characters have been able to achieve such a feat and etching this glorious tattoo will make you feel like one of them.

Display Of Grim Reality: Realistic Sharingan Eye Tattoo

Sharingan Eye Tattoo 1
Sharingan Eye Tattoo 2

The sight of awakening the Sharingan is by no means pleasant. The user has to go through immense pain and sacrifice to reveal the true powers hidden inside them. The pain is so severe that often blood pours out of the retina.

The manifestation of the sharing eye depicts how achieving a powerful trait may seem cool but you need to show perseverance and resilience to get to that point. Nothing in this world comes easily. The vivid display of the bloody eye exemplifies this cruel notion of the universe.

Contrast Beyond the Boundaries: Alluring Naruto Sharingan Tattoo

Naruto Sharingan Tattoo

The appearance of the Sharingan is prevalent throughout the series. Whenever we see the eyes that are connected to the heart, our heart stops beating. The grim theatricality along with the power it gives to the user is something that we all want to possess.

The art piece is also quite realistic as it doesn't shy away from pouring out details. Even the eyelashes are not left alone as you have to accurately resemble them as we perceive them with our naked eye. The horizon of black and white colors at the edges further solidifies the aesthetics of the tattoo.

 Controlling The Evil: Cardinal Sharingan Tattoo On Hand

Sharingan Hand Tattoo

The conceptualization of this iconic hand tattoo was born from a character that is not associated with the Uchiha clan by any means. It's an evil character called Danzo who even holds a high position in the lead village.

Danzo fooled everyone. To others, he was a respectable person that wanted the success of his village however there was something else going on in his mind the entire time.

The most heinous act that Danzo did was he collected the Sharingans from the users and trapped them in his hand so that he could use their power. Who knows, you may also be able to control the chakras with such a bold display. Just don't become as evil as Danzo.

 Mimicry Of The Copy Ninja: Bizarre Kakashi Sharingan Tattoo

Kakashi Sharingan Tattoo 1
Kakashi Sharingan Tattoo 2

The copy ninja Kakashi had one of the saddest stories of the entire Naruto series. He saw his loved ones get killed in front of his eyes. While he was not a member of the Uchiha clan which is a prerequisite for awakening the Sharingan, it was given to him by his friend, Obito during his supposed death.

The eye appears to be aggressive and full of regret as the character also contemplates his past actions. The artwork carries a deep meaning of love and friendship that is shown from time to time in the series.

Exuberance Of Radiance: Scenic Sharingan Design On Sleeve

Sharingan Tattoo Sleeve 1
Sharingan Tattoo Sleeve 2

The tattoo is a collage of different characters that have left their mark in the series. As you can see from the picture, there are portrayals of young and adult Naruto as well as some other secondary characters portrayed vividly.

The elegant colors give quite a break from the gruesome aspects of the Sharingan. Instead, the eyes appear to be in quite a positive manner shining brightly like the sun.

Amalgamation Of Sacred Eyes: Intricate Sharingan Rinnegan Tattoo

Sharingan Rinnegan Tattoo 1
Sharingan Rinnegan Tattoo 2

Aside from Sharingan, there are two distinct Dojutsu kekkei genkei depicted in the series called Byakugan and Rinnegan. The latter first appeared in the fight of Naruto vs Pain. Since then, people have been obsessed with the circular-shaped eye.

There will be some spoilers ahead so those who haven't finished the series should move on to the next design. At the later stage of the series, there is a character who could combine the two eyes to unlock inhumane capabilities. Fans of the show illustrate the tattoos so that they can be their best versions as well.

Totem Of Darkness: Detailed Crow With Sharingan Tattoo

Crow With Sharingan Tattoo 1
Crow With Sharingan Tattoo 2

As we are on the topic of Sharingan, the name Itachi will come up multiple times. As one of the most prominent Genjutsu users, Itachi was the master of deceiving people.

One of his key motifs was the crow. He utilized his chakra to create flocks of crows out of nowhere to throw his enemies off guard. It's as if he has adopted the shadows. If you are an avid fan of such theatrics, this is the design for you. As shown in the series, the artwork features a menacing crow with the quintessential sharingan in its eye as if it were the essence of Itachi himself.

Enigma After Enigma: Symmetrical Sharingan Sasuke Tattoo With A Glimpse Of Monochrome

Sharingan Sasuke Tattoo

Initially, I hated Sasuke like many of you. He was what we call a brat. Sasuke had no sense of responsibility and his entire outlook on life was delusional.

But we later started to sympathize with him and could relate to his motives. Sasuke is someone who takes a much more straightforward approach and just kills his enemies without playing with them. The morbid depiction of the Sharingan portrays this unique trait that many of us have.

 Exuberance Of Finesse: Altered Sharingan Tattoo On Neck

Sharingan Neck Tattoo 1
Sharingan Neck Tattoo 2

The whole gimmick of the sharingan is the theatricality and there is no other place in the body that tops this aspect than the neck. The appearance of the neck tattoo deviates from the usual portrayals of the Sharingan.

However, this is meant to be as the Sharingan are always different based on the user. The celestial shape of the Sharingan will be unique to you and it will surely boost your confidence.

 Tiny Yet Delightful: Discreet Sharingan Tattoo

Small Sharingan Tattoo

The essence of the Sharingan doesn’t require an extravagant display. You can portray the dark thoughts that lurk inside you with just a dainty symbol.

There are two things that you need to ensure to do the tattoo justice. You need to make the eyes as red as possible. It should look like the moon during the eclipse. The final thing is the Tomoe or the comma-like patterns in the Sharingan. That’s it.

Ultimate Depiction Of Hatred: Twisted Sharingan Tattoo On Chest

Sharingan Chest Tattoo 1
Sharingan Chest Tattoo 2

Encapsulation of a subject matter in the chest portrays how dearly and passionately you believe in it. The concept of Sharingan is not just about the theatrics. It teaches us the notion of hatred that dwells in our hearts.

The portrayal in the chest will keep away from keeping the hatred inside you. No matter how much it feels to be the right thing, hatred will only lead you to a complete disaster.

 Tribute To The Master: Sophisticated Madara Sharingan Tattoo

Madara Sharingan Tattoo 1
Madara Sharingan Tattoo 2

The ghost of Madara was just a myth in the beginning. The shinobi world kept on rambling about how there was a member of the Uchiha clan who was so powerful that he could even destroy the entire world and was a competition to Hashirama Senju.

At first, we thought it to be a bluff. How can someone be so powerful who can control all the elements and kekkei genkai? But we were left astonished when Madara first appeared and brutality obliterated the entire shinobi force with his prowess. The Madara tattoo is not for everyone. The artwork caters to only those who seek to transcend all the boundaries and get to the top of the world.


The mystery of the Sharingan tattoos is quite vast and still left to be deciphered. While numerous speculations have been made, people are still quite skeptical about their meaning and aesthetic.

To clear the doubts, we have gathered 3 questions from the internet and answered them as comprehensively as possible. Give them a read as if you have Sharingan in your eyes.

Q: What Does The Mangekyo Sharingan Tattoo Symbolize?

Ans: The mangekyo sharingan is an advanced level which mainly occurs when the user goes through extreme trauma. Only a few characters in the series have been able to achieve such a feat such as Itachi and Madara.

We all have gone through hardships in our life. Some may be much more severe than others. The jarring patterns of the mange yo Sharingan tattoo reflect on those traumas and let you escape from them.

Q: Can Only Uchiha Clan Members Activate The Sharingan?

Ans: Yes. It may come off as a prejudice but that's how it is intended by the author of the manga. Only Uchiha members carry the hatred inside them to awaken the copy wheel eye.

There is only one character outside of the Uchiha clan that has got the Sharingan which is Kakashi. But it was a gift that he utilized perfectly in the later phases of the series.

Q: Is There Any Other Colored Sharingan Tattoo Than The Red?

Ans: Sadly, no. You have the opportunity to color your Sharingan tattoo in any way you prefer. However, if you want to follow the anime, it's better to keep the bloody red color in the artwork.


With traumas and sad events, we start to adapt and mature. Once you have tasted defeat in your life, there is nothing left to lose. A person who hasn’t experienced any negative emotions in their life can never go far.

The Sharingan tattoo sheds light on a quite sensitive topic and dictates how our life is often troubled by unfortunate occurrences. The intricate patterns of the artwork reveal that you should embrace those memories and turn them into strength. With the tattoo etched on your body, you will feel like Itachi or Sasuke cutting down foe after foe to reach your glory.

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